Civil War: Suffer Not the Religious Zealot

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Scarlet Witch and Topaz

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Theater District - Manhattan

Wanda and Topaz sneak out for the evening

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==[ Theater District - New York ]==-------—-
The Theater District contains over a hundred restaurants, as well as over thirty theaters. Broadway cuts through the center of the district, defining what plays are important enough to play along this corridor; sidestreets and neighboring streets house 'off-Broadway' shows, and the 42nd Street of George M. Cohan's "Give My Regards to Broadway" is the stretch of it located in this area.

Day and night, this district attracts thousands of tourists, socialites, actors, singers, and students. They come for the flair, the feeling of the place; they come for jobs; they come for the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum and the free concerts in Bryant Park; they come for the New York Public Library. Primarily, though, the place picks up during the night, when movies premiere and live theater is performed. Dinner theater is popular as well, and some comedians have longstanding shows.

These streets are the home to such landmarks as Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, and what people with cameras and a fascination for glittering lights and celebrities consider to be the public face of New York City, of Manhattan Island: Times Square.

- - - - - - -

The last few months have been hard for the heros and villians of New York. A battle is being waged and it is being called a Civil War, of sorts. There is a calm oasis in the city though. That is if Doctor Strange's sanctum could ever be truly peaceful. With two headstrong witches there though, it's doubtful.

Having been in hiding since mid-2010, when she went missing, Topaz hasn't left Strange's Sanctum since her rescue from the dark dimension, and when Wanda suggested a break from constant study for a night out, she was reluctant. But a year and a half is a long time to be stuck inside so it doesn't take long to convince her. To keep a low profile she has switched into her rarely used and never seen hereabouts but Strange, blonde hair, blue eyed caucasion form. Her usual choli top and bohemian skirt have been replaced with a simple tunic style top and leggings. She looks straight from a California boardwalk and not from some other exotic locale.

After taking in a show at the 'Where Angels Go To Die' theatre there is a decision to make on what to do next. It's late, about midnight, still a lot of night left for fun.

Wanda grins a little, "Told you it would be a good idea…" She is dressed somewhat differently as well, though a /very/ careful observer might recognize her. Currently wearing a forest green top and matching skirt, she even 'magically' dyed her hair blonde as well, matching Topaz as she chuckles, "If Stephen can go out to Islander games now and again, we can definitely slip out to watch a play." Her eyes flicker back and forth, a bit paranoid… but after all the insanity she's had the past few months, she's pretty sure she'd be right below Cap on the "must apprehend" list.

Even at midnight the streets are crowded with theater goers and young adults on their way to the hot clubs in the area. "Yes, but Master Strange doesn't have every Hell Lord and his pet demon hunting for him." with the change of apperance, Topaz's Calcutta accent is gone and now she sounds more UK than anything, though it is faint. Her eyes scan the pedestrians as they walk down the street, she tries not to let the paranoia of the other woman take over her own emotional state, "Where to next?" she eyes a few a the restaurants as she pass "Maybe something to eat, then a club? I have never been to a club before.

Wanda blinks and looks over at Topaz, "Really? Never? Well… me neither, honestly. I mean, between Pietro's protectiveness and then being married, I never have been to one, but it sounds like it should be interesting." She grins, "Let's grab some sushi over there and then hit a club and see what it's like." Her eyes gleam a little in anticipation of some new experiences.

"Really. The closest I've ever come is my former bar." Topaz replies as she looks over to the sushi place and gives a nod of agreement at the choice. "And that hardly qualifies as a club." she ignores the looks the two currently blonde woman gain, specifically from men passing by, and makes her way toward the restaurant. As the two get to the restaurant their pathway to the door is blocked by the tall man dressed in some sort of armor similar to what would have been worn in the crusades and he is flanked by several similarly dressed men.
"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." he says to them as he draws the sword at his hip "If you don't put up a fight I promise to make your deaths quick and painless." the men at his sides also draw weaponry, two with swords, another a loaded crossbow.
Typical for New Yorkers, once danger rears its head all but the most jaded flee.

Wanda blinks, and looks at Topaz, "Seriously, what is this, the 16th century?" She looks over at the RenFair reject and his friends, then at Topaz, "Think sushi might just have to wait." A wry grin, "Considering they have weapons already, fight, or run?"

Topaz looks the gathering of men up and down. She reads no hostility in the men, just a single minded purpose, one that they will go to the ends of the earth to fulfill. Wanda would know by now that the petite woman beside her isn't a fighter, she doesn't have the wherewithal to inflict bodily harm on someone except in the most desperate of circumstances. Of course she isn't a fraidy cat either and will defend herself in other ways if she has too, »>Running will do us no good.«< she states into Wanda's mind, »>They are zealots, they would die rather than let us live.«< and then addresses the spokesman for the group, quoting back a bible verse that contradicts the one he spouted. Hearing a 'witch' spouting back bible versus gives him mild surprise and a grim expression crosses his face "So be it than." he motions his men to surround the two women.

Wanda looks a bit irked, then smiles, "Really, gentlemen…" She murmurs a few words in what sounds like Aramaic, then gestures, energy flaring from her fingers as the weapons of the thugs turn into… balloon animals, "You shouldn't have, though that is a charming poodle." A big pink balloon poodle, to be precise, that Crusader is brandishing with malice and menace, and Wanda fixes him with a stern look, "Buster, I've faced down Kang, Doom, Loki, Magneto, and about every supervillain you've heard of and at least three dozen you haven't. Leave." She pauses, and adds with a /very/ stern note, "NOW."

While Wanda has been waiting, listening and casting Topaz has kept tabs on the woman's surface thoughts, that way she can act accordingly. As she feels the surge of magic that is being brought into play, her own hands begin to move, there is no chiming this time since her current disguise prevented her from all the jewelry she typically wears. She reaches out weaving her sorcerous, emphatic abilities, and giving Crusader the desire to go home and stay there…for as long as possible.

The men that are working with Crusader sneer at the women, but Crusader himself continues to look grim. The men advance their swords coming up to cleave at the woman, but when the weapons turn into balloon sculptures there are cries of surprise and fear. Two of the men throw the balloons down, not wanting to come in contact with the magical changed weapons. Crusader keeps hold os his balloon sword and begins to look uncomfortable "You dare use your witchcraft…" his words stop dead as he gets an irresistible urge to go home "Men!" he cries out, "Come, this will have to be a fight for another day." he swirls left his cloak billowing and marches away. His men look surprised mingled with confusion for a moment then quickly hurry after their leader.

Wanda waves, "Bye, and make sure to read up on Exodus 20:13!" She smiles and looks wryly at Topaz, "I think we're going to need to get a different sushi bar, hon." Her eyes crinkle in amusement as she seemed to sense the flow of magic that was not her as she simply says, "Nice work."

Topaz watches with narrowed eyes as the men proudly flee the scene. She nudges one of the dropped sword turned balloons with a toe a grin coming to her face "You too. How long will these things stay like this?" she queries "We might not want to leave them laying around.

Wanda hrms, "I… don't know, but yes, we should probably get rid of those. And definitely not hand them to passing kids." Not that there would be any at this time of night, "Hopefully no one was paying too much attention to that."

The smaller woman picks up the balloons and studies them a moment, turning them in her hands "Transformation. I am not as good at transforming objects as I am at transforming myself." she looks around for someplace to stash the things, but the only thing around are garbage bins, which won't do. "I guess there is nothing for it." she puts both in one hand, waves her free one around the balloons and chants in a long dead language and they disappear with a small *pop* noise "There is another sushi place three blocks down and across." she points in the direction, as if what she did was a common occurrence.

Wanda smiles, "Sounds good to me. Well, aside from minor interruptions due to the overly blind and fanatical, it seems like this has been a good evening. We need to do this more often." She glances over at Topaz, not batting an eye at the magical removal of the items, "And well, my chaos magic lends itself well to transformations. Though I never tried it on myself, only on other things."

"It is good to be out of the confines of Master Strange's house." Topaz begins to head in the direction she pointed. Now that the commotion is over people have taken over the sidewalks again. Those that witnessed the incident give the two women a wide berth, but the newcomers are oblivious "I do not think trying it on yourself would be the best idea.

Wanda grins, "I agree… Kurt keeps saying how he wants to test the wards of the house. I have to keep telling him it's a very bad idea, though it is nice to get out once in a while. Just to do something different."

"Kurt?" not sure who Wanda is referring to Topaz will flash image of the Kurt she is acquainted with but hasn't seen in years. It's the same one "That Kurt or someone else?" she pauses at a corner waiting for a line of taxis to pass before crossing the street toward the sushi place.

Wanda laughs softly, "Yes, Kurt Wagner. He's one of the X-Men, and well… he and I just started to get to know each other a little better, and…" She shrugs, "He's actually very nice, and quite gallant. It's an interesting change."

Topaz nods "I thought it might be the same person. He came into the bar once or twice when I first opened it. And I helped him out with a small problem." she rubs a finger over an eyebrow "I did have a mental link with him even, but that was broken along with the rest when Dorammamu took me." she smiles at the emotions that talking of Kurt brings up in the woman "You are…" she pauses and decides to rephrase her statement," He intrigues you."

A slight smile from Wanda, at that, along with a bit of a blush. "Well, yes… yes he does. He's rather interesting, I have to admit. Granted, it isn't as though I have a wide variety of experience, but with Vision…" She shakes her head, "Well, it's complicated, but it is nice to have a relationship that, quite possibly, isn't being manipulated by one of my enemies." Like Chthon, Kang, Immortus…

"I wish you the best of luck with that one." Topaz certainly has had mixed luck with her relationships in the past, and she hasn't had any since she disappeared all those months ago. Hard to meet people when you aren't allowed out "From what I know of him he is quite the charmer." she opens the door to the sushi place and the smell of japanese cuisine wafts out "No one is stopping us this time. Spicy tuna rolls beware!" she steps into the place ready to attack whatever sushi is placed in front to them.

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