Crime and Punishment - Part 2

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Finesse, Blindfold, Psylocke, Jean Grey, Cyclops

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12/05/12 18:35

Xavier Mansion

Finesse has been grounded by Jean Grey because Blindfold squealed on her. As Finesse goes to settle the score with Blindfold, she runs into Psylocke who takes her to an assigned unarmed combat session.

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Blindfold was curled up reading a book in her lap as both her hands slowly grazed lightly over the page.

Finesse has been looking for Blindfold for a while, she's dressed in her costume, likely a result of having done some excessive workouts since her 'talk' with Jean the previous evening. When she enters the Gathering Hall, she finally finds her roomate. "Ruth! Did I not tell you I would talk to Ms. Grey!? Why did you narc on me!?"

Blindfold startles, her book sliding off her lap as she turns her head toward her roomie " such a nasty word Jeanne, forgive, I'm sorry. I was only worried about you and you never would have mentioned your intention of going to see shaw, I'm sorry, my apologies. I didn't mean to tell on your but you're going to need help with this, doing it alone could get you very badly hurt, please I'm sorry"

"But narc is exactly what you did," Jeanne seems adamant about her point of view, "you reported to Ms. Grey about my activities, and she grounded me! Now I can't go and meet with Sebastian Shaw without -really- making her angry." Jeanne sounds less monotone than usually, she's actually angry, and it seems like she struggles with that emotion as she experiences it. "I already told you that I agreed to talk to Ms. Grey before going to meet with Mr. Shaw," Jeanne kicks a sofa next to her in anger, "there was no reason for you to pour gasoline into a fire!"

Stepping in from the direction of the offices, Betsy makes her way into the hall. She's dressed casually, a simple grey dress, black stockings and boots. The tall Japanese woman remains silent, even her booted feet tapping against the floor seem to make next to no sound as she moves towards the two girls. She stops a bit away, one hand planted on her hip as she watches them, waiting for one of them, likely Ruth, to notice her.

Blindfold slips off the sofa to walk toward the sound of Jeanne's voice "I wa worried about were heck bent on meeting shaw and even xforce told shatterstar to get the heck out of dodge when I met him with shatterstar, he's just unbeleivably bad news, I was hoping Jean could convince you to stay away from him, I'm sorry please forgive me?" reaching a hand out to Jeanne's shoulder "Grounding isn't so bad, you can short it with chores around the mansion, please, I'm sorry"

"I don't know anything about X-Force or Shatterstar, and I don't care about what they do. Jack O'Lantern threatened my life, and Sebastian Shaw is my best shot at finding him according to your advise," Jeanne says in what is an obvious failed attempt at restraining the anger in her voice. Her hands clench to fists as she looks at Blindfold approaching her, but naturally, her roomate won't be able to see that. ""Convince me? Jean grounded me! Indefinitely at that!" Jeanne kicks the sofa again, groaning, "It's just...I told you I'd go talk to Ms. Grey, and you going to her first behind my back suggests you don't even trust me." Jeanne follows up her kick with a fist at the couch, looking to channel that anger out so she won't wind up hurting Blindfold, "I guess I just feel betrayed." For the time being Jeanne is too preoccupied with anger and Ruth to notice Psylocke has entered the Gathering Hall as well.

Blindfold sighs trying to wrap her arms around Jeanne in a hug "It's not that I don't trust you and I never meant to betray you. Shaw is high up in the hellfire club and they're basically the opposite of the xmen and back the massachussettes academy. Going near shaw is playing with fire, I didn't want something bad to happen to you, I'm sorry yes. She grounded me indefinitely too once shortly before the sentinels attacked and leveled the-Miss Braddock..nice to meet you again, yes thank you"

"Sebastian Shaw is very rarely anyone's best shot at anything." Betsy comments in her very British accent after Ruth addresses her. The Japanese telepath nods to Ruth, "Hello, Ruth." She shifts her gaze back to Jeanne, stepping closer, "If you were a bit older, you would realize your friend went to Jean because she is worried about you. Which implies she is a good friend. Bad friends will let you dig your own grave, good ones will try to stop you."

"Don't touch me, I'm still angry at you!" Jeanne raises her voice a bit as she pushes Ruth from her, not caring to be embraced by the person who get her into all this trouble. "We're roomies, we're supposed to have a better understanding of one another." Before this can escalate any further, Ruth points attention towards the arrival of Psylocke, causing Jeanne to take a deep breath as she tries to reign in her anger. "Ms. Braddock," Jeanne greets her, looking a bit surprised at the very distinct Japanese appearance of Psylocke, accompanied by her very distinct British accent. "With all due respect, Ms. Braddock, I really like Ruth, but I had this covered. I don't make mistakes. It would have been a simple, 3 minutes meeting at best. Shaw would have pointed me at Jack O'Lantern, and I'd be on my way. I have nothing with him, his business, or his silly club."

Blindfold stumbles back before falling down "Jeanne...would you rather me wait until I got a horrible vision of you in trouble, please, I'm sorry? We have files on them, they have files on us, even the students. Shaw always plays the chess game, he excels at it, I'm sorry yes. He's looking for who Levins is, he doesn't realize everything yet, to most, the Jack-o-lantern's past is a mystery, please thank you"

"No, you didn't 'have this covered'. Thinking any meeting with Shaw would be that simple is a huge mistake itself." Betsy comments, and then decides to add, "And really, of all the people in the school to push around? I am going to assume you would be the young woman that dear Jean decided to send to me for unarmed combat lessons. And I have no intention of taking it easy on you younglings like Logan does." She offers a brief smirk before inquiring, "And who is this 'Jack-o-lantern'? I hope Jean is aware of this part, as well. I don't recall the administration here permitting the youth to run around seeking vendettas."

"But you didn't have a vision of me in trouble, Ruth, that's the point." Jeanne sounds quite upset, angry, and most of all confused at the fact she's angry in the first place. Why did Ruth had to get her in all that trouble and ruin everything when she had it all figured out? "Why in the world would billionaire Sebastian Shaw give a damn about me?" Jeanne doesn't seem convinced Shaw would take any interest in her, but she quiets down when Betsy has her say. "You have no empirical evidence that it is a mistake, you are basing this on assumption. I know what I'm doing." Crossing her arms, Jeanne nods at Betsy, "yes, Ms. Grey assigned me unarmed combat training with you. Frankly, I don't know why she thinks it's a punishment, but that's the best thing about this entire ordeal. So at least thank you for that, Ruth," Jeanne quips, before adding, "Jack O'Lantern is apparently someone that wants to cut off my head and make it into a Jack O'Lantern, like a pumpkin. You may sympathize why I wish to break every single bone in his body first."

Blindfold sighs "The hellfire club are enemies of the xmen, they have their school, the xmen have this one, each training young mutants and seeing which has the best qualities they're looking for, yes thank you. I've the super-skrul and I've met shaw from a distance without introductions being exchanged with shaw, Miss Grey had the same reaction to the news of both, that should say something about just how much of a threat shaw is Jeanne, I'm sorry forgive me. Jack-o-lantern has a rather involved history all of it bad, and shaw likely would only be too glad to know what I do about Levins, yes thank you.'re good at science but...levins isn't someone to go against alone, I'm sorry my apologies"

Betsy lets out a light, melodic laugh, one hand still planted on her hip as she listens to Jeanne, "How old are you, dear? Seventeen? Eighteen? You have absolutely no idea what you are doing. You should try listening to people who have been through a bit in their lives. If we come across as know it alls, well. It's because we might just know it all." She has an amused smile on her lips as she speaks, and then laughs again, "Jean thinks it's a punishment, because you won't be doing anything afterwards except going to soak in the bath and then bed. I will make certain of that. And yes, I do sympathize. However, that is not a problem for you to solve. It is one for you to take to Jean, and it will be dealt with."

"As for why he would give a damn, as I believe Ruth pointed out, Shaw is the epitome of a chess player. You might be a pawn, but you can not accomplish anything without pawns." Betsy rolls one shoulder in a shrug, nodding as Ruth speaks.

"I am not an X-Men, Mr. Shaw wouldn't give a damn about me, I'm just a kid, remember, Ruth?" Jeanne still seems firmly grounded in her opinion, much like Jean grounded her to Campus. "Look, maybe if I had a few days to relax, and Ms. Grey would reconsider grounding me, I'll forgive you, Ruth, I'm just not ready for that quite yet. What you did wasn't cool." When Ruth mentions knowing something about Levins, Jeanne quips, "make you a deal, tell me about Levins, and I will forgive you." Her attention then shifts to Betsy, "I'm 18 years old, Ms. Braddock," Jeanne answers the question, before getting the same speech she's heard before about how little she knows because of her age and lack of experience. She doesn't try to argue the point, she already knows it's a waste of time. Jeanne does grin when Psylocke reiterates how much of a punishment it will be. "The important thing, Ms. Braddock, is if you intend to hurt means you won't be using kids gloves...which in turn means I will actually learn something. I welcome this opportunity, and respect you for being willing to teach me a lesson." Now glowering at Ruth, Jeanne speaks in a voice tinged with venom, "I would have spoken to Ms. Grey, if my roommate hadn't spoken to her first and made it seem like I wasn't going to..." snorting at the final Chess metaphor, Jeanne asserts, "Mr. Shaw cannot beat me in Chess, at best he can hope for a stalmate."

Blindfold nods "I'll tell you all I know, both of you, but Jeanne..please understand thank you, the hellfire club would use you to draw out the xmen, because they know the xmen have vowed to keep us safe and sometimes we're invited to join a team when we graduate. If you had an enemy wouldn't you want to take them out before they got a chance to become your enemy, no I don't like the idea but I know tactically it makes sense, yes I'm sorry, my apologies"

"I remember when I was a young woman and thought I was invincible. I wound up beaten half to death, and with my eyes gouged out. And I mean that literally. Ego is a terribly annoying thing in a youth, Miss Jeanne. And usually does nothing but cause trouble for the people who care about you, like your roommate." She shakes her head, "Your best chance for dealing with this fellow is to stay here, and let it be taken care of." Betsy comments, and a mischievous smile touches her lips briefly before she adds, "I could beat you at chess, and I'm not even very good at the game. Do not presume to know everything, dear. Not only is Shaw very good at chess, but he will implement pieces on his side that you do not expect and possibly are not the least bit familiar with. He is not the sort who plays by the rules." The tall JapaBrit nods as Ruth speaks, "Listen to your friend, and stop being a..blockhead, as it were. Is that a term you kids use these days?"

"Nobody likes me here, Ruth, I'm not going to be an X-Men. At the same token, would should anyone care if Shaw ever does anything to me, not that he could, mind you." Jeanne still seems highly confident in her ability to fend for herself, despite how often she's been warned about Sebastian Shaw for the last two days. As Betsy relates a more personal story, and a grave one at that, Jeanne actually seems to be paying more attention. "Why did you not protect your eyes? They are one of the choice striking points to incapacitate an opponent." So if Psylocke didn't know anything about Finesse before at all, at least now she knows Finesse doesn't tend to think and react as most people do. "I don't have an ego problem, I simply don't make mistake," is all that Jeanne says to Betsy's point about the trouble ego can lead her to. As if for the sake of being annoying, Jeanne also quips, "Miss Foucault, my last name is Foucault. But as an instructor, you can call me as you please, Ms. Braddock." Shuffling her feet in discomfort, Jeanne doesn't seem to agree about Betsy's version of her best chance. "I think that would be the cowardly way to go, putting others in danger because I cannot handle my problems. That is not who I am, Ms. Braddock, I take responsibility for my problems. Someone uploading videos of me online, and then sending me threats, is a very big problem far as I can tell." Shaking her head, Jeanne quips rather flippantly, "the only way you would beat me at Chess is if you used telepathy, but that would be cheating." Then again, Betsy's point about Shaw not playing by the rules is at least made. "There aren't too many parameters for rule in a mere discussion, my plan was flawless. He would have talked, or ignored me, but there would be no danger involved." Looking at Ruth, Jeanne suddenly says, "Ruth, I am sorry I was angry at you, just as I am sure you are sorry you narc'd me." Jeanne then looks back at Betsy, "I think blockhead is a bit dated."

Blindfold smiles softly at Jeanne "It was done to Miss Braddock by Spiral from the mojoverse, yes I'm sorry." offering Jeanne a hug if the girl wanted to come over "You have a unique personality, several of us do Jeanne, yes thank you, but that doesn't mean you are not liked. Levins is Jack-o-lantern he began turturing and skinning animals alive, murdered his parents and made jack-o-lanterns from their heads, it became his calling card. He has killed everyone who has worn the mask before him. Master Crime..Crime Master?..trained and raised him, to the point where Levins calls him daddy, yes my apologies. Shaw doesn't know who Levins is but wants to and has people looking"

"Miss Foucault, I am beginning to think you are quite possibly the biggest blockhead in the school at the moment." Betsy says in exasperation, then switches to speaking telepathically, >> And yes, that is precisely the problem, Miss Foucault. People like Sebastian Shaw will cheat. They will do much /worse/ than cheat. The fact that you have anything to do with our school is enough to make you a tool. That is a fact. Accept it, and stop acting as if there is no possible way for a meeting with someone like Shaw to go poorly. It is incredibly naive, and downright stupid. << She shakes her head, opening her mouth to continue speaking, "Your plan was flawless? Miss Foucault, is there some divine power stopping me from knocking you out cold right now, simply because we are having a discussion? Both of you, come with me. I'm done listening to explanations of how you are perfect and never make mistakes."

Before turning, she settles her gaze on Blindfold again, "Ruth, I would advise you let people tell their own life stories. It's incredibly rude, particularly when you are getting them wrong."

"Mojo-what?" Jeanne asks, confused, yes, finally someone gets to show her there is a bunch of experience the X-Men have that she is clueless about. "Never heard of this Spiral, or the Mojo-thing, but I'm sorry you had to suffer, Ms. Braddock." As Ruth offers the information she promised, Jeanne relents and actually moves closer to her to allow a brief embrace, though Jeanne doesn't seem particularly in the mood for it. "Fine, I forgive you, but I don't know if it'll be easy for me to consult in you again." Jeanne then turns to look at Betsy, not looking too pleased at being called a blockhead. "That is your opinion, it is sadly, erroneous." Jeanne staggers for a moment upon experience telepathic speak inside her head, looking at Betsy in confusion, before commenting, "neat." She does nod to once again show how she thought her plan was flawless. "Right now, I would say ethics are probably preventing you from knocking me out. It is also a poor choice to give a lesson, an unconcious individual often doesn't learn." As she starts following Betsy, Jeanne sees how Ruth of all people actually got to the instructor, and she turns to give Ruth a thumb's up. Looks like Ruth found a way to salvage her friendship with Jeanne.

Blindfold gives Braddock a rather chagrined and very apologetic expression "I'm sorry Miss Braddock, I didn't mean to offend you, please forgive me, yes" rising to her feet to reach for her cane and follow along meekly. Giving Jeanne a brief hug "There's more then our dimension, countless others just as vast as our own, yes my apologies, I'll hush now" saying nothing of any of the xmen and their encounters thru countless dimensions. "Miss Braddock could probably tell you more if she wished" wincing at herself "Ok, yes really hushing now, sorry, please forgive me"

"Spiral, and Mojo are not important right now." Thought Betsy does seem to only half-heartedly be listening to the two teenagers, now that Spiral is on her mind again. She frowns, turning to lead the way to the gym, and not really paying attention to whether or not the girls are actually following her.

"You don't need to apologize, Ruth, if anyone should be sorry it's me. You're weak, you relent easily, you have a submissive tendancy. You need to grow strong and shake out of it, my being angry at you didn't help. It was a bully-like behaviour to go after you, Ruth, I'm sorry, even if you narc'd on me you still don't deserve it." So...was that a kiss and makeup gesture? Or was that an insult? Hard to tell with Jeanne. Either way, Jeanne doesn't test Psylocke's awareness and does follow her lead.

Psylocke leads the girls down to the gymnasium, mostly quiet on the trip down, distracted. "Go to the locker room if you need to change." And Betsy leaves the girls alone for a few moments as she does that herself, returning in a pair of workout tights, tanktop and oddly, no footwear beyond a pair of socks. Assuming the girls either are back, or didn't need to change in the first place, she looks them over, "So, Ruth, you said Kurt was giving you sword lessons. What about hand to hand?"

Blindfold went to the locker room to change into sweats before returning as she tapped her cane along the floor. Shakin her head softly at Psylocke's question "No, sorry Miss Braddock, I have not learned unarmed combat"

Finesse goes to the locker room and changes to a Gi, seeing how she was promised a beat down by a ninja no less, at least she'll dress the part. When she comes out she even graces Psylocke with a full 90 degrees bow.

Betsy might of course seem like either she's either crazy, or just a *****, asking the blind girl if she's had hand to hand lessons, but, well. People need to be able to defend themselves, to some degree, and oddly..While only temporary, Betsy does have a little insight into Ruth's predicament. Having spent some time blind, and opting to forego cybernetic eyes and use her TP to 'see'. Until Spiral came along and forced the cybernetic eye issue. "Ruth, can you use your telepathy to see through other people's eyes? Or somehow get a sense of your surroundings, and what people are doing?" She's assuming something of the sort, since she was getting /sword/ lessons.

The tall Japanese woman then glances to Jeanne, chuckling at her attire, "As for you, Miss Foucault, given your ego, I am going to presume you at least understand how to throw a proper punch, yes?"

Blindfold shakes her head "I..don't think so no Miss Braddock, I just..see things before they happen, sorry no. Kurt was showing me moves by feel rather then sparring with me, sorry thank you. I receive telepathy but I can't speak telepathically, sorry, my apologies"

"Again, Ms. Braddock, stating facts doesn't equate to having an ego issue," Finesse states as modestly as she could, "you are not likely to get a rise out of me using taunts, Ms. Braddock, just so you know," the young girl offers when she's asked if she can throw a proper punch. "You would be accurate in your statement. I can do more as well, but I don't anticipate with my current skillset I can match a real ninja. I am looking forward to the experience." Of course, Jeanne isn't saying why, as she doesn't know if Psylocke is aware of her ability, and isn't altogether sure Psylocke would allow her this rare treat if she was aware of it. "Hajime?" Jeanne asks in Japanese, assuming Psylocke is familiar with it despite her British accent.

"To be honest..I'm not entirely sure what Jean expects me to do in regards to unarmed lessons for you. We will do some tests, though." Betsy comments to Ruth with a brief frown before Finesse addresses her again, "I don't really anticipate it either, Miss Foucault, and I'll even be nice and limit myself to just the ninja bit," is her amused response before she inclines her head to the young woman, taking a casual ready stance, "Hajime."

"Just the ninja bit? You have other surprises? More styles?" Jeanne sounds quite eager as she seem to treat Psylocke in a different manner, something in the way she looks at her and subtle inflections, before she was being chided for what she thought was a wrongful reason, and she was displeased. Now she is about to be taught a lesson, so regardless of the circumstance, she has respect for her teacher. "May I suggest...," Jeanne quips as Betsy states she's not sure what to do with Ruth, "training in recognizing a source of attack by ear. It's not much, but a good solid start for more building blocks. Ruth may well one day become a Zatoichi." Jeanne immediately shifts to a fighting stance on the call of 'Hajime', waiting for a moment to allow Betsy to take an initiative. If Betsy would not give her that pleasure, Jeanne would proceed to advance with two fists and a shin level kick.

Blindfold nods staying quiet as Jeanne and Braddock engage, stepping back several paces to sit down out of the way of the 'lesson' "Yes Miss Braddock, thank you"

"While there is not any single particular style I picked up, that is not quite what I meant, Miss Foucault. I was more implying that I will refrain from combining my skills with my..other abilities. How would you propose to handle a 'ninja' as it were, who knows how you intend to attack before you even begin to do so?" Betsy muses as she shifts into a more readied stance, feet spread and her hands held open. She lets Jeanne advance and when the girl's leg begins to move, she snaps her own sock-clad foot up, tapping against Jeanne's and forcing it to the side and down. She snaps a palm out as her foot comes down, for an open-handed strike directly at the girl's solar plexus. Betsy has the reflexes and speed one would expect to go with the technique of a master ninja in her prime. She feels comfortable enough to speak as she moves, "Sound is not a bad notion. But, Ruth given your abilities, I think I would like to first test the possible limits of your..sense, in terms of direct combat."

Jean walks in, a bit of a smile on her lips as she was picking up the stray thoughts from the gymnasium. She has her arm linked with Scott's as they enter, the pair looking to be a bit unobtrusive... well, as much as the Heads of the school can be, anyway. Though she does have a somewhat subtle psi-screen up, just enough to keep people from immediately looking at them (though most psychics would just ignore it).

Arm in arm with Jean, Scott simply leans in to murmur a few words, too low to be heard by most. Trailing off, he glances between the students and Psylocke, and idly moves towards the wall, helping with that 'unobtrusive' bit. It would seem he's content to watch and weigh things. He leaves the psi-screens to Jean. That's her job. His is to be the wall flower, for the moment.

"That sounds ominous..." Jeanne says as she considers the meaning, "if you mean that you will fight me fairly, without augmented abilities, I appreciate the gesture." Tilting her head slightly to consider, Jeanne says matter of factly, "according to what I know, I suspect a ninja would likely eliminate me before I was aware of his presence, so regardless of precog ability, I would fare about the same. In a fair hand to hand combat, I trust I have not yet acquired sufficent skills to best a true ninja, but I will do so if left alive. Then again, a ninja would likely eliminate me on defeat, they are not famed for mercy." As Psylocke didn't take initiative like Finesse would have preferred, the younger girl presses with her attack. There's good form, good technique in the way she handles herself, but the lack of experience shows when her kick to the shin is spotted early. Psylocke's maneuver swats Finesse's foot out of the way, forcing her to a weaker stance, and leaving her open to Psylocke's palm strike. However, instead of taking the palm strike, or trying to block it, Finesse performs a backflip withdrawal to put some distance between her and Psylocke. "I love that counter, I had no way to anticipate it." Jeanne notes, looking curiously at Psylocke, and should she once again be allowed to keep initiative, she will try and advance with little snap kicks and snap punches, circular motions, trying to keep limbs to the inside to prevent prolonged exposure. Jeanne is enitrely focused on Psylocke, and as far as she's concerned there's nobody else in the room. If any of the faculty read her file, they might know why.

Blindfold nods "As you like Miss Braddock, yes thank you" tilting her head she turns toward the screened headmasters and waves with a smile before facing forward again. Listening to the fight intently as she kept quiet.

A soft chuckle escapes Betsy as Jeanne expresses her knowledge of ninjas, "Yes, ideally, the easiest way to handle an opponent is without them even knowing you are there. Not very likely to happen during a lesson in the gym, however. And..'true' ninja is a good qualifier. You would be surprised how many people are actually running around thinking they are ninja." The tall, purple-haired woman watches Finesse, either ignoring Jean and Scott, or oblivious to their arrival. She lets Jeanne advance again, watching the young woman's movements. She steps forward into Jeanne as the girl kicks, side stepping it and reaching for one of her wrists, to pull her and throw her to the mat, commenting even as she moves, "I will give you credit for not being a fool and just rushing in, Miss Foucault."

Jean murmurs something back to Scott, then sneaks a wave to Ruth covertly. She keeps her voice down to avoid drawing attention, "Good evening, Ruth. Lessons going well?" Her lips quirk in a wry smile as she watches Psylocke and Finesse spar, staying next to Scott as she looks like she's enjoying the spectacle.

A slow smile curves Scott's lips at the 'ninja' comment, his expression amused. His gaze moves slowly towards Ruth as the girl waves towards them. She might not see it, but he nods greetings anyway, his gaze turning back towards the match to be. His brow rises, and he smiles at Jean, "Always the optimist." His voice is a little louder than his prior murmur.

Jeanne had intentionally used the 'true' ninja qualifier, she is well educated about a myriad of things, not just science as many believe. As soon as Jeanne feels her wrist grabbed, she seems to adjust her position, throwing herself with Psylocke's motion, rolling to the mat and getting back on her feet, not trying to resist the throw. "Thank you, Ms. Braddock, I only needed your first counter to know such an approach would end the sparring session immediately." Having recoverd from the throw, Jeanne looks a bit hesitant, peering curiously at Betsy, so far everything she tried failed. She wonders just how long she'd last if Psylocke would eventually decide to come at her. Jeanne next tries to advance with a series of roundhouse kicks, but there's something Psylocke would likely note for her experience. The way Jeanne works her footing, it seems she never actually intends to deliver any damage with her advancing roundhouse kicks. It must be a feint to get Psylocke to try and react to a roundhouse while Jeanne delivers her real attack.

Blindfold smiles speaking quietly "Lessons have just begun Miss Grey, yes thank you. Indeed she is, still beleiving she would not be in danger if she spoke to Mr Shaw, her wish to take repsonsibility for her own problems is admirable though. Nice to have you back again Scott."

Betsy actually smiles a bit as Jeanne rolls across the mat and back to her feet, "It seems you do know a few things beyond how to throw a punch, Miss Foucault." She watches the girl's movements as she begins in with the roundhouses and then lunges forward into one of the kicks, taking the blow as Jeanne advances. As she steps into the kick, she snaps a hand out open-palmed towards the middle of the young woman's face, attempting to at the very least disrupt and unbalance her.

Jean smiles a little, raising her voice a little bit as she lets the psychic cloak fade a bit, so her and Scott are definitely noticeable now, "Well, good... Betsy is definitely the best of us at hand to hand combat." She leans a little against Scott by the wall, watching the sparring as she murmurs, "Getting closer, dear."

Watching the fight, Scott murmurs to himself, "That's good. Try a feint first. Judge the opponent." He glances towards Blindfold, and inclines his head, "It's good to be back," he tells her. "I'm glad to see that you're settling in well. Had any problems?" He tells the young woman. He simply nods at Psylocke's responding movement. A shrug is given to Jean, "If I'm wrong, it's actually a good thing. Means she's doing well." And regardless, he -wants- Finesse to do well. Even if he thinks Jean should've been meaner to her with the punishment.

"I'm not exactly a novice, but I will grant I have much to learn, particularly from a ninja," whereas some kids seem to brighten at a toy store, Jeanne certainly seems pleased to be here sparring with Betsy. As she continues to advance with her roundhouse kicks, Jeanne anticipated an attempt to block from Betsy, and she already had the counter set up. What she didn't expect, is for Betsy to read her footing, and allow herself to get hit in order to deliver a bigger strike. Jeanne's roundhouse hits Betsy in the side of the face, but as Psylocke syspected, there's no real power behind it, the kick was a feint. Because of Betsy's sudden charge, Jeanne doesn't have enough time to do her initial move. Betsy's hand now moving towards her face, Jeanne doesn't know that Betsy will stop. She believes she's about to suffer a broken nose. To prevent such pain, Jeanne literally drops herself on the ground, and from her grimacing face, the blow hurt her. However, she doesn't just drop, she quickly moves to scissor her legs around Betsy's trying to knock her down. Should she fail, Betsy has essentially won this round.

Blindfold smiles "Good points and bad but mostly good, yes thank you Scott" good because things have been relatively peaceful, bad because she royally ticked off her roomie and lost her trust. "Miss Grey, if you don't mind me asking, how are we going to teach me unarmed combat?"

Even without much power behind it, a kick to the face does sting a bit and the reddened side of her face shows it, but Betsy seems to have accomplished her goal and isn't exactly the type to let a half-hearted kick ruin her focus. She is already shifting position as Jeanne falls, knowing there's not exactly much for a downed opponent to try. One of her sock-clad feet comes up and snaps quickly down atop one of Jeanne's legs, stomping it against the mat and pinning it there. "Miss Foucault, I will give you credit for your reflexes. And I am mildly curious what you were planning to do there."

Jean hmms a bit, "Well, Ruth, I was thinking that perhaps it would be something you could channel with your precognitive powers." She nods slightly in approval at Finesse's efforts, even if they were in vain, and murmurs to Scott, "Three minutes, two point four seconds. For the record." Jean looks a bit smug as she gives Cyclops a grin.

"Hmmm. That might be the end of it," Scott says to Jean and Ruth. He tilts his head to the side at Ruth's question, considering her. She asked Jean, however, and he's not rude enough to step in. Instead, he turns back to the sparring match. And nods, "Ah, there we go," He says to himself. He nods at Jean's words to Ruth in agreement, then smirks at her, "You win a forfeit," he says to her with a nod.

Psylocke's expertise and speed are vastly greater than Jeanne's, and despite her immediate reaction, taking a hit to put herself in a better position and potentially drop her opponent with a leg lock, her opponent proves to be of faster reaction and better at reading moves ahead. Well, Psylocke is a ninja. With her leg pressed to the mat with Psylocke's stomp, Jeanne groans, and taps out. There's nothing she can do from a downed position, with one leg taken from her, against a ninja. At least not yet. "Thank you for your instruction," Jeanne says, as she turns her head to look up at Psylocke, "just now I was trying to scissor your leg and force you down. Before? If you would have gone for a block, I would have hit you with a crane kick to the chin."

Blindfold nods listening to the fight "I usually tend to get a slight warning before block ice or other hazard, yes thank you Scott, Miss Grey" tilting her head curiously to listen to her roomate's intentions.

Lifting her leg from Jeanne's, Betsy leans down to offer the young woman a hand, "Before, when you were feinting with the kicks. Just now, was obvious. Your options are incredibly limited when you are down, and your opponent isn't. You go for their legs, with either your own, or your arms, whichever is closer. But it's really just a good position to try and avoid. In a real world scenario, your best bet is likely to focus on getting back to your feet." She nods at the girl's response regarding the crane kick and then says, "You're welcome. But this isn't quite instruction, yet. I'm seeing where you're at." A playful smile touches the tall Japanese woman's lips, "And now..we're going to see how you are at defense." She steps back, after either helping Jeanne up, or not, and gives the teenager a moment to collect herself.

Jean nods slightly in approval, and glances over at Scott, "A forfeit, oh I think you owe more than that." She grins cheerfully, then looks over at Blindfold, "I will admit, I don't know how exactly to properly teach you to use your precognition in a fight... or if that is even really possible. But it seems like the best way for you to learn." Jean frowns a moment, not upset so much as just thinking about possible tutors, no doubt.

Listening to the tutor and tutee, Scott simply nods once, before looking towards Ruth, "Best thing would be to 'train' you to identify such threats, but that will take a lot of practice, if it's possible." As he says this, he looks over at Jean, nodding in agreement with her words. "One would guess some sort of trained response would be possible, similar to other processes. But that's something to find out in the future." A shrug, "Most important thing is to take it carefully, so no one gets hurt."

Jeanne takes Betsy's offered hand and pulls herself up, she listens to Betsy's teachings silently and nods. "So, I am better off taking the broken nose in a real life situation, and continue to fight," whether that is what Betsy meant to teach or not, it sure seems to be what Jeanne took out of the words, and she's not flinching at it either. She seems to accept it as a very good exchange, broken nose, for chance to still win. Then Psylocke reveals the next stage, and Jeanne immediately assumes a fighting stance again, legs wide apart, front leg set at 45 degrees inwards. "Come at me then..."

Blindfold nods with a smile over her shoulder toward the headmasters "Sometimes that does work in a fight, yes thank you" it was usually what she did in a fight, and hide...tell people where attacks would come from and what they needed to do.

Betsy tilts her head, finally glancing towards the Headmasters of the school, and addressing the pair of them in thought, >> I have a few ideas, regarding Ruth's lessons. I am not certain they will work out, but we should start somewhere, I imagine. I didn't realize she is not a full telepath, which complicates things a bit. Considering I spent a brief time blind myself, I was hoping I might be able to help, but I am not so certain. << She pauses, then adds, >> And don't worry, Scott, I'm not going to swing a sword at her and hope she gets out of the way. <<

She turns back to Jeanne, nodding at the girl's stance and chuckling softly at her comment, "Yes, in a fight for your life? Take the broken nose. Being on the floor puts you at a much worse disadvantage than your face fountaining blood. Be /ready/ to take it though. Taking the broken nose and getting stunned by the pain isn't going to help. And..yes, it is a lot easier to say than do, trust me." Betsy bows her head to the girl and advances on her, hands still held open-palmed, her steps light and balanced on the balls of her feet. She snaps out a few strikes with the heel of her hand towards the chest, and even throws in a knife-hand strike angled at the girl's neck, watching how she moves to defends and wary of any attempted counters.

Jean nods slightly towards Betsy, >> That's actually what I was hoping for, with all of your experience. Far more than me, anyway. << She stifles a flash of envy as she watches Betsy effortlessly launch into those attacks, then glances over at Scott, wrinkling her nose a bit towards him, >> Maybe, but we'd probably need an instructor /for/ kendo, wouldn't we? <<

Scott thinks, confident that Betsy will pick it up. Or Jean will pass it along, >> I don't know. 'The burned hand teaches best,' << he sends, quoting a certain famous novel. Two of them, if you think about it. >> As long as it were simply a soft wood and not swung with full force, I might approve of that. << That's Scott for you. He pushes himself hard, and thinks others should push themselves /just/ as hard. He nods at Blindfold, "We just have to expand on that, try to teach more controlled and fine-tuned usage, if possible." His lips quirk at Jean and he nods in agreement, before his gaze is caught by Psylocke's skillful assault.

"Another problem is the way the nose bone gets tilted inwardly, can damage the tear sac and cause incessant crying, which has a blinding effect if unprepared," Jeanne offers perhaps more information than some would care to hear, but she has a habit of reciting facts like that. Jeanne proves to have a rather interesting defensive style, instead of blocking Betsy's strikes, she seems to flow with them, taking steps back, averting her body 45 degrees in opposing direction and leaning backwards, the wide stance of her feet allowing her the balance not to fall as she evades in that manner. But as before, seems like Jeanne is fond of deceiving. Where her constant retreat gives the impression she will not be striking back, as soon as Betsy cuts in with the Shto strike to the neck, Jeanne doesn't retreat. This time she suddenly moves forward with a fast leaping motion, placing herself nearly face to face with Betsy. The upper body is a slight though, the real strike comes in the form of a powerful stomp on Betsy's anchoring foot. Normally, Jeanne would expect to win the fight on a move like this. She has many times in the past. Betsy, however, is a ninja.

Blindfold nods "I would like that yes thank you. Kurt has taught me high gaurd and low gaurd" listening to the lesson. Which would probably make more sense if she could see but then so would fireworks.

Scott is about to say more, when a soft beeping comes from his watch. He glances at it, and he says to Jean and Ruth, "I'm afraid I have to go. I've an appointment with a few students to help with one of their projects." He inclines his head slowly, then turns towards Betsy and Jeanne a moment. Then, he turns and heads towards the exit.

Jean blushes a little at... something, then grins at Scott, "Wait a minute, I'll go with you." She waves to Betsy, "Keep up the good work." A grin to both Finesse and Blindfold, and she hastily follows out after Scott, a wry look on her face.

Betsy is probably going to regret not wearing some kind of footwear, a soft grunt of pain escaping her as Jeanne's foot comes down on hers. Even as the young woman stomps on her foot, the tall Japanese woman shifts her weight onto her other foot and brings her other hand up, slamming against her chest in an attempt to shove her back. Betsy grimaces as she leans onto her other foot, muttering, "Remind me not to take it east on you next time."

Jeanne's eyes open a bit wider, she did not anticipate actually hurting Psylocke, and from the hint of a smile on her lips, she is mighty pleased with herself. Not because she hurt Psylocke, but because Jean Grey likely expected Psylocke to wipe the floor with Jeanne, and she at the very least was able to land at least one good strike. Jeanne's moment of taking pleasure in her success costs her as Psylocke's palm strike knocks her back a few steps, and she has to reestablish her footing for balance. Once again assuming fighting stance, "ironic how this is supposed to be about my carelessness," Jeanne winks, and then charges at Betsy with a flying kick to the solar plexus, assuming Betsy will have a harder time dealing with it on an injured foot.

Blindfold frowns rising to her feet and beginning to tap her can on the floor "Are you alright Miss Braddock, please if you don't mind my asking? Jeanne you should really apologize when you hurt someone, yes sorry forgive me" but she stayed where she was as the fight continued.

Two things Jeanne should likely have in mind right now. One, Betsy just finished telling her to not let pain or the fear of pain disrupt her. Two, Betsy also mentioned something earlier about having her eyes quite literally gouged out. A few crunchy bones in her foot aren't about to make her fall apart and cry, and a half-crippled Psylocke is still a ninja.

Betsy is fully expecting the blockhead to use this opportunity, and using the space and seconds she bought herself with the strike to the girl's chest, shifts her weight back onto her injured foot again. Something which causes her to grit her teeth and is likely going to get berated for when she gets down to the medbay. She ducks to the side, spinning as she moves. Her hands snap out to grab Jeanne's extended foot and hurl the girl with her momentum, ending the spin with Betsy on one knee (the leg with the injured foot being the one she's kneeling on), and her face contorted in a grimace.

Jeanne never meant that the fight was over, so much as she overachieved by scoring an injury, which is something she really hand't expected. Jeanne took it for Psylocke underestimating her too much as a skillful opponent. Perhaps it gave her a boost to try her current stunt, but she knows her place. A loss would not break her spirit, when it is the most probable outcome.

As expected, Betsy does show her experience, and Jeanne have yet to fight someone with Betsy's resolve. She does not expect Betsy to put weight on her injured foot, and being in the midst of a flying kick, Jeanne has no maneuverability to evade. Psylocke, however, is merciful and instead of breaking Jeanne's leg which she could easily do, she just causes her to overextend by adding her own force to the kicking foot, Jeanne winds up hurtling in the air, losing her posture, and crushing hard against the mat, rolling a bit until she hits stops, lying on her back and wincing in pain. "Now I got careless," Jeanne says as she slowly pushes herself back up, assuming Psylocke's injured foot would slow her down. "You have immense endurance to pain, I respect that a lot, Ms. Braddock."

Blindfold cringes at the noise as she stood just off the mat, knowing that broken foot would be hurting quite a lot. Her big heart making her worry.

Still on her knee, Betsy remains there for the moment, figuring she's likely misplaced enough little bones already. She takes a deep breath, and looks rather highly annoyed. Though it's mostly at herself. "Miss Foucault, I will applaud your tenacity, but if you had been sparring with another student just now, I do hope you would not have continued to press the attack like that." The Japanese woman's lips curve into a small smirk, "It is something you develop when you have experienced a lot of pain. You either learn to endure it, or you curl up and cry. The latter option does not accomplish a great deal." She pauses, then adds, "I suppose when we get back to your lessons, we can speak the basics."

Blindfold tapped her way forward toward the two as the lesson was called to a halt "May I help you to medbay if you don't mind Miss Braddock, please thank you?" offering out a hand to the ninja

When Psylocke actually chides her for pressing on the attack, Finesse eases her stance and bows, "I did on hear you say, Yamae, I thought we were still going on. You are the Sensei, it's your call, of course I wouldn't press the attack on another student. But I have no right to call Yamae in your presence," Jeanne seems to actually carry a deeper understanding of martial arts than most students, she was merely giving Psylocke the same respect a Sensei would be given in Japan. "Will you call Yamae then? Or do you wish to continue?"

Betsy accepts Ruth's hand and rises, hip cocked to the side and all of her weight on her good foot, though she doesn't seem to have trouble balancing like that, "Thank you, Ruth. And yes, that's probably where I should be headed. How annoyed do you think they're going to be?" She looks back to the other girl and seems rather annoyed as she listens to Finesse at first, and then apparently decides to go with the notion that the girl isn't just being a know-it-all brat and chuckles, "Yes. Yamae. You did very good, Miss Foucault. I suppose I've been away too long, I should know better than to underestimate any of the youths here. The flying kick was a bit much, however. That's generally just for show and rarely is it an effective technique. The fact that you can do it, is itself a bit impressive, however."

Blindfold smiles "Not half as annoyed as they will with Jeanne for continueing the lesson without making sure you were ok" moving closer to the woman's side and wrapping her arm around her waist to offer added support and gives Jeanne a grin

Looking on as Ruth reaches to help Betsy up, Jeanne hesitantly offer s her own support, "should I assist as well, Ms. Braddock?" Jeanne asks nervously, not too sure how things will progress from here, seeing as Ms. Grey intended for this to be a punishment for her, and she wound up injuring Ms. Braddock in the process. Does that mean she will get punished extra? She's not entirely sure. At Ruth's quip, Jeanne frowns, she is quite upset with Ruth trying to get her in more and more trouble, "Ruth! Ms. Braddock is the Sensei, she has to call Yamae, else I am to continue the fight no matter what. These things have rules and traditions!" Crossing her arms, Jeanne feels like Ruth has it in for her. "I didn't expect you would put weight on your injured foot, I wanted to impress. It was wrong of me." Jeanne bows again, "thank you for your instruction, Ms. Braddock."

Blindfold frowns taken back by the harshness of Jeanne's reply "I don't have it out for you...I just trying to make a joke..I'm sorry, please forgive me" her nose reddening as most people's did when they got teary eyed

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