Cloak has words for Night Thrasher

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Night Thrasher, Cloak

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02/10/13 12:00

Sovereign Hotel, Madripoor

Cloak has a beef with Thrasher due to the previous nights activities

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Since the events of yesterday, Dwayne Taylor has been camped out in the Warriors' suite in the Sovereign Hotel. Dwayne is still in his armor, just minus the helmet. The helmet is sitting on the table in the dining section of the hotel. You know, next to a bunch of empty or semi-empty dinner takeout containers. Dwayne, himself, is seated in a couch with his legs propped up on an ottoman. A laptop computer and a tablet computer are sitting on his lap and next to him on the arm of the chair. Dwayne looks pretty busy.

"Dwayne Taylor! I would have words with you!" Tyrone Johnson's intangible form rises up from the floor as his cloak animates and unfurls, one edge of the cloak reaching to whip away for the ottoman from Dwayne's feet and the other edge of the cloak reaching out to grab Dwayne by the neck to bring eye to eye with Cloak.

Dwayne's legs flop to the ground when the ottoman is removed from under them. The flopping of his legs is interrupted by the tendril of Tyrone's cloak grabbing Dwayne around the neck. He's yanked up violently and brought eye to eye with the Newest Warrior. Dwayne chafes under the sudden and forceful action, but he keeps his cool. Dwayne says, with a little difficulty due to the cloak around his neck, "Hello to you too. You're new here, so perhaps you do not know. We use our words on this team."

"We use words? What words will be used for the dead?" Eye to eye with his team leader, Cloak speaks in a deep almost ominous voice, "Tandy and I joined this group to prevent loss of life. And yet under your leadership many died last night. I nearly killed myself to prevent further loss of life." He tosses Dwayne back onto his seat. "Alone, I am responsible for many deaths of which I dragged Tandy through because we knew no better. We were bitter and angry. The New Warriors were our chance to do better without the deaths. And yet again, here we are. Things were supposed to be different and you were supposed to make them different. I purposely came to get you to lead us against Bloodscream and look what is on your hands."

Dwayne is tossed unceremoniously back into his seat. He tilts his head to one side and then to the other, stretching out his neck. He looks up at Cloak for a moment, before standing up under his own power. He looks eye to eye with Cloak on his own terms, "Like I told Bloodscream; The dead are his doing. We did what we could. We pushed ourselves to the limit to do what we could for them. He had them in his thrall long before we arrived. Lacking the capability to teleport back in time, I do not know what else we could have done." A pause, "Cloak; What happened, happened. Do not anger yourself over the what-ifs and could-ofs." His eyes narrow and he points out, "Were we not there than those people would still be in Bloodscream's grasp OR-" he puts extra emphasis on that word, "-dead already."

Remaining silent, Cloak hovers in place as he eyes the Black man before him. He sighs loudly, visibly frustrated by what Dwayne says and knowing it to be the truth. Lowering himself to the ground and lowering the hood of his cloak, Tyrone sinks into himself and drops onto a seat opposite of the one Dwayne had been on. "W-w-we are supposed to be better than that." The stutter and voice are much less ominous and more of that of a young man. Tyrone places his drops his head in his hands, "A-a-are we doomed to be placed in circumstances where the loss of life, even one, is acceptable?"

Dwayne's brow furrows in frustration at what Cloak says, "Who said that the deaths of those people that died were acceptable?" He shakes his head and then waves a hand dismissively while turning back to his seat. He moves the tablet and bends over to pick up the fallen laptop. He plops back down in the seat and looks back towards Cloak, "These things happen. I'm not a super man, but I try. I've trained my whole life so that I could get to a point where I would not have to worry about the loss of life being acceptable." His eyes narrow and he looks back down to his computer.

"D-d-d did you just wave your at hand me dismissively?" Cloak is back up on his feet and any sign of Tyrone is gone. "Little man, you would do well to respect me." The voice is back to one of a deeper and darker origin. The cloak seems to animate in an attempt to snatch away the tablet and the laptop. "I understand now. That we could not have prevented those others and that I did all I could. That is fine. But you would do wise to be affected by it. You are our leader. And it is on you. Whatever actions this team commits. Learn not to be dismissive. For trust me. . .you would not like it if I dismissed you so easily within the confines of my cloak."

Dwayne clenches his jaw when Cloak snatches his equipment away from him. He slowly turns his head up to look at Cloak. Dwayne says slowly, "I get that you are upset. I appreciate that you have had a number of trying experiences in your life." He stands back up to again get eye to eye with the other young man. Dwayne says, "You are right. It is on me. I am the leader. Just because I choose to deal with my frustrations and insecurities like a man rather than a petulant, whiny child simply separates you from me." His eyes narrow, "Suck it up. I'm not going to hug and cuddle you in order to make you feel better." He pauses and adds, "Just understand this one thing. I take what we do in-cred-ably serious. Do not think that I am not affected by the pain and suffering of others. Do not think I am dismissive towards their pain and suffering. I'm dismissive of your attitude." Another pause, "Now. I'm trying to figure out where our teammate, Namorita, could possibly be."

The words sting and ring of truth. Cloak returns to the tablet and laptop to Dwayne, "Very well, Dwayne. That is all I needed to know." Cloak hovers away from Night Thrasher, "You will forgive my moment of weakness. As you know it has been trying times for us all. It is nice to be around someone such as yourself. Despite your overall weaknesses, you are still a man to be followed. I am humbled." Cloak bows his head, "And not to add to your burden, but on a quick trip back to New York City, Dagger and I encountered a being called the Phantasm. He made reference to some mad gods of Native American nature looking to destroy New York City and perhaps more. . .but not to add to your laundry list of burdens." He draws his hood back up, "What leads are there on Namorita?"

Night Thrasher raises a hand to rub at his temporal. He lowers his head slightly, "You are new to the team and to a larger organization than the partnership you share with Dagger; I am more than willing to give you time to acclimate to my leadership and the team as a whole. Just give me the benefit of the freaking doubt, huh?" He takes the laptop and tablet and tosses them in the chair that he has sparsely occupied since Cloak's arrival. He asks when he lowers his hand from the side of his head, "Native American gods? That sounds right up the Avengers' alley, Cloak." He turns his head to regard Cloak, "Namorita; Few leads. This is a small island, though. Fewer places to hide here than in New York. We'll find her and those who have her."

"You have my word that I will give the benefit of doubt. You have proven yourself enough for now. I am sure you will continue to do so. For someone so mortal, you have clearly more powerful members on this team who do as you say. . .so I will do so as well." Cloak then listens, "Very well. I am sure I can inform the Avengers, though knowing them they already probably know. My allegiance is to this team and our main goal is to find Namorita. Have you sought out Prince Namor? Surely his resources can add to ours and he would want to know what has happened to one of his own?"

Dwayne humphs at Cloak, "I've attempted to relay messages to Atlantis. I have not ascertained if I have been successful in letting Namor know." Eventually Dwayne will reach down and grab his tablet computer. He returns to quietly tapping away at it and leaving Cloak to his own accord.

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