Confusion at the Hellfire Club

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Havok, Firestar, Donald Pierce (emitted)

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04/12/2013 11:04

Hellfire Club's Dungeon

Donald Pierce has captured Havok and means to torture him, when Firestar, dressed appropriately by Hellfire Club's dress code standards walks in to have her say. Timelines mix-up bring confusion.

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In one of the dungeons beneath the Hellfire Club, Donald Pierce taunts the restrained Havok who is dressed in a black form-fitting costume with golden bracers and matching belt. No mask, Havok is found strapped in the shape of a T against a metallic high tech suppression table which is slightly vertical, yet leaned back by a few degrees. There are several techs and Hellfire guards in the room. Pierce himself (wearing skin again (since his body is 90% bionic), is donned in his Victorian garb and chides Havok, "You fool, you should have never sided against me and my Reavers. I swore to you that I would have my revenge. And now you find yourself at my mercy!"

Firestar walks into the dungeon not a moment after Pierce had made his threat, the tapping of her heels heralding her arrival, though admittedly there's a varying set of people who could potentially be heralded by the clicking of heels around these parts. Most of them the sort one does not wish to encounter, whether within or without the Hellfire Club. Firestar arrives dressed befittingly to the Hellfire Club, albeit her color selection is a fiery red despite her affiliation with the White Queen. "Mr. Pierce, have you considered the White Queen might want this one alive...?" Firestar asks, tapping her temple as she walks into the room, "you know...information can be had without the need for bloodshef and uncouth torture sessions."

The dungeon is a mix of Victorian architecture meets modern technology. All designed to inflict pain, study, and control the powers of mutants who may find themselves at the mercy of whichever Inner Circle member is in charge. The table that Havok is strapped to is a technological marvel; it easily dampens Havok's powers, yet does nothing to anyone else in the room. The table also offers clamps, straps, and other restraints to keep him from breaking free.

Havok is quite awake, appearing annoyed, and struggling with the restraints. Havok's sharp eyes narrow to view the new arrival. He seems confused, but recognizes Firestar for who she is.

Pierce snaps back at Firestar, "I don't care what Emma wants. Havok is mine, and mine to do with which I please. He's not here to talk or for me to gleam information. He's here to be tortured until death for what he and his X-Men did to me."

Firestar glowers at Pierce when he makes light of her Mistress' desires, for the moment neglecting to acknowledge Havok as she focuses on putting him in his place. "You may choose to ignore the White Queen's wants at your own peril, Mr. Pierce," and as she speaks flames start to flicker in and out all over her body, "you are after all a robot. Fancy robot to be sure, but little more then well do you figure you'll fare at the temperture of melting metal?" She chuckles a little after her threat is made, allowing the flames to die down as she looks over at Havok with a cursory glance, "wouldn't it be a waste to just kill him? That's the brute's way of dealing with the lack imagination, Pierce, no wonder you never make a King."

The 4 HFC guards start to become uneasy (though it's not like this isn't the first time there's been use of powers between inner circle members); but they do nothing (other than perhaps give the combatants more room to move). The 5 techs however know better than to stick around. They gather a few clipboards/tablets and leave the room.

Pierce is annoyed, yet he knows that superheated fire beats metal however he feels that his combat prowess is greater than Firetar's. He rebukes, "You little trollop. How dare you question me. You're nothing more than Emma's plaything, her assassin slave. You should leave well before things turn afoul for your own well being."

Havok remains quiet, watching the events unfold and expecting things to go awry.

"My, my, my, Donald Pierce likes to use his tongue," Firestar laughs as she paces a bit closer to him, as if inviting him to try and grab or strike her and see what happens when she turns on the heat. "It's rude to call the White Queen's Personal Assistant in such names, I'll have you know, she may yet learn of it if I feel like getting you on her bad side." She then turns to look at Havok, as if to display she's confident enough to break line of sight with Pierce. "Plaything? Please...the only thing I play with is my targets, before they die. At least you have the assassin part right, but slave? Please...I'm her favorite. I was her top student. I was never a slave and never will be a slave." She then turns to look at him again, "you enjoy being Shaw's lapdog? Did he teach any new tricks?"

Pierce is about to raise his hand (he's known to use imbedded weapons such as repulsors/blasters) when he's interrupted by one of the higher ranking guards named 'Winters' who steps into the room. "Guards, take Firestar into custody, she doesn't belong here. Use the dampening net!"

Pierce's face twists to reveal himself confused as the memories he realize are not his own, and Firestar's presence is out of place. He raises his arm and his hand will glow to release a repulsor bolt toward Firestar, "How dare you!" he exclaims again.

Meanwhile, the other hellfire guards start to move toward Firestar, with the intent of using their weapons to neutralize her.

Havok realizes things are going just as he likes, he smiles knowing that his opportunity is upon him.

"Have you all gone mad!?" Firestar screams as the guards come in and 'Winters' dares to say she doesn't belong, "do you realize the powerful mutants I've eliminated on behalf of the White Queen? YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT!" Furious, she unleashes her powers mercilessly, a sweeping blast of microwave energy in concussive blast arcs to knock the guards and Pierce back. An interesting side effect, is that she had just also happened to significantly power up Havok. Can those dampners affecting him handle the boost he just got? It seems her own conflicting memories surfacing only served for Firestar to lash out without much control, her alternate persona quite vicious in her way of handling trouble.

Havok feels the energy surge. Such raw power that the table is unable to absorb fast enough. He states to Firestar, "Thanks, beautiful." Then his hands/wrists flare and he shatters the bonds. Leaning forward, the blasts the bindings of his ankles.

Pierce is blasted back, his own blast shot wildly into the ceiling. Hellfire Club guards are also knocked back and stunned by the overwhelming temperatures.

Winters dodges to the right and beneath the beams. He leaps up and fires his automatic weapon, sending bullets all about the room.

Firestar glares at Havok when he breaks free thanks to the boost she provided him with, and for a moment she has a flashback for how they escaped Arcade's Murderworld in just such a fashion. This leaves her confused for a moment, allowing Winters to start shooting, but as soon as she hears the shots she recovers. No bullet actually makes it close enough to Havok or herself as she spreads her aura that engulfs her body, and the bullets melt away before making contact. "Fool, I am Firestar!" She cries out, "The White Queen sends me for the most difficult targets, you are a pawn! I will destroy you!" But even as she speaks, this reality's memories of the White Queen, of her manipulations, it strikes her as if for the first time and she suddenly gasps for air, dropping to her knees. " can't be..." she starts to cry, overwhelmed by this whirlwind of memories falling into place, rejecting everything she knows to be true.

Absorbing the ambient radiation off Firestar, Havok's charge increases and his smile widens. He suffers no alternate reality qualms as he takes aim and blasts Winters through the far door (which Winters was already retreating toward). Havok then turns looking for Pierce, "Where are ya, Pierce, it's time to even the score..."

While Havok is of a clear mind to deal with Pierce, Firestar for the first time seems to be aware of where she is and what she's wearing as she let's out an agonized, somewhat scared shriek, and shuffles towards the wall of the room. Her eyes soon fall on Havok, the one guy that looks familiar, and she calls out, "Havok! do I get out of here? Is it this Arcade's doing again?"

FOOOOM! goes the sound of Havok's massive discharge as he blasts a dazed Pierce into a far wall, shorting out his cybernetics and causing the biomechanoid to fall in a heap.

With wry eyes, Havok turns to Firestar and furrows his brow. Offering a smirk, "Babe, this isn't Arcade's doing, this is the Hellfire Club and you're dressed for the part. Sexxah."

Firestar doesn't look as amused by her getup as Havok is, snorting at his remark, "it isn't funny! I...I never dress like this! I don't own stuff like this! I'd never...what's happening?" She starts, before getting her head in a better place and calling out, "better yet, how do we get out? Hellfire Club probably want me's not a place for me to hang around in."

Already looking for the exit, and knowing there will be other guards soon to follow, Havok grabs Firestar and pulls her along. Weaving through the underground bowels of the Hellfire Club, Havok will make holes (through walls or people) to secure their escape. They emerge into a safe house some block away and break out onto the street level within a back alley. It's night and Havok says, "Come on sweetness, let's fly." and leaps into the air with the full intention of taking her up with him. In the reality Havok is from, he can fly - especially when supercharged.

With her actual memories coming back to her as she's seems to have snapped out of that alternate self that was possessing her, Firestar looks quite fearful of being in the Hellfire Club and she follows Havok's lead very closely, "this is bad, this is bad, this is bad," she mutters over and over as she keeps to Havok's side. Firestar looks surprised when Havok takes to the skies, carrying her with him, rather than letting her fly on her own. Still, the surprise is quite big, so she doesn't even make a comment on that. She just states, "you can fly?"

Havok glances down to Firestar during their skyward climb. "Babe, I can do a lot of things." then turns his attention back to the city as he slows his ascent and scans the horizon for familiar landmarks.

"I guess so," Firestar admits, as after all, he is flying. She does, however, poke at him and asks, "you do remember I can fly myself, right? There's really no need for you to carry me...I need to get," she was going to say home but the risk of her father seeing her dressed like this is too awful. Warrior Central will have to do for a quick change, better her father sees her in costume then in this getup. "I need to get back to the New Warriors' HQ for a change, for obvious reasons."

"New Warriors?" Questions Havok as his brow displays a look of confusion which is compounded by his lack of finding landmarks. He looks down to her and starts to speak, "I've no idea what you're..." and in mid sentence he fades from existence thus letting her fly on her own accord and allowing her to recall that Havok was declared dead some month or two ago during a X-Factor operation.

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