Crime and Punishment

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Jean Grey, Jeanne Foucault

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12/04/12 21:32

Xavier Institute - Meeting Room

Jean Grey learns about Jeanne's constant breaking of curfew rules while investigating the pumpkin case. There are consequences.

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Jeanne has been quite focused on her little hunt for the Jack O'Lantern, which after her most recent conversation with her roomate turned into an attempt to fix a meeting with Sebastian Shaw, so she can interrogate him. It's all a matter of deductive reasoning. Jack O'Lantern is a hard to reach man, Sebastian Shaw owns a business. A simple hacking process, and Jeanne will fix herself a meeting with him. Nice and easy. However, there was the matter of Ruth insisting Jeanne would talk to Ms. Grey before venturing on her little escapade. While Jeanne was sitting by her computer in her shared room with Ruth, mulling over whether she should respect her roomate's request or not, she was surprised by an unlikely incoming email. "Ms. Grey...? She never writes me," Jeanne furrows her brow as she clicks on the message to read it, "mmm...guess you get your way, Ruth." Flipping the lid of her laptop shut, Jeanne turns to head towards the meeting room. A short while later, Jeanne walks into the meeting room without bothering to knock on the door, she is expected after all. "You wanted to see me, Ms. Grey?"

Jean is currently sitting at the table, a file folder in front of her as she glances up towards Finesse, "Come in, and sit down, please." The fact that she didn't come up and hug Finesse and acting all nice-nice is a definite red flag. She makes a few notes in the folder, "We have some things to discuss. Particularly things involving Jack O'Lantern, Sebastian Shaw, and you slipping off campus and getting in WAY over your head."

"This is a bit official looking, isn't it?" Jeanne comments on what she sees, used to a much more lax manner about the school. Nobody ever really been truly official with her aside from Dr. Nemesis. Which is part of the reason she's mixed about him being gone, sad for the loss of science expertise, but glad to be rid of the person who in many ways treated her the worst. Her expression blank, Jeanne moves to sit across from Jean. "I have done no such things." Jeanne immediately retorts, and by the slight biting of her lower lip, may reveal more about her displeasure of what she hears than she otherwise would have liked to give away. "Jack O'Lantern came after me, he better expect I'll go after him. I only learned Sebastian Shaw may be a way to reach him from Ruth, I trust her power to lead me in the right direction. It is the safest choice." But when it comes to the part about her slipping off campus, Jeanne really doesn't have much to say as she sighs, "is this going to be a problem?"

Jean sighs a bit, "Alright, you really shouldn't try to deceive a telepath, as I know you have been leaving campus in violation of our curfew rules. Now, in regards to Jack O'Lantern, why exactly didn't you come to /us/ about it?" She leans back in her chair, her voice warming a bit as she does, at least, want to hear Finesse's side before Final Judgment is rendered.

"Deceive...?" Jeanne reacts innocently enough, looking almost incredulously at Jean, "how am I trying to deceive you?" But Jeanne's gaze sinks lower as Jean presses on the knowledge of her breaking curfew, "it was for an important reason. I didn't go to a dance club to frolic mindlessly with boys, or anything silly like that," Jeanne stresses out, fully expecting that to help her case. "Why should I have come to you? He has been shadowing me, uploading videos of me to the internet, and he left -me- that Jack O'Lanter, with the note that now makes full sense. This is not an issue for anyone else in this school but myself." Jeanne seems to truly believe what she says, but then she's used to being self sufficent for most of her life. "It has nothing to do with the day to day activities of the school."

Jean slams her palm on the table, "You /come/ to us, because we are your instructors, Jeanne! We are responsible for your safety." She looks at Jeanne sternly, "And we might know a few things that are vital to your success in this." She calms a bit, then fixes Jeanne with a stare, "What do you know of Sebastian Shaw, for instance?"

Jeanne shudders for a moment, not having expected Jean to slam her palm on the table, it doesn't fit with the knowledge Jeanne does have about Jean. The unanticipated move got Jeanne jarred much more than the demonstration of anger it stands for. "I don't make mistakes, I would have been okay," Jeanne actually has the audacity to sound one hundred percent sincere as she makes that remark. It takes Jeanne a moment to find her bearing, staring at Jean in silence, before she answers briskly, "Sebastian Shaw, CEO and chief shareholder of Shaw Industries, Inc. His company develops and sells weaponry, electronics, robotics, tactical AI systems, and a host of products, mostly under fedral contracts." Jeanne takes a moment's of pause, looking at Jean as if to make sure she's actually listening to her, not truly expecting to be allowed to talk much. She figures Jean is going to slam her palm on the desk again, or scream. She's a bit uncomfortable. "He is a billionare, and has several offshore accounts. I believe he is well connected both domestically and in foreign countries. I would venture he uses his contacts to make savvy business decisions. Foul play, but then most top CEOs do the same."

Jean Grey looks at Jeanne, "Oh really. The fact that he's a high-powered mutant who has nearly beaten the X-Men by himself escaped your attention, then? Or that he's the tentative leader of a group of super-powered power-seekers within the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club itself?" She gives Finesse a wry expression, "You would /not/ have been okay. The best case would involve Shaw thinking you harmless, if you went to face him half-cocked on your own. The worse case..." She doesn't spell it out, but the implication is there.

"This Hellfire Club was mentioned by Ruth as well, it must have some of the best hackers in the world for me not to have found out about his connection." Jeanne looks mildly annoyed that Jean manages to name some facts that eluded Jeanne. In fact, it seems to bother her much more than Jean's actual reason for being upset with her. "What is his mutant power, if I may ask?" Jeanne starts, before quipping, "either way, it wouldn't have mattered. All I was going to do was hack his company's computer to set myself a meeting with him. I would have taken an image inducer so he wouldn't recognize me." Did Jeanne just admit she was going to steal equipment? Sounds like it. "All the meeting would have been is a simple conversation about where I find Jack O'Lantern, I really have nothing with Shaw himself beyond that."

Jean narrows her eyes, "And who would have taken this image inducer from, again?" She looks at Jeanne, "He can absorb kinetic impacts to increase his own strength. And he doesn't have much of an upper limit to that potential, as far as we have seen." Her eyes narrow a bit, "Now, in light of the fact you did insufficient research about your target, you repeatedly violated our own rules about curfew... which you agreed to by coming her, by the way, and you didn't come talk to me about /any/ of this... or any of your other instructors, for that matter. Well, what do you think I should do here?"

Jeanne's eyes shift about, as she's clearly regretting having divulged the bit of information about her intentions of procuring the image inducer, and eventually she just quips, "I would have returned it after I was done with it." As she hears about Shaw's mutant powers, Jeanne looks genuinely impressed, as she mutters, "hand to hand fighting would not be an option then, nor would my combat batons. Evasive maneuver and avoiding a fight in the first place make the most sense," Jeanne seems to be thikning aloud as she speaks inadvertently, likely a result of how Jean surprised her and perhaps even scared her a bit, though Jeanne would never admit to that. "No matter, I only wanted a conversation with him, not a fight." What Jeanne least expects, is for Jean to ask her what she would do in her place. This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, Jeanne doesn't want to tell Jean how to best discipline her. On the other hand, Jeanne has this tendency to 'brag' about how brilliant she is by never leaving a question unanswered. Leaning back in her seat, Jeanne takes a deep breath. Jean actually managed to faze the machine-like girl, it seems, as she delays in her answers. She really, really doesn't want to answer, but she also can't quite resist. Eventually, she settles for the non-specific approach, "if I were you I would likely assign a detering penalty that would dissuade a student from breaking established rules in a future iteration." Taking a pause, Jeanne looks up at Jean, her expression blank, as she murmurs, "I guess I am to be punished, aren't I?"

Jean nods, "You will be. First, unless you have a member of the faculty with you, you are not allowed to leave campus until further notice. Second, you are going to be taking additional lessons from Miss Braddock in the area of unarmed combat, because she is familiar enough with the subject that she can help you in the unlikely event that Shaw would be trying to start something." She pauses a bit, letting that sink in, "Third, you're going to give me all the information you've gathered about Jack O'Lantern, and we are going to catch this lunatic that's been threatening one of MY students."

"What!?" Jeanne looks quite stunned by the very first term of her punishment, "you're grounding me?" Jeanne, who is usually deadpan and machine-like with her mannerism, barely ever showing emotions, is actually acting insulted. "I'm not a little kid, that is uncalled for. Why should I not be allowed to leave campus unless I'm in the presence of a faculty member?" Jeanne protests and crosses her arms, "this punishment is meant to mock me. That's low." The second term has Jeanne calming down a bit, the prospect of personal unarmed combat lessons from a ninja sounding more like a reward for Jeanne, and she doesn't want to let Jean on that, so she wouldn't change her mind. It is difficult, however, not to think of how awesome it would be. At the final term, Jeanne simply gets up from her seat and starts to head out of the meeting room.

Jean looks after Finesse, "Mock you? And what exactly were you doing with the rules that we have in place? With the faculty that you were planning to 'borrow' an image inducer from, or that you've been lying to?" She makes a few minor notes in the file, "Your acceptance of this is directly tied to how long it lasts, Jeanne. Make of that, what you will." She glances at the departing girl, and nods slightly, "You are excused."

"I have been dealt a non-veiled threat. My privacy has been invaded. I had to take actions, a few childish curfew rules weren't going to change that. I did what I had to do, I'm not a baby, I can take care of myself," Finesse says, and for once, an angry undertone can be noted in her voice. Jean has gotten to the machine-like girl. "No equipment would have been damaged, you likely wouldn't have noticed an image inducer was missing before I would have returned it. The lying was essential, else I wouldn't have been able to act." The anger builds up in her voice, she's affected by an emotion, and she's not quite sure how to handle it. "Your punishment is stupid," Jeanne eventually remarks as she gets out of the door, still not having promised to actually give the information she gathered on Jack O'Lantern to any of the faculty.

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