Convenience Store Defense Prequel!

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CSD Prequel!

Armand, Logan, Krista

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Theater District, NYC

Armand, Krista, and Logan deal with shadow critters

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Meanwhile, in the theatre district of the city things are no better than the rest. When the creatures first appeared in the afternoon it played havoc with the tourists who had been visiting, a panic was set off almost immediately. Now, hours have passed, the sun is finally rising and casting a hazy eerie haze upon what remains of the city's streets. Most of the cars that lined the sides of the roads are smashed, some are burning with tendrils of smoke reaching high into the sky. One of the playhouses has collapsed, the rubble scattered and the facade shattered.
At first the creatures were wild, like animals, operating alone. As the night progressed they began to band together, moving to oppose what forces dared raise hand against them. For most of the night it was a city without sleep, fitting for New York. But for some it has been a night of nothing but mayhem, conflict, and death.
One such being is Logan. The X-Man had been in the city working an investigation that had kept him up nights recently. When he was in the middle of interrogating a suspect was when the first of those portals appeared near him. He has been fighting ever since.
So now, upon the street in the theater district, Logan roars in perfect counterpoint to the roar of the creatures that oppose him. There are six of them now, in front of one of the theaters, all roiling and writhing, tentacles lashing the air as they encircle the X-Man. For his part, Logan is bare of chest, features wild and grim. What remains of his shirt is torn into tatters, stained with his own blood. His claws gleam against the first hints of sunlight and he stands atop a car as he gets ready to face the shadows.

When all the insanity started...Armand was finalizing some work related issues, being allowed to travel back to the city to deal with his bakery job. The screams started, phones started ringing, people started running and it all went...crazy so the little baker ended up hiding in a pantry for hours...he's not even quite sure how long he was in there before coming out and shedding his apron to pull on his dark hoodie and he straps his backpack across his body, starting to pack up some muffins and loaves of bread and the like as he looks around the somewhat destroyed bakery with the broken glass and windows and such...that's how it started for him. Preparing to pack up food and starting to think about all the people scared and alone who might need a cookie.

The night spent in the bakery's pantry has led to him in the morning with a duffel bag stuffed with food shoved being toted with him as he's found an abandoned dark green mini-van...with its keys still in it, apparently abandoned by a frightened individual and the duffel bag is shoved in the back seat as he climbs in and shuts and locks the door, gripping the steering will and closing his eyes as he murmurs a soft prayer in French before pulling away from the curb...however it doesn't take him long to drive into the midst of chaos, squinting and frowning. Just a young man, wearing a black hoodie, staring at shadowy creatures...from the shadows of his hood and he sees the wild man and the tentacles and he takes a deep breath, slamming his foot down on the gas and just drive towards one of the creatures at full speed.

Even as he's coming upon them, the battle is joined. Logan dives clawsfirst into a writhing babboon-faced shadowy creature that attempts to wrap whiplike tendrils around him. The silvery blades disappear into the creature, then slash it to ribbons as he twists, the shadow fading with a flicker of white fire. He rounds, even as the other creatures begin to close in.
The engine roars as Armand's foot presses hard down upon the gas. He has to dodge around one wreck... another. The wheels of the car squeal as he makes the moves needed. Then out of nowhere a loud, 'SQUAW!' is heard as giant flapping wings slam into the windshield of the vehicle. Another creature, one of the flying ones flaps and flaps against the window even as the car /SLAMS!/ hard into the carapace of one of the shadows that even now menaces Logan.

The little Frenchman in the mini-van? He's giving little squeaks and swearing softly with all his swerving and the like to avoid hitting another wreck but when the flapping thing slams into his windshield he screams like a little girl. Probably should have pig-tails and a frilly skirt but then there's another SLAM as he hits one of the shadows and he slams the car into reverse even as Armand's groping for and finding the windshield wipers and the wiper fluid buttons and turning them on.

Outside the vehicle on the street, Logan is not wasting the window of oppurtunity that Armand has given him. Even as two of the creatures are snarling, starting to move toward the retreating vehicle, they're impaled by three claws each from behind. They _rail_, distorted maws parting as they rage against what they feel is the injustice of the situation, then start to fade.
The creature on the hood of Armand's car squawks and roars as it gets a face full of wiper fluid, its talons scratching furrows in the surface of the glass as it tries to get at the young man inside. Then, as the car reverses quickly it clips the side of another wreck, sending it twisting sharply to one side and then slamming hard to a stop, its bumper gnarling with the door of another vehicle.

It's been a long night for Krista, she has been racing across the city, either chasing or being chased by demonic shadow creatures. She managed to get some a few hours rest, by shrinking down and hiding in a tree down by the park, but that was shortlived as screams and wails of sirens driving through the park interrupted her sleep.
Once more on the move, having liberated a moped in much the same manner that Armand liberated the van. Hearing the sound of battle coming from a few blocks away she veers off in that direction arriving as the van collides with another vehicle.
Screeching to a halt, Krista jumps off the moped, picks it up and uses it to bash the creature on the hood on teh van

"Mon Dieu!" Armand jumps and then quickly looks at the rear-view mirror in time to slam hard into another vehicle and he might be trembling but he's mostly staring with wide eyes as he stares at the creature clawing at the glass. "...well at least I am still prettier..." Then WHAM, the creature is being bashed with...was that a moped? He leans forward over the wheel to peer at the glass with a series of blinks. He saw...a man with claws and pecs and then a little woman slamming...with a moped. He just blinks and stares, honking the horn.

The moped crunches audibly into the flapping vulture-like creature. It quails again, sounding a trumpetting noise of irate challenge as it struggles to its feet. It spreads its wings again as if getting ready to charge Krista or Armand...
And that's the moment when Wolverine lands on it, snarling and stabbing over and over with a closed clawed fist. His expression is wild, untamed, almost as shocking as the features of one of those creatures. He straightens up, rounding on the two of them still growling... but then his features furrow.
His voice lifts, a ragged snarl as he snaps at them. "The hell're you people doin' out, get ta cover."

Krista is about to wham on the creature again with her make shift weapon but stops short when it is pounced upon by an apparently rapid short guy with claws. Letting him deal with the creature she drops the moped and goes to check on the driver, literally ripping the door off the van and peering inside "Dante?" she asks a bit surprised to know the person behind the wheel. It is then she is interuppted by Logan and her mismatched eyes turn to look at him, narrowing "The same thing you are apparently, fighting for our city and our lives." she'll be damned if she lets demonic creatures try to take over her place of residence.

Armand had shakily been unlocking the car right about the time when Krista rips the door open and he gives another surprised scream, clutching the wheel tightly and he blinks. "...Mademoiselle Petite?" Blink Blink. He doesn't have much time to discuss it however cuz Logan is questioning them and after watching him decimate a few shadow creatures he has a healthy level of...shaky voiced fear in there as he stares and blinks. "...I brought snacks?" A pause. "IN OR OUT! IN OR OUT! They will come back!" He gestures towards the van's interior.

Logan straightens up, the claws disappearing with a short /SNAKT/ of sound. He eyes Krista, then Armand each in turn, glaring at them as if they were crazy each in their own way. He scowls and gestures, "I ain't hidin'." He waves a hand towards the old two screen theater somewhat behind him and tells them sharply. "It's clear in there, they're all dead. You want my advice, get in there, hunker down, sit this one out." Then without any further hesitation, Logan turns and starts to run down the street, looking for more shadows to kill.

"We can't stay here, Dante, we have to keep moving." Krista tells Armand as he waivers on what to do, though her attention is divided between the retreating form of Logan and the cowering form of Armand "Come on." she will make a grab for Armand to physically pull him from the van "Safety in numbers." she states to him and she will follow Logan, dragging Armand and his bag of food if necessary.

Armand just stares at Krista for a few moments. "Oui, get in the van I was going to-" He yelps as he's being tugged from the van, blinking. "There are people who are needing help!" Then he struggles a bit so he can grab on to his duffel bag and tug it along, frowning at Krista and looking around warily as he sighs softly. "We must find another vehicle car..."

Over his shoulder, Logan snaps sharply as the two of them catch up to him. "The hell are ya doin' now?" He keeps moving, his footsteps silent as he hugs the corner of a building, looking around the side of it and making sure that the next street over is clear. Once he sees that it is he turns back and rails on the other two people.
"Did I freakin' stutter? You greenhorns need ta get yer asses somewhere safe, somewhere underground, and stay outta my way. You'll get yerselves killed." As if that ended the argument he rounds back and peers back across the street.
And to his credit he's lucky that he checked again, for high above another portal ripples in the air, the tear in reality roaring for a moment and then in the next expelling a large prehistoric looking shadow creature that flaps two sets of wings, keeping its massive bulk aloft.

"No vehciles Dante, they are to conspcious. We are better off on foot." Krista stops once they have caught up and she just stares as she is reprimanded "Right." she drawls in response "We'll hide when you hide. Until then I'll kick ass and take names. If you don't want us with you fine, we will make our own way." she begins to turn away when the next portal opens and gestures for Armand to follow her.

"Don't yell at me! I am wanting to find a car, drive around, find people, take them somewhere safe!" Armand shrugs helplessly at Logan as he's tugged along by the smaller woman, looking up in see the portal rippling and he stares with wide eyes before he tugs his hood down and off and quickly tugs the tie out of his hair, letting the dark brown locks fade into a jet black color as he takes a deep breath and then another deep breath, nodding quickly to Krista and he turns to follow her. "I am hoping you are knowing what you're doing." He smiles apologetically to the scary man and turns back to Krista.

Scowling, Logan looks back at them both and then says simply. "Whatver, yer funeral." That having been said he rounds back and once the giant shadowy creature floats past he breaks cover and moves out across the street. He goes point to point, hunkering down behind a wrecked vehicle, slipping into a shattered storefront window and taking the measure of the lay of the land. When he moves he moves silently, and eventually he leads the way towards a convenience store that has its front entryway shattered wide open.

Taking cover in an alclove provided by a shop entrance Krista waits as the flying demon passes above and departs "Of course I don't know what I am doing." she says to Armand "It's not everyday that the city is over run by demons. I'm just winging it the best I can." she moves out of her spot of cover, looking around to make sure it is clear "Besides all the bridges and tunnels are roadblocked and those who haven't found a safe place by now to hide are either fighting back or dead. So there really isn't anyone to rescue.

Armand is taking cover behind Krista in a way, peeking out of the alcove and then ducking back into hiding as he follows the demon creature with his a hawk really as he shakes his head, closing his eyes and murmuring in French. Then he looks back up to peer back where the demon was before as he shrugs his shoulders and eyes his duffel bag and then back to Krista and Logan, worrying with his bottom lip.

Stepping into the convenience store, Logan looks around. His nostrils flare faintly, but then he gestures over his shoulder with two crooked fingers that they should follow him in. He steps past the ruined and already looted displays on the endcaps, casting his eyes down one aisle, then another. Once he's sure that they're clear he says as much, then scowls sidelong towards them. "Alright kids, get somethin ta eat, hydrate. Gonna check if there's a basement, if there is then we're gonna hunker down for a bit." He pulls open the silent fridge and starts to pull out a few bottles of designer water, taking one for himself and then tossing the others towards Krista and Armand. "Stay here."

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