Civil War: The Chase is On

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Brief Title:

Jean Grey, Armand, Spiral and Arachne

Scene Runner/Watcher:
Julie Power

IC Date:

Somewhere in Manhattan

SHIELD is after Arachne. She gets some unexpected help

Social or Plot:


It isn't a good time for people in costume. For the last few months, a Civil War has been raging between forces in the employ of the government and those heroes who have chosen to stand up against the Superhuman Registration Act. Until recently, it had seemed that Arachne aka Julia Carpenter, was on the side of the SRA forces. Not long ago, however, it was revealed that she was a double-agent, helping heroes escape from government forces.

Which explains why she's being chased across the rooftops of Manhattan by a unit of five Cape Killers - SHIELD agents in power armor, armed with tranq guns, and trained in the art of taking down superhumans. One Arachne. Five armored SHIELD agents. Life just isn't fair sometimes.

It was already a rough morning, being on the run from SHIELD is never easy, and at some point she made a wrong move as was spotted by the wrong person. So here she is being chased over the skyline of Manhattan. Arachne has lost track of how long she has been running though the agents giving chase haven't called in reinforcements as far as she call tell so it can't have been long. In an effort to throw them off, Arachne dashes across the skyscraper she is on and leaps outward toward the building diagonally from it. Her hand whips forward the thin psychic webbing shooting outward catching on a balcony railing and she swings up, flipping through the air so she lands in a crouch on the side of the building she was aiming for.

Suddenly, there's a voice in Julia's head, >> Don't worry, you're not alone. << Then, flying up through the alley separating the buildings is the Phoenix, though she's clad in a black and gold version of her outfit as it looks at least a little more 'covert'. She gestures and suddenly the five cape-killers on the roof find themselves thrown together, three of them knocked unconscious from the impact.

This has not been the most pleasant of times, things are challenging when you live in New York and don't want to see people get hurt unnecessarily. Best thing to do, try not to draw a lot of attention to yourself. Armand however...cannot do that. As he walks along, bag filled with party supplies in one hand and a white paper bag of baked goods in the other...he looks up at the right time to see the pursuit, eyes narrowing. "That is /not/ how to be treating a mademoiselle." He's ducking to the side towards an alley and fumbling with his party goods. Stupid noise makers, Thank You Cards, Glitter...aha, Fireworks! He snatches his lighter from a pocket as he takes the seals off the few fireworks he does have and then lights 'em up in an effort to cause a distraction. A lovely purple and Green...explosion.

Spiral seems to be around - why? Who knows. In any case, she appears in the air suddenly, perched adroitly atop a railing somewhere above Julia. "Oh my, cape killers, hunting down freaks and deviants." she declares, looking around the place, before she glances down at Arachne. "In trouble with the law, again? I heard that you were betraying the authorities once more. SHIELD must be stupid indeed not to learn from past form, I suppose they never bothered looking in your Thunderbolts file.".

While three of the armored Cape-Killers slam into the rooftops below, knocked unconscious by Jean Grey's attack, the others recover quickly. SHIELD Agents are highly trained. They are the best in the world. "Control, be advised units alpha, beta, and gamma are down. Subject has acquired assistance. Targeting both metahumans." The fireworks are ignored, unfortunately. The two remaining SHIELD agents turn and fire, one at Jean and one at Arachne. Both darts hit home, despite advanced acrobatic and telekinetic barriers, and deliver their drugged payload.

"Is just like Mardi Gras, nobody pays attention to the fireworks when there are women involved." Armand huffs as he brings the bag of sweets up to his mouth, gripping the edges between his teeth, flipping the hood of his dark green hoodie up and he makes a run for the fire escape on the side of the building, looking up and then jumping to grip some rungs pull himself up, skittering up the side of the building with acrobatic flair, landing on the roof in a crouch as he reaches into the bag dangling from his mouth to start snatching out croissants, dropping the bag in front of him as he starts flinging pastries. "Oi! Time for Tea!"

Jean winces, feeling the dart's effects as she runs through her mental disciplines. She's going to sleep like the dead when this is over, though for right now she's continuing to fight. She flies down a bit, trying to convince the soldiers that those croissants are actually grenades... which almost works, until one of the pastries hits the soldier in the helmet. Which breaks the illusion. Oops.

Being in the Avengers where people talking in your head isn't one of those daily occurrences, but at least she is familiar enough with the person, if only by reputation, by the flying woman who follows it that she is at least relieved at hearing it and not worried that she is suddenly going crazy. Quickly climbing up the side of the building she hears a voice from above, and unfortunately it is Spiral and not some higher power to offer assistance. It's enough of a distraction to keep her from eluding the dart to the best of her ability >>>Keep your head in the game Julia.<<< she thinks to herself as she plucks the dart from her side and tosses it away. She can already feel the effects of the drug so she has to act fast. She moves up the wall farther, so she is looking down on the SHIELD agents, a hand flexes as webbing forms and crawls across the rooftop under one of the agents before exploding upward to tangle around the Armored Agent.

Spiral watches what's going on with some sort of wry amusement, but things clearly are too boring around here, and working for Mojo for so long has taught Spiral something about how to liven up boring. "Here, let me help you, poor sleepy spider." she offers, and does a little dance up on her railing with surprising agility.

And a blast of mystical energy shoots skywards, straight for one of the agents! At first it looks like she misses, but no, she winged him, intentionally or not, and he begins to plummet earthwards, jetpack ruined.

Jean blinks as she sees the energy bolt fly out from Spiral, then narrows her eyes, recognizing the six-armed sorceress. Reaching down, she catches the falling agent, then gives him a sweet smile as she thinks, >> Ever hear of a Fastball Special? << With that, the caught agent is hurled into the still-flying agent, both of them colliding rather hard and being knocked to the rooftop to join their brethren. Then Jean flies over towards Arachne, but not before sending a psychic thanks to Armand, not trying to draw attention to the depowered mutant... at least, no more than necessary.

Okay, agents don't look like they are shooting anymore. Armand balls the bag of croissant...crumbs in the back of his pants and pauses at the psychic thank you to which he just looks away and nods before jogging for the edge of the roof to scurry back down the fire escape, dropping a few feet to land in a crouch, taking a deep breath. "...I just threw pastries at the scary people who capture the powered people." A pause. "...oh mon dieu why was I dropped on my head as a baby?" He takes a deep breath and then just has to untuck his goodie bag...selecting a buttery croissant and taking a bite as he leans against a wall.

Spiral mmms. Well, she assumed the SHIELD agent would be rescued, and then she'd laugh about how these supers aren't tough enough to survive being on the run from the law. But it turns out Jean Grey used the guy as a weapon, which isn't exactly 'rescued' per se. Even if it didn't mean agent all over the sidewalk.

So she merely nods. "Jean Grey, at least, is someone deserving of respect." she observes, glancing down at Julia briefly. "Poison darts? If you decide you want some help against poison, perhaps you should talk to me, I'm sure I can arrange something. There are few genetic codes that can't be improved on after all - and for a very reasonable fee. With a discount, for old times sake." she smiles magnanimously. "But I feel it's time to move on for now.". After all, there's Arachne and Jean Grey around, some heavy firepower - no need to provoke them so much she ends up in jail. That wouldn't be very fun at all. After a brief dance, she vanishes, off to cause trouble somewhere else no doubt.

With the SHIELD agents taken care of and Spiral having disappeared, Arachne finally gets a chance to breath and try to fight off the effects of the tranq dart. Better get someone where she isn't in danger of falling. She climbs the rest of the way up the building and flips over the ledge. It's not a graceful move, not with the tranquilizers going through her system but she manages to land without hurting herself. Looking around she waves to Jean "Thanks for the assist." she calls out, not being used to mental communication.

Jean flies over and hovers in the air a bit, "Yes, well, I just finished checking in with Captain America, and he wanted to make sure you were okay." She grins a bit, "Sorry about startling you with the telepathy, it's just a bit of standard procedure for me with the X-Men. Did you want a lift?" Apparently, either through telepathy or observation, Jean noticed how woozy Julia was feeling at the moment.

Normally Arachne would refuse, able to get away pretty quickly on her own. Circumstances for her haven't been favorable lately though, being on the run and worried about capture and the safety of her daughter, etc, takes its toil. Probably why the tranq is affecting her so hard, stress. "I'm just glad you were on my side." she glances in the direction of the downed SHIELD agents "They have trackers in their armor. Backup is going to be here within seconds, a lift would be good.

Jean smiles, "Alright then." She doesn't even gesture, but Arachne gets picked up in Jean's telekinetic grasp, and the two of them are quickly flying towards the base, taking a few indirect twists and turns so they aren't tracked that easily, as Jean also thinks, >> I'm also masking our presence with my telepathy, so that should make it harder for people to spot us. << A slight grin, at that, as she continues, >> This is better than being cooped up as a prisoner in my own home. <<

Either Arachne is used to be flown around or she has no fear of falling, probably the latter, either way she shows no sign of worry about being dropped. "Good call." despite that reassurance, her eyes behind the covers of her mask are moving about, watching for possible pursuit "I doubt they had any intention of putting me under house arrest." she comments a bit dryly.

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