Concert in Central Park

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Concert in Central Park

Rex Gregson, Phantasm, Armand, Rogue, Alchemy, Beta Ray Bill, Seth

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06/04/12 12:00

Central Park

The Sombre Tyranasaur hosts a surprise concert with surprise guests

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-----==[ Central Park - New York ]==------------------------------------------

Stretching half a mile wide down two and a half miles of the island, Central Park is the green heart of Manhattan. Despite an occasionally ugly reputation, fewer than a hundred crimes occurred in the entire park last year, and fewer than half of those were committed by strangers - the legendary Central Park mugger is a thing of the past. Instead, the park is a thriving place, filled with artificial lakes, footpaths, joggers, playgrounds, sculpture, children.

There are dozens of landmarks within the Park: the Great Lawn where open-air concerts and rallies are regularly held; Cleopatra's Needle, the obelisk donated to New York by Egypt; the Alice statue north of Conservatory Water, its giant mushroom usually swarmed by climbing kids; Belvedere Castle and Bethesda Terrace and Literary Walk and the Delacorte Theater and one of the last stands of American elms in the northeast - nearly two thousand trees protected from plague by their isolation.

Near the south end of the park, the Imagine mosaic in Strawberry Fields is frequently marked by flowers or candles left by visitors. Nearer the north end, the Reservoir covers a hundred and six acres, almost an eighth of the park's total space - though it no longer provides drinking water for New York residents, a decision that has cut down significantly on the number of supervillain attacks on the Park.

IT was a bright, sunny afternoon in Central Park. Carriages go back and forth on their circuits, a few homeless folk were gathered here and there, and the Canadian Geese were terrorizing little children. At one end of the massive park, music could be heard even a distance away.

Rogue thinks the band is intersting and decides to stay for a bit, but makes towards to the back, where there will be less people.

IT was a surprise concert - well, surprise not to those who give permits for concerts, but to the general public it was! Almost festival like, there were two giant tower speakers on either side of a half-circle stage, the black curtain behind it wafting gently in the warm breeze from the Bay with the smell of salt in the air, mixing with the scent of fresh cooked hot dogs from a few invited hot-dog-stand gentlemen who decided to take advantage of the crowd gathering. There was nobody on stage yet, but recorded music played from the speakers, speaking of cities across america - curiously, lacking any mention of New York.

Rogue was just out for a walk when had observed a commontion and had stopped to observe what is going on. Now she has seen its going to be a concert of some description, she is not sure if she still hang around, but these things usually attract a large crowd, and a large crowd usually means a big chance that they may be accidental touching, but she decides to see who is playing before making a decision on leaving.

Wandering through the park, Tom is engrossed in a textbook on organic chemistry, tapping his pencil to his chin as he tries to remember everything that's going to be on the test he has to take in the next week or two. He notices a commotion, blinking as he didn't notice that concert being set up before. Shrugging, he moves closer, figuring he can use a break.

Armand is in the park...still, after his earlier noon ordeal he has gathered up his picnic belongings and dragged his cooler to a bench where he sits and sighs softly, eating whipped cream from its tub by dipping defrosted eggo waffles into the cream and eating that. All his hair is tucked up and away in a knit cap and he just eats and watches the crowd gather and such.

The music starts to die down. It seems the concert will be starting soon - people were sitting on the grass in front of the stage to watch, even some children running about.

The band starts to climb up onto the stage, cheers coming as some were recognised from Somber Tyrannosaurs' usual crew, although there were a few new ones too as they start to set up, plunking instruments. A crash of drums brings up some cheers before the instruments die off again. Then two stage hands rolls a fancy keyboard out onto central stage, setting up a Microphone and a bench, so that it faced westwards - perpendicular to the stage.

Finally, Sombre Tyrannosaur emerges, wearing one of her well known classit outfits and the faux-ivory mask she always wore, a few people screaming as the Rock Star pauses, waving to the crowd. She smiled under the mask, with a flick of fingers 'summoning' a microphone stand "Good evening New York City!" the english-accented voice announces over the speakers "How are you all doing tonight?"

Rogue thinks the band is intersting and decides to stay for a bit, but makes towards to the back, where there will be less people.

Tom sits down and opens his book, reclaiming his place marked by a pencil rather than a proper bookmark. He folds one leg over the other, trying to juggle the textbook and his notebook. A familar face nearby catches his eye, though. "oh, hey Armand. How's it going? You ok?"

Armand shakes his head and scoops up more whipped cream with a piece of defrosted waffle and shoves it into his mouth with a shrug. "I'm going to get fat, it'll take time." That's all he says he response to Tom as he glances towards the performance, eyebrow raising.

There's cheers and applause, and Tyrannosaurus grins "Good to hear! We're all going to have fun tonight right? SAFE fun." She wags a white gloved finger at the crowd "Let's get to it I guess. I'm a musican right - I can't talk." she turns from the mike, to sit at the bench, spreading out the back of her robes ala formal-piano-player, scooting the bench forwards "Hmm. Yellow Ivory keys! Dont smoke people." She chides at that, and looks about, putting fingers down on the keys to start into the familiar opening chords of an old song, starting out slow and lovely as her voice - matching Freddy Mercurys' as though it were he on stage instead, people starting to cheer as the older ones recognise the classic peice "Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time...I feel aliiiiiive! and the wooooorld it's turning inside out Yeah! Floating around in esctacy so"

"Dont stop me now!... Dont stop me now..."

Rogue manages to make her way to the back without incident and notices the man eating on the bench was the man who with Loki talking to another man and makes her way over to them.

Looking at Armand, Alchemy lifts both eyebrows, causing his glasses to slide down his nose. "Well, I suppose we all must have our goals. That's a bit of a strange one, I must admit. Would you like to talk about it?" he glances back at the stage, listening to the music but not necessarily watching.

"Have you ever been questioning tings that are supposed to be answered? Good is good, bad is bad...but what if good does bad things in the name of good and never is held accountable for it? Is it okay because they are technically good?" Armand philosophizes when Alchemy asks him a question and he devours another...whipped cream dipped piece of eggo and blinks several times as he notices Rogue approaching, attention drifting to the stage to take note of what's going on there before turning back to Alchemy. "I'm getting tired of it." He shrugs and omnomnoms.

As the music picks up, Sombre Tyrannosaur (Who doesnt seem very Sombre at all right now ironically) stands up from the piano, sliding across the stage with energy - a true performer, not just a singer or player it seems as she revs the crowd up, keeping pace with the fast lyrics as some folk start to get up to dance. Her eyes catch sight of a few familiar faces at the back and with a smile, she waves in Armand/Rogues' direction from the stage, not missing a beat at all before she makes back to her piano again, handing off the loose mic as she picks up seamlessly at the standed mike there as fingers flew over the keys.

Her grin was huge. One of her favourite songs to be sure if anyone did their homework on her, and it showed in how much energy she put into it - the black clothes being warm in the still-hot sun.

Rogue has made her over to Armand and the other man "Hey I know ya, ya were the one with Loki the other day in Gramercy Park." She decides to be polite and not refer to him as a lackey or anything like that.

Tom nods. "Oh, yeah. Been there, that's for certain. Did Manuel do something? You honestly need to relax before you worry yourself into a tizzy." he lifts a hand to wave to Rogue as she approaches. "Hello there, miss."

"Seeing me with Lord Loki really isn't getting to know anyting, Mademoiselle...but oui, I was there." Armand replies softly before looking back to Tom. "Relax? You try to relax when the very people who are supposed to be about protecting shi-stuff, Avenge and all that...when its the Avengers that are greying out that boundary." He points towards the stage. "The performer is very entertaining, oui? Like Phantom of the Old Rockstars."

Pulling away from the piano again as the guitarist, wearing Ozzie style round sunglasses takes central stage. With a grin, Sombra takes up the mic again, holding it in her left hand as she plays the 'air guitar', visibly showing no sign at all of how to actually play THAT instrument. But she could definitely rock out as once more she spins across the stage again to join the Bassist, before swinging back to the piano again, sitting down with perfect timing as the music slowed down again for the ending lyrics "I dont wanna stop at aaaall.... Lala la la LA la..." the last notes drowned out by the cheers from the grown crowd.

Then she picks up the mic again, standing once more as she lifts a hand 'Thank you New York City! I dont think I've ever heard a crowd keep pace like that before!"

she puffs a few times, striding across the stage "As many of you know i like to promote local artists at my concerts. Not everyone 'lucks out' like I did. And so we have our nightly Local Performer, a wonderful young man who plays the drums... some may have heard him before when he toured. May I present...

"Mick Drago!"

Mick has shown up as well, but unlike the others is not sitting into the audience and is instead backstage out of view. His attire, although color coordinated with Rex, is not quite as showy as the Sombre Tyrannasaur. One could say he's not quite in his usual garb as he's opted not to dress like a frontman this time around and has instead dressed back to his Greysong days when shirts were optional and the hair was- Ok the hair was still poofy but that was more so he could see. Despite the eye liner. Since he wasn't going to be here for the whole thing, Mick opts for a sleeveless shirt. Sorry girls...and guys of that preference.

When the introduction is made, Mick walks onto stage, lifting up his own sticks in greeting to the audience before he moves over to the drumset. There's a pause before he starts off on his own, steady rhythm of double and heavy taps, setting a strong foundation for the others to build upon.

Rogue looks over at the other man "Hey there, how it's goin'?" and turns back to Armand "Why do ya keep calling him Lord Loki, ya his servant or something?"

"Yes, quite good so far. What happened? You're jittery even for you. You seem quite a wreck. Maybe you can tell us about it when this is over. It's a bit loud for conversation right now, I'm afraid."

Compared to last song, this song was 'slow' at least for Sombre Tyrannosaur. She moves her mic stand to one side so people could see the drummer as she swayed a little bit, her body undulating side to side in time to the drums. Her arms moving in such a way you'd think that the bones were rubber they seemed to flex and twist as well. The intro was a long peice, with the elaborate drumming filling the void as the other artists pick up at the appropriate spots, most of the attention on Mick Drago as his own applause continues still. He was known, after all.

And then Tyrannosaur steps to the mic again "Lost in a dream... Nothing is what it seems... Searching my head For the words that you said... " Instead of imitating the artist, she brought a more feminine touch to it, using a more 'normal' voice.

Armand nods slowly to Alchemy and he just eyes Rogue. "...the term Lord is being used for respect..." He sighs and nibbles on his waffles, perking with Mick, Mike, whoever is introduced and he actually climbs up on his feet on top of his bench to peer at the stage.

With all the instruments in now, Mick's movements behind the drumset shows for more a visual flair as the hi-hat and cymbals starts their own dance swinging with the force of his hits and stomps. Judging from the smile on Mick's face, this is a song that he likes.

Rogue looks at Armand "Ah don't he is the type of guy that is deserving respect, especially the type of respect ya been giving him." and looks over at the man playing, vaguely remembering him from somewhere, but figures it was from other performance.

As the music continues to pick up, so as well does Rex' actions and singing become more energetic again. She returns to the piano, grateful for the small fan on the top of it that coolwed her down as she played an accompaniment to the drums, although they all toned it down so that Mick was definitely the focus of the attention. At one point, breaking from the piano she returns to beside the drum set, watching him as she 'rocks out' fully.

Armand pinches the bridge of his nose and just shakes his head as Rogue responds. "In that case...nobody is deserving respect. I hereby give it all up. No respect for anybody, I'll just stand up here and DISS EVERYBODY because certain people can be deciding who deserves respect or not. That makes it perfectly okay to kill them. I'll start with myself! That'll work! I'm a long haired homeless fruitcake who wears too much eyeliner! HAHAHA, I shall not respect myself!" He jumps off the bench with his whipped cream tub and waffles, running towards the crowd and jumping up and down and waving his hands around to the music as he dancing in a circle. Losing himself in the music as he waves around whipped cream.

Rom reaches up to try and grab Armand, cringing. "Oh dear...he's lost his crackers, now. We should probably go get him and at least tie him down to his seat."

There's a moment of silence upon the stage as the song breaks, splitting off to the elaborate guitar playing going off elsewhere on stage. As the feature dies away, the drums don't take a rest as it continues on, driving the song on further and further. His lips part slightly as he mouths along to the lyrics before they shut once more as he starts rolling to the end of the song, finalizing it with a sudden stop.

Rex Gregson air-drums a little bit too, but at the rolling finish she twirls once, dropping to a knee as white gloves guesture dramatically towards Mick. She puffs a few times, then clicks on her head-mic "Ladies and Gentlemen the amazing Mick Drago!" she doesnt see Armands' little fit from here, although a few casual-dressed bouncers were watching him carefully.

She stands again, shaking her head a little bit as she moves back to center stage "Let's hear it for the amazing Mick! Drums so fast I can't keep up on the piano!" she waves Mick forwards onto the stage, if he would.

Rogue looks over at Tom "Ah guess we should." and looks back at Armand "Get over ya damn loon, ya no idea what ya talkin' about."

Just a crazy kid with a tub of whipped cream and a half-devoured eggo, nothing to see, Armand dances in his circle when music is playing, when its not, he just stops and stares blankly at the stage, waiting.

Mick stands up from the drums, raising his sticks in the air by one hand. stepping around the set, he comes down to the front stage. Considering the short notice of his appearance, the likelyhood of another Scorpia being around was probably slim to none. So yay! Hand lowering, he shifts the sticks to one hand and then gestures over to Rex. Smiling. And then Armand comes into view. 'What the fuck?...' he murmurs behind the stage smile, still looking Armand's way. Blinking, he turns, offering his free hand to Rex in an offer of a handshake. "Haven't gotten to play that with a full group in awhile. Thanks."

Alchemy looks to Rogue and sighs. "Armand, get back here! I swear I am taking you back to the school and locking you in my dormitory until whatever it is that is wrong with your brain has ceased!" he drops his backpack and goes running toward the crowd to try and retrieve the crazy baker.

Rex Gregson murmers back "He's french." As though that were the entire explanation. She smiles, reaching to take it firmly in a white hand "IT was great to have you Mick. " she then steps up close, and under the mask her eyes flutter before she pecks him on the cheek, perhaps unexpectedly, while her other hand clasped over the two that were shaking. "I look forwards to seeing the Scorpias together again someday."

Then back once more as she grinned, almost mischeviously at him, and turns back to the crowd, watching Armand for a moment, staring back at him intently. An eyebrow raised under the mask. Then she smirked, and waved over the Guitarist, murmered to him, and he turned to spread the message.

"He's Armand." Mike replies with a sigh, apparently that explaining the behavior a bit more, smirking as the androgynous woman kisses the androgynous man on the cheek. He gives a nod, looking to Rex. "Maybe we should," he agrees, "When Wade's healed up." Exchange given, he gives Rex a mischevious wink as he starts to head off stage, waving to the crowd once more as he leaves Rex to the rest of her concert. There's an itty bitty surge of people moving parallel in that direction too.

As Seth walks along the park, meant for a stroll around to clear his head from an increasingly degenerating situation at home, he spots the sound of music, and decides to follow up on what's going on. As he reaches the area, he raises his eyebrows. A concert? Hm. Anyone he actually knows? As he approaches, he notices Rex, whom he met the other day, even if in passong... Rogue, who's popped in a couple times in his life... Mike, who seems to be hitting it hard - a nod from Seth there... And Armand who... Okay, no idea what Armand is doing, but he's kinda going into the mood of it all, apparently like this would be some Soulfly or Pantera concert...?

He remains quiet, listening to what's put on stage.

"Sounds good. Give him my reguards." She notes, squeezing his hand as she watches him depart now. Then she grins again "We're going to go back a few more decades now. This song is older than I am, and if you dont recognise it you KNOW you aren't too old to rock." she quips into the mic.

Her hand runs down the keyboard from the highest to lowest as a brisk beat is put up, a bobbing dancing beat, as well as vocalizations from several of the band members of herself. Then in a very feminie voice, she starts into the song, watching Armand carefully.

"YOu can dance... you can jive... having the time of your liiiife! Woaaaoooh-oh!"

As Rex breaks into the song, Mike stands backstage for a little bit, tilting his head to listen to the song for a bit. After the key phrase of the song comes up, he snerks, shaking his head as he reaches into his pocket and starts to talk to a security worker.

Peeerrrfeeeect, Armand ignores the yelling for him to stop being crazy of anything and under his hat his hair fades from the color of dark brown to a ROYGBIV kinda rainbow theme as he tugs his hat off and eats the waffle in his hand before dancing around with his tub of whipped cream, tossing his hair around as he headbags to ABBA and sways and a circle in his dancing. He even sings along.

Sounds...a large gathering of people, the stirring of many bodies, and music, ringing out across the park. The more there are, the more likely, perhaps, he can lose himself among a crowd and not be the center of attention. The last few days have been stressful, and not the sort of stress Beta Ray Bill is used to handling with aplomb. But then, Loki will do that to one.

Something else, too...the scent. Now the thing about Korbinites is, despite having no noses, they have a very distinct ability to 'taste' scents wafting on the air, not unlike a snake. Hot dogs. It's been a long time since he had one with everything. -That- was something he has pleasant memories of.

So his boots take him there, and yes, he gets a few looks as he walks to the edge of the crowd, but he ignores that and looks for the cart or dogs, although he found there was no dog in them at all!

Rogue goes to grab the obviously flipped out Armand, but notices Bill and Seth, who isn't attacking demi-gods, or getting in any other trouble for change and waves to both of them.

Alchemy reaches for Armand's sleeve. "Armand, come sit down. I'll find you some ritalin or something." he sighs. "I swear you did lose your marbles from last week. Your guy is gone, you're going to just have to deal with it."

Rex Gregson nearly loses it as she sees what Armand was doing. But with only a little giggle escaping, she focuses on the music again as her fingers, white gloved (and rather hot, BLEAH) hands tickling the yellowed ivories as she watches, seeing others arrive. SEcurity circling about just in case now as she goes into the classic, well known lyrics, a nice little dance/mosh pit starting right next to the stage, water flying up into the air as a few water bottles are swung about. Not that anyone minded on a nice, warm day.

Seth sorts laughs at the song Rex starts to play. He notices Rogue and starts moving towards her. "Nice song", he says to her. "Abba's a little too old for me, but those were the times, so I hear." He shrugs, "Innocent and simpler times."

Arrangements made with one of the Security guards who radios it over to another, Mick finds himself being escorted over to the barricade with a few spare security folks, a little bit away from the stage to which a gathering of people have clustered around. Tugging a pen out of his pocket, he smiles and comes up to sign the random things shoved over for him to sign. Well, just the things positioned above the barricade that is...

The southern mutant is a bit hard to miss, even in this, such a -useful- way to tell humans apart! Bill nods a greeting back to Rogue, and notes that music or no, he's -still- getting looked at here and there, although not every look is entirely unappreciative, oddly. But he is here for two reasons, to stop thinking about the events of late, and to get a hot dog. Pity Armand's presence seems to put paid to the former goal.

A security guard walks up towards Rogue and Alchemy, and asks "Did you need a hand with him? We dont mind partying, but he's kind of making a mess." he notes, the guy looking like he could bench press Mjolnir on a good day.

Meanwhile Rex stands up from the keyboard again, moving up next to the Bassist once more to pull a few disco moves, quite enjoying herself as the few stage lights (they were going low key for this) flickered and rainbowed.

Rogue looks over at Seth "Ah don't how much more innoncent or simpler there were, Ah mean did ya see how they dress back when disco was big. As for music, Ah am more partial to Lynyrd Skynyrd or Allman Brothers myself."

Armand offers the tub of whipped cream to Alchemy before dipping his finger in the tub and licking it clean before he waves his hands in the air and actually performs an...actual pirouette, movements flickering between desperate somebody who had formal ballet training so it is a mess but he's dancing out all his frustration, pausing to catch sight of certain individuals, tossing his hair over his shoulder and eyebrows raising a fraction before he looks to Alchemy panting softly. "Dance, just dance with me a bit Tom...just dance a bit with me."

Alchemy makes a disgusted face. "Oh goodness...No, I'm not dancing with you!" he looks to Rogue. "We really need to get him some psychiatric help! He has obviously lost his mind. Armand, you are making quite the arse of yourself."

Charlie was lead to the concert by Twitter. The fans of Sombre Dinosaur had been buzzing about the impromptu concert since it began. So she hustled on over and was busy doing a wallflower impression, hanging out at the back to catch the show.

The music slowly drifts off again as the classic ABBA song fades out once more, people continuing to cheer. Panting a little, Sombre Tyrannosaur waves an arm again "Rock out New york! City of Rock!" she declares, eyes still at the commosion at the end, a clearing now forming around those there to avoid Armand, who while an excellent dancer was still getting odd looks as was Bill, who really caught Sombre's eye as she looks that way, eyes blinking under the white ivory mask. She walks across the stage, stalling for a few moments to catch her breath.

Seth looks at Armand with a bit of a surprised look on his face. He looks to Rogue, then almost whispers to her. "Okay, m'ssieur le francais here is either high, or has gone self-destructive. If he pulls the same stunt he pulled last time I saw him, he will find himself on the floor in agony."

Mick continues giving autographs but inbetween things being shoved at him to sign, he does glance over to Armand and company, trying to figure out just what it is that they put in the local drinking supply where Armand came from. Maybe the poor excuse for a father Mike has was over there on vacation or something.

Armand has calmed down a bit when his dancing offer is turned down and he just pants softly and eyes Alchemy with suspicion for a few moments before he takes a deep breath and then another deep breath, rubbing his hands over his face.

Alchemy reaches out to grab Armand by the arm and pull him back to his seat. "Would you kindly tell me what the bloody hell is going on with you, Armand? You're acting like an absolute loon. People get locked away in padded cells for less than what you're doing! Now come on, let's have it. What has you so upset?"

"We're going to take a ten minute break right now ladies and gentlemen so I can avoid passing out and falling off the stage. I dont mind crowd surfing but its much funner when you're awake." notes Sombre Tyrannosaur, with a wave as the band starts to put the instruments down, the recorded music starting to come back up again. "Oh! do not forget to get your Free Hot Dog and soda!"

Mike's eyes perk up at the mention of the food. Free? Oh right! Autographs!

And lo, the alien warrior has indeed obtain his free hot dog and soda - root beer. And he has festooned it with condiments as would please e'er voluminous Volstagg. Seriously, he's just piled them on. Slowly savouring this 'exotic' treat, he makes his way towards where the midguided youth who has spent so much time around the God of Lies is being attended to.

Charlie moves away from the fringes of the crowd, heading closer to the stage as Sombre seems to be taking a break. She weaves through the tightly packed fans, then is forced to do some inventive dodging about as the tidal flows of spectators start in the wake of Rex's announcement. As the rush for the bathrooms and the concessions start she fights upstream, and finds shelter near Mick, where a stable knot of his fans shield her from the press of humanity at least for the moment. When she spots the familiar face she pushes into the knot and waves, "Hey!"

Rogue looks over at Seth "While Ah don't know what stunt he pulled, but he calmed down a bit, so its best not start any trouble,it only a drunken idiot to start to a full-blown riot, and the last thing we want." and looks over at Bill and his overladed hot dog "Hey Bill, ya got hot dog left until all that."

Armand doesn't like being touched, its obvious in how he reacts, tensing up a bit and he just eyes Alchemy for a few moments. "Life Sucks. I'm getting over it. I'm creating plans and one of those plans might get me killed but it'll be the right thing to do! It isn't anything major!"

As Mike moves his pen away from a shirt, he glances up to see a Charlie show up. As her hand lifts to wave, there are a few other hands lifting as well. Copycats. Mike lifts up his writing hand to give a wave back to the fans before he reaches over to take an offered napkin to sign. Ah the joys of surprise appearances.

Rex Gregson appears near the edge of the stage, out of mask and costume right now, not far from Mike and Charlie. She was visible, and looked quite flushed and a little overheated as she gulped down water and gatorade desperately to rehydrate. Rocking was hard work!

Alchemy returns the scowl at Armand. "Yes, life is bullocks, but there's a difference between getting over your problems and getting over your sanity. You are doing the latter. What are you planning to do? You know I can turn your shoes to lead so you can't go anywhere. Now sit and calm down!"

"Ah. I developed a taste for these the last time I was here for a prolonged period." the orange alien notes over the crowd, "And I see once more, the youth from before. Is he well? I am told prolonged contact with Loki can cause...'side-effects'."

Charlie shakes her head and laughs to herself at the complete inability to get to Mike. Then she turns to push closer to the stage, finding herself face to face with Rex, "Hey there!" She steps close to give the sweaty singer a quick hug, "Some concert! The band is v ery talented." Perhaps she's trying to keep anyone from swarming the singer.

Rex Gregson errps a little bit in surprise at the hug, but grins and puts an arm around Charlie, no doubt starting a few rumors as she smiles "Thanks. They're a good group. I'm glad they decided to move to america with me. We'll still have a few openings though I imagine. Glad you made it though! Are people having fun? I guess I'm a bit self conscious."

Seth nods slightly to Rogue. "I agree, but I'm not starting anything." Noticing Bill - who's pretty hard to miss in a crowd -, he replies with a bit of a smile. "Greetings, oh savior. I believe we never met." He looks at Armand and remembers his confrontation with Loki. As for 'side effects', he can't really say anything about that.

Seeing some movement from the side of his vision, Mike turns his head to glance to Rex, giving a smile, holding up a hand asking for a moment as he starts to walk over to the other musician, stopping when he realizes the glob of people still waiting are moving with him. Oop. Probably should finish up with these folks.

Rogue shakes her head "Ah rather pass on the hot dogs from here, a lot of these street vendors don't take the best care of the food if ya know what I mean." and looks over Armand "Don't know about what happened to him, maybe he was always just a loon."

Charlie smiles at Rex and nods, "Yes. They are having fun. Either that or they are all very skilled actors who have been flown in for the specific purpose of acting like they are having fun. However, I don't think that's terribly likely, so I will go with the simpler explanation." She looks over the dehydrated musician, "Are you having fun? You are working very hard. And you are talented. I won't have to slip away and pretend I never was here."

"I always thought they seemed a little bit familiar." she notes, drinking more water "Thank you as well! I wouldnt be here if I wanst. And if I didnt get lucky. I'm ALWAYS having fun. I admit this has been the oddest concert ever." She guestures to where Armand and the others are, and waves at Mike once more. Her arm drops from Charlie, so she could 'evaporate' more sweat.

Bill's white eyes go to the one who addressed him, and sees a figure he has seen, yes...pity he had to leave that time. At being addressed as 'savior' the muscular alien visibly tenses up, just for a moment, "How do you mean?" he asks, loudly, due to the crowd, but in a carefully measured tone.

" are a prick." Armand offers to Alchemy all...buddy buddy like, but apparently he's gotten through because the frenchie does settle back down on his bench and run his fingers through his hair with a shiver. "Thanks man..." That's all he's going to say about that, closing his eyes and shaking his head as he listens to snippets of what people have to say. "I am not liking to see people get hurt...and not be able to do anything about it."

"So are you." he replies, sitting back down. "So do you need an exorcist or a doctor or something or are you going to tell me what's going on? If you're upset about that guy, just write him a letter or something. I think he was too old for you, anyway. You'll find someone better!"

"You know him?" asks Charlie as Rex waves to Mike, "He's really cool, though I've only met him a couple times. He's probably the one that hired all these actors. That's how nice he is." She laughs then and takes a drink of her own bottled water, "Always having fun? Wow. That is either awesome or totally scary. I'm not sure which it is though."

"Who, Mike or the Frenchman? " asks Rex as she finishes her water "Well, not ALWAYS. but when I'm performing I am. I dont see the point of doing it unless you're having fun.Sometimes it DOES Take work to get myself psyched up." she then blinks "Okay, back to work I guess. NEver a moment of rest for a celebrity!"

Rogue listens as watches the crowd, hoping for it to thin out a bit so she get a soda without too much trouble.

And. The. Last. One. YES! Mike turns around before anyone else could possibly decide they want his autograph and caps the pen before sliding it into his pants. Task done, he starts to stroll over to Rex and Charlie, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Again, thanks for the invite," he says to Rex, "And keep hydrated."

Charlie leans close to Rex to be heard over the crowd noise, "Mike. What Frenchman? Mike gave me some really helpful hints when I first ran into him." Speak of the Devil she waves again when Mike escapes his fans long enough to approach, "Hello there." Then she turns to Rex and says, "Break a leg!"

"Well, basically... You saved my ass from an angry Asgardian the other day", Seth replies to Bill. "And with that in mind, I doubt I'll ever be able to thank you enough." He shrugs to the alien.

Mike blinks as he hears his name regarding giving hints. "This Mike or another Mike?" No recollection. NONE whatsoever. Puh. Celebrites.

Tousling Charlie's hair, Rex smiles at Mike "You of course. No problem! I'm glad you had fun. And I will." She notes, climbing back onto the stage for the second set. People started to cheer again as she tapped the mic, then smiles as she peers about "Wow. There's more of you!" she feigned shock, then let out a laugh "You are ALL worthy! We're going to play a few slower ones for a little bit, then get this party started once more. "

She turns her back again, speaking to the dummer and others to set up the next song. Then back again "This being New York City and all, I thought I'd do one of my 'songs with a moral story'. Here's Prince's 'Song of the Heart."

As a bright, cheerful beat starts to play up. She squeaks up her voice for the speaking part "You have to find your heartsong all by yourself. Its the voice you hear inside of who you truly are!"

Then she turns about, half-softshoeing back to the front of the stage. "You might make a different song, yes that's right it's true! That don't make anybody more or less as good as you. If you can't feel the music that's all you really need... Then turn this party all the way out, a Good time guaranteed!

"Everybody get up! Clap your hands and dance to the beat. Whatever you do little darlin' it's cool - Just get up out your seat. And waaaaaave your flag because everybody plays a part - One world united singing the song... of the heart!"

"It was merely a...responsibility I felt." Bill replies after a moment to take another bite of hot dog, and to take the explanation in, "I find myself drawn to handle such matters, because I am able to."

"Hmm...I'll be okay. And /no/ I was not in love with him...he's old enough to be my great great great great great...great great and probably just keep going great...grandfather. Using the human growth harmones to remain young looking." Armand drawls softly before rubbing his hands over his face. "I'll be okay."

"You warned me off a creap when I first met you. Your warning has come in handy." Charlie says in response to Mike, "You probably didn't even notice doing it. I think you probably warned anyone. But..." She gives a shrug then turns to bounce with the music, yelling enthusiastically in support of the woman on the stage. She claps upon command and joins in with the general crowd.

You paged Rex Gregson with 'sometime... collaboration to bring about this ICly: ;)'

Alchemy balls his hands into fists. "Gnnn I just want to punch you in the face right now." he says, taking a deep breath and grabbing his backpack. "If you won't talk about it with me, talk about it with SOMEONE before you do something stupid and end up smeared all over the pavement. Manuel is not going to like that. Are you upset about that thing that was on the news? If so, then you really shouldn't be. You're better off, just chill out."

Seth says, "And because you were able to, I may still be alive today", Seth replies. "Because I sure wasn't being able to. My thanks, in any case." He presents himself. "I'm Seth, by the way.""

"And because you were able to, I may still be alive today", Seth replies. "Because I sure wasn't being able to. My thanks, in any case." He presents himself. "I'm Seth, by the way."

The alien's hands are full, hot dog, soda, and of course, his ever-present walking stick, tucked under one arm, "I am Bill." he then adds, "And I know that the name is similar to one you have here. Apparently that's a subject of some occasional humour."

"Warned off a creep." Mike repeats, brow arching, "Ah. This creep showed up again then I guess?"

"..." Armand just looks at Alchemy funny for a moment. "...I already talked to about it! I'm stressed out because I live in a city now where good is relative and bad is only bad when judged to be bad by the good guys...and watching what happened on the news just cemented it. It is not better off, it is unfortunate." He has to point out. "So...please do not punch me in the face...I am only displaying signs of stress."

Rogue looks at Bill "Ah ain't sure I follow ya, what kind of humor are ya talking about?"

"Yeah. I keep running into him." says Charlie, "So. Thanks." She taps her temple with a fingertip as she gyrates to the music coming from the talented band on stage, "What a lucky day. I got a two for one deal. You and Rex both performing. How lucky can a girl get?" She hitches up her skirt as her gyrations continue. "You are great. I need to catch you and your band in concert all on your own. See what that's like."

Sombre Tyrannosaur continues the song, and while she wasnt a tap dancer she did do some footwork, moving around the Guitarist again as the band played the rather upbeat song while sunshine, starting to go golden with the setting of the sun in the west, made the entire park glow brightly and cheerfully for a last hour of daylight as she played until about midnight, the mood definitely festive for the most part.

"My name." Bill explains, "Korbinites have tripartate names. Family, clan-grouping, and a personal name. Mine was legally changed after my selection. But I found out my personal name is essentially identical to a rather common one here. Some have found it humaorous that an alien has a common name."

Mike's smile fades a bit as Cat give the hint to who. "Oh yeah. HIM. Hate that nutter. Everytime he comes near me, just has to throw that around." The smile completely vanishes at the mention of band and he gives a slight nod, "Maybe one day. There are, some issues that need to be worked out before I can give advance warning to my shows at the moment." He frowns, seemingly remembering the reason and shakes his head, "Speaking of which, I probably shouldn't hang around here much longer. Nice, running into you again, Miss...?"

Alchemy frowns. "Then stop living here. Of course it's unfortunate but you were already stressing out about it /before/. So now the object of your stress is gone, so what more do you want? Now you can relax and actually come to classes!"

Seth nods in understanding, though he doesn't laugh at Bill's name. "Well, here it's a shorters for the name William. Will... Bill..." He chuckles some. "Hey, the way it strikes me, I think it brings two different species closer and helps in making them forget their differences, you know?" He looks at Rogue, "And on another note... Where does that name come from, Rogue?"

Charlie stops her gyration and turns to Mike, "Charlie. Charlene really but most everyone calls me Harley or Charlie. Or if you are HIM, then you call me Harlot." She laughs and offers her hand, "Hey, you can't imagine how much I've appreciated it. I seem to run into him everytime I turn around, and being prepared for shenanigans is always best right?"

Rogue turns to Seth "Well it came for mah childhood, Ah was kinda of problem child and a loner, so I picked it up the nickname, and and pretty much stuck with me since then." She of course has it as a codename, but thats not something she should sharing in the middle of Central Park concert.

Mike nods, taking the offered hand to give it a shake, "Yeah, also gives you a chance to pay your check before he bogarts the entire waitstaff." Handshake done, he gives a nod, "And now, I slip into something a little less recognizable..." Taking his hand, he gives a wave before heading back towards the backstage area.

Rogue turns to Seth "Well it came for mah childhood, Ah was kinda of problem child and a loner, so I picked it up the nickname, and and pretty much stuck with me since then." She of course has it as a codename, but thats not something she should sharing in the middle of Central Park concert as she turns to Armand "Yah should really listen to ya friend, being with Loki wasn't gonna doing anything but cause ya trouble.

"It is simple, monsyllabic-" Bill notes, "I've heard others that match up as well. 'Mike' for example." He pauses, finishing off his hot dog with a pleased expression, "But I will admit I became a bit more familir with Asgardian forms of address."

Armand sighs softly and nods a bit to Alchemy. "Maybe you are...right. Oui." His hair slowly fades back to dark brown as he eyes his cooler and looks back to Alchemy. "...I can come to classes but I'll still have work." He points out.

Charlie laughs at Mike's words then gives him a wave as he departs. Once the familiar face is gone she starts slipping through the crowd to find a good spot to watch the rest of the show.

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