Civil War: Domino and Hercules Almost Die!

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Cloak, Domino, and Hercules NPC: Ragnarok

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IC Date:

Queens - New York

Cloak, Domino, and Hercules go to assist at a fire and find a set-up and Ragnarok.

Social or Plot:


New York City is in chaos due to the warring Heroes. Amidst the chaos of the Civil War, the Secret Avengers are still responding to emergencies and doing their part. A fire in a factory has occurred and Captain America has sent a small group of his cabal to Queens. Cloak teleports Hercules and Domino dropping them off at the entrance of the factory, “Ok. I’ll teleport inside to get as many workers out as possible. You two, take things from out here.” Cloak drops the two off and is gone.

As soon as he is gone, an incredibly strong wind whips through. Strong enough to quickly extinguish the fire and strong enough to lift off some cars and send them and anyone nearby off their feet. When the wind dies down as quickly as it starts, a single streak of lightning crashes down near the entrance of the factory and Ragnarok, the evil Thor clone appears holding out his Mjolnir towards Hercules and Domino, “Surrender, Traitors!”

Hercules comes out of the portal with a quick glance around, mace in hand he assesses the situation,
his expression changes the moment he spots the Cape-Killers, then the abomination that would ruin
Thor's legacy is seen and any chance of reason goes out of the window as Hercules makes his way
towards the clone. Charging the clone at a considerable pace his mace comes round in a powerful arc
with every intention of caving in the skull of the imposter.

Nasty business all of this, but Domino's used to nasty business. She'd helped some against O.N.E.
and now fallen into working with the Secret Avengers a bit. Nodding to Cloak, the mutant glances to
Herc, and then the wind picks up and she grimaces, ducking behind the demi-god god for a moment to
let him serve as shield for a moment. Thor-clone catches her attention, and Dom's guns are out in a
blink and she opens her mouth to say something to her companion. Who is already charging away, "So,
yeah, I'm inclined to let you deal with angry Thor clones. Seems a little over my paygrade." Shaking
her head Dom ducks to the side, taking a bit of cover behind one of the cars that had been blown out
of place as she starts shooting at the evil clone in a spray of bullets from her handguns.

Laughing as the Olympian charges him, “Demi-god, I am a real god.” Thor leaps up taking flight a millsecond after Hercules slams down his mighty mace, narrowly missing being hit. Though Domino’s bullets find their target. Striking the cloned Thunder God. He laughsat her as well as the bullets simply bounce off, causing no harm.

”Whilst I enjoy a good battle, it be best to end this quickly and painfully!” He lifts Mjolnir high into the air and summons a barrage of lightning to rain down on his opponents

Zzzzzaaaaapppp! Did someone order the extra crispy mutant mercenary? Ow! That hurts. Grunting in
pain, Dom drops to the ground, or collapses one could say and has the awareness to roll under a
nearby vehicle, wincing. Note to self, leave future fights with god-clones to heavier hitters than
the lady with good luck and bullets on her side. Taking a brief second to catch her breath, Domino
rolls out from under the truck, both guns coming up once again to loose a burst of bullets in the
direction of Thor. Is she smoking? Why, yes, she does appear to be smoking. Lightning hurts.

Hercules moves quickly, showing atheletics skills and strength that few could hope to match,
Hercules manages a first leap to a roof and then with the extra height he's leaping again, this time
directly for the clone, lightning crackles over his body, yet Hercules doesn't seem to notice as his
mace comes crashing down once more towards the clones head. "You are no god. You are a mockery!"

As Hercules mace connects with the clone’s head. The bullets rip through it. Ragnorak has gone the way of his name. Destruction to this Asgardian clone.

Teleporting out of the factory, Cloak responds, “There was no fire. What did I miss?” He spots the mess of a body on the ground by Hercules, “Oh I see.” Sirens ring out as cape-killers are on their way, “Perhaps, it is time for me to do my part.” His cloak unfurls and opens creating a portal and quickly teleporting all away and back to the secret HQ.

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