Christmas Plans

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Christmas Plans

Mercury, Radiance, Jean Grey

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12/22/12 18:00

Courtyard - Xavier Mansion

Jean catches up with her students and invites them to her parents' for Christmas. Also, plans about making the New New Mutants are hatched…

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-----==[ Courtyard - Xavier Estate ]==----------------------------------------

The courtyard of the Xavier Mansion is an expansive octagonal area bordered on five sides (north, northeast, east, southeast, south) by the main structure of the mansion, and bordered with walled fences to the northwest, west, southwest.
The courtyard is made of polished golden marble styled in a grid like pattern with a stone border. The center piece of the courtyard is a large fountain (not the Phoenix of modern comics) that is designed so people can sit upon the circular edge and listen to the flow of the water. The fountain itself is composed of various mermaids pouring water from buckets.
To the west, northwest, and southwest there are gates allowing access beyond. To the northwest is a primitive pathway that leads through a copse of trees. To the west is a paver pathway leading to the main parking area (which can be seen), and to the southwest is a paver pathway that leads to the garage (adjacent to the parking area).
To the southeast and northeast are entry points to the main classroom annexes. Then to the east one can gain access through the double doors into the main structure's grand foyer. The southern and northern structures are the living quarters of the administration and are off limits to the student body.
The building itself towers above the courtyard on five of the four sides and rises up two levels with large windows where one can peer through to see the going's on inside.


Jean's hair is /finally/ back to red, though there are the occasional hints of blue that can be seen by the careful observer. Currently she wears a white winter coat with matching gloves, the woman watching the gentle snowfall as it's been a rather mild winter so far, but with plenty of snow for the kids to frolic about with.

And this kid, the one with silver-white hair and glowing eyes known as Seth, is coming out for a walk. He takes in the environment, the whites spreading out into the horizon, and the people in it. One of them is Jean, whom he approaches. "Good afternoon, Ms. Grey."

Jean Grey glances over at Seth, and smiles warmly at him, "Hello Seth. Enjoying the fact finals are over?" She looks out around the courtyard, with all the various snow-mutants in all sorts of different sculptures.

Seth nods, "I sweat and I sweat for those, like there was no December 22nd." He chuckles, kinda cynically, "You can now see my disappointment, seeing how we're still here."

Jean smiles over at Seth, "Oh, well, that was our fault. We snuck out while you kids were asleep." She winks a bit at that, "After all, saving the world is our stock and trade, remember?"

Seth chuckles, "So I keep hearing." Still indulging that line of thought, he asks. "So, what was it this time? Stopping the Earth's core from becoming hyperactive? Diverted an asteroid the size of a planet from colliding with our world? Prevented the solar megaflare from roasting us alive? All of the above, and then some?"

Jean says, with a perfectly straight face, "It turns out John Cusack was perfecting an earthquake machine designed to shake the Earth to pieces. We had to fly out to Los Angeles to stop him." Her lips do end up quirking, just a bit, "But, fortunately, he wasn't expecting resistance."

Mercury arrives from the grand foyer, and notices Seth and Jean Grey talking about... something. She figures it's nothing too serious, as she can see Jean is struggling to keep a smile off her face. "Hey, Seth, Ms Grey." the girl decides to announce her presence as she waves a gloved hand to the duo.

Seth nods, "Well, kudos to you for Cusack... But you didn't stop Emmerich?? Shame on you!! That Godzilla of his deserves deaths a-thousand!" He turns to Mercury. "Heya, Cess... How were those finals?"

Jean tsks, "Now now Seth, we can't be executioners... even for people that think The Day After Tomorrow was a good use of film." She smiles and waves to Cessily, "Hello. How's Sarah doing?"

Mercury blinks, "I have nothing against the people who made or enjoyed the movie 'Day After Tomorrow'..." she says, tliting her head softly. "But I do not mind if we have to go against the creator of the series 'Twilight'." she says, smiling. "I am even using her as a decoy during training in the Danger Room." she says with a straight face.

Seth pffts to Jean, "The master of disaster, he's called... And they're right - his movies are a disaster!" He looks back to Mercury, grinning. "Personally, I think inserting Bella would make a much better decoy. One glimpse of that numb-and-dumb bimbo face, and everyone freezes for a second. The next moment, everyone wants to kill her." His grin widens, "Then, you save the session, and play that death tidbit over and over. Ale-effing-luia!"

Jean snickers. "I think I might need to talk to Kitty about some of the extra programming work she's doing..." She then gives Cessily a warm smile, and looks back towards Seth, "Ah, that reminds me. If neither of you are doing anything for Christmas, I am inviting students over to my parents' place for a bit of holiday festivities. Sometimes it's nice to get out of the mansion for a bit, as I'm sure you'd agree."

Mercury smiles at Seth. "Bella is just a consequence. The root of the problem must be snuffed out otherwise more hellish abominations would spawn." she simply says. "And saying Bella has a 'bimbo' face is a compliment toward her." she adds, nodding genty, before looking at Jean at the invitation for Christmas, "Oh? Well..." she hesitates a moment, "Sure, I'd love to go." she nods.

Seth nods, "I'd love to go, as well. Count me in!" He then starts listening to his phone ringing, and he looks at the caller. An 'ugh!' likely indicating it's his mother. "Sorry, I gotta take this..." And he steps a bit away, strating his conversation.

Jean waves over at Seth as he goes, then looks at Mercury, "Well, great. We definitely have a big enough place there to handle the students still on campus. And of course, going isn't required, but Scott and I thought it would be fun for people to get away for a bit."

Mercury nods to Seth as the guy excuses himself t o leave, and then she looks back at Jean, nodding to her, "Well... I don't really have anywhere else to spend Christmas at, Ms Grey..." she says, shrugging gently, "Though.. I wonder if Sarah can come with us? I wouldn't like to leave her alone here." she says, smiling softly.

Jean tilts her head, "Of course, I wanted specifically to have her come along." She smiles, "How is she... fitting in? I know it's rough for her, being a Morlock is a lot different than being a student here."

Mercury nods, smiling, "I'll convince her to come." she says, nodding again, "And... well, it's kind of hard for her. I mean, she lived a life of basically constant struggle, so she's wary of anyone that shows up. Her guard is always up... I think she never had a safe haven, before. She is always tense... I'm trying to get her to relax." she explains, "She and I bonded pretty quick when she was in the infirmary. I guess it's because our stories are somewhat similar, the only difference is that you found me before my parents evicted me from the house, while she didn't get that much luck."

Jean nods, "She was probably abducted by the Morlocks at a very young age. That's the only life she knows." She smiles a bit, "And I can be patient with her... frankly, with her age, she should be taking more specialized classes anyway."

Mercury nods gently, "I think she's a good person, she is just... well, rough around the edges, but nothing too bad." she says, smiling, but then she oh's softly, "Specialized classes?" she asks, a bit curious.

Jean Grey hmms, "Something to help her adopt a little more easily to life in... well, regular society. A society where it's not quite so cutthroat." She glances over at Cessily, "I'm glad you two are bonding. That can definitely help her adapt."

Mercury smiles, "Not sure if she'd be an 'high class lady', but I just want her to relax, and not be so tense and high-strung." she says, nodding, "But, most of all, I just want to be her friend. I think she never had a real friend before." she says softly.

Jean laughs a bit, "Not looking for high-class so much as not throwing knives at people when she's irritated." Her lips curve into a more genuine smile though, and she nods at Mercury, "She'll be lucky to have a friend like you, Cessily. Just be careful, okay?"

Mercury smiles, "I'm not worried about her hurting me. Even if she did try, I don't think she can do any real harm to my body." she chuckles softly, "But, really, I don't think she'd attack me. I'm just worried that she might do to people that try to harm me, though." she points out. "I think she's getting protective of me." s he smiles.

Jean nods a bit, "Well, if you want, I can arrange for you two to room together when classes officially begin. It might help her a little bit, especially if she's already friends with you." She smiles back, then sighs a little, "I'm afraid we didn't make a great impression on her, but hopefully that's changing."

Mercury hmmms softly at that, and nods, "I think that would be the best option, pairing us in a room. I don't think she'd be as comfortable with someone else with her. I think she'd rather be alone." she points that out.

Jean hmms, "Well, she should have a roommate, and I think you would be perfect." She smiles, "Of course, we'll see if she wants to participate in something I'm bringing together..."

Mercury nods, "I wouldn't mind pairing up with her." she says, and shrugs, "My current roommate barely says 'good morning' to me. If she's not in class, she's flying around town... Ultragirl only shows up to sleep." she chuckles softly at that. What comes next, though, peaks her interest, "Something? What something?"

Jean smiles, "Don't spoil the surprise, but I'm thinking of reforming the New Mutants, with the current students that want to participate." She chuckles, "And you would be on the list, if you cared to be. Though this is something I'm keeping low-key at the moment."

Mercury blinks softly at that, "Really?" she asks, her eyes widening a bit, "Yes! Yes, I'd love to be in it!" she says, nod-nodding, "I can talk with Sarah, too, if she wants to join!"

Jean nods, "Indeed, I'd like for her to be on the team as well. And the students who were willing." She hmms, "I think it would be an excellent opportunity for you all."

Mercury smiles, "It would certainly give us more to do than to just stay in school." she says, nodding and giggling softly. "And it'd be a good way to get Sarah to work in a team." she nods again.

Jean grins at Mercury, "Indeed so, I think it would help getting everyone working together as a team." She hmms, "I haven't decided on a field leader yet, perhaps one of the former students, not too much older. Though we'll see."

Mercury smiles softly, "Um... Ms Grey? Can I ask it to NOT be Mr. Wagner, please?" she asks. Her smile says she's not serious about it, but she goes, "I mean... nothing against the man, he's nice and all, but... with his teaching methods I've seen, I think the first lesson he'd do for us is to pit us again Magneto, or Juggernaut, or Galactus... or all three together." she jokes.

Jean laughs softly, "No, he wouldn't. Kurt isn't like that at all, and besides, I'm pretty sure he's busy with X-Factor as it is." She hmms, "I'll check with Dani or Rahne. They might be willing to do it, though I could just select one of you students to be a field leader."

Mercury hmmms softly, "I think one of the two should be good." she says, nodding gently at that, smiling. "Any particular reason, though, to create another team?" she asks, tilting her head softly, smiling, "As much as I want to participate, I wonder if there's more than to simply teach teamplay." she giggles softly.

Jean looks at Mercury, and smiles faintly, "Perhaps there is." What, exactly, she doesn't seem to feel like sharing, as she nods at Mercury, "Really, we have an abundance of school uniforms that need filling."

Mercury blinks at the uniform joke, and giggles softly, "You might have trouble finding one that fits for my abilities." she says, smiling, "May I offer an idea, though?" she asks, tilting softly. "Something without sleeves..." she says, gesturing at her arms, then at her belly, "That shows the midriff..." and then at her legs, "And show a bit of the legs. Perhaps not having the pants connect with the boots or something. That would allow me some freedom to use my abilities." she nods.

Jean chuckles, "I think we can get something appropriate for you, Cessily." She smiles, "This is going to be something we'll be doing slowly, over the course of the next few months."

Mercury nods softly, "I know, it's just that if I get to wear anything like the outfits I saw in the pictures (OOC: The young original team) it'd restrict my powers too much." she says, smiling, "Not to mention totally out of fashion." she giggles.

Jean Grey hmms, "Well, we might make a /few/ concessions, but I think the yellow and blues are quite fashionable." She mock-hmphs, "Kids today, no appreciation of the classics."

Mercury giggles softly. "Classics are stuff for museums." she winks, "To be appreciated from afar, not to still be used." she grins softly. "That is why we have museums for."

Jean gives Mercury a wry look, "Gee, thanks. At least I'm not wearing that green miniskirt number." She wrinkles her nose, "That was... a little daring, yes."

Mercury giggles, "For the time? Sure was. For today? I'd say you're conservative." she scoffs at that, but smiling, "Some girls would wear THAT without underwear." she shakes her head at that. "And then complain when the wind blows the wrong way."

Jean smirks, "Scott will confirm that I never went commando in any of my costumes, thank you." She then laughs a little, "Though, I'm probably going to break it out for the Christmas party. With stockings, of course."

Mercury blinks softly. "Break what? Commando?" she asks, confused, before blinking again before she gets it, "Oh. OH! Right, the old costume." she chuckles, smiling. Thank goodness she has no blood, otherwise she would be blushing. "Anyways, yes, but wouldn't the yellow of the costume clash with the Christmas theme?"

Jean smiles, "No, I mean the green one. Not the Phoenix, but the other one." She chuckles, "Hence the need for stockings. I can tweak it a bit, the yellow is all in the accessories anyway."

Mercury oh's softly and nods, "I suppose that'd work." she says softly, smiling, but then she asks, "Are you sure your parents are 'ok' with everyone going there for Christmas?" she tilts her head softly.

Jean nods, "I'm sure. They know about the school, and the students. And they were eager to meet all of you." She chuckles, "The only thing they're a little iffy on is just how many of us are coming."

Mercury chuckles softly, smiling, "Which was precisely my question." she giggles a bit at that, shaking her head ruefully, "Just HOW many of us are going, by the way? So far, I mean?"

Jean hmms, "Well, right now I believe it will be Ruth, Sarah, you, and Seth... possibly Richenda and others as well. Really, anyone that wants to come is more than welcome to do so."

Mercury oh's and nods, "Any of the seniors... or faculty?" she asks, curious, as she rubs the back of her head, "I guess I need to hit town to buy gifts, hm?" she smiles.

Jean laughs, "If you want, but it isn't required. Oh, Scott and I will be there, of course." She smiles, "Bobby probably will as well, as far as the others... I'm not entirely sure. They'd be welcome, of course."

Mercury nods to that, "It'd be nice to spend vacation somewhere else other than the School, even if it's for just one day." she admits, smiling. "Anyways. I was thinking I should give Sarah something... but I don't know what to give her. No idea at all." she chuckles.

Jean hmms, "I think, for her, the thought will be what matters. Maybe even something just mundane, that she wouldn't have experience with?" She gives Cessily a warm expression, "You really do like her."

Mercury hmmms at that, "Still, I can't exactly give her anything." she ponders, "She didn't exactly have a happy childhood... simple, mundane things may now work for her... I mean, I don't know. I just want her to know she has a friend." she admits, and for the second time she is thankful she has no blood whatsoever in her body.

Jean smiles, "Just have a bit of faith and trust your judgment, Cessily. I'm sure you'll do the right thing." She hmms softly, "Honestly, that's what we always need to do. Keep the faith."

Mercury rubs the back of her head, "I'll try. Still, you have to admit it's not easy to think of something to give to someone like Sarah. Her view of the world is unique, and she is quite no-nonsense." she shrugs, smiling.

Jean laughs, "That, is what makes it challenging. I'm sure with a little careful interrogation you'll figure something out."

Mercury smiles a bit, "Either I find out what she likes, or I might get my head lopped off." she jokes, shaking her head softly, "But you're right. I'll see if I can get her to hint me at what she likes. Anyways, I should probably be going now, Ms Grey. Getting kind of cold out here." she nods.

Jean nods, "Of course, and get some rest, Cessily. And keep me informed... I'm somewhat curious as to what you'll decide to do. We'll be leaving Christmas morning, as it isn't too far of a drive."

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