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Cloak & Dagger, Network, (Lyra)

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03/19/13 15:30

Bowery & Lower East Side

Cloak and Dagger have an argument, just after Mirage left. Which leads to Network helping Dagger

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In the last episode:

With a quite graceful landing Network made a few steps forward, stopping the momentum of the flight. Behind the transparent face shield, she smiles a bit, already opening a task to read the menu of the cafe while she speaks up "I am sorry, just stopping by for a latte macchiato and some bagels." she excuses her to the two who looked to her worrying.

Seeing that the humming comes from a woman who doesn't seem to pose a threat at the moment Dani visible relaxes "They are being controlled, at least a few of them. I have no clue who would be powerful enough to control gods or would even want to." that said a beeping comes from what could only be a comm device of some sort, and from the pattern of it, it seems urgent. She sighs "Well have to continue this later Tandy. I'll be in touch." she begins to hurry away, pulling the com device from her pocket and starting to speak into it.

Dagger waves to the woman descending from the air and then nods to dani "Anytime dani, you know I'm always here if you need me"

Lyra comes walking down the street, she looks like she is coming from the subway or the bridge, but it is hard to tell for sure. The teen is hard to miss though given her height and the fact that she has bright red hair and green skin. She does get some looks as she walks along and some people pointedly avoid her.

As Network enters the cafe to order her coffee she notices a reflection of Dagger in the glass, stopping to turn around "That looks pretty fetish." she comments with a wink to her.

In the Lower East Side, Big Brother really *is* watching. Indeed. Cloak had been watching and been present this entire time. Having taken a short leave of the New Warriors in Madripoor, Cloak had been at this church helping some of the repairs of the destruction he was partially responsible for. As shadows cover the front of the church, his ebon skin and ebon cloak allow this vigilante the ability to be unseen. Having selectively heard part of her conversation with Mirage and basically only that Dagger hooked up with Havok. How would a scorned boyfriend who is linked with a living embodiment of evil react. . .Poorly.
Making his presence known, Tyrone appears and instantly and instinctively lashes out with his animated cloak, "You. . .You. . .cheated?" The cloak reaches to violently grab Dagger by the throat and drag her towards him.

Dagger looking around she stated for a moment at Lyra "wow, when did Christmas have a hulk kid?" blushing lightly with s smile toward network at the comment "it's not meant to.." makinga cooking sound as her eyes snap over to cloak and she grabbed "what? no! now put me down and I can explain" her voice raspy as she fought to get the words out

Network was about to answer the hulk-sentence with a comment that she was in no way related to Christmas nor Hulk, but then Cloak grabbed for Dagger and she stops again in her way into the shop. Turning around she tries to pull down the coat from the girl, hopefully stopping him. "Violence is not an option for relationship problems!"

Pressing tightly around her throat as he draws her closely, he draws her close to his face as the coat Network pulls on is all but torn off Dagger's body. "Explain. Now!" He snarls as he loosens his grip on her throat but holds her. The cloak that is his body basically takes on a life of its own and the edge taking the form of a whip, to whip at Network's midsection, "Stay out of this!"

Dagger sighs "It was before we went to madripoor, before you said what you did in that warehouse with the vampires. I got knocked out in a fight and spider woman saved me, she brought me to Havok and I was put in a room in a bed to sleep it off, I probably had a concussion but I'm not with him anymore"

The whip hits the armor but the flickering electromagnetic field around it stops the impact just parts of an inch close to the actual armor, sending ripples of blue over the surface. "It is your life you waste with an Assault on the street. Let her down. It will not help your problems when you commit a crime," Network explains in a try to sooth him.

Dropping Dagger gently, Cloak hovers up looking down at her and all but ignoring Network, "So Havok raped you?" His eyes almost go completely blank, "You had a concussion, so he must have taken advantage of you! You wouldn't purposely hurt me. . .You wouldn't do that after all we have been through." His eyes look down at her as he stares directly at her almost through her. "Right?" His voice sounds almost demonic, clearly the predator within is taking over.

Dagger sighs looming up to him "I would never want to hurt you. How bout you let me give you a hug hmm? You're probably hungry" reaching her arms up to him

Network does her best to catch Dagger when she was dropped. "We can bring it to special victims unit. But don't go on a trip to try and kill someone. There are LAWS," she claims to Cloak, helping his friend back to her feet should she have staggered. "And suffering a 15 Years sentence in Rykers for rape is more a punishment than killing him!"

" . .I. . ." Cloak starts to growl as the predator continues to try and break through. "HAVOK! X-FACTOR!" He lets out a scream and his cloak become animated taking a life of its own and teleporting him out of sight.

Dagger sighs looming like she was about to cry "He's never reasonable when he's hungry....Havok didn't rape me, it was s mutual decision but I was going to break it off on our date, my heart less with my partner" then looks to the other woman "thanks for the concern but no police ok? This is a misunderstanding"

Network nods slowly "That is after all your choice. Especially if it was not rape. And I can't force you to sue him for assault or domestic violence. Still. You shouldn't let yourself getting bossed around."

Dagger nods "I got caught up in the moment, it was something I never should have done, my judgement is usually much better but he was charming that night. Still such things shouldn't be broadcast to the public they should be settled quietly among the masked society so not to taint public image, x-factor are heroes, cloak and I can only do what we can to help"

Network nods slowly "yes, but even then, Heroes don't stand above every law. We have leeway but we are not totally above some. We can't go and kill people," she explains, pointing to the cafe "want a coffee and bagle?"

Dagger nods slowly "He doesn't always have the best judgment in ethics but considering what he is, his nature...he's a saint, it's not an easy rule that's been thrust on him but he does the best he can. He fights to control his nature everyday and use it for good, we've been thru a lot together, he literally is my other half" then smiles warmly "oh I couldn't possibly impose on you like that" looking around for her coat and spotting the torn garment, picking it up to inspect it "If it's not too much trouble. Maybe just some thread and a needle?" surely that would be less expensive

Network smirks a bit. "Sadly I have neither of those with me. But you seem like you can use a cup of coffee." she says, gently pulling towards the shop. "Or someone to talk. You can fix the coat later."

Dagger chuckles "maybe just a cup of tea then, though I really should find him, make sure he doesn't go looking for a fight" worrying about her friend and get partner both.

The woman in the violet armor nods, opening the door for her "sure, but don't get yourself in danger, ok?" she asks her, ordering a coffee and a tea as she enters.

Dagger smirks warmly "I'm Dagger, cloak and I tend to go looking for danger....sadly this time..."no need to finish the sentence as she dropped s dagger of light and it flew off in cloak's direction.

Network looked after the dagger "I see why you took that name." she answers, pushing the face shield up to allow drinking her coffee. Her taint is dark under it. "Danger found you."

Dagger smiles "in some ways I went looking for it. cloak kept me safe in my early days, he still looks out for. It's a complicated arrangement." reaching for the tea and taking a sip

Network nods a bit as she sips of her cup. "So is he your Boyfriend of sorts?" she asks, reading some newsfeed bit the back of her head.

Dagger smiles "He's Cloak, my partner and yes my boyfriend. We live together, have for years"

"So Cloak and Dagger... Possibly the one from the rumormill? Oh, forgot my alias. Network."

Dagger smiles "nice to meet you network. What rumor mill? Admittedly our early days weren't that pleasant but then we didn't have anyone to teach us the ropes we learned ourselves, trial and error mostly"

"There are some rumors on the net. Some black-and-white couple that is seen here and there. Nothing really substanceful." Network explains "Maybe one or two newsflashes."

Dagger smiles relieved but shrugs "Who knows then, cloak and I have never claimed to be heroes. I know I'm certainly not one, we just try to do what we can to help"

Network nods, taking a sip of her coffee "Well, if you try to help, you should try to make yourself some PR. Maybe start a Blog, or earn a honorable mention in a newspaper."

Dagger shakes her head with a smile "Not within our capabilities. We live at a church; these are all the clothes we have. Sides it's not really important that people know what we've done, we're not into blowing our own horn. The people err help know, that's enough" humble and selfless to a fault.

Network snickers "PR is never wrong. Maybe ask that Parkerboy who gets the fotos of Spider Man to drop a few photos to JJJ. Could help if you ever get in conflict with police or FBI. They can be jerks."

Dagger smiles "most people can be but everyone has potential for good too"

Network nods a bit "yea. If you can direct them, sure. But at times they are just like barking dogs on a chain that allows them only to bite the wrong people because someone corrupt pulls it tight to the wrong post."

"You didn't see corruption at work. Tell police you heard about a robbery to be and they do nothing. 4 Guardsmen dead. Tell them about a prostitution ring and some cops start to get shares to not bust it."

Dagger smiles "no, I came from a wealthy family, my mother marrying men like some try on shoes, I ran away from a home with no love in it and cloak and got tricked into being drug experiments. We almost died and have been fighting on the streets ever since. We're not exactly well liked by the police but then it early days weren't altruistic and we've been trying to change our image from ruthless vigilantes. There are good cops though"

Networks nods "sure there are good cops, but all a chain needs to break is a single weak link. A single good cop does not even out a corrupt one. The police codex is good, as it covers up the slight injustices that police must do at times and it covers up for the masked heroes society often, but sadly the rotten ones misuse it to their own."

Dagger nods with an unwavering smile her faith held firm "that's why err have heroes to be beacons of light and right for others to follow. Even bad people do good once and a while"

"You have evidence on that?" Network asks, pulling down her face shield again to get a possible access to the databases to crosscheck that.

Dagger shakes her head with a smile "nope, just a faithful belief and my own nature" growing a dagger of pure light from her finger.

Network lifts an eyebrow. "You're not gonna toss that somewhere, do you?" she asks, her cup empty since a longer time now.

Dagger chuckles "no...I'm not doesn't do much to non living targets. Thank you do much for the tea I should really go track down my partner. I hope to see you around though" smiling warmly as the light dagger disappears

- - - Fade To Black - - -

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