Christmas Gifts-Blindfold and Manifold

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Christmas Gifts

Blindfold Manifold

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12/16/12 21:16

Xavier Estate, Foyer

Manifold seeks out Blindfold, and gives her an early holiday gift.

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After spending hours outside building snow sculptures Bill, Kitty, Beast, Logan and far, ruth had come in to thaw out as she sipped a mug of cocoa by the big Cristmas tree all lit up with lights and tinsel. Ruth was feeling the needles run thru her fingers as she took in the scent, her cane hanging from her wrist.

David comes into the foyer, and is about to head outside, when he spots the person he's looking for. "Hey Ruth!" He calls out from across the foyer, then he walks across, to where she's at, next to the tree.

Blindfold gives him a big hug before letting go "How are you if you don't mind my asking please?"

"Fine fine. A little cold, but fine.. I.. Umm. I got something for you," David replies, somewhat nervously.

Blindfold smiles curiously "Cold? That's why I came in, to warm up after making snow-mutants, yes please" pointing out the front of the room toward the courtyard. then smiles curiously "For me? Really? I wasn't sure anyone had gotten each other presents yet, I was going to organize a secret santa, yes thank you. I asked jean to get some crafts for us all to make ornaments for the tree, please yes. David..what is it? Wat's wrong if you don't mind my asking please?"

"Huh? Wrong?" David replies, "Oh nothing's wrong. I'm just worried whether or not you'll like it. Went all the way into the city to go shopping for it. Crossed three boroughs and a neighborhood!"

Blindfold giggles releived "Do I have to wait til xmas for it? yes if you don't mind my asking please? Sounds like you went on quite a hunt thank you yes"

David shrugs. "Christmas was never really special to me, considering my family situation." He pulls out a small plastic square, which is about a centimeter thick. He hands it over to Blindfold. "Merry Christmas, Ruth."

Blindfold smiles "Christmas was pretty big with me and my aunt" stooping down to set her cocoa down on the floor before accepting the gift, running her fingers over it to feel for the seams of the wrapping paper and carefully taking it off with a child like smile of anticipation.

"I.. Umm.. I might have to actually /tell/ you what it is, seeing as I didn't find one with braille." David says, and then after a moment, "Oh yeah. I also got a new T-shirt on. It's actually in Braille, I thought it was funny."

Blindfold giggles "Really? The managed to make a shirt in braille? That's amazing! Would you mind if took a look, please if you don't mind?"

David grins. "Yeah. There's a bunch of little plastic studs on my chest, spelling out a message in Braille.." He spreads his arms, "Go ahead."

Blindfold smiles warmly reaching her hand out to lightly run her fingers over his torso, feeling the landscape of his physique beneath as she held his present in her other hand, a smile slowly dawning on her face at the wonder of it..someone actually got a mind to figure out how to put braille on clothing!


Blindfold blushes as she laughs "Very nice, yes thank you!"

"I'm glad you like it," David replies. He's blushing himself, though Ruth might not be able to tell. "Umm.. Wow. Did it just get a lot hotter in here?"

Blindfold giggles shyly as she slowly pulled her hand back "Well...least you're not cold anymore, right yes?" smiling warmly she tries to change the subject as she holds up her present a little "Soo...can you tell me what it is please if you don't mind?"

"It's a music CD," David replies. "Piano, mostly classical, some modern. Nothing really jazzy though."

Blindfold smiles brightly "I love it, thank you yes! Is there somewhere we can play it, please if you want?" full of christmas excitment.

David shrugs. "I think one of the game rooms have a CD player. You don't have one in your room?"

Blindfold chuckles softly "Well I have a cd player Richenda gave me when I ws in medbay but I thought you might like to listen to it together if you want? I don't have many Cd's thank you it's appreciated!"

David nods, though out of habit, not even thinking about the gesture. "I'd love to," he says, "I tried to think of a gift you could enjoy without being able to see. Kinda narrowed my ideas down to music, scented oils, or a small statuette."

Blindfold laughs softly "Any of them would have been wonderful. I have something for you too but it's in my room. Thank you so much for all the thought you put into it yes!"

David smiles. "You're welcome. I hope you like the actual music too," he says. "I've heard some songs are, well, terrible, and tried to avoid them. This one seemed the safest."

Blindfold smiles "Here, you stay here and I'll be right back with your gift, please thank you" taking her cane into hr hand from her wrist as she felt for her mug with her feet so she wouldn't tip it over

David nods. "Alright then, I'll be waiting here," he says.

Blindfold makes her way toward the girls dorms and in a few mintues returns with a fat kitchen trashcan shaped object wrapped up with a bow on top. Good thing she didn't need to see cuz it blocked most of her body as she came walking back in tapping her cane.

David stares as Blindfold returns.. "That.. That's huge.. What is it???" he exclaims.

Blindfold mumbles something before setting it down in front of him and taking the cd out of her mouth and chuckles "You'll have to open it to find out. I'll give you a hint though I didn't buy it, thank you yes"

David gingerly reaches for it, and slowly unwraps it. "Wait. If you didn't buy it, how did you get it? You made it?"

Blindfold giggles excitedly with a nod "Yes, thank you I did!" inside was a hamper sized woven basket, subtley striped and smelling of mint and lavender, smooth sides you'd think it could hold water....but baskets can't hold water right?

Well, they can, but not for very long. They tend to leak. "Ah. Nice.. It's a clothing hamper? It smells nice."

Blindfold nods smiling "Yes, I thought a hamper would be more useful then a blanket, yes you're welcome. Do you like it, please if you don;t mind my asking that is?"

Blindfold nods smiling "Yes, I thought a hamper would be more useful then a blanket, yes you're welcome. Do you like it, please if you don;t mind my asking that is?"

"Yes I do," David replies, "My laundry tends to smell like.. well... umm.. me. And it isn't always a pleasant smell after I've been working out."

Blindfold smiles softly "Well I figured this would get more use then a blanket, yes thank you"

David nods. "Yeah. Living here.. Being too cold at night isn't exactly something I'm worried about."

Blindfold nods with a soft chuckle "privacy might sometimes be hard to find but never warmth, thankfully yes. What kind of o ornaments would you like to make fire the tree, if you don't mind my asking please?"

David blinks. "Umm... I'm not sure I heard you right.. You wanted to set fire to the tree?"

Blindfold laughs lightly shaking her head "goodness no, deck the halls not set fire to them. No no no no, what kind of ornaments do you want to make for...the tree, yes sorry thank you"

David blinks. "Umm.. Hadn't really thought about it. I didn't come from a home where Christmas was a big deal. Or something I looked forward to.. So.. The only decorations I've ever seen for trees are the kind you see in shopping malls or stores with decorated trees on display."

Blindfold smiles with a soft chuckle "Well it is now, I'm putting together a secret santa, yes thank you. I thought it'd be nice I'd we could all make ornaments for the tree, everyone can put their mark on it and make new christmas memories, cuz not everyone had families to go home to for the holiday, yes thank you. Did you get my announcement, If you don't mind my asking please?"

David nods. "About the secret santa? I think so.. But... Heh.. I wasn't sure I wanted to participate. You're the only student I know really well. I hardly ever see my roommate, and by the time I get back to my room, I'm ready to do nothing but sleep."

Blindfold giggles "I thought I was supposed to be the quiet one, yes thank you? You should meet some of the others, I could introduce you if you want yes thank you? So far I've only gotten one reply, yes please. I remember christmas with my aunt, always smelled of pine and cookies, thank you yes. Scott's parents might be coming and jean's too, yes please"

David rubs the back of his head with one hand and says, in a somewhat dubious tone, "I guess that's alright. Could be interesting."

Blindfold chuckles "There's richenda, cessily....finesse isn't really talking to me much anymore though, yes it's alright thank you"

"So.." David says, "Did you want to go listen to that CD now?"

Blindfold smiles with a nod "yes please, thank you" holding a hand out to him

David gingerly holds his new hamper in one hand, and takes Blindfold's hand with the other, and carefully leads her upstairs to the game room, in the boy's wing.

Blindfold walks along with him as she turns her head side to side "Am I allowed in the boys wing, I hope this doesn't get you into trouble yes please? I've never been in this wing before thank you please. On the bright side...looks like everyone was right about me being a bad luck charm, sort of...I'm just a trouble magnet according to miss grey, yes thank you"

David stops suddenly at that. "Umm.. Maybe not.. But if I had to hazard a guess, given the double standard between boys and girls, I'd guess you'd get in less trouble being in the boys wing than I would being in the girl's wing. Plus I don't think anyone would really give either of us more than a slap on the wrist if all we were doing was listening to music together."

Blindfold nods in acceptance of this logic "Thank you it's appreciated yes. If you don't mind my asking please what have you been up to since we lady hung out?"

"Mostly, studying, and working out," David grins a bit. "You might have noticed when you were reading my shirt."

Blindfold blushes unwittingly "I did notice done added muscle tone, yes thank you. If you like you could join me sometime for a sword lesson with kurt or lessons with bill and psylocke?"

David blinks. "Swords?" he asks in response, startled. "And what kind of lessons are you getting with Bill and Psylocke?"

Blindfold nods with a smile "kurt is a very good teacher and he lets me practice with real swords, yes thank you. Bill and psylocke did some testing and now have a way to tech me unarmed combat as well as stick fighting, yes please"

"All things considered," David muses, "I would have guessed that unarmed combat would be easier for you to learn than weapons work, especially wrestling, or grappling techniques."

Blindfold smiles curiously "And why do guess that, please if you don't mind my asking? So far I haven't had any spars, they had to do some tests to figure out how to go about teaching me, yes thank you"

David shrugs. "Good grappling techniques don't really rely on sight. Even if you could see, you're generally too close to your opponent to get a clear view of their limbs, so you have to go by feel to get a good hold."

Blindfold smiles brighter "That's more insightful then I would have guessed not that I know anything about fighting, thank you yes"

David wears a somewhat pained expression. "I've learned a bit about fighting, mostly the hard way..."

Blindfold ohs sympathetically as the smile melts from her face and she pouts a hand on his shoulder "I'm so sorry david...I wish you didn't have to go thru that, I'm sorry yes"

David shrugs. "it's alright. Bruises fade. I'm in a better place now, where the only time that happens now is if I'm expecting it."

Blindfold offers a hug as she sniffles "It's not alright no I'm sorry, things like that shouldn't happen it's not right but I'm glad you're here and things are better yes thank you. Here new memories can be made yes thank you."

David smiles. "Again, don't worry about it. There isn't much point in getting worked up over the past. I've come to terms with mine, so you shouldn't worry about either, okay?"

Blindfold gives him a hug anyway "Guess it made you strong like you need to be, life had a way of making us just the way we need to be, yes thank you"

"Ungh. Me strong," David says, in an exaggerated caveman voice.

Blindfold laughs softly "Not that kind of strong but yes yes you are. You're strong of will and spirit with a big heart, just what's needed, yes thank you"

David's turn to blush now. They finally arrive in the game room. "Well, umm.. Shall I lead you to a chair then?"

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