Convience Store Defense

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Store Defense

Armand and Krista

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Theater District - Manhattan

While New York is under siege Armand and Krista defend thier hiding spoit

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Stifling a trimphant grin, no use gloating, Krista scrurries into the store when it is all clear. She takes the water with a nod as Logan goes to check things out, "I'm starving." she scans the store glad to find that it hasn't been looted by either demons or humans, though it seems to have some wreakage, shelves knocked over and the like "When was the last time you slept?" she asks Armand as she rights one of the shelves and uncovers the pile of chips and snacks that laid under it.

Armand follows after Logan and Krista at a bit of a crouch, tugging his duffel bag with him before sighing softly and he catches his bottle of water, settling down on top of a fallen display of sunglasses and he opens his duffel bag. "Last night. Pantry. About 5 or so hours, I tink." From the bag wafts the scent of baked goods and he shakes his head slowly. "I was at work."

Krista continues to move around the store, right shelves and picking up stuff off the floors. Her own way of bringing some order to the chaos life has become in the last 24 hours. She pauses occasionally to take a drink of her water, and once that is empty grabs a soda "Sorry about being bossy and dragging you around. I get that way when I go into panic mode."

Armand watches Krista with a slow blink and he selects a few muffins from his bag, bringing them over to Krista as she moves around and he takes a deep breath. "I-its okay, I was just...hitting things...with a mini-van." He makes a face as he says it outloud. "It is okay, are very strong and can help out like you are." He glances towards the entrance with some wariness. "It is the strangest ting..."

As the two take refuge in the store, chaos still reigns outside. In the distance a loud bellowing voice can be heard though its to far away to make out exactly what is being said, though the words 'Foul Mortals' and 'Barbarians' are understood easily enough. A few seconds pass and the bellowing voice stops suddenly to be replaced by a bellowed roar of pain that vibrates the one remaining unbroken window of the store.

Reaching out to take the muffin Krista freezes at the new sound. In her flight and fight back and forth across the island she hasn't encountered a demon that has done more than roar and chitter. Her eyes widen as she looks at Armand, "What was that?" she does take the muffin as she unfreezes and moves to the window to investigate.

Freezing sounds good, freezing as Krista freezes, Armand does not however drop his water or the muffins he's holding and he exhales when she takes the muffin and he starts trembling with a slow shrug. "I don't know...I-I don't...oh sure, lets go and see what it could be..." He takes a deep breath as he follows behind Krista. "Maybe we'll keep a safe distance..."

The two get to the window in time to see, off in the direction of Midtown Manhattan, the biggest flying demon yet go up in a burst of white flame. As the two look out the window they will also see a ragged group of roaring and chittering demons running down the street from that direction. Right now they seem to be running in fear, but that might change if the see the two hiding in the store.

"I don't think so." Krista says as her attention moves from the flaming demon to the group that is bearing down the street, as if an angelic calvary were chasing after them. "Hide!" she once more grabs Armand, those this time as she does so she is shrinking not only herself but him as well. Keeping a hold of him, she rushes toward the shelves as they shrink, dropping down and crawling under a shelving unit, just as the demons spot them and make a rush to the store.

Armand just stares at Krista with wide eyes after he catches sight of what's coming their way and he drops his muffins. "Sacre Bleu..." He mutters and then everything is getting bigger when he's grabbed by Krista and he gasps as he finds himself shrunk and he's dropping to crawl after her with a flutter of lashes. "Ahhh, Mademoiselle...merci, merci but we should create defence, pour the water, pour the liquid, open the electronics...get the live wires...anybody who enters and touches ground is shocked, oui?"

The two get to cover just in time as the demons leap through the broken windows of the store and begin to sniff around and search for the two people they sensed hiding away. A shelf is knocked over as one knocks it out of the way instead of going around it like a person would do.

"And what about us?" Krista whispers to him as she kneels under the shelve, watching the demon feets/claws pass back around forth around them as they search "We have to stand on that same ground too. Plus I think the power is out." power is out over most of the city, she has been focused on other things to note if the store is still powers. "I got it. Stay here, don't move until I tell you. I'll distract them while you set up your electricity thing. Okay?" all this is whispered and she will wait for agreement before she crawls out of hiding, she grows, rushing down the aisle between shelvers that hold hairspray and other beauty sundries. "Come on you demon spawn." she calls as she runs. She grabs a few cans of hair spray as she passes and then heads to the cashier counter where there is a display of lighters.

"Well it is a store, if the fridge still working and lights then there is power...we stay up off the floo-" Armand nods slowly and then watches Krista with both concern and interest before she takes off running and he exhales shakily, watching her with a hint of a frown and then he whispers softly to himself. "Damn...damn...damn...damn..." He mutters before waiting for the okay so he knows when to run out and make a beeline for one of the first drink/display/fridge he can find.

With Krista drawing attention to herself the demons all turn to look at her from various parts of the store. They quickly begin to converge on her, knocking into shelves and each other hindering each other in their race to see who can get to her first.

"Now Dante." she calls out, jumping up onto the counter as she grabs a lighter. The shrinking will quickly wear off, since she isn't in contact with Armand, so by the time he gets to the fridges he will be near to his real size.

As one of the demons leaps towards Krista she brings up the lighter, flicking the wheel and the can of hairspray which she sprays through the flame. The burst of flame caused by the volatile aerosal and the lighter bursts into the pouncing demons face and it falls to the ground, roaring in pain as it fades away.

Armand's hair grows after he does and the strands take on a rainbow like color pattern, tendrils colored in groupings of different colors and he uses both his arms and those strands of hair which grow out past his ankles to reach and grab on to fridges to tug with all his little strength, slamming the fridges against the floor in a shatter of glass bottles of fancy drinks, beer, etc and he's mostly trying to bust open the electronics to get those live wires going, jumping up to standing on stuff that's fallen over and are /not/ conductors, its tricky and he's going as fast as he can. "Mademoiselle! Is this like a date? Because I am not thinking I can afford to pay for this!"

Several more demons leap at Krista to meet the same fate of hairspray flame thrower. Not all are injured enough to fade away, they just fall back pacing out of short range of the make shift flame thrower. The are content to focus on Krista until the hear the smashing from the other side of the store and decide to go after easier pickings.

"Sorry Dante." she says in response, "But you are a bit young for my taste." seeing the demons turned to go after Armand she jumps from the counter onto one of them, the sound of bones cracking and popping are heard as it collapses under her. It howls in pain which at least once more bring the attention to the demons back to her "You ready over there?

"Well, I had to give it a try!" Armand calls out as he slams down another display, hair raising up and more like tentacles than hair at the moment as he looks around with a fearful expression as they head in his direction and he starts dropping the live wires into the flooded/flooding floor. "Oui!"

With another of their number down the demons once more go after Krista, she seems to be the most lethal one so they determine that she needs to be taken out first before they go after the other one.

"Save it for when I'm not at risk of getting my face eaten." she turns then as the demons rush after her, and runs down the aisle toward the back of the store then sharply turns to run along side the line of refridgerators that now all stand open the contents pooled on the floor several feet in front of her. The demons give chase, knocking over another shelve as they turn the sharp corner to follow her.

Krista's lack of height and short legs keep her from being able to run fast. If it weren't for the head start and sharp turn the demons would be on her already. At the last possible minute Krista dives to the side, throught the shattered door of one of the fridges, knocking over the shelf that held ice cream and other frozen treats.

The demons try to stop, but the tile floor covered with water give them no purchase and they slide right past Krista and into the electrified pool of water.

The demons howl and sieze into tremors as the electricity courses through them. One by one they fade away.

Armand bites his bottom lip. "Come on Mademoiselle..." He encourages the little female, standing ontop of a pile of crackers and cookies before he cringes when Krista dives through the fridge and he takes a deep breath, clutching his chest before he tilts his head to the side and he watches the demons get electrocuted and he exhales softly. "...Mademoiselle Petite...are you okay? Did y-you make it?"

There is a few more sparks from the wires that lie in the pool of water, but suddenly there is a pop and whatever power the store had, it doesn't have any more. The only light left now, is what filters from the outside. Thankfully the sun has fully risen so it isn't to dark.

"I'm good." Krista can be heard from the now dead fridge "Oh, a Drumstick!" she exclaims happily as she finds a ice cream treat that didn't go flying or get crushed as she dived into the shelves.

Getting to her feet she opens the ice cream "I think maybe we should check on what's his name..." she gestures to the door Logan disappeared through "It's been awful quiet."

Armand nods slowly and he tentatively drops a pack of pencils down in the water/liquid to make sure it isn't still sparking and he steps down off of his little 'safe' place and he reaches down to pick up a tube of pringles, popping it open and selecting a chip as he shoves it into his mouth, chewing slowly and taking a deep breath, his hair has faded back to dark brown and hangs just to his waist as he pants softly and chews as he nods to Krista. "Yep, lets go check on the giant scary kitty cat..." He prepares to follow. "They did not cover this shi-stuff in church..." That's all he's going to say about that.

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