Cyclops and the Misses T's

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Chat in Mutant Town

Cyclops, Takara, and Tanya

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06/28/12 21:48

Mutant Town - New York

Cyclops, Tanya, and Takara chat in a bodega

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Late evening and Scott Summers, known to very few as Cyclops leader of the X-Men, makes his way out of Carlos Reyes Clinic. Volunteering there as he takes a more proactive role in mutant outreach, Scott dressed simply in khakis pants and a black T-shirt. He starts his stroll towards a bodega. A bit thirsty and hungry, he makes his way across the street as a few mutants are out and about freely.

Tanya, while not a mutant, had decided to stop by and visit. Really she wanted a break from the action of last week, and for some INSANE reason thought this was the place to go. With a bruised cheek and a limp, the woman was holding up well, exiting one of the shops. Then she pauses, seeing the same Bodega as Scott, and perks up at something that was almost like home.... in the way Taco Bell was like Mexico, really. She still had a curious glance to some of the more visible mutants, but it seemed less staring than more curious.

As he approaches the bodega, Scott is quick to recognize Tanya from an earlier incident involving Rogue and a new Xaviers student. Ever vigilant, he continues to the bodega and then holds the door open for Tanya. With a smile and a nod, Scott bows his head slightly as his eyes are hidden behind ruby quartz sunglasses.

Not the first time Takara has been to mutant town since it came into being, but it has been a while since she got a chance to see people she knows around here. She is already inside the bodega, trying to pick out something to eat and drink.

A pause of delighted surprise came from Tanya, and she smiled at the man "Why thank you sir." she replies. A pause, and she looks back at him again, as though trying to place his face. Then her eyes widen and she nods once more, stepping in "How are you doing? " she continued, also recognising - and waving to - Takara.

The smile turns into a grin, when she walks in and he is behind her. “I am fine. How are you? Last time I saw you. I thought you were in trouble. I am glad to see that you are doing alive.” Scott turns to see who Tanya is waving to. Recognizing Takara as well, Scott’s grin widens. “Goodness it really is a small world.” He nods towards Takara as well.

"I am sore, and stiff. I had some ahh troubles with the attack on the city last week. Khan wont come out of his stable without a lot of bribes." her face darkened, a little bit dangerously, but then she shook it off "That's good that you are okay too though. Takara! Can we join you? Or at least me? I do not have long but I like to sit while I wait for my orders."

Takara picks up a milkshake and turns, waving to Tanya with her free hand. She heads over wit ha smile, then it faulters a little when she ses SCott with those glasses, "It'll be a while either way." She nods to Tanya, anotehr given to Scott, "It is indeed, the people you bump into while visiting relatives."

“Khan?” Scott asks as he hears Takara’s name and smiles, “I would not mind joining you as well. Oh and I am Scott.” He extends his hands out to shake both of their hands. “I volunteer over at the clinic and just finished a shift, so I was going to grab something before I head home.”

"My horse. He's not much of a King at all admittedly. Loves kids and performing but isnt really a warrior at all." notes Tanya, taking the hand "I'm Tanya. I was just having a nice walk and thought I woudl stop and rest my legs before going home. "

Takara shakes the offered hand, "The Reyes's clinic? Small world indeed." She finds her smile as she rests her hands to front, "Nice to finally put a name to a face Scott, even better it wasn't during that messy week." TK glances over to the food and chuckles to herself, "Khan sounds like my uncle, born entertainer. Just he's less horse faced."

“Oh a horse? You are an avid rider?” Scott asks as he takes a seat at a booth towards the back of the store. He waves to the owners, Franky, a literal flameheaded mutant and his wife, a human, Arlane. They wave as well as Scott plops down in the booth. “I had heard about the craziness in the city. I was not here though. I got stuck upstate. I’m sorry to hear you got stuck in that mess, Tanya. It seems trouble has a way of following you.” Scott teases as he looks to Takara, “Did anything happen to you while you were in the city during that mess, Takara?”

"If he's from the 'old country' and his parents were from two countries in a wedding that was unwanted by both families, then Iw ould start to get concerned." remarks TAnya, after playing her order. She sits down, then winces and fidgets, before halting her fidgeting.
Then she smiles at Scott "Actually for work right now, I am a carriage driver at Central Park. I did do a lot of performing for Cavalia, the horse and acrobat show put on by Cirque Du Soleil... before that, my father had a small horse ranch in Spain." She nods in agreement about the mess, a hand brushing the bruise on her cheek.

Takara shakes her head, "I had the misfortune of being out of town when it happened. Had quite the chat with the rest of the family when I was able to get back." She finds a seat, giving the menu one last glance before she turns her full attention to the others, "SOunds like you had a interesting childhood Tanya, always around horses."

Listening to Tanya’s resume on her equestrian skills, Scott hmmmns and nods impressed. “Well, I have ridden a horse, but I prefer my transportation with wheels or wings.” He grins but loses the grin when Takara speaks, “It was probably more fortunate than unfortunate, Takara. Sometimes it is best to avoid the fight as there are others who can handle things. I heard the Avengers and X-Factor were present among some of the other heroes. . .Is your family alright?”

"It was fun, but a lot of hard work! My parents were very strict for ahh... some reasons. you can say I had a 'destiny." She shifted, looking away uncomfortably, and then back "I went to boarding school in England as a teenager as well, as they offered the classes my parents wanted me to take. Then I toured with Cavalia, against my father's wishes, and decided to come here." She smiled at Scott, chuckles a little bit softly, nodding. She paused, ooking curious "Was there a heroine on a... nevermind." her food had just arrived, and she stood to pick it up and pay "I need to be going sadly. I get the rest of the week off. Back to work sunday. They think the park will be open by then"

Waving to Tanya, “Well it was nice to see you again. And be careful.” Scott stands up as she goes to exit.

Takara smirks impishly for a moment, "They are fine, only a upset little brother missing his teddy bear." She looks up to Tanya with a aww, "See you around Tanya, hopefully."

When Tanya leaves Scott leans his arms on the booth table, “Takara, while you were helpful in taking down the child mutant and his evil teddy bear. You should not rush into any kind of fight on purpose. The events in the city were literally hell on Earth from what I heard. Sometimes, it is best to leave fights like that to the adults. You should always have some sort of training before entering into a fight, if you can, that is.”

Takara waits for Tanya to leave before she looks back to Scott, furrowing her brow, "I rarely start the fights I get involved in, but I do fight them when it comes to that." She titls her head to the left, light catching the red of her eyes rather nicely, "I still get concerned over the well being of my relatives when stuff like this happens." Takara sighs and rubs her fore head, "I am being taught, so that shouldn't be a problem in the long run."

“Well, that is how most fights are. As long as you are not starting them, from what I saw you will be fine. . .as your family, seriously while New York is riskier than other cities. Any place in the world, even the most isolated location can be dangerous.” Scott blinks a moment when she mentions being taught, “I was not aware that there were many mutant schools for training in powers? Where do you go to school?”

Takara tilts her head to Scott, "Worth the risk, being so close to heroes and all the opportunities." She looks confused to Scott, "I don't go to that sort of school, I just know some people around here that helped." Her lips curl into a grin, "WHy? Do you know a good one?"

“Actually I know a really good one. But I only know of two. One is not so great. I have heard mixed reviews. Just watch out for Massachusetts.” Scott offers with a smile, “Well, Takara, I have to head out. But it was good to see you again and I am sure I will see you again.”

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