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Cloak and Dagger

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12/02/12 23:23

Holy Ghost Church - Bowery

Cloak and Dagger chat

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Late Sunday evening, about to become Monday. The church doors are closing as one final church-goer wants to stay and make a final prayer. The priest trying to hurry the homeless man out. “No! I want to stay! It’s warm. I want a place to stay!” The homeless man and the priest argue back and forth. The argument grows louder and louder.

Looming overhead nearly by the rafters in the darkness of shadow, Tyrone Johnson, bathed in his own darkforce cloak watches ominously and quietly. Waiting. While he understands both sides of the argument, he simply watches and judges.

Dagger walks in looking around before scanning the ceiling "Ty?" taking her cap off and running her fingers thru her hair. they didn't always see eye to eye but she understood him better then anyone.

Cloak looks down to Dagger as she walks in. He gives her an annoyed look of exasperation as he was keeping himself hidden. Her entrance also causes the homeless man to stop yelling, similarly the priest who is familiar with the pair of vigilantes.

The man then looks up to spot the Cloak hovering above him and slowly lowering himself down. Spots of pure blackness can be seen as the cloak billows. The homeless man lets out a gasp, “Demon! Demon!” and quickly rushes out of the church.

Dagger looks embarassed "My apologies Father, I didn't mean to interrupt" letting out a soft sigh. Nothing like causing people to stop and stare as you cause a scene to make you feel awkward. Looking to tyrone apologetically.

The priest offers a gesture of understanding and gratitude to both young heroes before heading back to the vestibule and away from the two. As Cloak finally hovers down keeping himself mere inches off the ground he looks over at Tandy. He maintains a stern, disappointed look, which he has given her many times and how she can decipher, not so much as disappointment, but gratitude since he would probably have devoured the homeless man.

Dagger smiles softly to him as she poke quietly "Want to go somewhere to talk?" offering him a hand as she knew that look and she became less worried about what she'd done.

Remaining silent and currently intangible physically, but his cloak is a natural or unnatural extension of his body so the edge of his cloak rings out and he stops for a moment and offers a smile to hers. Cloak closes his eyes and puts forth effort to solidify himself. His tone deep and dark, yet oddly affectionate, “I suppose you would prefer my hand to the cloak.” Moving the cloak aside a dark hand appears and grasps hers.

Dagger smiles, giving his hand a squeeze "You know it doesn't make a difference to me. It's still you and that's what counts"

While hers is a small squeeze, his is even feinter. “I know. Sorry. I haven’t fed” He follows her along to a more private area in the church and then looks up. His cloak seems to come to life as it reaches out and snares Dagger, pulling her into itself, “Let’s go somewhere more private.” Within a millisecond they are gone, followed by another millisecond and appearing on a balcony near an organ used for more elaborate masses, releasing her from his grasp, Cloak has a smile on his face as the milliseconds they teleported gave him some sustenance.

Dagger chuckles softly at the smile as they reappear "Need more of a meal? Why did you wait so long? You know you just have to ask, we have to be careful about that"

“Yes, but you were out. I didn’t know where you were. When you leave me, I am forced to wait or find /other/ ways to feed the hunger.” Cloak responds, passive-aggressively. “Good thing you came after all though. I fear that homeless man would have fallen victim to the predator within.” He squeezes her hand and offers as much of a smile as he can, “But you’re here now.”

Dagger smiles "Well I had to meet someone for some info but they chickened out. I got your back and that's not gonna change. Still need some more?" She didn't mind but it was his choice, so she was offering.

A grin comes on his face as his cloak opens revealing a vast darkness within it, his voice deeper then before billows out, “Yes. . . please.” Cloak awaits her light as he hovers up above the balcony a few feet and looks down on her.

Dagger smirks stepping into his cloak as she let herself glow with light "So..apparently some of the police are willing to ask for our help unofficially. I did meet Wanda Maximoff though"

As he commences consuming Dagger’s light, he hears what she says, “Well, the police will always seek us out unofficially, but if that is the best capacity then so be it.” At the mention of Wanda Maximoff’s name, even Cloak is a bit shocked, “The Avenger, Scarlet Witch?” While he has actually worked with her, he only has a vague memory of the event of the Infinity Gauntlet and so, “What did she want?” His voice piqued with interest.

Dagger says, "I'm not sure, Bill embarassed her and she got drunk in the bathroom. Victor or Vizh was there too, apparently Bill was an avenger as well. Things wrapped up pretty quick when Wanda passed out on Victor""

Fully replenished, he releases Tandy from within and now fully solid plants his feet firmly on the balcony, “Wow...that sounds like soap opera. Very un-Avengers like.” He hmphs loudly which echoes in the church. He reaches out with his hand to touch Tandy’s and draw her close, “Let’s not get like that.”

Dagger chuckles embracing him as she focused on keeping her light toned down "Well I think they were kicking back in their civilian identities, but I agree. We won't become that way anyway, we'll be all drama in totally different way" teasing him. Will be? Some would argue they already were.

“Fair enough.” Cloak responds and releases Tandy, “Now I must go. There are those who need justice this evening and I shall respond, soundly and swiftly.” With that he is gone.

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