Codename Conversation

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Cyclops and Richenda Gray

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07/09/12 21:21

Second Floor Landing - Xavier Mansion

Scott and Richenda chat about codenames and other things.

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Late evening on Monday, And Cyclops sighs as he stands outside the door to Kisha and Richenda’s room. Kisha took it upon herself to try to remove her codename from the door. So Cyclops stands with a new nameplate with their codenames, ‘Nemo and Showstopper’ He is dressed in his X-Men uniform, but the head piece is pulled back and he wears his ruby quartz contact lenses, giving him a red glowing eyed-look.

It doesn't matter where you are, when it's freaking hot, it's freaking hot! Grateful for the cooling-off after sunset, even in her cropped denim shorts and pink tanktop, Chenda Gray is just now returning to her room.

Or would be. There's an administrator in front of the door! The dark-haired waif blinks and comes to an awkward stop, suddenly aware that said administrator is in full uniform and she's not only emphatically /not/, but wind-mussed and sticky with sweat. "Um, hi! Is this an official visit?" she asks, trying for chipper and only managing nervous. The heat is on. The other kind of heat.

Only glancing at Richenda for a minute, her outfit does not bother or phase him. This man is on a team with Psylocke, have you seen what she wears. He smiles, “Hot out, huh?” He hmphs as he finishes placed the nameplate on the door. “Not really an officially. Kisha does not like the codename she chose for herself and thought it would be amusing to replace it. Thankfully we have a bunch of these saved up.”

"Very, but it's cooling down." Chenda smiles self-consciously and looks up at the plate. "She... kinda replaced it with her name, Mr. Summers," she says. "She doesn't want to go by her team handle without a good reason. I guess I can relate, since I'm not on a team."

“Well, it is a requirement for the school. So, at times, in life we must do things we don’t like. Follow rules. I didn’t like being called Cyclops when I first got here. I adjusted and accepted it. Now I am quite fond of it. Plus you chose your own codenames.” Scott ponders a moment, “Why did you pick Showstopper?”

"Why'd you pick Cyclops?" Chenda ripostes, grinning amiably. She knows better than to argue with /Scott/ about rules. "I'll share if you will! Or is there a rule about telling people why you chose the name you did?" After all, there's no rule about liking rules, or about teasing.

“To be honest, I did not pick it. The Professor chose our codenames. And mine was more of an appearance thing. When I have my visor on, it looks as if I have one long slit for an eye. One eye, thus Cyclops.” Scott shrugs, “Nothing to interesting or secretive about it.”

"I'd guessed something like that, though what you said about not liking being called that when you came in cemented it," Chenda replies. "As for Showstopper... well, have you read my file?"

“Yeah, didn’t like it. But it stuck and now I appreciate it.” Scott smiles, “It is direct and pretty much lets people know what I am. Unlike some other codenames, it really does fit.” He then nods, “I have read your file.”

"So you've probably got a guess or two or your own," Chenda says, smiling. The expression quickly turns a little self-deprecating. "But just to cut the suspense, I'll say that I grew up in show biz... okay, strictly small-time show biz, but it qualified! That's the first reason. The second... okay, call me vain, but I thought it was pretty obvious," she adds, playfully striking a pose.

Looking over at Chenda, Scott simply blinks, though those red contact lenses make it look much more sinister than it really is. He is more confused than anything else. “I have learned that it is best not to assume, nor are some things as obvious as some may think.”

Chenda blinks under that ruby-quartz look, then laughs and gives him a playful push on the shoulder. "You'd think I'd know better than to tease /you/ by now," she says, shaking her head.
"Lighten up, Mr. Summers. Sometimes a joke is just a joke."

Half-smiling, “You’ll find, Chenda, I have a sense of humor that most do not get. But I do have my own sense of fun and humor as well.” Scott fully smiles, “So how have you enjoyed your time here? It is always good to get some student input?”

"I must be running into you at all the wrong times, then," Chenda replies philosophically. "Maybe I should catch you more often, so I can find out just what makes you laugh. God knows I'm lousy at it!"

Darn. Hard question. How do you tell the principal you don't like school and still keep your head on straight? "Well, the house is nice... and I like most of the people... and... I do love the cause and all..." she says, her smile turning nervous and one toe digging into the carpet.

Being proficient at reading people, well it is more of a necessary being leader of the X-Men and headmaster, Scott nods and listens attentively as Chenda speaks, “Well, that is good and all, but what part of the school do you not like?” He is still smiling, trying his best not to be too intimidating.

Tall guy. Full uniform. Glaring red visor. Smile. Three ticks for intimidating, one tick for not. But it's obvious he's /trying/. Chenda sighs and lowers her eyes. "I don't like the 'school' part. I'm stuck in a classroom when it's obvious that scholarship isn't, and never will be, my strong suit... or even my weak suit. Learning to use my powers is cool and all, but it's the only thing I'm doing more than barely passing in, and not for lack of trying." She hesitates, as if there might be more, but swallows and says nothing else. The attitude screams 'bored teenager', but a glance at her school records might prove enlightening.

“Ah, the academic part of the school.” Scott laughs, “Did you know when I was a student, I nearly failed my academic classes. I mean I excelled in my powers training, enough to the point where I was picked as leader over the other students.” Scott shakes his head as he remembers back to his time as a student, “ I was never good at any of the classroom, especially around students like Hank McCoy.” He shrugs, “But look at me now. . .I am running a school. The classroom is important, but not everyone is a great student. Some people get by. Be grateful you excel with your powers training. You are a bit more advanced that some of the other students. You were impressive when you assisted in the rescue of Lifeguard and her brother.”

Chenda blushes. "If this goes on much longer, sir, it might go beyond 'nearly'," she opines. The mention of Heather's rescue, on the other hand, makes her blink and open her mouth in surprise. "Wow... I didn't think anybody noticed I was there. I mean, Havok acted like I'd been nothing but in the way."

“Well, my brother and I view things differently. I wasn’t there, but I heard both you and Kisha played integral roles. It was that and your status as having been here nearly a year that I put both of you together as roommates. As different as you both are, I figure you both will eventually play leadership roles within the mutant community, that is of course, if you want that.” Scott responds.

Chenda blushes. It's not easy to find out that someone thinks highly of you. "Um, pardon me for asking, but why us? I mean, unless you figure that if I can handle the stress of being Kisha's roomie, I can handle anything."

“Pretty much.” Scott smiles simply, “If you can take on the Imperial Guard then you can handle being Kisha’s roommate. I believe while the differences are vast. You two complement each other. Hopefully it works out.” He exhales a bit and lets out a small yawn, “Well, I have a ton of paperwork to go over, but it was nice speaking with you, Chenda.”

"Hopefully is the right word," Chenda murmurs doubtfully. "Take care, Mr. Summers. Um, just one more thing? If you dress casual and wear your red glasses, you're a lot less scary. Just sayin'!" With that, she takes a deep breath and opens the door to her shared room, releasing hints of pent-up chemical smell. She ducks inside and the door slams shut.

Moments later comes the sound of a window being thrown open in a terrible hurry, then silence. Hopefully, that means she got it open in time and didn't pass out from the fumes.

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