Coffee Talk: Rock and Religion

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Aurora, Rex Gregson

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The coffee shop was bustling at noon this day. The only seat remaining was at Rex Gregsons' table in the window. She was out of costume as she sat there, humming, penning down lines on a notebook, a few other images of sketches on the table here and there as she worked quietly and peacefully by herself.

While Jeanne-Marie is the sort to keep to herself, the Coffee Bean being so busy today, lead her to approach Rex with her coffee cup in hand, murmuring in a weak voice, "excusez-moi, I am zorry to ask, but, may I s'are zee table wit' you?" She is dressed in a conservative manner, and despite her being quite tall, she seems to carry herself in a quiet and somewhat small demeanor.

Rex Gregson looks up a few times, her eyes glazed from thought before they clear up. Then she smiles and pushes the chair out with a toe "Of course you can!" there was a hint of an english accent in her own voice, moving a few of the sketches to one side. Some of them seemed... racy. Those same ones had an X in the lower corner as well, while others had checkmarks or nothing. All the most racy ones had Xes though. "Let me make some room."

"Merci," Jeanne-Marie says with a pleasant smile, as she honestly was expecting to have to stand. Slipping into the seat pushed out for her, she sets her cup on the table. "Normally I would lait you be, busy today..." having peered accidentally at some of Rex's work, Jeanne-Marie asks, "you an artist? Or eez t'is a 'obby?" A moment later, and she offers her hand with a faint flush on her cheeks, "forgive me for not inroducing myself, Jeanne-Marie, I'm from Montreal."

"Its understandable. I prefer it too." then she ohs at the artwork "That's not mine. Its my... costume designer. We're going over new costume ideas." she explains sheepishly, covering up one that would even embarass Britney spears. "We're having a difference of opinions you could say. I'm Rex Harrison... american, but raised in Britain mostly." she takes the hand with a firm shake and wrm smile. "My hobby is actually butterflies."

"Costume designer...?" Jeanne-Marie asks with an arched brow, "zat's nice, w'ere in Britain?" Jeanne-Marie asks for curiosity's sake, before quipping, "I would go for a costume zat consists of clothing," no doubt she's caught a glimpse of a few marked with 'X's. Jeanne-Marie does lighten up when Rex mentions her actual hobby, "butterflies? Zat's vairy nice! Do you watch t'em?"

"Mostly london. My father was an Ambassador, so we did end up moving a bit." she explains. she grins "I'm more a collector. But I try to 'catch and release', and take only pictures. I also take part in a few programs that help track migration routes via microchips. I just scan the bugger with a tool, and it sends the data instantly so they know where its' ben spotted. I have some actual collections, although most were 'dead collected'. I try to be humane about it as much as possible."

"London is a a vairy big city," Jeanne-Marie comments, she looks concerned at the mention of being a collector of living creatures, but does relaxes her visage when she hears about the 'photograph and release' bit. "Good, zat is good. Zey are vairy beautiful t'ings, zee butterflies. Just one more example of zee glory of God."

"Of... oh! yes." a smile and comprehension dawns "VERY beautiful. I mostly know about European species, so I'm really starting out fresh footed again here in the americas. Its pretty much over for the winter though. What about you? What hobbies do you have? " she asks, sipping her coffee, then grimacing.

"All I really know eez 'ow beautiful zey are," Jeanne-Marie offers with a soft smile, she's certainly no expert when it comes to butterflies, and she's aware of the fact. "Just zee one, praise and worship of God," Jeanne-Marie says with the kind of wholesome smile that suggests it's all she truly needs. Well, there's more to her than that, but it's not something she'll freely discuss.

Rex Gregson nods slowly, but with a warm smile "Yeah. Sometimes I just sit and stare at them, almost mesmerized. Beautiful things. I dont remember how I got into them. I think it was a field trip. But again; what do you like to do for hobbies?"

"I just answered," Jeanne-Marie seems insistant on her reply, "nothing is as fulfilling as the worshipping and praising of God," she nods solemnly and reaches for her purse where she pulls out a French translation of the bible, just to show Rex she wasn't kidding, before putting the book back in her purse and reaching for a sip of her coffee.

Rex Gregson blinks, then ohhs and nods "I see. Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. I applaud your devotion to it - a lot of folk like to say they are, but dont actually act it all out. Makes the rest look bad if you ask me. What do you do professionally then?" she inquires next.

"Zat is vairy kind of you," Jeanne-Marie says with a what seems to be a satisfied smile, "not a lot of people appreciate it anymore. It eez really a sad t'ing. So much we learn from zee bible, it makes us bettair people." Asked for what she does professionally, Jeanne-Marie answers, "I teach."

"It has a lot of good advice yeah. Too bad people are too busy fighting over poorly-interpreted peices or ignoring parts of it." a sniff, then she ohs "Teach what? And college level, below or above? Do you teach French? Religion maybe?" she takes guesses with a wide smile.

"Zat is w'at 'appens w'en people try to put words in God's mouth," Jeanne-Marie shakes her head, no doubt disapproving of any who claim to know all that God truly intends based on their interpertation of the bible, or whatever book their religion follows. "Catholic School," Jeanne-Marie answers what may well seem very fitting about her now. "I do keep to French and Religion, yes, you are perceptive, Rex."

"Well, I had a few clues." admits Rex with a shrug and smile, nodding in agreement to the first part "Well, cheers to you then, for being a good example, as we all should no matter our faith. Its also nice to have table company this day too, even if unexpected."

"I'm not vairy good at appearing like somet'ing I am not," Jeanne-Marie says light-heartedly, not even realizing how far from the truth she is venturing at the moment. "I agree, I find given zee c'ance, most people can find good in t'emselves." Nodding sagely, Jeanne-Marie reaches to drink the rest of her coffee.

"Most at least." admits the rock star as she finishes her own, then picks upthe pictures, ponderously. THen with a small cry, drops them on the table and picks up her pen to scribble a few lines "Sorry. Just had a moment of clarity there. A bit of inspiration you could say."

"It eez no bot'er, do you need 'elp?" Jeanne asks, possibly offering to narrow down the potential costumes? She peers at her wrist watch for a moment, looking to be on schedule herself.

"Hmm. Well, I could use some opinions... Over in Europe there's different expectations from rock stars, though I HARDLY want to dress like... some young 'ladies' over here." remarks Rex as she slides a few images over "I honestly like this one and that one - comfortable, but not too revealing, and the lines work well I think, kind of like KISS. This one is a bit more JEdi style, though I think it would get me the nerd niche."

It is very apparent that Jeanne-Marie is absolutely clueless about pop culture, because she seems lost at the references that Rex makes. She does, however, readily points at what seems to be the outfit that would cover most of Rex's body compared to the others. "T'is one looks vairy nice to me. It is becoming."

"Yeah. I wasnt too sure myself. It could be hot up on stage if we use Pyro." admits Rex "Well, I dont have to go with just ONE outfit. I can save those for hockey arenas and outdoors." She decides with a smile, making a note on the picture.

"Pyro...? Fire? Isn't zat dangerous?" Jeanne-Marie shows genuine concern for Rex's well being, obviously, never having seen a rock concert. "Do be careful...not wort' it to get 'urt for fame..."

"Only a little bit. I try and use only the smallest ones myself." explains Rex "And unlike some concerts, we only do it outside, and with a 'safe zone' around the stage. When we're doing pyro I also arrange to have my outfit made of something that isnt too flammable. Wool is surprisingly cool when its very finely woven, AND it doesnt burn. It just smoulders, so you dont find yourself aflame." She smiles "Its a bit of a risk of the job, but to be honest Its not THAT big a risk. I think the biggest is losing my hearing."

Jeanne-Marie was about to stress out how it is still dangerous, before Rex's changing of topic works like a charm, and she immediately agrees, "I don't know 'ow zee kids can listen to music so loud and not lose zeir hearing..."

"I wear earplugs and I still feel it. And i'm not even the loudest out there." Confesses Rex with a shrug, putting the pictures away now that she'd poured over them "To be honest, there IS a certain volume that music is meant to be listened to, which is a lot louder than you think. I was taken to a few classical concerts, and THAT was pretty loud."

"Zat so? I don't recall evair hearing classical music being too loud," Jeanne-Marie confesses in turn, though one has to consider she likely has been to very specific concerts, no doubt all played in the school she was teaching.

"Well, not Too 'loud', but louder than you think they are meant to be heard at. The perfect volume, unless its a very quiet peice, should block out most other noises." explains Rex with a guesture.

"Interesting...I fancy listening to Bach, he was fond of God, w'at classical music do you like? I find it interesting zat someone like you would enjoy classical music." She doesn't mean any offense, judging by her face, but she definitely can come off condescending.

"Beethoven's my kick right now." She grins a little bit "I listen to a bit of everything really. Rock /is/ my favourite, but ou can find inspiration anywhere. A band, the Trans Siberian Orchestra, specializes in original peices and 'rock' versions of classical songs. Their 'Flight of the Bumblebee' is epic."

"I'll 'ave to take your word for it," Jeanne-Marie says as she finishes her coffee and gets up, "t'ank you very much for letting me s'are zee table wit' you, Rex, good luck wit' your music...and costumes." She waves briefly and then turns to go her way.

Rex Gregson smiles "Thanks. You take care too okay? " she states to the woman, waving as she departed

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