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Sombre Tyrannosaur and Topaz

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Voodoo Lounge

Rex comes in looking for a concert venue

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==[ Voodoo Lounge - Greenwich Village ]==

One must descend a flight of black slate stairs flanked by walls papered in rock concert programs before discovering...
This is no ordinary urban mecca. This is no sports bar, no yuppie hipster watering hole. This... is the famed Voodoo Lounge.The lights are recessed into the wall, and of a golden hue, dimmed low enough that one can see where one is going, but still be able to consider the atmosphere intimate. People more than a dozen feet away will appear as mere shadows until one is right up on them. The walls are paneled in mahogany wood. The bar, that travels down the left side of the room is teak with a black marble top, polished to a fare-thee-well. Taps are visible just past the lip of the countertop. There's a recess in it so that a bartender can slide drinks to the waiting patrons. Behind the bar, the expected mirror -- this one beveled on the edges. Glasses and more elaborate drinkware hangs upside down from a wooden rack above.
The barstools appear to be leather and wood, but they are reinforced to handle patrons of superhuman size. The floor is carpeted in plush brown carpet, thick enough to sink into, though nothing seems to ever reach it if anything is spilled. There are cozy tables and booths clustered at the front and back of the room. A long, thickly stuffed leather sofa, also in brown, is along the entire front wall and side wall. A hidden moving light casts random shapes and sigils around the room in muted hues -- slowly enough so it's ambience-enhancing rather than disorienting. Potted palms flank the door and stand in the corners. There are hanging plants above the tables, leaves dripping lazily down toward the floor, but not enough to impede anyone there. Carefully hidden speakers pipe music into the room that varies from the contemporary to the exotic. There is no television behind the bar. The back wall has a floor-to-ceiling fountain that trickles away serenely. A few feet in front of the back wall is a modest stage, also set with small tables if there's no one performing.The entire vibe is like someone set a bar in a cozy little alcove in some exotic place far removed from New York City.
It's late afternoon on a Sunday, which means the Voodoo Lounge is not overly busy. A few regulars, nothing a lone bartender can't handle by herself. Lately, there have been ads in the papers, not the mainstream ones, the ones that cater to the occult and/or muscians that the Voodoo Lounge is looking for one shot entertainment for the spring and summer, busier times for places that serve the younger adult crowd. A petite Indian woman is behind the bar, chitchating with a customer between drink orders.

The door swings open, a quite occult/unusual looking female peering in, before stepping in more fully. Her peaked ears were tucked under a hat for now as she glanced about, before heading towards the bar, wearing unusual, but more comfortable style robes instead of anything likje apnts or somesuch.

Not needing to hear or see the door opening to know when someone is coming or going, Topaz looks from the person she is chatting with and greets the newcomer with a warm smile "Welcome to the Voodoo Lounge." she greets just as warmly with a softly accented voice "Have a seat. I'll make you your drink." she seems to be the type of bartender that knows intuitively what her customers want without having to be told, at least drink wise, for now. She doesn't bat an eye at the other woman's garb, when you have worked closely with Doctor Strange and dealt with the occult as much as she has nothing seems all that strange anymore.

Rex smiles warmly at her, nodding as she took a seat at the bartender, placing her hands at the countertop, holding a package with a CD in case in it. "THank you ma'am. Afterwrds if I coiuld have a few moments of your time to bend your ear..." she starts in an odd, eloquent way.

The closest thing to wine at the Voodoo Lounge is mead, but it is not made in the traditional way, with strictly honey, either way it is still pleasing to the palette. "I'm a bit young for ma'am." which she is, looking to be in her early 20's "You may call me Topaz." she cants her head to the side, a curious expression coming to her face "How may I help you?

"My Lady then." remarks the elf as she pulls her hat off, smiling warmly "Its the slow season right now, with all the chaos we've delayed my show a bit... while I dont need the money, I thought I would come by and apply for that job you were offering in the paper." she explains, sliding the bagged CD towards Topaz "Here is a demo CD of some of my less-hard-rock stuff'"

Topaz hmms to herself as the hat is removed "it's not often we get any of the true fae in her." she seems curious but her attention is drawn to the cd "Even more rare are ones wanting to share their talents." she examines the cd flipping it over to read the song titles "I'll throw it in the cd player now.

Rex Gregson beams "I like Midgarde. It appeals to my own sense of music more than others." It was a home made CD, but her name may be recognised as well "Sorry that its not official. With all these... confusing things, none of MY musical peices were produced here. If you understand what I mean? " she tries "I can of course, bring up references if you want too ." she looked happy that Topaz was going to play it now, and settles back as she sipped the mead, then blinked and looked into it "This is delicous!"

"I do. I have meet a few people who are not in the realm they are supposed to be." she disappears momentarily as she ducks under the bar and within moments the music is flowing through the sound system "Thanks. One of my regulars makes it in small batches, during the spring and summer. That's from my last bottle, until his next batch is done." she pops back up, giving the faewoman another once over "You worship Loki?" she gestures to the necklace.

Rex Gregson takes another gulp of it, savouring the taste "mmm. Its VERY good. I may have to frequent this more." she admits happily. Then she straightened, proudly "Indeed I do - and no worries, I always stay professional when on task unless he calls me, but... that doesnt happen often. VERY rarely. Its like... its like I guess how a follower of 'god' would say he worships him you know? I've never met him personally. I simply aspire to be like him." she explains "Does that make sense?"

The music itself was piano accompanied with guitar or violin, no other background instruments, with a strong celtic/norse theme that sounded like classic medieval bar music in many ways, another one a sad love song and another a gay but happy drinking song "If ther's a specific style of music you prefer I can probably improvise something nicely."

Topaz nods at the woman as she listens to the music a moment "I've never met the deity personally, or his brother Thor, but I know people that have. As long as he doesn't make a personal showing, whoever you worship is none of my business." she pauses to listen to the music more "Your music is lovely. And quite a bit different from the usual stuff. It would be a refreshing change of pace. When can you play?

Rex Gregson smiles sheepishly "I cannot control what Loki does... but if he does show up, I will ahh, appease to him to just enjoy the music and drinks." she promises. "I can start next week if you want! Will I need to bring - ahh, there's a piano there. That works perfectly!" she finishes the mead, and fishes out a few bills.

"I look forward to hearing you play live. So will my customers. I'll put up some posters and flyers about the show. You have your own marketing ways I'm sure." Topaz takes the bills, she is a business owner and you can make a living by giving the drinks away "It was nice meeting you."

"Sounds good! I think I may have a bit of hot tea or something... I think I heard about Baileys' and coffee? Let's try that! " she beams, deciding to frequent the bar as a customer as well.

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