Counselling Session

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Firestar, Yishi

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11/05/12 04:26

Warrior Central - Yishi's Quarters

Firestar seeks Yishi's help in dealing with an infernal problem.

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There's a knock on Yishi's door, followed by the voice of Firestar, sounding a bit distraught, " think you might have a moment to talk?"

The sound of a voice outside the door of her room at the New Warriors base is unusual enough for Xiu Lin Tseng - usually, she would hear from someone by comms long before they bothered to find her door and knock, assuming her to be home at all - that it takes the young woman a bit by surprise. That it is the voice of her friend, and with a note of distress, makes her move all that much more quickly to respond. The lock snicks open, the door's handle turns, and the robe-bedecked little Chinese woman looks out, opening the door for Angelica. "What is it, Firestar? Come in. Of course I can make time to talk." Barring world-shattering crises, that is. Hear that, Ultron? Shut up, leave the girls alone.

Firestar is dressed in her costume, and she looks a bit shaken, as she steps into Yishi's room, offering her a soft smile on her way in. "Thanks, Yishi, I needed someone to talk to, and I couldn't think of anyone else...did you ever hear the name Daimon Hellstrom?"

The diminutive Chinese woman shakes her head, motioning Firestar towards her bed before she herself turns and takes a seat on the chair, turning it to face her friend. "No, I have never heard that name. I must confess, the name itself is a tad disturbing. But I imagine, given your visible reaction, the encounter itself was far worse? I'm listening. So ... hit me." Uh oh.

Edging slowly towards Yishi's bed, Firestar sinks down to have a seat, as she explains to Yishi, "I was out trying to help someone...this Daimon Hellstrom was the guy assaulting him. Only...turns out that guy I was going to help was a vampire, and this Daimon guy...he killed him, I was stunned. I didn't know what to do...and then..." for a brief moment Firestar gets choked up with tears, as she leans towards Yishi, looking for an embrace.

Xiu Lin hops up from her seat on the chair and sits on the bed beside Firestar, wrapping her arms around her friend. "I am sorry. That had to have been horrible to see." After all, it would appear to anyone that the person dying was a /person/, not a vampire, and they're wired emotionally to protect nad save people, not watch them die horribly. She holds Angelica quietly, waiting for her tears to subside a bit.

"I like to help people, I like to think of myself as a hero, a New Warrior, and I couldn't do anything. I was frozen...he killed that 'man', 'vampire' or whatever and I couldn't do anything. But then he turned and he touched me..." Firestar says as she mimics the gesture, pressing her finger against her own lip, "like that...and when I pushed him away, he said he promised he would kiss me and then he disappeared." Firestar looks quite concerned, as she adds, "I think I believe he means to...because he said he was the son of the devil, and he seemed to have all kinds of magic powers. I don't know what to do Yishi..."

Xiu Lin hugs her friend tightly, eyes a bit round and googly at the thought of the 'son of the devil' trying to kiss /anyone/ she knows, let alone Angie. "I am far from an expert in magic, the occult, or the devil, Firestar. But what I know from catechism classes boils down to thins: The devil's only power is what we give him. If we deny him and refuse him, then he cannot take from us what we refuse to give. If you don't want this Daimon Hellstrom to kiss you, then you tell him so, in no uncertain terms, and you stick to it. That's the best I can offer." And it's not much, she knows. Not much, against the fear he has engendered in her friend. Fat lot of good she has done, right?

"So...what you're saying, Yishi, is as long as I tell him very clearly that I forbid him and will not let him touch me, he will not be able to?" Firestar asks, looking considerably cheered up, after all, when she insisted and pushed Daimon away he did eventually let her be. "You know, Yishi, I feel much better now...thank you so much," Firestar sounds sincere enough as she tightly embraces her friend, her head hanging around her shoulder while her red locks brush against Yishi's cheek, "thank you so much for being my friend."

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