Cliff Side Chat

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Cliffside Chat

Dervish, Hepzibah, and Rogue

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06/08/12 20:00

Cliff Side - Xavier Estate

Dervish, Hepzibah, and Rogue all meet for the first time.

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It is late evening on the Xavier estate. The sun is setting over the cliffs, a rather picturesque sight. Ali Aziz, the newest member of X-Factor stands at the edge of the cliff, his glowing facial and chest tattoos glowing in the night sky. Unsheathed he holds two scimitars and can be seen swinging in the air. It would appear he is fighting some unseen assailant, but to those familiar with fighting styles, he is simply practicing. His moves are faster than most almost generating small gusts of wind as he slices in the air. Dressed in camouflage trousers and shirtless, he practices his skill with surprising acumen.

Hepzibah pads out of the mansion towards the cliffside, booted footsteps scraping softly upon the rocky hillside and tail swishing behind. The man with the glowing tattoos catches her eye, and she watches him with undisguised curiosity.

Hearing the footsteps against the rocks, Dervish smiles as he has an audience. Not turning to see who it is, he continues with his self-training as he continues to slash and slice through the air. He hmmmns and a moment and then stops, standing completely still with his back to Hepzibah. He grins and drops his swords over the cliff and then soon follows suit as he simply lets himself drop from the cliff.

Hepzibah has seen many things during her space travels, so when the man tosses his swords and jumps over the cliff, she doesn't overtly react. Pacing quickly to the edge, perhaps she wants to watch him paint the area with his body fluids as she peers over the edge.

As she reaches the cliff she may feel a sudden gust of wind and when she peers down. Dervish has reached the scimitars and suddenly spinning midair and making his way up until he at the face of the cliff and slightly above Hepzibah. A loud voice rings out, “Hello.” The spinning continues over her head and then moves to land behind her and as the spinning stops, Dervish remains posed with this swords in hand, “I am Dervish of X-Factor.”

Hepzibah looks up as the spinning man rises, the breeze blowing out her long, pale mane as well. "Hello." she offers, watching him more closely. "I am Hepzibah. Nice to meet you, Dervish of X-Factor." Gesturing towards the swords, she asks. "How Dervish fly?"

Sheathing his scimitars and placing them in the holders attached to his back via the leather straps across his chest. He bows and smiles, “Dervish is fine. Or you can call me Ali. Or Aziz. As my full name is Ali Aziz. As for how I fly, it is my mutant ability. My gift. I spin fast enough that I am able ot fly, if only for a few minutes.” Dressed in camouflage pants and black combat boots, Ali is shirtless, but his chest and face are aglow with bioluminescent tattoos.

Rogue is out for a walk and comes walking by the hill when she notices the cat-girl that came with the Starjammers and the other man she had heard had joined X-Factor, and having never really had a chance to meet either of them, she heads over to them.
Hepzibah nods slowly, balancing lightly with the heels of her boots just off of the ground. Her long tail swishes lazily for balance, and offers. "Hepzibah not have mutant powers." Then Rogue approaches and she catches sight of her out of the corner of one eye.

Nodding his head, Ali had been informed of all the residents of the mansion and so was aware of an alien. With her odd speech pattern and claim to not having mutant abilities, he nods, “Ah, you are the alien, then. A race of cat-woman?” He seems intrigued and then follows her eyes to spot Rogue. He offers a formal bow to the Southern belle. “I am Ali Aziz or Dervish.” He smiles.

Rogue looks at bit embarrased at the shirtless guy bowing to him "Ya don't need to bowing, it ain't necessary. Pleased to meet ya anyway. Ah'm Anna, but ya call me Rogue if ya want." before turning to the cat person "Ya the one who came in with Scott's dad and the other Starjammers, Hepzibah?"

Hepzibah's lips pull back into a broad grin, showing sharp canines as she replies. "Hepzibah is Mephistoid, not cat-woman. This not TV show." Nodding to Rogue, then, she continues. "Hepzibah come with Chris Summers, yes. Stay behind when Starjammer leave."

Blinking a bit at Hepzibah, Ali simply nods as he looks to Rogue, “Well, Anna and Hepzibah. Nice to meet you both. Anna, you are with the senior team, correct. The X-Men?” He knows the answer but simply confirms, “And you have the abilities to steal other’s powers and memories, correct?” Same with that. Then turning to Hepzibah, “I am not familiar with Chris Summers, but I do know his son, Alex. And sorry. You are the first alien I have ever met. Though in my little time being here. I have seen dinosaurs, been to a jungle in the middle of Antarctica, so meeting an alien is not so alien after all.” He chuckles at his joke.

Rogue looks a bit annoyed at Dervish "Well Ah prefer the term "asborb" or maybe "borrow", but yeah thats mah power," she mutters "lucky me" to herself "and ya a part of X-Factor, the guy they got from Iraq, who can spin?" and turns to Hepz "Well welcome to Earth, hoping ya are enjoying ya self. Oh and Carol Danvers told me to say hi to ya."

Hepzibah smiles wryly as Aziz is corrected, nostrils twitching and tail swishing more broadly. Nodding to them both, she offers. "Hepzibah still learn Earth ways, here. Much fun so far." The grin broadens. "Tell Carol where Hepzibah sleep, now, Rogue. Hepzibah need learn how to 'phone'."

Smirking a bit, “I stands corrected then. Sorry I meant no offense. While I am not from another planet, I am from a life that is very different from the one I live her with my teammates and other residents of this mansion.” Ali offers a look to Hepzibah, “We are both strangers and learning anew here.”

Rogue looks at Ali and smiles abit "Ah forgive ya, Ah just don't when folks talk about mah power in that way." She would prefer they not talk about it at all, but she makes do. "So ya settling alright, 'cause Ah been hearing ya been busy with a lot."

Hepzibah nods in agreement with Ali. "Both strangers, yes. Where Dervish from that so different?" Looking around, then, she scrunches her brows and adds. "Earth not that big." To Rogue, then, she adds. "Settle alright. A lot to learn."

“I come from a culture that is not so. . .liberal. . .” Dervish smiles, “There is much I must get used too.” He bows, “Now I must pray, but thank you both for the introductions. I look forward to more conversations.” With that, he begins spinning and flying back to the mansion,

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