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Aurora, Mercury, Radiance, and Sandman

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01/26/13 16:19

Xavier Mansion

Sandman has a cookout some students and Aurora attend.

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Despite the chilly wintry weather outside, Sandman is outdoors under an awning and he appears to be grilling all sorts of meat. There is a sense of pride a man feels as he grills food and he lets out a sigh of contentment. He has invited any of the mansion’s residents, but for now is alone and grilling his meats. He even wears an apron that says ‘kiss the chef.’

Mercury shows up, per the invitation, wearing thick winter clothes and a hood, too! "Hello, Mr. Baker." she says, smiling and waving a gloved hand. "That smells good. What kind of meat are you barbecuing?" she asks, approaching the grill to take a look at the meats on it.

“Oh. . .plenty of meat galore. We got some rabbit. We have some deer over there. Some bison. And the usual, beef, chicken, pork, and turkey.” He tosses a hot dog into a bun, “Here have a frank. I put some spices in it to give it some kick.” Sandman offers the hot dog to the young mutant.

Mercury accepts the offered hot dog with a blink. "Rabbit? People actually eat rabbit?" she asks, confused. It seems this girl didn't know meat from rabbit is commonly eaten. Nevertheless, she brings the hot dog to her lips and takes a small bite off it.

“Yep, and you just bit into it. That’s a rabbit wiener.” Sandman laughs, “Not bad, huh.” He continues with his preparation. “Well, I’ve invited a bunch of people, but it seems people are afraid of the cold.” He shakes his head as he flips some burgers and places some sausages and cutlets on the grill.

"Well, if they are", Seth says as he lowers himself to the ground, "then they should say something. I don't use the codename 'Radiance' just because of my energy glow." Setting down, he greets, "Cess... Sandman... What's going on?"

Mercury stops cold and blinks, looking at her hot dog. Or should she say, 'hot rabbit'. A few more slow chews before she swallows, "Y'know.. you could've warned me of that before I took the first bite, I thought it was a normal hot dog." she says, looking at her half-eaten hot-'rabbit'. "Doesn't taste bad, though, but, then again, some warning would've been nice."

“Cook-out. In the winter. .best time to have them.” Sandman nods in greeting to Seth. “What do you want? Name it and I have probably prepared it already.” He continues to flip burgers, “The X-Men can save the universe from an alien empire, but none of them can deal with the cold.” He shakes his head smirking at Mercury, “Once I was eating cow tongue and didn’t know. Turns out it was pretty good. Sometimes you have to take the risk.”

"That'd be because they're too busy dealing with the bigotry of the world and blasting away the giant robots that bigots created to exterminate the mutant population, when they're not out there saving the universe. Matter of factly, the cold doesn't bother them. It's small potatoes", Seth replies to their defense. "What're the burgers made of?", he then asks Sandman.

Mercury arches one eyebrow at Seth's overly defensive speech, "Gee, man, lighten up." she says, then shrugs and looks at Sandman again, "Really? Cow Tongue? People actually eat that stuff?" she asks, surprised, before giving her hot-'rabbit' one last time, before shrugging and taking another bite at it.

A bright streak paints across the sky in seconds, and pretty soon Aurora is coming to a landing on the patio, giving a bit of a wave at those gathered while sporting a happy smile, "hello, I'm on the not bothered by cold team, I love how you restored the Mansion, it looks great."

Shooting a look at Seth when he comes to the defense of the mutant heroes, “Yeah, true. They save the world from bigotry and the universe from alien empires. Kinda like how the Avengers save the multiverse and all of reality and different realities and timelines.” Sandman adds, “The burgers are beef, turkey, or bison.” He winks to Mercury, “People will eat anything . Hell there are even cannibals.” As Aurora arrives, “Well, nice to see you on good guy grounds.” He looks around the mansion, “Yeah they did good. Please join us, Aurora.”

"Well, if you're welcome at the Xavier Mansion, I guess I really was wrong about you, sorry for last time, Sandman," Aurora says, casting a brief glance over the grill, and having caught parts of the conversation, she glibly notes, "good thing Alpha Flight take the occasional foray into Asgard and the Great Beasts realms, I think between all of us pretty much everything is covered."

Seth hms, nodding as he looks at the burgers. He looks at Mercury, and shrugs slightly in dismissal of his defensive stance. "Well, I'll have the turkey." He glances in Aurora's direction, and greets. "Aurora, good to see you." He summarizes, "Well, with the deeds of all teams laid down on the table... How come the universe still hates us?"

"Please...," Aurora gives Seth a somewhat uppity look, though it's unclear if it's meant to be feigned or not, "everybody absolutely loves Aurora," so the rumours about her capacity for vanity are true! "Well, at least the boys, some girls can be jealous sometimes."

“Thanks, Aurora. So what are you up for? We have burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and I’ll be grilling up some cutlets and filets next.” Sandman goes to get Seth a turkey burger and hands it over to the boy, “Well the world hates me because I used to be a criminal. It is hard to regain trust, even if you are an Avenger. The world hate Aurora, but people are jealous of her beauty. People hate you because you’re a kid who talks a lot.” He smiles to Mercury, “Cessily, you’re lucky no one hates you.” He makes light-hearted comments, but then gets serious, “Yeah the whole mutant prejudice thing sucks.”

"Well, this being the United States, I think I will have a hot dog, all the toppings, of course," Aurora smells the cooking and nods, "maybe I'll sample the other things too, smells delicious." When it gets back to the hate talk, Aurora mock yawns, and then turns to look at Mercury, "so, you have people hating you?"

Preparing her a hot dog, Sandman smiles as he passes it to her. It has all the toppings possible and then looks to her to wait for her reaction while he has already given Seth his burger and has his own bison burger in his hand, “What do you think, Aurora?”

"Oh waw, that is a loaded one," Aurora says with a grin as she playfully shifts the hot dog around in search of a position where she thinks she can open her mouth wide enough, "you didn't spare anything, looks delicious," she eventually braves an attempt that mostly succeeds, as bits of sauerkraut and grilled onions still fall off, but she's fast enough to avoid a stain on her uniform. "Mmmmm," she mouths while chewing, clearly approving of the hot dog.

Seth adds to Sandman's remark about him, "/And/ talk back." Then, he smirks at Aurora's question, "Just about everybody who hates mutants..." He then looks back to Sandman, "Well, I don't know about you, though... I mean, being with the Avengers, seems pretty much like free pass to 'hero land'." He looks at Mercury. "Cessily here just got her awesome looks - and they are awesome looks - coupled with all the amazing stuff she can do, and her parents just went 'oh God, monster!' mode on her."

Mercury finishes her own hot-'rabbit', and mmm's gently, "It was nice, Mr. Baker... but I think this time I'll have a regular hot-dog, please?" she asks with a bit of chuckle before looking at Seth, "So how about you, Seth? How's life treating you?" she asks, and then blinks as the guy talks again, "Seth?" she says, arching one eyebrow, "Could you please can it? For me?" She wasn't happy to be reminded of her parent's opinions about her.

“Well, best on your reaction, I am glad you enjoyed it. That’s a rabbit wiener in your mouth, Aurora.” Sandman bites into his burger. Sandman just shakes his head at Seth as he prepares a regular hot dog for Cessily, “Enough of the hate speech. Aurora,, Seth how were your holidays?”

Seth halts as he realizes what he just did, "... Sorry", he says to the liquid metal girl. "That was mean of me." He means it. So much so, he shuts up for the time being, letting people speak.

Aurora stays silent when Seth mentions how Mercury's parents treated her, which to people who know her would suggest she takes a very serious reaction to it. But she makes no comment, instead she just nods faintly and goes right back to finishing up her loaded hot dog. Aurora does look up surprised at Sandman when he mentions it's rabbit meat, she doesn't look too pleased, but can't argue with the taste. Once she's done, she just says, "maybe you shouldn't throw surprises on people, Sandman, but it was good, I must say." Asked about her vacation, Aurora merely comments, "well, I'm back, and I think I was in Boston, for some reason."

Nodding his head in approval of Seth remaining silent for the moment. He prepares a second turkey burger for the boy and hands it to him without being asked. “You know a beer would be good now.” He hhmphs, “But I got some juice, soda, and water.” He pours some in glasses for everyone and asks Aurora, “You think you were in Boston?” He chuckles as he hands her a glass of juice, “Well, definitely glad I don’t have any beer.” He sighs from the joke, “Is it a legit memory problem or did you party so hard, you don’t remember? Oh and would you like another wiener? There are other ones besides the rabbit.”

Crossing her arms, Aurora shoots Sandman a non too friendly look, as she quips, "maybe it was a party, what does it matter...I'm pretty sure it was Boston, now that I think about it. You can do some shopping there, but I prefer Montreal, or New York."

Mercury is appreciative that Seth's tirade toward Sandman is over with, and she was about to breathe a sigh of relief when another one starts between Aurora and Sandman. She feels like rolling her eyes, "Look..." she says, moving to stand between Aurora and Sandman, "This isn't really a place to fight. We're all together, here, in the same boat." she says, looking one moment at Sandman, then at Aurora, then back and forth, the girl not angry, just... pleading. "There is no reason for us to be upset at each other, k? Let's just be friendly, no grudges, no snark comments, no jokes... please?"

Hearing Mercury’s plea, Sandman looks around, “Well this was what it was all about.” He looks to Aurora, “No fighting.” He looks to Seth, “No snark comments.” He smiles, ”And no jokes.” He sighs and sips some soda as he goes to work his meat on the grill, “Anyone else want anything else.”

"Fair enough", Seth says after Merucry has her say. "As for my holidays, I spent most of them here, while switching to Salem every day to visit my mom and sis, before her friendly neighbors arrived."

“Salem? As in Massachusetts, huh.” Sandman listens, “So you’re a New Englander. Fan of the Patriots?” Sandman chuckles, “Giants man, myself. But new England is pretty cool, over all too.”

"When did I fight?" Aurora asks in confusion as she eyes Sandman, before the discussion shifts to sports, and she comments casually, "hockey is better than football, Canadiens all the way."

“Well for Canadians, yeah, hockey rules. I mean the only sport where you really fight.” He grins, “I prefer the Rangers for hockey though.” It seems in the topic of discussion, “Seth, you play any sports when you were younger in school?”

Seth blinks. "No. Salem as in Salem Center, Westchester County, Upstate New York." He shakes his head, "And I'm not that big a fan of football, nor any national sport for that matter."

Mercury nibbles on her hot dog, "Not really a fan of sports like Football, but I like tennis." she nods softly, smiling. "Golf is also nice, though I never practiced before." she tilts her head softly as she looks up, picturing herself playing golf.

"I could play you a game of tennis sometimes," Aurora offers to Mercury, "it's fun," she then looks over at Sandman and grins playfully, "I bet I can beat you too."

"Tennis and golf. I always thought of that as rich people sports. I never played neither, but I suppose I could learn. Though I prefer sports of physical contact." Sandman shrugs, "Though I have seen some of though tennis girls. Wow, the William sisters. And the girl who screams like she is getting. . ." He stops himself a moment before he continues, ". . .the girl who screams like she is angrily enjoying herself in the game. What's her name? And Aurora, if you play like her you will definitely beat me." He grins back.

Seth finishes his burger, "I bet anyone would beat me at any sport." He looks around, "Say, what do you have for drinks around here?"

Mercury has to chuckle at that, "I play some tennis to pass the time, but mostly it's me against me, as I just hit back the balls the rebound against the wall." she chuckles softly, smiling at that before taking another bite off her hot-dog. Hearing Seth's question, she nods, "Oh, I could use something to drink too." she smiles.

Potential to embarrass someone detected, Aurora gets right on it, "the girl whos creams like she is what?" She asks Sandman, before letting out a playful moaning cry while swinging both hands as if she was holding a tennis racket and answering a powerful serve. "You mean if I played like that?" She winks at Sandman. She then laughs and walks over to Seth, ruffling his hair, "hey, don't sell yourself short, you gotta give it a try. You might find out you're pretty good."

“There’s soda, juice, and some water. Take your pick.” Sandman points to a small freezer and pulls soda for himself. He grabs a container of juice and hurls it at Seth and tosses a water bottle at Mercury. Then he watches Aurora and enjoys the show and claps, “I’ll have what she’s having.” He makes the Harry Met Sally joke and then winks back Aurora, “Yep, we’ll definitely play and soon.”

Mercury has to chuckle at Aurora's antics, and she shakes her head softly, smiling. "Well, I'm not really good as well." she says as she grabs the bottle Sandman tosses at her, "Thanks, Mr. Baker." she nods before looking back at Aurora, "Well, at least I know the basics. I think I just have bad luck to never see anyone at the tennis court when I go train." she shrugs, smiling.

"I know this is a school and everything, Sandman, but you got some beer by any chance?" Aurora asks, grinning at Mercury, "I can go easy on you if we play, I don't always play my best..."

Nodding his head and elongating his hand in sand form to pull a beer from the bottom of the cooler and tosses it at Aurora, “It’s cool, Aurora. And I’m fine playing with you if you are easy. But I’ll be hard.” He warns.

Seth gets the juice, nodding a thanks to Sandman, than shakes his head at the guy, throwing a thumb down on that joke. He then looks at Aurora, "I once tried baseball to see if I had it in me, was in the batter position. I was so hyped with the idea of swinging away like Joaquin Phoenix in 'Signs'. The guy pitches, I swing away. It was the perfect batting. It escaped my hands, landed straight at his face like a dart. A-hundred points, right there." He pops the juice open, "And a good number of stitches at the hospital, with a hospital bill that I'm only thankful there was insurance to cover it."

Grabbing the beer tossed her way, Aurora opens it drinks a bit, looking at Sandman with grinning eyes, "thanks for the beer, oh, I'll definitely beat you, I promise you that. Hard opponents never scared me." She nods at Seth story, wincing a bit, "well, that didn't sound like it went too reason not to try again."

Mercury winces softly at Seth's story. "Ouch. I didn't even try basketball." she says, reaching a hand to the top of her head, "Not tall enough to make it worth a try." she chuckiles softly before opening her water and taking a sip, "Hey, Mr Baker? Can I get another hot dog, please?" she asks, smiling.

“Wow that sucks.” Sandman offers to Seth. “Well there are other sports. Hey are you good at chess? Some people consider chess a sport.” Sandman goes to get another hot dog for Mercury, “This is a non-rabbit one.” He puts different toppings on it. “Hey, Aurora, the tennis courts are right there. We can play a little later.”

Aurora makes another yawning gesture, with the added move of tapping her yawning mouth with her fingers, "please...I doubt you'll find too many studs playing Chess, I much prefer more handsome sports." She then looks over at the tennis courts, and grins at Sandman, "if you don't mind losing a game of tennis, sure, I'll play."

Seth looks at Sandman. "Do I really sound, look, and feel like a nerd?", he asks him jokingly. Then, he looks at Cessily, "Say, don't you have a cheerleading background?"

Mercury was about ot ask the two adults if she could watch, when she hears Seth's question, "Huh? Well, yes. I used to be a cheerleader back in high school, before my powers made a mess of my life." she says, shrugging, "But I also played tennis. Can't be a cheerleader if you're a slouch and don't keep yourself fit." she says, smiling.

“Well, you never know. With the right motivation, I could win. We could plan tennis and then do something else afterwards.” Sandman teases Aurora. “And no, Seth, you don’t look like a nerd. It was just s suggestion is all. I’m sure Wolverine can find something for you to play or keep you in shape as Mercury suggests. That is important.”

Aurora looks curiously at Mercury, "is cheerleading as fun as it seems? There was no cheerleading in my school," which considering the kind of school it was, really is no surprise, then again most people attend normal schools. She then moves closer to Sandman while finishing her beer, "you think you could beat me with something so simple as strategy? Ha!" Aurora then looks back at Mercury and offers with complete disregard to Seth, "maybe you can teach him cheerleading? I'd join in too, if it'd make him feel more comfortable."

Getting a message on her communicator, Aurora looks up and waves again, "looks like the game will need to be postponed, Sandman, I need to report to Department H, see you," and with that she streaks into the air much the way she came.

Seth takes a deep breath, "Please, tell me she didn't just call me an effing wimp...", he mutters under his breath. For the moment, he's seeing Aurora under a very different light. "And I keep myself fit enough, thank you very much."

Waving to Aurora, Sandman nods his head pleased and grins, “Looking forward to that game.” He ahems and looks at the children present, “Um yeah. She called you a wimp. Don’t worry, Seth. I saw you in action in Paris when we took out the robots. You’re not a wimp. . .though you were knocked out and I ended having to save everyone, but you are not a wimp.”

Mercury waves to Aurora, smiling and waving at her as the woman departs. Then she looks at Seth and chuckles, "You're not a wimp, man. Relax. You've proven yourself." she nods softly, before taking a bite on her hot-dog, before looking at Sandman. "So, Mr. Baker, when do you plan on making another Danger Room run?" she wonders, smilng.

“Oh I have something really nice planned for the next training session and I think it is time to incorporate other students into your training, Mercury. You did well in the team exercise with me and Wolfsbane, but time to include your claasmates. It will be good.” Sandman grins as he goes to get himself a soda and pauses a bit, “I just gave Aurora a beer and then she flew off. I wonder. You shouldn’t drink and drive, I wonder if the same applied to flying?”

"Oh, I'm not worried", he announces. "I'm quite relaxed, in fact." He purses his lips almost to the point of biting, "Relaxed in the shitstorm of names I'm thinking would suit her, right now..." He looks at Sandman, "Gee, thanks for bringing /that/ one up..." He looks at Mercury, "Yeah, it'd really be a shame if she ran into an airplane." Yeah, he's taking it very well.

“Wow, bitter much. . .” Sandman grins, “I can only imagine how well you get along with your classmates. . .” Looking between the two students, “And how are you getting on with your classmates?”

Mercury shrugs gently, "I don't think just one beer would make her miss a big freaking airplane coming her way." she chuckles softly, "I'm sure she'll be fine." she nods softly, and smiles, before loking at Sandman, "It's going alright, really. Nothing out of the ordinary." she says with a smile.

And with that the cookout continues and everyone enjoys themselves.

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