Clandestine Meeting

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Ares and Arachne

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Manhattan Bridge - NYC

Ares and Arachne meet to discuss further details about his uber-secret team.

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It's late in the evening, probably near midnight and the pedistrian side of the Manhattan bridge has been chosen as the meeting spot. It's a good spot, the subway going under it runs often enough to cover low conversation should someone being trying to use a directional mike, and the view makes it near impossible for anyone to sneak up on or hide from anyone who may be there. This is where Arachne waits, perching on the railing that prevents people from falling off and into the river.

And her meet comes walking down the way, hands jammed into the pockets of his jacket as if he were feeling the faint chill in the air. His stride is easy as he moves, a tall man crossing the bridge as best he can. To a distant on-looker he's just probably some homeless guy who stops part of the way along the bridge, leaning over the railing and killing the rest of the evening as if he had nowhere else to go.

Once she's close enough, however, Arachne will hear his voice as he murmurs to her. "Not a bad choice. I feel as if I should be wearing a trench coat and a fedora." And perhaps at some time in the past he has, even on this very bridge. He cants his head to the side to look upon the Spider-gal, "Did you do a sweep already?"

Despite the fact that the bridge is in a constant state of movement, she is still able to sense the approach,"Of course. The only way someone is going to be able to overhear us is on the subway tracks below, and then they risk getting run over." she turns on the railing so that she faces "Though I won't be offended if you would like to do your own.

A large hand slides out of his pocket and waves to the side. Settling in to remain leaning against the bridge's railing, John Aaron talks to her as easily enough as if they were discussing the weather. "I spoke with Fury. He and the Government are wanting to form a task force that is aimed at resolving planet-endangering threats in a more aggressive manner. We'll be operating as a force that will have no public facing side, and we'll be tasked with succeeding ultimately where the Avengers or the Fantastic Four are unable to."

Having delivered that hefty presumption and outlook, Ares turns to glance at her. "It pays well. There is no requirement to live on site though training will be required. Perhaps a day a week, save for when we are on task which could be an open amount of time." He waves a hand to the side, "There will be no fame, no reporters ideally. You may also be working with people you normally would be throwing in jail. If that fits you, then you might work out. If not then needless to say don't run off yammering about it." He smirks wryly.

Archne listens to his pitch though with her mask on, it is harder to gauge her reaction to it. Neutral would be a pretty accurate guess though. "I'm to assume if any of us are caught in the line of duty and knowledge of our actions will be disavowed?" she occasionally seems to glance at him but most of her visual attention is on the surroundings, watching for people that could be coming. At this time of night foot traffic is infrequent, but still happens. "I'm fine with the training and I'm not in this for the glory. I do have concerns about who else I may be working with. Can you provide examples, or is it to early for that?

"It's a bit early, but there are a lot of names on the candidates list." Ares remains where he stands, leaning there against the railing and his gaze distanced as he looks upon the river. "As for being captured, knowledge ofour actions to be disavowed, perhaps though I believe it's more simply that we are not to advertise our presence. As for myself I plan to make no qualms should it come out."

There's a tilt of his head to the side as he eyes Arachne askance. "There is a possibility that the group of people you would be running with will be hard individuals, difficult to get along with. But I'm trusting you to keep us with at least some measure of conscience, thus why I chose you." There's a tilt, then he adds. "This may clash with your activities as an Avenger, however."

"I've clashed with the Avenger's before. Though this sounds like something they don't need to know about." Arachne stares into the distance, seeing movement at the end of the bridge "I've worked with questionable character before as well. I'm not adverse to it if it's for the right reason." she continues to watch the movement in the distance. Seems like a group a partygoers have decided to take their drinking and carousing into the public and they are heading over the bridge. "Looks like we will be cutting this short. I'll contact you again so we can continue this discussion later." with that she falls backwards towards the river, throws out a web and disappears under the bridge.

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