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Finesse, Wolverine

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08/01/12 11:02

X-Mansion's War Room

Wolverine and Finesse both seek seclusion and wind up respecting one another a bit more

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The X-Man known as Wolverine doesn't need to rest. He doesn't ever really /need/ to rest. There are no toxins in his body from exhaustion, no physical reason why he at times takes a moment to be alone and without stimulus. Though there is, perhaps, a mental one. His life is a near constant struggle with the wildness of his primal side, the feral being that hides within him. He let it loose when the Sentinels attacked, and only grudgingly drew rein. With the school destroyed he took it on himself to patrol the grounds, to keep an eye on things for this last week and some. Yet he felt aspects of his control slipping away, aspects of his humanity. So he moved through the remnants of the mansion, trying to avoid contact with his other teammates. To speak to them would most likely end with a snarl or a growl, a snappish comment that can't be taken back or worse. So for now he hides himself in the War Room amongst the dead monitors and silent electronics. Performing a pointless ritual of meditation in a pointless room. He's against the far wall. Seated in a lotus posture, hands on his knees and his brow heavily furrowed. His hair hasn't grown back from when he was horribly burned during the battle, so he barely looks like himself with such a short beard and stubble. Yet it's unmistakably him as he strives for some aspect of peace.

Finesse is quite the opposite from Wolverine, she never has issues with controlling her emotions, falling into feral urges. With her, some may even doubt she's capable of feeling emotions altogether. Even so, she has her own reasons to want to be alone. She has been under surveillance for a while now, someone uploading videos of her online. A Jack O'Lantern left for her at the Mansion suggesting a mercenary is after her. But with all the attacks and destructions lately, people been thinking Finesse is selfish in being concerned for her own well being. Tired of arguing, she gave up on trying to explain her stance and withdrew to seclusion. What little of it can be found in the sublevels. Keeping to her research has been great, few dare cross into the labs, but at times she too needs a break. Walking about the sublevels, navigating away from crowds, she eventually reaches the War Room. What Finesse didn't expect, was to find another in there. "So, I take it this room will need a major upgrade, seeing it was entirely worthless in predicting the threats from the Sentinels, huh? You here trying to fix it?"

At the sound of her voice he'll prop open one eye, an eyebrow lifting as he proceeds to squint at her. His jaw sets at her words, faint irritation flickering over his features but only for a moment. His eyes close once again and she can probably almost /see/ him reaching mentally for that calm once again. "Nope. Just here takin' a moment." His nostrils flare faintly as he takes in the scent that only then is just reaching him from the opened door. He can gauge so much about a person, but Finesse is at times different. She's very clean, almost austere in some ways. Though there are still the telltale markers that prevents some people from keeping secrets. "And you? Why are you here?"

It would take someone of Wolverine's capabilities to penetrate Finesse's pristine exterior to try and finding something more human about her. He may well be able to pick up that she is more upset than she let on, more concerned than she let on, and most notably of all, disappointed with herself for having these sensations to begin with. "Well, we're not really allowed out, so I can't quite keep at my own mission. I needed to step away from the others, they get so freaked out, you'd think we were facing certain death..."

She's probably seen him before mainly as the simply lout of the team, or the gruff ignorant wildman. Right now, though, he's maintaining a level of control and distance that most would find surprising unless they knew him well. "Ya haven't been here long, Jeanne. And that's not ta belittle ya." There's a faint metallic crackle as he shifts to unfold from his seated position, bringing one knee up to rest a forearm over it. "But folks need a sense of safety, of home and security. Without it things get rough. Strikes home. Maybe you and I are cut from a different cloth, but I can still recognize it in people." He slowly rolls one shoulder, frowning absently at the sensation before he turns back to her. "I heard about what was goin' down with you. Any leads?"

Finesse has never been to fall for outward looks and masks people wear, so she never puts it beyond anyone to have a more surprising depth than apparent. Unless of course some things are just not in line with the inflections she's noticed on them before, or some patterns of behaviour. "Home...I find, is where I happen to presently be." Arching a brow, perhaps surprised that anyone is showing any concern for her after all, Finesse pauses a moment, before sharing, "I've been drawing a list of people who been pulling the Jack O'Lantern calling card, I think I'll be paying personal visits to Jack O'Lantern, the Macendale Hobgoblin, Mad Jack, and the Brothers Grimm. One of them has to be behind it, and hopefully from that guy I can find the source. None of them seem the sort to take interest in me, but they have interest in money, and somebody is paying it." Finesse stops there, not going further in sharing her theories.

"Ta me, home's not really a place either. More the people." Logan says this simply, in that no nonsense manner of his, but then doesn't go on. Perhaps he assumes she has no care nor want to hear any such thing. He closes his eyes again for a moment, refocusing. In her studies of the martial arts she might recognize the rebalancing of chi, the easing of thoughts. But what's more she can most likely sense the tell-tale hints of conflict in him that he strives to suppress. For now, however, the battle is won and he looks across the way at her. "Those aren't folks ya want ta go knockin' on their doors all by your lonesome." Not that he's volunteering to help, but that might be the implication.

"Than you're a lot smarter than people give you credit for," Finesse concludes without apparently understanding her statement could well suggest people regularly call Wolverine dimwitted behind his back. She merely states what she takes for a fact. "Chi-kung?" Finesse asks after looking intently at Wolverine's visage, "I'm not concerned about these mercenaries, considering one of them dared mock me with that Jack O'Lantern, they clearly don't know who they are dealing with." So, looks like the kid is all kinds of cocky, so she must not be quite as robotic as she presents herself.

A nod is given to her as he finally gains his feet. He rolls the other shoulder. It's only then that he comes fully into the light from the hallway, and his haggard short-haired visage is clear to see. He steps towards the table and one of those rolling chairs that circle it. Logan pulls it out, the legs squeaking faintly and he drops into it with a fwumpf. "Then again they might, their intention to draw ya out and barrel in ta find out what ya can. Then they spring the trap. Since, chances are, if they know anythin' about ya kiddo..." He reaches into his jacket and produces a cigar that he taps lightly on the arm of the chair. To his credit, though, he doesn't light it right away. "It's that yer sure of yerself, so they might just be gamblin' on that."

"Smart thinking, you look pretty beat up," Finesse says as she walks a bit closer to Wolverine, "I find chi fascinating, it is tough to acertain scientifically, unless you would try to make the claim it has something to do with flora." Tilting her head slightly, she adds, "but I am a martial arts practitioner, I know it is there." Crossing her arms, Finesse looks displeased with Wolverine's suggestion, "I'm not sure I follow. You're saying they are trying to get me to go after them, so they can trap me? Who would want to trap me? I worth nothing...I have no parents to offer ransom, I'm not important to anyone..."

"Your potential is amazing, kid. Anyone'll be lucky ta have you around." Logan gestures with one hand towards her as he speaks, his dark blue eyes meeting her gaze levelly as he for once talks to her as an equal... mostly. "The folks here, Doc Nemesis who found you. They're doing the old Xavier Maneuvar 24. Which is basically to try and give you another home, another place to be, connections and friendship to hopefully help you become a better person down the line. They pulled the same schtick on me. And ta be fair, it worked." There's a faintly wry smile upon his lips as he tells her, "What's so damned infuriating about it, though. Is that they're so freakin' sincere about it." At that instant she can feel the faint shift of his chi, a slight lowering of defenses. It's just barely there but it's almost an offering between two martial artists, a recognition of connection. Another deep breath is taken and he senses those faint shifts of her emotional state, tastes the faint tang of her scent as he gauges her.

"So there's someone in here aside from Dr. Nemesis who can respect I have some worth?" Finesse grins at that, "you've a keen eye, Wolverine." Yes, she just took that for a fact, instead of a compliment, she just seems to appreciate Wolverine's ability to tell the fact. Even if she plays it smug, it's clear she's happy to not be spoken down to as a kid for once. "So is that suggesting I'm not a good person now? Or that I'm prone to be trained like a house pet or something?" Finesse chuckles as Wolverine makes light of their sensibilities and tendancies, "well, that's how clueless people tend to work, ignore reality and pretend their own utopia is attainable." For a moment, Finesse keeps to silence, perhaps respecting this sense of a connection between them, in fact, she actually murmurs a moment later, " we share a glass of sake now?" Hey, it's worth a try, Wolverine doesn't seem too concerned about rules.

Still settled in that chair and looking sidelong at her, Logan smirks at her last few words and doesn't seem to draw back in the least. He affects a subtly pained look as he shakes his head, "My stash was wrecked when the mansion came down. Though if you have an angle on some I'd be terribly grateful, darlin'." She can almost detect that faint shift of energy there, welcoming, open. It's there in his slight change in body language as well in the pacing of his words and the choice of them. "I'm just sayin', don't go feelin' like you have ta handle this on yer own. If anyone here knows what it's like ta be poked, prodded, put under a glass and observed from a distance by bastards that want ta use ya for their own means... then yeah."

"Well, unfortunately it's not that easy to procure, even with fake identification, not that I'm suggesting I have any," Finesse shares with Wolverine in a partially joking manner, but one of those giving the sense she may or may not be serious. She moves over to slide into a chair next to Wolverine, and looks at him in silence, and after about a minute manages the words, "thank you, Wolverine, that is actually reassuring to know. I might let you know before I go smash a pumpkin or two."

"S'no worries," Logan sits up a bit, his legs unfolding to rest his feet upon the ground. "Just don't take it personally that folks are kinda focused on their own thing right now. The whole attack, the Sentinels, all of it has people frazzled. There's gonna be some hard times down the line." He gestures to one side with the wave of a hand, the cigar still held lightly in between two fingers. "Everyone deals with stress their own way. Me, sometimes I go somewhere ta be by myself. Sometimes I... do other things." His thought's clearly broken there at the end, as if not wanting to confide in her exactly what he means, though her ability to read people is extraordinary. She can probably gauge that those other things... probably aren't school-approved.

"I heard the Danger Room became a sentient AI that actually started a war against us? Pretty fascinating, well, aside from all the bad implications of what actually happened," Finesse murmurs, admitting to Wolverine what she hasn't shared with others, she would have loved a chance to study Danger, it just wasn't very feasible to actually ask for it after all that happened. "I mostly tend to keep to science, research, but it's okay, I sometimes just want to beat the heck out of something or someone too..."

"Yeah, that's always a good option." Logan leans to the side, resting an elbow on the arm of the chair and using the palm of his hand to support his chin. There's a wry half-smirk upon his features, almost a leer as he meets her gaze. "I mean for you s'gotta be a lot easier findin' sparring partners. For me I need someone who isn't quite so... delicate." Alright she can probably read that he's giving her a little bit of a hard time, but it's perhaps to distract her from her woes.

"I'm not all that delicate, Wolverine, if you care to try me once," Finesse more or less issues a half invitation, half challenge, though she probably can't imagine getting hit by a guy with an adamantium skeleton. That or she honestly thinks she can avoid being hit altogether, hard to tell, other than the fact she really is a cocky girl for all her deadpan exterior.

And there, for the faintest moment, there's a glimmer as she says that. Those dark blue eyes of his will hood as he looks at her, just an instant of a glance where he looks at her as a woman. He can't help it, it's instinctive and primal like him. She can probably read it in that single touch of time, his lips parting faintly, his nostrils flaring. Anyone else wouldn't have noticed, so good is he at covering for those instincts that he gives a small smirk as well as a grunt. "Ya dunno what yer askin' for darlin'. I tend ta play rough. And. I cheat."

Finesse can certainly tell, and she's looking at Wolverine with silent fascination, not making a comment yet. She does smirk as he plays along off her comment instead of telling her she's plainly not good enough to sparr with him. "That so...? I've won countless competitions, and I've faced my share of scumbags here and there, you sure I never got to face cheaters and dirty fighters?" Winking playfully, she quips, "besides, who said I fight clean?"

"There's good enough fer competitions, girl..." Logan leans forward against the table, resting his strong forearms upon its surface and letting his fingers interlace as he meets her eyes. "And then there's good enough fer the real thing." Those dark blue eyes keep her gaze levelly and to his credit there's nothing overt that might speak of attraction, arousal, intrigue. But there's that faint feeling of energy between them, that electric hum of chi that is felt when one martial artist challenges another and finds the idea of testing themselves against the other... exciting.

"I've won every single competition I was signed up for," Finesse mentions briskly to Wolverine, giving him a crooked smile, "and I also did fairly well and actual fights that were not for trophies, so it's not like I'm a total newbie. I'm not afraid to take a hit," Finesse says, in all honesty, perhaps not having a good measure to tell just how good Wolverine is. "I have to get going, but you're on for a challenge, I'd like to give this a try. You really are confident in your abilities. It's intriguing." With that she nods at Wolverine and gets up to leave.

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