Cold Shower

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Cold Shower

Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Havok, and Logan

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08/14/12 16:00

South Administration Living Quarters - Xavier's

Kitty Pryde formally announces her return stateside

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Later afternoon in the Mansion, Administration Living Quarters South, flanked by doors, stairs and more doors upstairs. There is a nice large bay window with a bench overlooking a copse of trees where a certain blue ceiling elf has found a good place to take a nap. Though, by the way his is laying, its more like Kurt had enough energy to get this far and then collapse on the bench. One knee bent up, his other leg just dangles over the edge where his foot nearly touches the floor - he'll have a Charlie Horse in his leg later after this event. He snores softly, cutting into the still air of the afternoon in this wing where everyone else is most likely doing real things.

Shadowcat peeks thru the ceiling before throwing a 'water balloon' filled instead with powder at the elf's chest to test out her new prank. Then drops down into the room with a flip, Lockheed clutching to her shoulder.

Being completely startled by the assault, Nightcrawler struggles with bench pillows and then the drapes of the window. Sending more powder flying, covering his own fuzz with more of whatever powder Cat has put into the balloon. Falling out of the bench, he takes a pillow and tosses it in a random direction, "Sabes!" The name called as if he's going to make some joke about Victor before he realizes where he even is and then looks around. Spotting Kitty, he looks mad, "Cat!," then his canines peek out of a smirk, "Cat!?! Acht! Is this how you treat your friends?!" He knows the answer is yes, which makes it more amusing. She better phase soon, cause he's coming to hug her. Friendly like, but to share the powder with her.

Shadowcat doubles over laughing "Of course!" it was just vanilla scented baby powder. After all you didn't grow up with Kurt as your friend without embracing pranks. Backing away from his as he approached "Now Kurt...hang on a sec..I'm already pale, powder just wouldn't look on me.." holding her hands out in front of her before she does phase, right thru the floor to pop up in a different spot in the room.

Doing the arms akimbo stern stance, Kurt is still smirking just the same. "So, I don't even get a real hug ... remember you created this mess Katzchen." Though he laughs just the same. He knows he can't catch her while she's suspecting, much like himself, his eyes gleam suggesting to start watching backs, prank wars might just be on. "How long have you been here? I didn't even know!" Forget rebuilding and team drama enough to make his mind slip lately, that doesn't matter.

Shadowcat giggling she unphases and walks over to give him a hug "Oh of course you get a hug, Kurt. I came with Rachel soon as I heard the mansion blew up, I wanted to help rebuild. What has been going on Kurt?"

Glad to have the hug, Kurt takes a moment then responds. "A lot, I wasn't quite ready to leave Excalibur, but it was in everyone's best interest. I've been with X-Factor over here for awhile. That's actually changed. In general, chaos, but loved chaos. You'd like it Katzchen, hopefully you're thinking about sticking around." Then he ponders the smell, lifting an arm with some powder on it, he start to reach his tongue out, wondering if it tastes like vanilla too, or if its like a powder lotion thing.

Shadowcat hugs him tight and then giggle pulling his arm down "It's not edible, Kurt. More like vanilla lotion and of course I'm sticking around. from the tidbits I've heard you need me more then Excalibur does. Giant robots and slayers? Sounds like all the fun has been over here. Hopefully there's room for me on a team?"

"Of course there is," grins Kurt, then, "Strike that, reverse it, its Alex's call, but he'd be more than happy for the company. I'll attest to it, and if he doesn't, I know where duct tape is and, come on, no like we need keys to get into his office." A laugh, he's in the best spirits he's been in, aside from the wearing off of the Russian Vodka from earlier in the day.

Shadowcat was hugging Kurt as she giggled and nodded "Then what are we waiting for?" Lockheed was perched on her shoulder with two water balloons clutched

Of course it's that time when Logan emerges from his quarters, stepping out of the room and closing the door with a click. He turns, shifting his blue-eyed gaze down the way straight towards the two of them. His eyes narrow.
It doesn't take Logan long. His eyes flick between them, to the elf, the dragon, the girl, back to the elf. He slowly puts his keys in his pocket and then brings up a rough and calloused hand, pointing at the pair of them as he lifts his gravelly voice to say, "No." He points at Nightcrawler, then towards Kitty. "Just no." That having been said he starts to walk down the hallway.

With a grin, Kurt looks around the hall, "We should go to his office, surprise him." To Lockheed, he ponders, "You as good with you aim as Cat?" Before he can go on, which he was about to, Logan arrives and pretends to be serious in suggesting he doesn't want a part of prank wars, but really meaning he does. "Ja, but you know, if not this, something worse will be waiting in the shadows." Just a thought, not his choice now, Lockheed has the balloons anyways.

Shadowcat smiles and gives Lockheed a wink, the dragon then dropping kitty a balloon as it took off to dive bomb Logan with the remaining water balloon, his claws ripping into it just above logan, nang champa fragrance spilling out. "Bamf or phase into his room and test out this other balloon?"

As Logan gives the dragon a run for its money, Kurt chuckles. "You know, they're probably sneaking into the cookie jar. When we walk in to the kitchen, he grumble about the lack of beer." Then a ponderance, "Wait, team building session 101." He calls into his comsys, "Alex, situation in Admin South, your presence is requested." Then he eyes the balloon Shadowcat is holding.

Havok has arrived.

Shadowcat gives Kurt a squeeze and muffles her giggles before moving over by the door and phasing partially into the wall

For his part, Kurt is by the bay window opposite the main door into the area, as if waiting for Alex. He strikes a contemplative pose, framed perfectly by the light filtering in trhough the large window. He's looking at the mess of the bench in that window as if wondering what happened. It looks like a struggle recently took place there. Alex, if he was sober enough, might remember Kurt running in and jumping onto that bench and snoring, or he might of been too inebriated and off to his own quarters.

Alex will emerge from his room wearing his Battlestar Galactica pajamas and still holding his pillow. His hair is completely messed up - then again that's pretty normal for him, and he's barefoot. He looks both ways as he emerges seeking the issue. His eyes are still puffy and tired from the night of vodka.

Shadowcat throws a water balloon at Alex from her phased position as soon as he walks in, if it explodes the scent of gardenia and mint fill the air heavily.

Still, Kurt will play his part until Alex reacts and he knows whether the prank succeeded or failed.

Struck with the water balloon, Alex flinches back into his room. "What the hell?" he calls out with some irritation in his voice. "Oh hell, seriously?" he asks as he catches the scent he, his pajamas and pillow are covered in.

Turning around, Kurt acts surprised, "What's going on down there." He himself covered in vanilla smelling powder from another such balloon. If Alex comes out, he might note the powder on him and the outline of ceiling elf on the bench were he crashed - probably looks like a body outline after a random act of violence even. Pretending to only now notice Alex's door open he calls out, "Oh, guess who's here ..." Then he chortles, it was stifled but now it escapes.

Shadowcat steps fully out of the wall and unphases laughing as she moved over to Kurt "Who else can we get?"

Stepping back out of his room (after dropping his pillow) he eyes Kitty and says, "Your ass is mine." and will feint a charge - making grabby hands, leaning forward with a start and stomping his right foot. But will make no forward headway toward her, just a startling presence sort of attack then will smile, "How long you here for?"

"That's really what we needed you for," grins Kurt. "Though if we'd of known you were sleeping that hard, it would of been super glue to all the pens in your office." He lets Cat explain her situation and team stuff.

Shadowcat giggles still and backs away phasing in place, just incase. "Only if you get a hold of me Alex" then unphases and smiles brightly "Long as you need me, which by the sounds of it started a while ago. Excalibur was getting a bit tight on space and they have a fix-it person, not quite as good as me but close. Super glue on the pens? we could do much better then that Kurt. Wonder how long Lockheed will be chasing Loghan for?"

"As long as I need you?" Alex queries to Kitty's statement which brings his eyes to a clearer focus and looks to Kurt, "You think she'll work on X-Factor, or should she go back to being a New Mutant?"

Giving a serious nod, Kurt responds, "You know better than now, stealth will be come in handy. She has the experience as well. But you know, team of mavericks ... she'd fit right in there too." He is purposefully overusing mavericks of late because team and mavericks are sort of contradictory.

Shadowcat wrinkles her nose "You'd seriously put me in the x-babies?! Can't beleive you Alex, you know I got the experience for X-Factor! Don't you dare go demoting me again" crossing her arms over her chest

Alex smiles, he knows he's gotten to her. His eyes narrow and he gets that serious look again, "Tell you what. If you go can get me a beer and a bottle of water before I'm done with my shower, you're in." and he'll turn on his heel and walk back into his room, intent on showering and getting the stink off.

"Translation," says Kurt as Alex stomps off in his tough looking jammies, "He wants more balloons for when he get's out of the shower. Too bad the system can handle it, otherwise it would be a good idea to flush all the toilets and heat him up."

Shadowcat opens her mouth to retort fuming but then Kurt gives her an idea "Hmm I got a better idea, nothing goes better with a hot shower then cold beer sprayed on you. He asked for cold beer...let's give it to him. Bamf me to the beer? We'll bring a case"

Pretending to looked shocked, Kurt grins, "Ja, to the the secret beer stash ... of cheap beer, I'm not ruining any of my imports." That said, he moves to grab Kitty and bamfs just the same. There are indeed places away from the students where beer is kept for thirsty X-Men and faculty alike. PBR it is, a case is easy to accomodate, and a trip to Kurt's room for a small digital video recorder. "Really, it is like a family moment, we don't want to miss a moment do we?" And onward for the proceeding event to make Kitty official a part of X-Factor.

Shadowcat smiles "Your imports are much too good to waste on a beer shower" giggling at the recorder "Weekly movie night? We certainly wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the fun" and off they go for Alex's shower

Alex showers.

Kurt records.

Shadowcat shakes up the beer good and sprays alex with it

The bathroom is a third the size of his room. The shower is a walk-in encased by glass with an open top just at 6 feet 8 inches. The mirrors and glass are foggy (except for where the water hits the glass - revealing most of Alex's lower half (from chest down). His right side is toward the door and the hot shower runs down over his face. The cold beer is nothing more than a distraction as it gives contrast to the hot of the water, but not a deluge as one may expect - a bucket of icewater would have been a better ploy.
He continues rubbing his face under the water as it goes on. There's a brief glance outward to K and K, and says, "You two really need to entertain yourselves elsewhere."

Bamfing out of the room, Kurt goes, perhaps with Kat, to ponder other entertainment.

Shadowcat phases thru the shower and turns the water all the way cold before sinking thru the floor to find Kurt. there was more fun to be had somewhere.

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