Concrete-O Attacks (MGH)

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Brief Title:
A victim of a bad MGH reaction

Sally, Network, American Dream

Scene Runner/Watcher:

IC Date:
04/10/13 12:30

Upper East Side

MGH Monster is attacked and defeated

Social or Plot:


Here's the thing. Crime and drugs aren't something that you find only in the slums and ghettos. Back in the 80s, rich idiots would pay a fortune for coke. These days? They're willing to pay for the experience of having 'super powers'. Perhaps this explains why, mere blocks away from Avenger's Mansion, the Oil and Soaps shop serves as a front for a Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH) distributor.
Of course, MGH is dangerous. Nine times out of ten it gives a temporary high with a little bit of power. That tenth time, however? The reaction turns deadly. Case in point? One Miles Godsworth the III. A student at one of the local prep schools, he and his friends skipped out of school to come here, spend some of their trust fund money, and get powers for a few hours. Instead, Miles had an intense reaction to the MGH. He grew into a rampaging, eight foot tall monster seemingly made from concrete. Now, all of Miles's friends are dead. The Oil and Soaps store is in shambles and Miles is rampaging his way onto the street. Oh, look! He just punched a car in the hood. The car flips over and lands hard, crumpling. The driver inside might be dead. Might be dying. But one thing's for sure. That poor driver's bleeding a hell of a lot. Cue the running and screaming and panicking crowd.

Sure, a front. A front with really nice bath oils, body washes, and face scrubs, and all the things a girl could want for that at-rich-and-elite-and-corrupt club on a night in. Tea tree oil face scrub, grapefruit infused bodywash, and a few other things. She didn't mind the group of teens that entered. Honestly they weren't that much older than her. Then, well she's not exactly sure what happened. There was something said, or was it screamed, or was it yell. It didn't sounds good, but neither did the sound of concrete like fist against drywall and MDF, sending the door from the back in a straight line at Sally. It's not a fun impact, nope. She pulled herself up though, holding her left arm. smudged, dirty and some tears now in her clothes, and she's face with Mr. Godsworth the III, or Concrete-O. Her forcefield goes up, because now it's rebar and concrete flung too, as the shop is gone, and she's sent sliding back across the street bouncing between cars on the street. Sally does eventually stop a few storefronts down, looking from where she was flung, just a little wide eyed. All she wanted was some nice stuff, and this is what she gets for her troubles. She's still holding her scraped arm, head rinigng a little, "Hey, Concrete jackass! Over her, I was /*******/ shopping you over pivledged little jackass!" she yells, starting to advance on the newly created rampaging monster.

The Avengers have their lines to the police and governement as well as Stark Industries Sattelites and all the hightech Hank Pym can cook up to tell them, that something is wrong. Other heroes depend on mouth to mouth propaganda or mystics to know where they are needed. But then there is now or then a hero that has its eyes on the murky waters themselfs, hanging out their nets to know when a fish is about to enter their territory. Network is gor sure one of the later, having her ears in the Darknet and the WWW the same. She had taken note or HGM, but not taken it as something her buisiness yet. But now, her tapping into the police lines informs her of the massive riot, drawing her closer to the area. Living concrete? That would so be a case for someone like... Wolverine or some other massive bruisers, but those powerhouses are always scattered across the whole country. No, she has to take action, untill they are there.
Howling the violet form of her armor descends from the fourth story flying level to the ground as she draws in even closer, running a few couple of yards before she stops to get a better overview of the situation. Where were the trafic cameras again and which route would be best to divert trafic so the ambulance would come in easy? Given the processing power of the armor that likely is a split second operation, but getting the traffic control to divert the cars could take minutes before the stubbor drivers decide to take an other route...

Miles Godsworth the III, aka Concrete-O, roars in rage and frustration. One of the fleeing pedestrians actually screams, 'When did the Hulk turn into a big rock guy!'. Others just scream in general. Cars are rushing to get away from th scene which gums traffic up further. And in the middle of it all, literally in the middle of an intersection, Concrete-O is punching anything within reach. So far, a Buick, a Toyota, and a really ugly pick-up truck have all gotten a taste of his fists. Meanwhile, a few actual, helpful folk are trying to pull the poor driver out of the first car that Concrete-O flipped over.

Getting a better visual on the situation, Network once again starts up to the air, setting up an impropertu tap into the police lines "Network calling. We have a class 25 plus threat here at Upper East Side. I ask for evacuation of nearby areas." she informs the police department. Sure, most heroes do not bother to inform authorities, but she is one of the low profiles, and it helps to tell them that someone is there. With a quick dash down she was at the side of the pickup, pulling the door open to getthe guy out "Please do your part and help the other drivers escape while I handle the situation."

She could have helped the driver, but she wasn't so much concerned about him, as she was say the others. The golden hued glow that is her forcefield, keepign just above the paved road, weaving among the cars. Sally comming to a stop at that wide berth that a mixture of destruction and panic creates in the beginning. "Hey! Conrete-O, you, Mr. I'm gonna ruin a good day, I am /talking/ to you!" she yells as she, "We like this place, we shop here, work here, and you just ruined alot for a lot of people, so look at me when I am talking at you!" she yells a little more before advancing quickly at the monster, hoping to grab his attention as she yells, and maybe become a target instead of cars and other people, hoping for a slow reaction time, so she can slide between his legs.

With the car door yanked off, the helpful civillians easily drag the bleeding driver from his overturned car. In the distance, the sound of sirens sing. Ambulance. Police. Fire. They're on their way. Will they follow Network's suggestions and evacuate? Probably not. But they will follow their own, established protocols for civilian safety and containment. Maybe they'll actually work!
When Sally gets into Concrete-O's face, he turns his attention from the abandoned Ford Explorer he's pounding into rubble to the glowing girl. Pretty! As she skates forward on her forcefield he reaches out to grab. Surprisingly fast, its possible he'll catch hold of her as she does the home base slide between his legs.

Damnit! Damnit to hell. It sucks when they're big and fast. The end result, it's lucky that car with the bleeding driver is empty, cause she's bouncing off of it and sliding to a stop against a parked clunker. "No touch! Bad! Monster!" she yells. She glares up at him, shifting, just back, trying to stay just out of his reach.

As the induced mutant grabs for Sally, Network dashes forward to try and land a strike on the closing hand, She might not be the fastest or strongest, but she has some skill after all. Still, hitting something made out of concrete with moreor less bare knuckles was not sure to show too much efffect, unless you are a relative of the Hulk or Thorof some sorts. And Network is definitly not, still she tries. "You should have stayed home in Fantasia, Rock Biter." she taunts him as she seems to try to challenge his decision making - 2 targets. Maybe it is too much for his brain.

The giant, mutated Miles seems a little confused. He stares at his hands. First, one got hit. Then the golden girl popped out of them like a champaign cork. There's a small crack in the left hand, where Network's enhanced strength landed a blow. A crack that seems to make Concrete-O angry. The monster roars and grabs a nearby motorcycle, abandoned and laying on the ground. It raises the motorcycle to throw at Network... and gets distracted by a red, white, and blue disc bouncing hard off of its head.

American Dream catches the rebounding shield and holds it out to the side like a matador's flag. She shakes it, smiling. "Toro! Toro!"

Concrete-O shrieks and charges. Instead of pulling the shield out of the way, Dream slams it into Concrete-O's head and then leaps out of the way. "We need to keep him off balance!" Dream calls out to the other two, powered people on the scene.

That's alot going on, and it gives pause to what to do just right now. The shriek, the flying disc, the armored individual, then American Dream does show up. Well, there's one who knoes more of what she's doing. Sally starts to move again, sliding along the concrete, trying move around and just on ther peripheral of Concrete-O's vision. Sally's not super strong, she's not got a powered armor, or a shield. She does have a forcefield though and she's just putting distance for the time being between her and the mutated rich kid, "Gotcha!" she does call out.

Almost instantly the colors of the shield remind network of the Captain, but it is just one of his followers as she realizes when she actually takes a look at him. "off balance? aye. Seems not to be made from good concrete" she then adds. Class 10 sents it? "Hope we have a free lane so we can keep him busy with some place to maneuver." she then adds before she tries another assault, this time against his shoulder. It would bring her dangerously close to his hands in the flight, but it is the chance that he might fall over - if she does not suffer a hit prior to that.

Like many dumb, mindless beasts, Concrete-O seems to be easily distracted by shiny objects. In this case, by Sally. Maybe gentlemen just prefer blondes? The bright, golden forcefield at the edge of his vision is maddening. He turns towards her, trying to get her into full view. Then Network slams into his shoulder. It chips the concrete there, sending a few pieces flying. However, there's the flashy golden force field again, just passing his field of vision. Concrete-O swings absently at Network but begins rushing towards Sally... only to get a face full of flung shield.
American Dream catches the shield on the rebound. "Perfect! Golden Woman, he seems to like you. Stay mobile and stay in his field of vision. Violet! Trip him up! Get him off his feet!"

"It's Network, not Violet!" she exclaims, barely keeping herself away from the hit at her. Not totally, as some of the chips and his hand brushes along her protective magnetic field, discharging some of the protective energy with bluish ripples over it. Still she manages to get to knee height of the beast and backing away some yards first. It is made out of concrete, so... it might work to pull a statics display over it to learn about a spot that might inflict maximum stopping power. Seconds pass before she once again charges in, this time guided by the mark on the potential crippling spot. That is, if all the values were roughly ok, and there had been quite a bit of guessing in Concrete-O's density.

Concrete-O lunges again and again, trying to grab hold of Skids. However, as big as he is and as fast as he is, keeping up with someone moving thirty miles per hour on a frictionless field proves to be an impossible task. Focused on Sally keeps the giant from destroying any more property or, worse, hurting any bystanders.
When Network swoops in, American Dream moves to a counterpoint. Network hits in one spot. American Dream's flung shield hits in another. The end result is the monster being pushed hard in one direction near his knees and hard in another direction near his head. Concrete-O flips up into the air almost comically and then lands, hard. A small crater is formed in the blacktop. Then, before their eyes, Concrete-O begins shrinking and changing until, in the middle of the shallow crater, isn't a monster but an almost naked teenage boy.

A pass by the newly formed crater after it's formed, showing that Concrete-O is now not a threat, not a hulking beast of stone, and unconcious means things are over. Sally's more than happy with this as she glances between American Dream and Network. Sliding to a stop she looks around. The faint sounds of sirens getting closer, and she twists, turning away from the crater, and the others and starts to glide away, all she wanted was some nice body wash. This hero thing sucks.

As the concrete turns boy, Network looks if police is somewhere ariound to turn him in "Well, we have a 311 here." she comments towards the established hero, checking of he is at least ok. "From here on I guess it is law and order's case."

"Well, I wasn't expecting that to happen." American Dream admits as she looks down into the crater. She waves as Sally passes. Some heroes just don't like the limelight. Or the authorities. American Dream dig it. "He'll be turned over to the police. They'll investigate to determine what happened. The important thing is we stopped this from becoming a real mess. Thanks, Network." American Dream offers her hand to the cybernetic heroine even as police approach, ready to apprehend Miles the III.

"Not a problem. Really." Network answers as she takes the hand for a short handshake and maybe some photos of those press photographes like the Parker boy who always seem to be there where the superheroes are. "But I guess Skids wants to avoid public. Anyway, it was a pleasure to work with the Avengers again, even if it was just a short.

"Some people aren't much for dealing with the authorities." American Dream suggests. "You don't need to stick around, either, if you don't want. I'll handle the paperwork." Indeed, she pulls out her Avenger's identicard and shows it to the police. From there, its an hour explaining the event, helping with clean up, and otherwise doing her job as a public heroine. The life of an Avenger. Later, she'll file a mission briefing. Whee!

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