Christmas Shopping

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Showstopper and Mirage

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Brooklyn-Hazelton Mall

It's Black Friday! There is shopping..and hot guy watching to do.

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==[ Brooklyn Hazelton Mall - Brooklyn ]==

Name a store, and it is probably located here. Fashion, electronics, music, books.. it's all here, complete with the big names. Quite simply, nothing less would suffice for the Brooklyn people. The Mall is two levels of shopping bliss for one and all.. the storefronts lining the walls in a large square, the center of which consists of a large plaza with adequate seating for all. Another ring of stores rests above the former ones.. a wide walkway circling the second level of the Mall. Escalators nearby ferry people to and from each level, and there never seems to be a slow moment in trade. Above, the clear blue sky is visible, as the roof is practically one large pane of a substance resembling glass, but ten times stronger.


Black Friday... not one of the all-too-often stock market falls, but the first day all year that the vast majority of stores turn a profit. Early sales have plenty of customers out and about at Hazelton Mall, hoping to score big bargains... or at least they were four hours ago. Now most are looking for smaller savings and stocking stuffers, as the newly-diminished police presence shows.
Chenda, for one, is grateful for that same decrease in both cops and crowds. This being a school holiday, she's off to find stuff for Christmas within her limited budget, as even her talents won't be able to provide a hand-personalized article of clothing for every student she's close to. As it's also one of the few times the faculty are just as free as the students, she did extend an invitation to her favorite co-dean to join her for this little trip into Brooklyn.
The gypsy girl is almost cheerful as she simultaneously dodges a heavily-laden woman doing a poor imitation of a shopping-bag pack mule and swats some pickpocket's hands away from the battered purple gearslinger she's brought along to hold most of her purchases. So far she's only found a few things, mostly winter caps and scarves that survived the initial onslaught of doorbusters. "Having fun, Miss Moonstar?" she asks, playfully faux-formal.

It had been at least a couple of years since the Dani had been to a store on the biggest shopping day of the year. Things are quite different in Asgard where until the beginning of this year she had been residing. It was a bit overwhealming for her at first, pretty much just following where the younger girl lead and letting the holiday music and decorations wash over her. After a cup of hot chocolate/coffee mix and a few moments spent watching and listening to some carolers outside the Santa house that had a long line of children, she is more herself. She has made a few small purchases, gifts for family, which she carries. "Of course. I'm not much of a shopper, but I do like watching the people." she has been doing more people watching than purchasing "I guess I should start focusing on the first though. I have quite a few people to shop for.

"Priorities, priorities," Chenda teases softly, with a smile for the tall woman, shrugging off her gearslinger and holding it before her as she walks, glancing at the labels on the bags inside. "Plenty of people to watch, that's for sure," she adds, her gaze lifting and passing over the Santa house and its line, complete with supportive parents... and, for a moment, her dark eyes lose their sparkle and her lips their smile, her gaze slipping to someplace far beyond the walls of the huge mall. She'll be all right for a second, but if she doesn't come back she's bound to walk into someone in this crowd...

"And some are more fun to watch than others." Dani states her attention focused on a couple of attractive men about her age, coming from a clothing store. She turns her appraising eyes from the young men though when Chenda goes quiet, just in time to pull her gently out of the way of a few kids running by to get in line at the Santa house. There parents are a few paces behind trying to keep up. "Focus." she snaps fingers in front of the girls face "Wanna grab something to eat in the food court or hit a few more shops first?

The tug on her sleeve does it: Chenda blinks as she's drawn out of the path of those kids, blushing as Dani makes her attention-getting gesture right in front of her nose. The co-dean always seems to catch her at her worst moments. "Sorry," she murmurs, shaking her head. "Just got lost in a memory for a sec. Are you hungry? I'm good for a while." And only then does she spy the two hot guys, who are interesting even if they're a little out of her league. "Did you say fun? 'Cuz they look fun..."

Dani waves off the apology "You aren't the first to get lost in thought." she looks back at the two young men as they go into another store, one that sells entertainment things, music, games, etc. They have the same stature, coloring and similar features so it is easy to tell they are related in some way. "Food can wait." she begins to head into the same store the two guys went into "Let's go check out some music." she grins at Chenda. As she moves in that direction she takes a moment to duck behing a large holiday decoration to make some adjustments to her image inducer. When they enter the store, she looks more italian than native american and with much lighter and shorter brown hair and eyes. Obviously she doesn't want to be recognized as that woman from X-Factor.

Chenda, watching the two, giggles as Dani suggests following the two. "I haven't added to my CD collection in a while... and I might not today, either," she replies, grinning in answer and following the co-dean. She's a little surprised when Dani pauses to adjust her image inducer, but ducks back there with her, watching the taller woman's back. It's crowded in here, and most people only have eyes for price tages, but still...
But, once the face-change is done, she giggles at the result and moves into the store with her newly-Italian friend, pausing to whisper a silly observation so they can enter the store laughing and chatting like two girlfriends just out enjoying the day off work with a little Christmas shopping.

Laughing at whatever it was that was said, Dani loosens the scarf around her neck. She doesn't head straight for the two guys, but instead goes a more subtle approach. Since the racks that hold all the music are just at hip height she goes down the next to the one they are in, so if by chance they look up from perusing the music Chenda and Dani will be the first persons they see. Under normal circumstances she probably wouldn't do such things when out with a student, but since she had been friends with Chenda long before she became a teacher or co-dean at the school, she can be herself. The aisle they are in has ethnic music along side soundtracks and boxed collections. "Are you going to be getting something for Noriko?" she glances through the music selection they are in front of "Maybe a cd will work?

Chenda, equally amused, follows Dani's lead, nodding and replying quietly. "I was thinking about music, totally... she's got a portable player, but not a lot to go into it. Her favorite band just put out a new album, so that was my first thought." She unzips her hoodie for comfort, and runs her finger along the tops of the rows of CDs, looking for a certain title, stooping a bit to make the titles easier to see... and to give the two related guys a bit of a show if they should look towards the top of the rack in their search.

"Well there you go." Dani peruses the box set area, occasionally glancing up to check on the guys. One of the times she does she catches the taller of the two checking them out and she gives him a smile. Grapping a boxed collection she knows will make a great gift she moves back over to Chenda, placing herself between the girl and the rack so that her back is to the guys but Chenda can see them clearly, "I think I got what I need." she then whispers 'Hooked' before saying aloud "You ready? I think we should hit the food court next." the guys behind her have given up all pretense of looking at music and the taller one is pointing them out to the other, but trying not to be obvious about it.

Chenda, humming innocently as she looks over the CDs, glances up and goes silent as Dani moves to speak to her. She forces herself not to smile as her co-dean takes advantage of their position to let her know how this is going. "Almost! I just need one thing," she replies, finding the proper CD and slipping it from the rack...
... and giving a little cry as the slippery plastic slides through her fingers and the CD flips from her hand to the floor! "Sorry... butterfingers," she says apologetically to her friend, turning and bending over to get the CD, giving the two guys another show as she retrieves it.
That's the plan, anyway. It ends up being a bit more of a show than she'd intended when the back seam of her well-worn jeans rips open near-noiselessly, adding a pink stripe to her backside. Oops!

Waiting for Chenda to grab the last of her purchases, Dani turns slightly as if to move out of her way. In doing so it gives her the chance to glance over her shoulder at the guys. The two guys are discussing something as they send glances over. The ripping of Chenda's pants, goes unnoticed by Dani but she realizes something is wrong with the shorter guy winces as he is looking thier way and his face pinkens. "Chenda!" Dani covers her eyes, not in embarassment but more in disbelief that it happened "You have worse luck with your clothes. You sure you don't have some gypsy curse on your or something?" she steps over to block the view of the younger girls undies from the guys and anyone else who could be looking.

Chenda, who hadn't noticed any more than Dani had at first, straightens quickly, holding the reclaimed CD over the seat of her pants. "Sorry..." she whispers, turning pinker than her panties. It's a risk of buying most of your clothes secondhand, though she seems to meet the bad end of that risk more than most.
She catches a glimpse of the two guys as she turns to follow Dani, noting the shorter guy's face. Her own blush deepens. "Let's go check out," she murmurs, unable to shake the feeling she's just royally blown their chances of speaking to the two guys, let alone striking up a conversation, unless that old saw about clumsiness and misfortune making a girl more approachable is true. "Um, can you follow me? I'll pay for yours..."

Dani nods at the checking out and following part and does so, blocking the view of Chenda's air conditioned backside "How about you save that money to buy some new-new pants." the price of the boxed set she has picked out could probably pay for two pairs of pants, especially at one of the big-box anchor stores at the mall (i.e JCP) "If you want we can trade jackets." hers falls to right below the hip so on the shorter Chenda it would quite effectively cover the new view.

"Let's do that. Long as I don't bend over, I should be okay," Chenda agrees, nodding. "Not that I don't agree with the idea of buying new pants." She glances over her shoulder, just in case she might notice the two guys following them. "We can swap as we check out. I'll go first."

Stepping up to the counter, she lays the CD she had in mind on it and offers the counter clerk a smile, doing her best to ignore the young woman's smugly amused look. As the CD is rung up, she sets down her gearslinger and shrugs out of her jacket, passing it back to Dani.

Removing her leather...amazingly unfringed jacket, she swaps it with Chenda's "It would be a wise thing to do." as she puts the other jacket on she glances about the store, finding that the two guys have departed. "Looks like our targets have left." she points out. She really didn't have any intentions outside of flirting with the two guys. Once Chenda's cd is purchased she will pay for her own and then head out of the store "I still say we should hit the food court.

Lack of fringe is a good thing, this time. Chenda's not establishing street cred for her alternate identity of Anita Vega. She slips on Dani's jacket gratefully, turning to receive her gift CD and her change. "They're gone? Aw... I'm sorry, Dani," she says sincerely, stepping aside so her taller friend can reach the counter. "I guess it's the food court for us. Maybe we'll see them there." She can hope.

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