Coffee Break

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Emma Frost, Firestar

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08/09/12 05:34


Angelica Jones takes a break from all the chaos taking place recently, reading a novel and drinking coffee at a street side cafe. She happens by some unwanted company when Emma Frost joins her table.

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With all that's been going on lately, Angelica Jones is only too happy to just be normal for a day, relax and take it easy. She's sitting in a street side table at a cafe, sipping on an iced coffee, and reading a novel. The book is a light hearted romance novel, perfect for how Angel has been feeling over the last few weeks.

Would that Emma Frost's day had been going so well as Angelica's. The morning had been hectic at best, with too many details and not enough time to see to them. Having finally gotten the last of the transactions and deals dealt with, two hours after her usual lunch hour would have ended, the blonde CEO had left the office early in favor of a long walk to clear her head.

Thus, she finds herself in the general area of a certain sidewalk cafe, where a certain redhead sits immersed in her novel. In spite of Emma's habitual surface thought probing, Angelica escapes her attention for most of a minute. Only when she passes next to the cafe does the girl's presence register.

And then another presence registers, one close by. An unassuming fifty-ish man with greying dark hair, slightly balding, in rather bland slacks and a slightly rumpled sweater at another table in the cafe, sipping coffee and reading a newspaper. The sort of person most people imagine when they remember their nice, helpful old history or math teacher from high school, the one who stayed after class to help with tough assignments or tutoring. Only Emma realizes the inordinate amount of attention he is paying to Angelica, watching her just barely over the top of his newspaper, and she doesn't find his thoughts nice at all...

Suppressing a shiver and managing to clench only one fist instead of both at the rage that boils up inside her, she puts on a quick smile and approaches Angelica's table. "I'm back!" she says, cheerfully, as though greeting a younger sister or cousin, pausing next to a vacant chair. "Sorry to keep you waiting so long... it was a /madhouse/ in there." She's barely finished speaking when she tacks on a telepathic message; |*Please play along, Angelica... I know you don't trust me, but please listen. You've attracted some very unwanted attention.|

Angelica for her part doesn't even realize how close her once mentor, turned nemesis, and then turned too damned confusing is close to her. It's a good thing, the fluffy book gives her peace of mind, something good to focus on, and of course, room for musing and imagining what it would be like to live in the world these novels seem to take place in. Because it's definitely not happening on the Earth that Angel knows.

Little does Angel knows that there's another who is paying exceptionally close attention to her, probably more than she'd be comfortable in, but the book is offers such isolation from the world, she really can't tell. When Emma joins her at her table so audibly, the wonderful sweet imagery of the romance novel shutters, as Angelica finds herself all at once in reality, with Emma right next to her.

Perfect, just the company Angelica needed at this time. She is about to open her mouth at Emma, when the telepathic message that follows make her take a moment to reconsider, before forcing a smile to her lips, "Emma, it's a bout time you showed up...I already went ahead and ordered for myself, sorry I didn't wait." And then she says in the most private manner one has for conversations with Emma, |*what attention? Does that have anything to do with the robots and Ultron?|

|I almost wish it did... it's coming from that man eyeing you over his newspaper, and his thoughts are making me positively /ill/,*|is Emma's telepathic reply. |*I'm hoping he'll think you're not alone and take his twisted intentions someplace else. I've been trying /so hard/ to keep from forcing my will upon others. Even the ones who deserve it.|

Outwardly, she pouts a little, her tone turning regretful. "Oh, Angel, I'm sorry... I tried to get done as quickly as I could. Could I help it that there was a sale on in the same store? Time and deals wait for no woman, after all," she replies, contritely at first, more flippantly later, doing her best to sound like a shopping-obsessed older sister, or maybe a younger aunt.

|Huh?*|Angelica clearly had no clue, as she peers barely towards the man eyeing her, cautious not to get noticed. |*Really? I never get any luck with guys...well, if he tried something I would have totally nuked him,*|Angelica makes sure that Emma knows she can take care of herself.

Putting her book down, a typical saccharine cover of a couple kissing at sunset on the beach, she leans back in her seat and takes a sip of her chilled drink. "You should read this sometime, it's really quite nice how wonderful life can be for some people...I guess that's why they call it fiction." Nodding her head, Angelica quips, "I think there's going to be major sales in robotics soon, what with all the parts all over the world."

|Were this place not so public, I'd applaud that sentiment. Actually, I do anyway, since he so richly deserves it. But one dirty old man just isn't worth that kind of exposure.*|Emma nods a tiny nod as Angelica notes her 'admirer'. "Oh, so true. Perhaps I should have given up accounting and gone into the salvage business," she quips, chuckling softly, lifting a hand to signal the waiter.

The lurker folds his newspaper, frowning faintly, and tucks it under his arm, finishing the last of his coffee. |*Oh, thank God... maybe he's finally leaving,*|the blonde telepath muses, faint relief showing on her face. Thankfully, her back is to the man in question.

|Yeah, that's my mouth talking ahead of my brain,*|Angelica admits as she has another sip and then puts her glass down. "You'd probably make a ton of profit, and you know profit," Angelica smirks half heartedly. |*You know Emma, it's amazing how you got here just in time to 'save' me, are you sure you didn't hire that creeper?*|At this point, Angelica really doesn't put anything beyond Emma's scope.

|Angelica, you disappoint me. If I'd hired someone just to save you, I would have come up with a better villain, a better entrance, and a less public location in which to do both of those things. Besides, he's a level of perverted I don't even like to imagine,*|Emma retorts softly, one hand resting on the table clenching into a white-knuckled fist as she squashes an inner surge of anger at the 'creeper'.

Outwardly, she smiles wryly, shrugging helplessly. "It makes me wish I could /make/ a better profit or two. So few people want to hire a blonde accountant these days... maybe it's all the blonde jokes flying about."

|I guess I can give you that,*|Angelica has to admit to herself that all of Emma's prior manipulations has been on a much grander scale, heck, making her think she ruined an entire ball galla whilst killing her favorite horse because she hooked up with a boy? Yes, far, far grander than a creeper eyeing her in a cafe. |*I guess there is a downside to your power after all, seeing the thoughts of creeps like him.|

"Oh, no doubt, you never made extra profit just because you're a blonde. At least with blondes the joke is they're stupid, guys like that, red heads have a much worse reputation." Angelica isn't going to vouch for that reputation, everyone is free to make their own calls on the matter. |*So, it's pure accident you wound up here, huh?|

|Ironically, it is. Or fate. I really couldn't tell you which.*|Emma forces herself not to look, letting the creep's thoughts clue her in on what he's doing. Which seems to be tossing some cash onto his table next to his empty coffee cup and moving to leave. |*Yes, he really is leaving. Thank goodness. I could have lived a longer, happier life never knowing a thing about that man.|

"Well, let others draw their own conclusions. /I/ know you're a sweetheart, Angel. And anyone who takes the time to truly get to know you will know it, too," she says, with a warmer smile. |*A sweetheart who truly deserved a better teacher... who became powerful and remained true to herself in spite of my work rather than because of it.|

|Sounds about right, fate has a way of screwing me up,*|Angelica manages to sound misreable even in her thoughts as she meanwhile keeps a forced smile at Emma, aside from looking a bit uncomfortable sharing the table with her. "Yes, especially someone like Manuel," Angel seems to bring his name up of all people not just for the bad memories, but perhaps as a sign to signal Emma she is no longer a firm believer in Emma's wouldbe reform. Crossing her arms, Angel smirks and quips, "if there's one thing I can say about you did make me strong, and you did prepare me for this world."

"Perhaps that's the greatest irony of all," Emma muses, her eyes sad. "Of all the people you could have chosen to believe, you picked the one who never did anything but hurt you and lie to you, to your face. The one who hated you for being taught apart from the others, for being special... above all, for being better than him. Yet you took him at face value. Unless it's bacause he was never less than honest about his intentions toward you, I'll never understand why."

She sighs softly, bowing her head a little. "He hasn't changed, Angelica, even though what he told you may make you think otherwise. He's only found new people to hate, new targets to exercise his cruelty upon. I'm still trying to repair the damage he's done to one of my new students. Yet the fault is mine, not his... deep down, I made him that way."

"Yeah, I have a tendency to attract bullies and people that love to pick on me, but it got a whole lot worse in Snow Valley, even if it felt better for the longest time. Where did you even find people like Jenn and Manuel? They are downright devious to the core." Angelica shakes her head at some errant memories flying about in her head.

Tapping her fingers on the table, Angelica immediately points out, "I'm not a love sick puppy for him, not anymore, he knows better than to try his stunts on me least I hope he knows better. I don't think he changed his ways, but I know he really has no reason to lie to me about you. I mean...he's probably not on your good side either, I doubt you even wanted him to join in with...-that- crowd." Angelica has no better word for the Hellfire Club, and to be honest, she doesn't know a whole lot about them, other than she was being groomed to assassinate one of them, and that Emma really considered all of them much too danerous a company to any of the Hellions. "New students? I didn't know about that...the school is up and running again? How things change...anybody I know still attending?"

"You're right, he has no reasons to lie to you. Except two... because it would hurt you, and it would hurt me," Emma replies, softly. "He'll never forgive me for holding even one person above him in esteem. And I'm afraid the world is full of such people as Manuel and Jenn. Most of them just don't have the power they have... or, in poor Jenn's case, had."

She nods slowly. "Your intuition does you credit, Angelica. It is, and there are a few. And there are more new students. I had not planned to take a direct role in running the school... not after... after what happened," she says, unable to even bring herself to speak directly of the tragedy. But circumstances dictated that I could not let Selene handle everything. So ironically, I am once more a headmistress of a school. Perhaps it is a chance to make up for my past mistakes."

Logan pages: he doesn't really have much ground from which to pontificate about peoples behaviour, unless they do something to endanger people or the like.

"How would it hurt me? I've already betrayed my trust in the worst way possible, I used to think you were a real living saint..." Angelica rolls her eyes at her own folly, "so...Jenn lost her powers, huh? What happened? Karma?" Listening to Emma's recounting of what development happened with the school, she nods, "well, maybe these Hellions will have better luck. In any case, don't you ever isolate anyone from the's cruel, they all thought I was stuck up. They hated me..."

"She lost her /life/, Angelica," Emma all but whispers. "Like so many others..." For a long moment she cannot speak, her eyes widening, then squeezing shut as, for once, her icy calm cracks at the memory.

Forcing it to the back of her mind, she continues, soberly. "Perhaps he felt that my attempt to seek your forgiveness would bear some manner of fruit... that you might hate me less, or even not at all. Surely you felt something different than anger and bitterness when we spoke, before he told you what he did." As Angelica addresses things to be done differently, she can only nod slowly. "Would that I had learned that lesson sooner. You didn't deserve their hatred, or any of the rest. Neither do they."

Angelica stares at Emma in shock, silent, but shocked. It takes her a bit to force herself not to feel good about this bit of news. Even if she was one of the most horrid people Angelica ever knew, nobody deserves to die so young. "Emma..." Angelica starts, and then she just picks up her book and stands up, looking quite jarred, "I can't do this right now, please, let me be..." and she starts to walk away, and if she's attentive, Emma might pick on her starting to cry as she makes a quick retreat. She hates this confusion she finds herself, where she knows she should hate Emma, she knows Emma doesn't deserve forgiveness, and then she's right back in the Snow Valley Academy, manipulated by everyone, be it Emma or Empath, or god knows who. Right now she needs to go back home or to Warrior Central, places where she knows she's genuinely loved and respected.

"I thought you knew... she died with most of the other Hellions," Emma begins, but Angelica is already rising, turning to leave... no, flee. The seemingly heartless White Queen stares after her for a long several moments, slightly widened eyes and a barely noticeable parting of her lips the only signs of her own inner turmoil. She wants so badly to use her powers, to understand Angelica's torment, but her respect for the girl, the need not to abuse what little trust she may ever have in her, ties her mind and her hands. Even so, to hold herself back takes every last ounce of her near-legendary self-control.

She bows her head slightly, eyes coming to rest on the tabletop. |*As you wish, Angelica. I'm sorry...*|And she thought her morning had been bad...

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