CSI: X-Factor

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Havok, Nightcrawler, Sunpyre, Gypsy Moth & Mirage

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Atlantic City

X-Factor investigates the murder of Gambino

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-----==[ Hangar Bay - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]

Aside from the broken Blackbird; Within the Hangar the others will note an Avengers Quinjet. However it's been re-decaled. Instead of the stylized A on the side, there is a stylized 'X-Factor' decal. Alex can be seen through the cockpit window playing with the controls and powering up the engines.

"Alright, Jeanne. I've saved all of my notes. The lab is yours until I return." Leyu Yashida offers in the medbay, before she heads out, taking the elevator up to the second above-ground floor to get to her room and get changed. Then she reverses that process and heads to the hangar bay, while commenting over her communicator, "Are we going to have a work-party trying to advance the repairs on the black ... " she begins, as the doors to the hangar hiss open. And. What ... ? "Oh. I suppose not." she comments, not bothering with the communicator, now, as she walks across the decking towards the re-purposed Quinjet. Trust Havok to feel it important to re-label the jet before using it for transportation. Silly Havok, toys are for hero teams with budgets!

Arriving via purple haze, Nightcrawler is partially listening to the comsys following Alex's orders to suit up and get to the Hanger, not the Ready Room. One might guess that given his usual speed, he went to the usual meet-up room and spaced off the change in routine. Good thing they are looking at a new toy that he is fidgeting with presently. "Who's your friends?" Kurt ponders that aloud. Then he's jaunting over to leap into the quinjet, sure to call "Shotgun," this time around before he lands in the copilot chair. "How fast do these go even ..." Then he pauses, Havok was serious, Kurt puts on a game face.

In the middle of typing up the latest mission report from the apprehension of Walsh when Havok's message came across the comm Dani saves the file before gearing up, which usually means enough weapons and ammo to liberate a small nation. On her way to the hangar, she stops by the kitchen for a coffee. Havok didn't say it was urgent so she feels she can take the time. She then heads directly to the hangar. Her brows go up as she enters and sees the quinjet "What Cooper couldn't flip for our own vehicle we have to use Avenger's hand me downs now?

For those with heightened senses, the interior smells of Ms Marvel.

" Ms Marvel loaned it to us. I think she's sweet on me." Is noted with a smile then Havok will add, 'Everyone strap in, we're gonna see what this baby can do." This prompts him to lift off just as people are buckling in, subsequently test the service ceiling, the controls, and the thrust sometimes one at a time, sometimes all at once. He's thrilled to have a new toy to fly around.

In route, while goofing around and then finally setting a heading, Havok details information about yesterday's murder <+bbread 7/123>. He notes that Val wants the team to investigate the situation. "She suspects that it's Feral. But we're going down there to make sure. We'll be able to inspect the body? rather Sunpyre will be able to inspect the body. She's got first dibs before the coroner due to the potential mutant involvement."

"Oh, lovely." Sunpyre responds with a little grimace. Was that for the news that she would be inspecting the body, or because Havok's toying around slammed her into her flight harness. Could be either one. "So I will need to call up Feral's genetic profile. One moment." Leyu reaches into her field pack and pulls out her StarkPad, tapping the screen. She logs in remotely through the secure portal to the Xavier Genetics Project, and pulls up Feral's profile, saving that locally to the pad so that she can review it against whatever she finds. Then she checks to make sure her genetic scanner is working. She loves working with this Shi'ar technology, as it makes things so much easier. Thirty-second scan, instead of twelve hours with an electron microscope. "Alright. Do we have some reason to believe Feral would have targeted this man?" It's a question worth asking, right?

"I don't know what connection there is, but," says Kurt, still looking at all the controls, "Was Mr. Gambino on the up-and-up, or are a few vigilante's cursing that they were beat to the job if you know what I mean." Not to make light of the circumstance so much, only to question the victims standing as a good citizen of the world is all.

With the new vehicle being a bit more cramped than the X-Jet, Dani keeps a firm hold on her gear and out of the way of the person sitting next to her. With Alex's driving there is always the chance of getting hit by cargo that isn't secured. She listens silently as the mission brief is given, a frown coming to her face at the fact that X-Force could some how be involved in this recent mess.

"I wonder how we'll wreck this one..." Gypsy Moth says. She sits in the back, reading a fashion magazine. Something about low hemlines being in this summer. All that and a sex quiz! "Gambino is a criminal. A very good one, in fact. He's so good everyone knows he's a crook but no one can prove it."

"I presume I can leave investigating Mister Gambino's criminal enterprises up to the rest of you, while I work on the body?" Leyu queries. Time is of the essence, right? So they'll be splitting up? She's presuming, but asking to make sure there are minimal surprises when they 'hit the ground', as it were. Once her scanner has been checked, she stows that as well. Not anywhere near the amount of room in here as on the Blackbird. Hrm.

"Dude, his name was Gambino... as in the Gambino Family Mafia? Surely you can't think he was on the level. But according to the notes I got, he was a law abiding, tax paying, upstanding member of the Atlantic City business community. But Gypsy's got it right. He's been under investigation for years and likely has ties or some treaty with the Maggia."

Then with some relevance to Sunpyre's remark, "Sunpyre, we're more on the 'who did it' than the actual federal investigation. We are responsible for tracking down the criminal and letting the agency sort out the details as to the whys. CSI has already swept the apartment, and we'll be allowed in there to look around, but none of us have the skills to dig deeper than CSI."

"I think she just means we'll not get in her way of examining the body by busying ourselves," throws out Kurt. "I mean, we're on the who did it gig, but she means we might look for clues to who that might of been. Maybe something in the entry marks, the claws and such can tip us off she means." Then he ponders, "I take it we're time sensitive, no Sonics today?"

"But would we not want to know /why/ some mutant - be they Feral or someone else - did this? Could this not have been a case - extreme, perhaps, but still viable - for self-defense, especially with these suspected criminal ties? We might identify the mutant and then run into Maggia soldiers in any attempted apprehension." Leyu queries. Yep, she's serious. And that idealistic. Scary, right? "Sonics? We're expecting sound-based attacks?"

"I could find fibers they missed. Hair samples. That is about it, though." Sybil notes. "Unless you have some sort of DNA database on mutants to check the hair against, it would do you little good."

"Maybe we should have brought Rahne with us." Dani suggests as she glances around at everyone conversing "She could have sniffed out whoever it was that killed Gamibino.

"Sonic, Drive Thru. We went there yesterday on our way to Mutant Town." Havok answers the query about sonic attacks. Then moves back to the subject, "Anyway; According to Val, the DNA of the hair fibers had no match to her database. The report I got about the point of entry was through the glass door, a hole was cut near the handle, latch was sprung, and the door was opened, then closed. The assailant then assaulted Gambino and subsequently tossed him through the same glass door that he cut his way into. Covering up the entry, perhaps. CSI found that the cut was made by something extremely sharp. Likely the same claws that did the damage to Gambino. But no DNA or residue was found on the glass scrapings. The why's right now aren't important. We'll get there when we get there, if we get there. It depends on where the investigation goes after learning who did it. And likely be turned over to the government's operators, unless we're needed for capture."

Sybil turns a page. "I'll follow your lead, fearless leader. The world is better off without Gambino one way or the other. Very likely his killer did us a favor." Leyu, meanwhile, has begun consulting her tablet, calling up information on autopsies and medical examination. A quick primer, if you will, to study up for the event.

"So to clear it up, the government looked over all the evidence, determined a mutant did this because the guy has claw marks and only being able to look at the body, we're supposed to figure out who it was." Kurt summarises that for the lay man, namely himself. Find clues on body, everything else is combed over. He hopes Leyu is as good as Alex thinks she is with the medical examination. "We figure out who it is, bring them in for questions. I'm leaning towards reticent," says someone who has been practicing more Englishes, "What if we find out something we don't like about this Gambino - what if he was doing something to mutants, just not guilty by law. Where do we stand on that." He's sure where he stands the topic, just putting it out here.

"There ARE things out there with claws besides mutants." Sybil notes. "Werewolves. Vampires. Demons. That rather busty cat burglar in New York who is 'very good friends' with Spider-Man." Yes. Sybil fingerquotes.

Havok shakes his head slightly as he remarks, "Essentially we're just techs in this matter. Hell, in most matters. We're given a job, we report back to Val, and the department tells us what to do with the information. Really, 'feelings' have nothing to do with it. Especially since the guy is already dead. It may be something other than a mutant, but that's what it's being labeled as currently. I hope it's a vampire, werewolf, or mummy. Hell, I'd even be thrilled if it were a zombie. It may get mutants out of the spotlight? at least in this matter. But honestly, it's normally a mutant, isn't it?"

"Is there anyone that needs to be questioned? Potential witnesses?" Dani asks "Security guards, housekeeping, etc?" she asks as if she were volunteering for this part of the job. "Or are we leaving that to CSI as well.

"Mmm. Honestly, with the Night Shift, it rarely was." Sybil admits, considering that. "I was the only mutant on the team and the majority of crime lords we dealt with either had supernatural help or they paid the Power Broker to juice up their thugs."

"All that crap has been asked. Plus, there were no witnesses. I'm sure we can go over the list of people who had access to the penthouse and question them again. Makes me wish Liz was still around. She could read minds and make our lives a whole lot easier. But again, it's up to Sunpyre to give us direction. Then we'll at least know what questions to ask. Cause I'm sure, "'Did you hear anything',' did you see anything', has been asked more than a hundred times." Havok closes with the remark and Atlantic City comes into view.

Of greatest concern to Leyu during her preparations is the fact that the report she has read - she pulled it up, since apparently this job now depends entirely upon her - indicates that Gambino's body fell the entire height of the hotel and into the pool. That means that finding any trace evidence of the mutant attacker /on the body/ could be extraordinarily difficult. Which doesn't mean she won't try. "I would appreciate it, however, if you took Sybil to the crime scene while I am examining the body, Alex. Sybil, please try to find - and keep separate - any hairs you can find. I can give you plastic baggies so you can put each type in a separate bag. I will examine them when you get back." And type and match them against the databases she can access.


It isn't long before the team is divided. Sunpyre was dropped off at the coroner's office leaving Havok to take Gypsy Moth to the crime scene where she can have a tactile telekinetic feel of the place.

The coroner, named Quincy, has pulled the nude body out and placed it upon an examination/dissection table. There, Sunpyre will be allowed to autopsy it as she sees fit.

The body has been riddled with many deep five finger/claw cuts that nearly mutilated the man. Definitely the cause of death. One particular point of interest is that his eye balls have been removed from their sockets and his canine teeth are also nowhere to be found. The chlorine from the pool did a good job of cleaning the body of fingerprints and other indication of the attack.

Meanwhile, back at the penthouse apartment of the Royale Casino, Gypsy Moth (and anyone else) has been allowed entry into the secured location. The place has been thoroughly cleaned by CSI. They used a vacuum cleaner to collect any evidence. That evidence can be found at the coroner's office, where Sunpyre is.

Evidence consists of a few hair fibers, various pieces of broken glass, bloody sheets (Gambino's blood), and lots of photographs.

At the scene, Kurt seems releived perhaps that its five claws in the markings, even if he doesn't get to examine closely. It certainly rules out a few mutants they know. He lets the investigators do their work, but asks Alex as an aside, "This guy has a penthouse and no one has anything on surveilance?" Sure he might of wanted it that way, but Kurt could imagine a paranoid criminal having their own monitors in place and CSI style investigations finding either traces of cameras removed or them still in place.

Dani wanders around the penthouse suite, looking at a variety of items CSI has already swept the place so she has no compunctions about touching and picking up things. She finally wanders to the balcony where Gamboni was thrown off and checks out the view, above and below.

Left alone with the body and the evidence, Sunpyre gets to work. She uses small laser scanners to get three-dimensional micron-accurate maps of every wound pattern on the body, since the measurements will help narrow down the possible matches to those with the right sized hands and length of nails or claws. Then she maps out the order of the injuries in order to provide a clear evidence profile of the attack, an actual wireframe animation that demonstrates exactly how the attack was carried out, which should also narrow down the field of possible attackers to those the right size, with the right level of agility.

Having found one hair trapped in one of the wounds and not washed away by the chlorinated waters of the swimming pool - which hides a plethora of ills in evidence, to be sure - Leyu takes macroscopic photographs to match type. Then she compares embedded color profile and searches for evidence of toxins or unusual factors. When the rest of the evidence is presented, she takes a few more hairs and starts a DNA profile. With her Shi'ar genetics scanner, this takes less than a minute. Then it's up to her StarkPad to pass that data to the servers behind multiple firewalls back at the estate and start the brute-force search for genetic profiles that match. Of course, that search has been made much, much faster using the other pieces of evidence to narrow the field. Between the registered mutant database - including criminals and most of those ever arrested even if they were never convicted - and Xavier's own databases, she has the best chance of anyone in the world of finding a match.

Havok shrugs. "Guess he didn't want his private stuff filmed. I mean if he has cameras in here, then he's potentially demonstrating all of his going's on. We have cameras all over the mansion, but not in the private rooms. But we have hallway cameras that show who is going in and coming out of each other's rooms. So we can guess what's going on in there.... but again, privacy is privacy."

The DNA comes up with a match in the Cerebro Database (not found anywhere else - which to anyone means that the other databases were wiped of said information) - The match is Sabretooth.

The view from the balcony is nice. It observes the pool area then the ocean beyond.

Gypsy Moth will find nothing.

Standing around, considering going to the casino, Kurt listens in and turns to Dani, "Well, I guess that rules out Feral, right?" Then he looks at Alex, "Wasn't he being held by someone somewhere, or did we actually give him over to the Winter Guard and they'r responsible for him being on the loose killing known crimal masterminds good enough to escape the law?"

Frowning when the 'who' comes from Leyu, Dani turns from the balcony railing to go back into the suite "And therefore X-Factor as well." she does seem releived by that at least. She didn't like thinking her former team mates had something to do with this "We handed him over to Cooper. I think we would have been warned had he escaped.

Having passed along everything she has found, Leyu passes along a concise but detailed report on everything she has found, and forwards that to Val Cooper to be handled by the Powers That Be. That's what she's supposed to do, right? That's what Havok said earlier. "Do you mean to say that this Sabretooth was already captured by X-Factor? And yet now he has killed again, and we weren't informed of his escape? I should point out ... if the team had already captured him, there should be a record of him in the MRA databases. There isn't. I only found record of him in the /other/ database. That implies someone has cleaned out every record of his earlier capture." And that's not a good thing at all.

Havok's tone grows darker as he's annoyed, "The Vault. Least that's where he was the last time I checked.... two months back. Son of a bitch." He walks toward the exit of the room as he pulls out his phone, "I'm gonna call Val."

This answers the who, but doesn't answer the why. What motivation would Sabes have to kill Gambino? Then again, Sabes has always been a merc. He has been known to work for all sorts of people. Anyone with money. Gambino has enemies, many of them with money.

Nightcrawler shakes his head a moment, not wanting to get into the who's and what's of it now. Though to Leyu and Dani, not into the comssys as Alex is getting on the phone, he says, "Speaking of bad publicity, maybe we shouldn't ponder this until later." As if, anyone outside of X-Factor could walk in and overhear them, and that doesn't help Alex's problem with bad mutant representation.

Taking one last look around the penthouse, Dani begins to follow Alex out, since he is the ride home, "Sabertooth is on the loose." she shakes her head "I guess this means hitting the buffet than the blackjack table is out.

"I suggest we call Wolverine. Let them slice each other's clothing off. Dump a very nice amount of glistening oils on them and sit back to enjoy the show." Sybil says as she follows behind. Because, that mental image? Sooooo yummy.

Leyu is finished with her work, so she packs up everything and then goes to get changed, so she's ready for her pick-up. She snorts in amusement at Sybil's commentary. "Maybe they'll break out in showtunes?" she offers. Because some levity must fall into all of this 'heavy stuff'. Right?

Alex moves to the roof where the bright sunlight beats down upon the off white mottled surface. The connection goes through and his first words are, "Did you know?" in a very confrontational tone.

That Sabretooth was loose. Listen Val and don't fucking lie to me because I'm done with the fucking games that the government is playing. We've been doing this dance for..." He pauses.

"Fine, then figure it out." He then clicks off and pockets the phone wanting to blast something.

If the troop marched off after Alex, Kurt certainly followed right along. Even through the serious topic ahead of them, he looks over at Leyu, "Wait a second, did I detect a sense of mirth in that. Dani, we have a situation here, will the real Leyu please stand up." Though he is grinning a toothy grin, which goes more straight faced after all the f-bombs from Alex register with him.

"You can have shotgun this time." Dani leans toward Kurt and stage whispers. She then makes her way to the x-mobile and climbs in, wasting no time in buckling since she figures this may be a bumpy ride.

"I have to say, it was interesting watching you work." Sybil asides to Leyu. Trying to avoid the elephant in the room. Angry Havok and the possibility of being screwed over by the government.

They fly home. Havok says nothing unless prompted.

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