Colby meets with Shaw

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A discrete meeting between the Head of the HFC and Freelance Mercenary

Shaw Colby Sally

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09/06/12 18:00

Shaw Enterprises, Shaw's Office

Colby meets up with Shaw about a potential job

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Men of wealth and taste can often buck the trends associated with th world of 'bib business'. Once past a certain point, individual expression can come to the fore. And so it is that a meeting has been set up between the CEO of Shaw Industries and a shadier sort of character.
But the meeting itself...well. A barber's chair has been set up in the open floorspace of the man's officer, with a table and one of those little steam-boxes for hot towels nearby. A tall, well-built man with close-cropped sandy blonde hair and a very neat goatee is in a traditional barber's outfit - including arm-garters.
The big man himself, Sebastian Shaw, sits in the chair, towel about his chest, getting an old-fashioned shave with a straight razor. Unbeknownst to his appointment, the barber is actually one of the infamous Hellfire Club guards, and the razor is made of omnium steel, actually capable of cutting Shaw's beard at his current low charge level.

On his way up Colby may've been stopped a couple times for looking probably out of place. Non-descript ball-cap, aviator sunglasses, some normal street-clothes. He looks like some regular guy wandering in off the street. Regardless, he has an appointment and makes his way up to 'the big man's' office. On his way up he produces a pair of gloves and puts them on before touching the elevator, or doors and seems to have a keen eye for surveillance and is pretty good at obscuring the portion of his face that is visible. Once inside the room he simply steps to the side of the door, closing it behind him, and studies Shaw and his little show.

The building is alive with surveillance. Visual, IR, a few sonar systems, pressure sensors, and also a few more esoteric devices that detect a unique brainwave pattern only a small segment of humanity produces...
Shaw doesn't look up from his shave, he really has to time these things on occasion, too high a charge and even the dead keratin tissue is nearly indestructable. A pause as the blonde man expertly edges around those muttonchops, "Ah. Mr. 'WiFi' is it? How nice that you could squeeze this in. I understand the inconvenience to you of coming here, but you know how busy one can get."

The man called 'WiFi' continues to stand by the door, "Well, when someone seems to go out of their way to get my attention and garner 'references' it tends to catch my attention." he says simply, at least cracking a half smile at the notion, "I don't really like meeting in person for my jobs, when I can help it - So you'll have to forgive me if I tend to cut to the chase. You don't seem like someone who would just want to meet me for some new company." he says.

"Well, I appreciate your taking the time." Shaw says evenly, raising his chin slightly as his barber brings the gleaming blade slowly up. It's also a bit more than that. He made the man come here, it's a little bit of dominance established. "We can speak freely here, of for anything? Coffee? Tea? I've a very nice mugicha - barley tea - I picked up from some friends in Kyoto. Served cool, very refreshing for summer."
He goes on, "I have something that requires your unique talents. A bit risky in terms of the attention you might draw."

Colby shakes his head in response to the offer of a drink, "I'm fine." he says, contemplating what Shaw says for a long moment before taking a step forward, "I pride myself in not drawing attention. If you get made, it kind of defeats the point of being subtle in the first place. Anyone can go in and make a mess out of things, takes a different sort to get it done quietly and without drawing much attention." he explains simply, bringing his arms up and crossing them in front of his chest, "What are the details?" he finally asks directly.

There's no knock on the door to anounce Sally's arrival. She looks just like any other young entry-level employee in a business environment. Simple, off the rack pant suit, medium heel, nothing too out of the ordinary. She holds a series of folders close to her chest, a pen held in one hand. Odd that she's not stopped as she strides through the room to the barber's chair, "Pardon the interruption Mr. Shaw, some of the new contracts have arrived, and your signature is needed immediatly..." she says softly.

The barber pauses, taking a moment to rinse the razor in a nearby bowl. He's quiet, very professional. Colby may notice the man has what is called 'situational awareness' and potentially a small bulge in the small of his back, padded maybe? Most people wouldn't notice it at all.
Shaw takes this moment to glance over to Sally, "Excellent. I hope you didn't have to ride them too hard to actually get them to send those over. This gentleman is my 6 o'clock, you remember." He'd told her a bit about the man he'd wanted to potentially hire. Surveillance expert of a very high caliber...He'd had Ms. Blevins monitoring the man on the way up, after all. Funny, but several of the signals had acted as if interfered with as he moved through the building. Possibly technological, possibly...something more.
He leans forward a bit, shave still not quite finished, but takes the pen and folders, as he reads them over he also speaks to his appointment - "Surveillance at first, with the understanding that there is also a team engaging in a more active campaign, steering the subject towards a specific target. So don't get underfoot."

Colby watches Sally as she comes in, handing over the folders. And if he's used his powers since arriving, he hasn't made it known he was doing so. He does nod politely to the girl, flashing a bit of a smile to her before re-settling his attention on Shaw, "I make it a point to keep a low profile. But it does make it easier when I know that I need to be on the look-out for other assets in the field." he says, staying where he's standing for now as he's waiting for Shaw to finish his shave, "Who's the mark and what's the goal? Or do you want to simply have that information delivered at another time." he asks, shifting his weight from one leg to the other, "And I'm sure you know how I operate. I expect full-expense payment up-front, non-negotiable and non-refundable. I don't renig on jobs, as I'm sure you're aware. But I also don't pay out-of-pocket for..." he trails off and clears his throat, "On the job expenses." he adds with that faint smile returning. Business has been good lately it seems.

"No, they were wrangled and delivered, without voice or ire being raised Mr. Shaw." she says to the man. She's smiling politely, even towards Colby. She carries no weapons, maybe a cellphone, a small wallet with a few cards that have RFID tags, but in a place like this, who doesn't have RFID tagged cards. "Once you're done with these, I'll have copies sent to accounting, purchasing, and Legal, these will go back to the firm." she continues.

She watched. She followed. A shadow, always from behind, stopping here there to talk with someone, drop this, that or the other off, but she watched.

As the men speak though, she doesn't look to interested, bored even would be a good descriptor for her current...mood.

"Purchasing will be pleased." Shaw remarks, "They've been going 110% since that business with the rogue machines. We're extending ourselves a little there to get the jobs completed on schedule, but we'll make it up in additional contracts we can free the human resources up for sooner. OT all 'round." he says jovially.
He also knows full well hat Wifi -must- be picking up on the fact that he's conducting this business in front of two additional people. "I'll have a dossier sent to you, we'll set up a drop at your convenience." that's one thing Shaw's known for in the mercenary community - he's flexible to their needs. He seems to like encouraging genuine goodwill and loyalty. A lot of the Russians really appreciate it.
"Of note is the fact that you will be running under the radar of the Avengers, potentially. Nothing direct, but they have an interest in the subject."

Colby lets his attention stay away from Sally. If he knew that she was tailing him, he didn't let on to the fact. As Shaw talks again he listens intently, taking in the information and considering it, "Jobs like this cost more, that's a given. The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. can be a pain in the ass in general if for no other reason than their own self-righteous attitudes. But it's not a deal breaker." he explains, uncrossing his arm and scratching his cheek for a moment, "I'll leave you a location for the drop-off for the dossier. Once I look it over I will get back to you inside of twenty-four hours with a price for the job, up-front expenditures and a time-frame." he says, taking another step forward and extending his hand towards Shaw.

"Well if that's all Mr. Shaw." she says, taking the folders back, stepping away from the chair, she smiles to Shaw and then to Colby, before heading out of the office.

Shaw leans forward in his chair and takes the proffered hand...quite a grip he's got there, "I look forward to seeing how you do under the somewhat difficult circumstances. If I'm pleased with the work, there will be more." So far he's pleased that the man didn't ask any questions he didn't need to ask. Didn't ask about the two additional parties present...yes, this one understands discretion, and that's some high marks right from the start.

Other than making a visual and mental note of the others in the room, they're not his concern. Colby understands discretion and knows that a man like Shaw wouldn't include others in a meeting that he didn't trust and it has little bearing on whatever job he is hired to do. Upon withdrawing his hand there'd be a simple white business-card in Shaw's hand for a chinese restuarant downtown with a single phrase written on the back 'back left booth', with those he normally deals with that is ample information to figure out where to put the information. "I'm looking forward to getting the information." he says simply, offering a single nod as he turns and starts to make his way out of the office.

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