Club Recruitment

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Club Recruitment

Sebastian Shaw, Julian Keller

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11/30/2010 8:34pm

Grand Ballroom - Hellfire Club - New York

Shaw Recruits Keller for the HFC

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Ah, near to year's end, the time for charity! Well, tax write-offs, conspicuous displays of wealth, and the chance to appear to -genuinely- care for the downtrodden. Of course, some of the people here, at one of the earlier (and more 'public') Hellfire Club events actually -do- know what it is to work one's way up. One such individual is tonight's host, Sebastian Shaw. Say what you will about him, the man does occasionally actually perform the odd altruistic deed...helps keep society stable in ways he wants it to be stable.
Glad-handing, chit-chat, networking, the decor is subdued, not screaming with yule-themed accoutrement, but rather like an extremely subdued Saturnalia.
Not everyone who is here.. wants to be here.. highlight of the charity and giving season or not. Some people.. couldn't care less. People like young Julian. He's following his parents around with a champagne glass full of grape juice as he's under age to drink. Well legally speaking anyway. With his mother iced out in a silver glittering gown, and diamonds the size of his eyeballs hanging from her ears, and his father wearing an Armani suit, custom made of course... They are making a point to be seen enjoying the spirit of the holidays. Julian however, is just tagging along as they threatened to dock his allowance if he bailed on them. So the bored young man entertains thoughts of using his powers to trip up waiters.. embarrass old ladies and generally make a nuisance of himself. But he's good... for now.
Deep beneath the Club proper, machinery hums quietly. While Emma Frost is not at the helm, the computerized networks of Cyberiad are hard at work, intercepting signals, translating neural impulses. Proximity is such a boon, and several technicians have already sent the appropriate alerts to those who need to know - 'Unknown mutant on premises'. Portable sensors are discreetly moved, to triangulate the source of the signal...and wouldn't you know it...of a perfect age to have likely been manifested for only a few years. A few more discreet code words sent via heavily encrypted signals, and Sebastian Shaw is made aware of the presence.
How intriguing. The Kellers are slightly known to him, he doesn't maintain that Intel network just for fun. Nouveaux riche, not that that in and of itself is a problem - he himself is technically such, despite the name and background of his family, but they seemed so...empty of promise. And so he makes his way expertly through the gathered attendees, a notoriously firm handshake here, a quick comment there, and he stands before the Kellers, cutting an imposing, yet jovial figure, "Ah...a ways from home, but always a pleasure to see new faces at one of our revels. Thank you so very much for attending." he begins.

Julian takes a step back despite himself as their esteemed host appears and sighs, sipping at his drink to cover the reflex. ' Another annoying rich guy here to suck on my parents money teet.' "Hi.. Mr. Shaw right? Nice party." He says in greeting, before stepping aside and letting his FAR more interested parents take over. "Mr. Shaw, a pleasure to finally meet you. We've heard such good things about you." His mother opens and Julian takes the time to check out one of the waitresses walking by, admiring her figure even through the gender anonymous uniform she wears. Not like Shaw is going to talk to him.

After exchanging a few pleasantries with the Kellers, the big man does actually turn his attention to their son. "Julian, isn't it?" he asks pleasantly, and slightly more quietly, "Not -quite- your speed, I imagine, is it?" he actually sounds sincere. And, close up, while he certainly dresses the part, the man himself hardly -looks- the part of the idle rich. His tailored suit seems to be hiding a rock-solid, almost hulking physique.

Julian looks back at the big man, and eyes him suspiciously for a brief moment. "Not really.. I'd rather be out getting speeding tickets in my Maserati. I hate these things.. But "He pauses and raises his voice in pitch, mimicking his mother. "You're Keller and you will learn what that means." He tells Shaw, then rolls his eyes. He's not sure why he's telling him this stuff.. maybe he just doesn't care.

Shaw lays a hand on the young man's shoulder, and he can likely feel the strength being held in check as he does so (though only to an extent, at the moment, Shaw is strong enough to hurl a new Mercedes about 50 feet, it's been a 'light' day), "So tell me," he asks solicitously, "what -does- it mean?" A glance to one of the staff then to Julian's parents causes a few events to be set into motion. The meaning was clear 'distract them'. So a finely-dressed gentleman comes over with a bottle of 16 year old A. H. Hirsch Reserve - the most expensive bourbon on the market right now, only about $300.00 per bottle, but the sweet scent of the specially made egg-nog that accompanies it is enticing indeed. "Care to sample our libations, madam? Sir?" the man asks smoothly, "We've more at the bar, we're trying a few unique mixes tonight I am sure you'll simply love."

Julian looks at the hand on his shoulder and rolls his shoulder away from him if he can. "It means going to boring ass events like this.. flaunting that we have money to God and everyone else... If I want to flaunt my money.. I'd have my Maserati trimmed in platinum and diamond. Instead.. I get dragged along for.." He motions with a hand of disgust at his parents, eyeing the bourbon and reaching for their wallets, while following the waiter away, heedless of their teenage son talking to the host of the party. "That.. I hate that."

Shaw removes his hand from the young man's shoulder and chuckles softly, "I imagine you do. There's nothing wrong with enjoying what you have, indeed, I make a point of it. But to know you've -earned- something, built something. That's something else again." He turns and regards Julian carefully, "Am I to understand that at your tender age you already find indolence tiresome? That you desire something that speaks to your -" and the next word is very carefully said, "-superior- potential?"

Julian doesn't even hesitate.. the Keller arrogance and his love of his powers bursting through in a rather loud, "Hell Yes!" Before he catches himself and coughs into a fist as if that would hide his outburst. "Hell yes.. I know I've got more.. everything than everyone in this room. Potential included. Plus I can do things other people cant." He tells the older man. He couldn't care less who knows he's a mutant, it’s his parents with the problem. "That automatically makes me superior." He says and grins at the knowledge that he was born better than everyone else.
The older mutant laughs then, not boisterously, but with genuine humor and indulgence. Sometimes fate favors a man with something that is just -too- easy, "Advantages are one thing. -Utilizing- them is something else again. Potential squandered is worse than no potential at all." And he says, more quietly, "You have -that-, young man. But what you need is guidance. For instance, ask yourself this question: how did I -know-?"

Julian thinks for a moment, then speaks slowly. "Someone told you. You were over there.." He says motioning off to the side of the room. The 'wrong ‘side, but.. there you are. And you saw my parents.. and me.. and pretty much made a beeline for us. I saw you.." He says and looks up at the man. "So who told you I have such potential?" He asks, glances around for camera's aimed at them.

Shaw shakes his head slowly, "A good attempt, but right now, you lack the tools to make a really keen observational deduction. You don't actually know much of what I do in the business world, do you? That might have helped." He says it in the tone of someone giving a lesson to a student, "But points for having situational awareness, I'll grant you that. Tell me though; have you given any thought at all about what to really -do- with all that potential? Are would you be content joyriding and waiting until the government gets wind of things and mkes some -genuine- trouble for you?"

Julian rolls his eyes at that comment. "Government can't handle me. Between my parents money and connections, and the things I can do.. they'd be years in a committee just trying to decide how to proceed." He says, making bunny ears in the air on the proceed word. "Besides.. roaring around in my Maserati is fun.. the chicks dig it.. I only go to bed alone when I really want to. What else is there?"

Shaw says, with a tone of friendly warning, "You'd be very surprised what the government can, and is willing, to do regarding your kind." He carefully did not say 'our', of course. "That's an -excellent- question though, young Mr. Keller. 'What else is there?'. Maybe I and some of my associates might be able to provide you with an answer." he says mysteriously.

Julian raises an eyebrow at that. "Oh? And just what would a bunch of old rich farts be able to help me with? An answer to what? More to life than being wealthy and living life how I want to live it? I can do just about anything.. literally." He says and finishes his grape juice. "But I'll tell you what. You and your buddies manage to enlighten me.. or Y'know, teach me something new. I'll pay attention."
"Oh, I think that could be arranged, if you were amenable to a meeting, sometime." Shaw says smoothly, "That and let's be frank, you already chafe under your parents' control. Wouldn't you like to have some more command over your own destiny already?"

Julian looks at Shaw squarely. "More than I already have now? Not having to attend these stupid parties with my parents? Where do I sign up?" He asks with a small grin.
"I'm so glad you've asked." Shaw says, with perfect and genuine sincerity. Again, sometimes fate just hands you something good. "You see, independence means a lot to people, the freedom not just to do what they want, but to extend their influence to others, even to society itself. I and a few others are interested in teaching select young people how that sort of things works, and I believe you may be an ideal candidate, after a little vetting, of course...but your own...inborn advantages are an active asset, as far as we're concerned."

Julian grins and finishes his grape juice, then sets his empty glass on the already full tray of a passing waitress. She eyes him for a moment but keeps walking. Julian however doesn't even notice as he's focused on Shaw. "Do you now.. But how do you know? You don't even know what I can do." He asks the man. "All I've said is I can do things other people can't."

"Telekinesis. Limited, but threshold isn't fixed insofar as can be told." the older man says briskly, clinically. Really, the young man is literally -on top- of where Cyberiad is housed. He may as well be in the same room as the machine. "Of course one doesn't want that to get around too much."

Julian looks at Shaw for a moment, unsure whether to feel angry that his secret has already slipped from his grasp.. or intrigued that the old man guessed quite so precisely.. As he doesn't know about the Cyberiad. "Yeah... pretty much.. How did you know?" He asks the man, looking around for sensors or cameras.. or another mutant able to read him. Something.
Shaw laughs softly, "Now, now. That would be telling, wouldn't it? Where's your sense of intrigue?" he asks, knowing he has Julian hooked.

Julian nods and glances around him, apparently thinking he's in on some big secret. "So... what now? Something tells me you won't be showing up at my apartment for business lessons.."

"Hardly." Shaw agrees, "We are a bit more...discreet about that. The Club? This is merely the outermost layer that you see. Useful and pleasant in and of itself, but there is much, much more beneath the surface." He gestures vaguely to the rest of the building, "And soon enough, you'll start to see it."

Julian thinks on that for a moment, and glances down despite himself. Unsure if the man means more than meets the eye.. or literally down.. Meaning basements and sub-basements. But then he turns his eyes back toward Shaw. "What's the catch?" He asks him. "There's a catch to everything, I really doubt you want to teach me to tie my own shoes much less how to expand on my potential. At least not without some kind of a gain for you. So what's in it for you?"

"Right to the point. I can respect that." Shaw says jovially enough. "It's all very simple, actually. You see, sometimes, what people call 'conspiracies' really are robed figures meeting in secret and laying plans. But sometimes, they're just like-minded people acting in concert in all of their own interests." He continues, taking in the room, "The more people with -real- power who are sympathetic to our aims, our goals, our...way of seeing and influencing the world, the better it is for us. All we want, all we -truly- want, is loyalty - oh, not above oneself, of -course-, but loyalty and support. A company of equals and protégés."

Julian nods in agreement. "I can understand parts of that. I've heard of the mythical Illuminati and such... end of the world cults and what not in the stories my dad reads. So.. the whole conspiracy bit doesn't bother me much.. you could be trying to plan someone a surprise birthday party and a 3rd party might call it a conspiracy. But you didn't answer my question. What do you want in return for helping me develop?"

"Precisely what I said." Shaw explains. "My personal fortune is measured in the billions. I have contacts in the upper echelons of business, government, and...others, all over the world - and beyond. Any material thing I want, any experience, is mine for the taking. But peers? Those who wish to guide the course of the world? -That- one cannot buy. And loyalty?" and here, his voice darkens at a memory of betrayal, "Loyalty is worth anything."

Julian listens intently, and considers Shaw's words. "So you want to... essentially train me... develop my potential... my powers... and in return you only want loyalty? Dude, I'm in... I'd have given you that anyway.. You help me like that..." He tells the man, and offers his hand to the man’s much larger one, shaking on their new... partnership? Arrangement? Whatever you want to call it, Julian is frikken excited. Not.. Maserati for his birthday excited.. but close.

"Excellent. Our vetting procedures are intensive, but -excessively- quick. In fact, some of them had started already, as you were made aware." Shaw notes to the young man, "You will be meeting some fascinating individuals over the next few weeks, and will become privy to certain information that cannot be shared. Think of it as a NDA with rather more serious consequences than financial forfeiture for breaking."

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