Cloak Has a Twin

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Cloak, Dagger, and the Phantasm

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01/25/13 20:24

Bowery and Lower East Side - New York

Cloak and Dagger meet Phantasm who warns of things to come.

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It is Friday evening and a portal opens inside the Holy Ghost Church. Out appears Cloak and Dagger. The male part of the duo suddenly rushes out and in his intangible exits the church in a rush. Dagger may recognize his facial expression as one of hurt, angst, frustration, and guilt. “I need air.” He utters as he literally goes through the wall and into an alleyway.

Dagger sighs rushing out after him "Ty...wait!" figuring being alone was the last thing he needed in his mood....then again maybe things would have worked out differently if she'd been there.

As Cloak pops out into an alleyway, he soon finds himself not alone. There's the sound of someone running away from the alley giving a panicked cry, as for in the alleyway, a wide eyed woman is seated on the ground, open purse lying on the ground next to her and a gun sitting on the ground out of her reach. The woman is not moving and instead is staring at a hooded figure standing nearby, looking down at her. The hooded figure shakes his head, pointing a clawed hand from his sleeve to the exterior of the alleway. "Go home," The featureless face instructs, making no move to step towards the woman.

Arriving in the same alleyway, Cloak is so into his thoughts that at first he does not notice what is going. Having heard Tandy’s cry for him to wait he looks back and then finally is cognizant of the alleyway, the woman with the purse and the hooded figure. For a moment he is confused as someone seems to have stolen his motif, but he blinks again. He does not act. Last time his friend got hurt, so he simply remains where he is. In his mind, unable to act.

Dagger c ones into the alley and puts a hand on ty's shoulder before looking around. her first thought is that the unknown figure looks very sinister but there is good in even the worst criminals. "What's-who's that?" well least the figure didn't seem to be a criminal if he was sending the woman off "C'mon Ma'am...we'll help you to the police station if you want"

The woman blinks, still gaping at the man in the hoodie before she takes notice of yet another hooded figure and some girl who looks like she should be freezing appearing in the alleyway. Either snapped out of her stupor by the new presence or emboldened, the woman snatches up her purse and scrambles to her feet, glancing around before she starts bolting in one direction. "The other way!" The hooded figure snaps, gesturing in the direction that the panicked cry had not been coming from.

"Sorry!" The woman's feet shuffle and she starts running in the other direction, theoretically heading straight home." Upon the woman making her leave, the hooded man turns his head, looking to the new pair. When he faces them, it's apparent that there's nothing under the hood save for a set of glowing eyes and jagged teeth. The head tilts curiously.

With Dagger present and the woman making her way out of the alleyway, it may be a good thing that Cloak is not the act first speak later type. As the hooded featureless creature in front of them would probably get attacked, Ty remains where he is as the creature’s ‘face’ is directed at them. Ty mumbles, “It’s rude to just s-s-stare.” His stutter is back, not good sign.

Dagger gives ty's shoulder a squeeze. She wanted to talk to him to get him to tell her what had got him so shaken but that would be a conversation that would take more time and privacy then she had now. "I think we were staying first" she tells ty "Thank you for helping that woman, we're grateful really"

The creature lets out a gruff laugh, shaking his head before looking back at Cloak, "Are you reprimanding me, the woman who just left, or yourself with that comment?" He glances down towards the gun and calmly reaches down to pick it up, "Do you know her?"

Letting out a sigh, a combination of frustration and annoyance, Cloak’s facial expression reveals both as his hood falls over his face and obscures his features. “Who are y-y-you?” He looks down and not at Phantasm when he asks that.

Dagger looks at her partner, goodness she wanted to give him a hug and have a talk with him! Much add her heart ached to give him that hug she instead offered a hand to him with a ball of glowing light. "She lives in the neighborhood but we don't know her name no. Can we ask who you are? You can understand if people get you and my friend here confused"

If anyone was ever curious to what jagged teeth look like in a smile, it's not really an assuring sight. Edges twisted upwards at the ends, the mismatched points add to more of a grimace or a sneer appearance than anything that would come close to something that would put someone at ease. It's likely quite fortunate that Cloak is not looking directly at him. "Phantasm." He replies, glancing down to the gun as he procedes to unload it, "My appearance varies. And you two are?"

Taking Dagger’s hand with the ball of light and letting out a loud moan, Cloak eyes darken and glow with dark force energy as he rises up and looks to Phantasm. His voice is deep and more authoritative and without stutter, “We are Cloak and Dagger. Protector of innocence and vigilant of this city and far greater.”

Dagger nods as she recognizes the name, someone who worked at with the avengers, the name putting her at ease. Smiling some as cloak began to sound more like himself, giving his hand a squeeze. "We happen to be staying at the church" well living there but that was a technicality.
The hooded figure watches Cloak's reaction and stays put, head tilting again, slightly reminiscent of the Raven form he typically takes. Only, this is a bit creepier than a raven. "Okay, since it seems we're in the same boat, I'll give you a little heads up. Had a little pow-wow with a peace God and it turns out his brothers are pissed off. So, keep an eye out for angry Native American Gods on a vengeance kick."

Seemingly just stares at Phantasm as he speaks and then he looks towards Dagger and back to Phantasm, “Crazy Native American Gods? Like Thor or Hecules, but Native American.” He tilts, “I suppose they would have gods too. Very well. We will keep an eye out and also inform our teammates in the New Warriors.” He frowns a bit again after he says that, but remains as Cloak and stutter free.

Dagger birds with a grown "I imagine they'd have a lot to be upset about but why wait till now to make their displeasure known? Yes, Cloak is right, we're grateful for the heads up and well pass it along to our new teammates"

"People aren't known for their rational thinking when they're pissed off." Phantasm replies, "Guess it applies to Gods too. Hopefully the Peace God with calm them down but just in case..." He shrugs, glancing down the street, "I'm going to head. Got something to drop off before my time runs out."

“Time runs out?” Cloak hmmmns, “Very well. We also must return to Madripoor. But thank you for letting us know, Phantasm. We will inform the New Warriors and anyone else we shall encounter.” He lowers himself to Dagger’s side.

Dagger smiles warmly "Thank you for the info and your time Phantasm. please don't let us keep you" looking to cloak as he came back down and offered her hand

"Good luck." Phantasm murmurs, backing up before glancing up at the roof. Running forward, he jumps up high before shoving his feet against the wall before jumping towards the wall of the adjacent building. Angling himself facing the other way, he shoves off even more and launches himself in a high leap over the church, disappearing from sight.

“Well, that was interesting.” Cloak looks to Dagger, “We should go back to Madripoor. We should inform out teammates and I must to Nova.” His cloak opens and the two suddenly disappear.

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