Crime Doesn't Pay (even in Mutant Town)

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Mugging in Mutant Town

Cyclops, Seth, Shatterstar, Elene

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08/31/12 05:12

Mutant Town

Seth is almost mugged in Mutant Town

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-----==[ Mutant Town - New York ]==-------------------------------------------

Mutant Town, also known as District X or M-Town, has become the mutant haven. This section of town located just south of Hell's Kitchen and slightly west of Chelsea doesn't judge you based on your race, species, or appearance. It accepts all mutants no matter their powers or the way they look. Most all of the businesses in this 10 square block area are mutant run and caiter to mutants. Ranging from convience stores, clothing shops, restaurants, night clubs, specialty shops and general stores. The buildings in this districts are rarely over 6 levels tall and most offer housing for mutants on the upper floors. There are even public schools dedicated to educating mutants - for those who have been oppressed elsewhere. Other public services include a local police and fire department. Overall, the area is fairly run-down and needs more upkeep. However, this is a section of town where mutants can feel safe and welcomed.

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[CL] - Croft Apt Bldg Lobby - Mutant [CR] - Carlos Reyes Memorial Clinic -
[E] - Chelsea - New York [MD] - Mutant Diner - Mutant Town
[N] - Hell's Kitchen - New York

Seth has arrived.

Cyclops has arrived.

Dressed for the summer weather, Scott Summers wears a black t-shirt with a tribal design and jeans. His eyes are glowing red as he is wearing ruby quartz contact lenses in place of his usual visor or sunglasses. Giving off an almost demonic like look, The X-Men leader and Xavier Institute headmaster exits a homeless shelter that he has just finished doing outreach work for.

Shatterstar is out for a stroll around Mutant Town, one of the few places on the continent where Mutants are the majority beyond the odd law enforcement officer or long-time human resident. Only since Shatterstar's a member of X-Force, he's wearing his full costume underneath that overcoat, along with the ballcap that Tabitha insisted he wear (black with a white Yankees 'Y'). A long sportsbag slung over his back no doubt contains the last piece of his 'uniform', the sword he's rarely if ever seen without.

There's a loud blast sound coming from an alley at the end of the building, and a scream. The sound of the blast is pretty familiar to Scott...

While he is familiar with Shatterstar, Scott Summers does not know him well enough to recognize him with his disguise. And suddenly his attention turns to the alleyway. The blast is from Seth. He recognizes it. Then a scream. A large grimace forms on his face as he rushes towards the alleyway.

Shatterstar falls into a ready crouch at the sounds, then turns to look in the direction of the alley. Shatterstar catches sight of someone else running that way - an unfamiliar profile, but that unique shade of eyewear is familiar to most followers of the X-Men and their exploits. Shattestar breaks into a trot after Scott, shifting around his bag so that it's held in front of him, ready to unzip and remove the contents quickly if necessary.

The scene is as follows... One guy, viscous, green-skinned and with tentacles for arms is fallen on the ground, having been slammed against the wall, those arms of his showing signs of burns, and the same can be said about his shirt. He's alright, it's more like blisters than severe burns. The other guy, an unusual bone structure controller, is still fighting the kid, slashing away at his coat as Seth flies away from him.

"You gonna pay for that, kid! All you had to do was give us your wallet!"

The kid replies, "Actually, I didn't bring any money with me... That's what I was trying to say, but your pal covered my mouth with his arms!"

Needless to say, he's readying himself for another blast at the guy. And both still haven't noticed the approaching Xs.

Being a trained leader, Scott realizes who is behind him and orders out in a tone and tactics oddly similar to Cable, "Star, Take him down." Confident that the Mojoverse warrior can do that with relative ease, Cyclops yells up to Radiance, "Fly diagonal and back away from bone boy."

Shatterstar slows to a stop and surveys the scene briefly, eyes taking in the action, then flicking to the tentacled Mutant on the ground then Cyclops. One hand slips open his bag and snakes inside, withdrawing the two long metal batons - as long as baseball bats but cylindrical like a rod or baton instead. The other hand tosses the bag to the side and takes up one of the batons and then he runs forward, leaping into the air and performing a flip, kicks off of one of the alley walls high above Cyclops' head and then comes crashing down in front of the remaining mutant. Flexing his legs to absorb the impact, Shatterstar lowers almost to the ground, batons sweeping for the target's legs.

Only then does Shatterstar pause and say out loud, "Who are they?"

Seth then notices the newest arrival, and Scott telling him to back away from the guy. "I didn't really ask; it's not like thieves introduce themselves before they steal you." The guy does fall, but he's not down for the count as he curses and proceeds to try to get up. That's when he gets a blast right into his face and chest, a blast that even cracks the asphalt underneath him. Ouch!

"Power down, Radiance. Come land by me." Cyclops orders sternly. Confident that both thieves are down, "Alright, Shatterstar. Thank you for your timely intervention. What brings you to these parts and how are your teammates in X-Force?" He asks for two fold reasons. He genuinely cares about most of the members and simultaneously wants to know the status of the seemingly aterrorista organization.

Shatterstar shifts his attention back and forth between the two criminals, as if to make sure they've been dealt with, then finally straightens up and backpedals a few steps before turning to face Scott. "It IS you," he murmurs. "Cyclops. The honor was mine." He gives 'Radiance' a brief glance. "The others are nearby...and well. There is a 'club' approximately four Earth-blocks northwest of here. Rictor and Tabitha wanted to visit it, and Sam Guthrie apparently thought it a good idea. The music was too loud for my tastes and I went for a walk." It's all delivered in a matter-of fact manner, a soldier giving a field report.

And yes, the guys are all down. As he hovers down to Cyclops, he grabs his cellphone. "I'm calling this in. Who knows what else these guys been doing." He asks curiously, "What's the X-Force?"

"Well, then we are fortunate you are here." Scott smiles when he hears the akidsa are nearby. "Radiance, this is Shatterstar. He is a member of X-Force, which is made up of former students of ours. Shatterstar, this is Radiance. Current student at Xaviers." As he introduces the two, an alarm rings on his phone. He sighs a bit and looks up at the two, "I have to head back to the Institute. Radiance, call it in and then head straight back to the Institute. Shatterstar, I suggest you are not here when the authorities arrive. And if you can, please pass by the Institute. And extend that to invite to Rictor, Tabitha, and Cannonball." He purposely leaves out Cable. With that, he heads off.

Shatterstar watches Cyclops walk off, then turns back to Seth and nods. "Well-fought, warrior." He says, but the casual way he says it makes it sound like a standard greeting from...wherever he's from. "How is your training proceeding? Do you perform well enough to one day join the ranks of the X-Men?"

Seth uhms as Shatterstar talks about him one day joining the X-Men, "I... haven't thought that through yet...?" He makes the call, and asks Shatterstar for a moment. He announces the robbery attempt, and once he's done, he tells him back. "I dunno how long will it take for the boys in blue to get here..."

Shatterstar nods in understanding, going to collect his bag and stow away the batons inside. He stops at the mouth of the alley and looks out, panning his gaze quickly across the street. "Cyclops instructed me to leave the area...but he didn't specify where. If you are heading back to the Institute I will accompany you, at least for a way. If we move across the street and out of the immediate vincinity, we can pass through that group of onlookers gathering. According to Rictor and James Proudstar, if we don't make eye contact and walk at a normal pace they'll be unlikely to associate us with the incident."

Seth sighs, "I'd hope..." He starts walking.. "Let's go, then. At least, out of Mutant Town." He pulls a pair of pitch black sunglasses from his pocket, thet covers the glow of his eyes. There, a little bit more average.

Shatterstar slings the bag over one shoulder and adjusts his coat, then walks out of the alley. "So if you are not training to join the X-Men," he continues once they are through the crowd... "What brought you to Xavier's in the first place?"

"I was offered training to hone my abilities", Seth admits, "but nobody told me I was meant to join the X-Men in return." He adds, "And I accepted because... I needed to have an option to all this anti-mutant madness. And because my family was in danger."

Shatterstar listens carefully, but the bemused expression never leaves his features. It's clear he doesn't really follow what Seth is talking about. But then he leads the way around a corner, down the street from the creatively titled 'Club M'. He stops and nods his head towards the club. "This is where I was to meet the rest of my team," he remarks. Then he tilts his head to one side, as if remembering something. "Your family was in danger? Then your enemies seek to strike at you through those you are responsible for?" Finally something the X-Force member understands. Or so he thinks.

Seth turns to Shatterstar. "My father was a great man, a law enforcer. I a way, a figther for the people of this city against the crime that plagues it and preys upon them." He continues, "One criminal in particular, my father was able to build a case on him, and finally had a reason to bring him in. But this criminal antecipated himself, and so his hencmen took me and my family in the middle of the night. Then, that criminal decided to make my family into his personal project. He..." Seth tightens his jaw, "He made me kill my father by bashing his brains in, keeping my mind in the clear to see it all." He sighs. "Yes... he was a mutant." Beat. "And that's when I became one as well. And I fought my way out of there along with my family, blasting my way through."

Elene has arrived.

Shatterstar and Seth are at a corner a few blocks away from the sight of the reported incident, so that they could be just two more onlookers, or maybe not related in any way at all. Although Shatterstar probably spoils that affect by repeatedly casting glances back at the alley where the attempted mugging took place.

Shatterstar's expression darkens as he listens to Seth's story. He seems slightly mollified when Seth concludes by describing how he escaped with his family. "So what ever happened to this villain? Do yo know where he is? Once your training is complete do you intend to seek him out and make him pay for his crimes?"

"Oh, he already paid... In the wake of my powers emerging, he went poof!", Seth says. "But that puts whatever henchmen that survived wanting revenge. It's only logical. And if I'm in trouble, my family is in trouble. Plus, add the fact I'm a mutant, and even regular people will say the world is better off with me and mine gone."

Shatterstar nods in approval. "A wise choice. And there is much glory in fighting alongside the X-Men, and honor in learning from the famous Charles Xavier." He peers at the door to the club. No mutant strike team emerging yet, so it seems he has time to continue the conversation. Sam is always telling him he needs to talk to people outside of the team more. "So your father was one of the 'authorities' that respond to crime and unauthorized fighting? The ones you contacted...who is likely to arrive? Investigators? A tag and bag crew? Do they have psychics?"

So, as is normal, it takes time to get dispatch to send word out, and then time for the cops to drive to the right location. Given that Elene wasn't the -nearest- officer, she had to work her way through traffic. But the fact that it wasn't reported as an OMG emergenct meant she couldn't justify the sirens and such. So at the reported location, her '67 Camaro Super Sport rolls to a stop, and the doors of the car open to expel her and her partner Rod.

Seth nods, "Yes. My father was a police Captain." He looks in the direction of the incident, the car in the distance calling his attention. He looks at his watch and smirks. "Lousy reponse time... as always."

Rushhour traffic -sucks- in New York. Elene is still bitching about it as she moves away from the car, "Seriously Rod. You'd think they could've sent someone who wasn't completely across town." she shakes her head as she adds, "And then the -no emergency- clause meant I couldn't even gun it to get here. I bet they're pissed off about how long it took us to get on scene too... well, you call it in and watch my back. I'll go see what's up." she remarks as Rod pulls out his radio and steps away to call in to dispatch while Elene approaches the site of the incident.

Shatterstar follows Seth's gaze over to the car, and a brief flicker of recognition crosses his features at the sight of Elene. But 'Star shakes his head and then looks at Seth again. "I don't understand...the battle is already over, should they have arrived sooner?"

Seth looks at Shatterstar, "You're a warrior, right?" He then proceeds to say, "Well, the funtion of the warrior is to prevail, first and foremost, over his enemies... or something like that. And they were the enemies. We prevailed. But that doesn't mean mercy isn't shown." He points around. "I mean, look at this place. Poor people live here. Desperate people. And unfortunately, those who feed on the desperate." He shakes his head, "Unfortunately, this world isn't perfect. And, though I would've liked to end them, it's ultimately the last thing I should do. I doubt I'd be the same afterwards." He sighs; he probably may not even be the same anymore since his escape from the russian mob. "So, they're down for the count. But this means they could get themselves back up. And the longer the wait..."

Shatterstar nods in understanding now, then his attention is drawn to the door of Club M, where an improbably large man of Native American descent squeezes out of the doorway. "I think it is time for me to rejoin my team. Farewell, Radiance. May your victory tally increase before we meet again." Again the absent way he says it indicates the odd phrase may be a standard farewell where he's from.

"Sorry for the delay folks." remarks Elene as she approaches, notepad in one hand and wooden pencil in the other. Both hands wearing gloves of course. "So, what was the situation?" she asks as she eyes the area and sizes up the events.

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