Chosen Ones

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Beta Ray Bill, Ariel and Mirage

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Library - X-Mansion

The Chosen of Odin and The Chosen of Hela finally meet, Ariel pops to say Hi.

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-----==[ Library - Second Floor - Xavier Mansion ]==-----

Slightly larger than most of the other general rooms in the mansion, this space is obviously the mansion's main library, as each of the walls are comprised of bookshelves, almost completely filled with texts of all categories and origins. The books are organized according to the dewey decimal system, though the only catalog system would seem to be a computer terminal that sits near the entrance by the common room.

Aside from the bookshelves, the room holds four long tables, each with six chairs set around them, which have been evenly spaced within the room. They are a dark mahogany wood, the rich scent of the lumber adding to the musty smell already provided by the old pages of many of the texts. Two of the tables have a pair of computer terminals on them, four total, while the other pair of tables remain empty, a perfect place to do schoolwork or research.


It's the end of the school day which means the students are meandering about the building and grounds in singles, pairs or groups as they go about some free time before the evening meal. This leaves the library relatvely student free, though there may be one or two more studious types lingering about working on homework or other projects. It's not just for students of course it's also the place to go if staff needs to research lesson plans or just a book to read. Dani is here for the latter reason, she wanders down the aisle where there is a large selection of fiction novels perusing the titles for something she may find entertaining.

She is not the only one here. Books. Yes, Beta Ray Bill's people still have hard-copy knowledge, though it's all been backed up so often they were lucky to have lost almost none of it when they had to flee their homeworld. But he was curious as to what knowledge Earthlings keep like this - the Asgardians are not a studious culture, with only certain individuals keeping the records on scrolls and in books. The idea of a co-op school has been raised, and he would contribute more than just the knowledge of how to crush a skull.

He enters the room, here - the students are most used to his cyborg-god shape, and he reflects on that as he looka at the shelves, wondering where to begin.

Moving down the aisle fingers are run across the spines of the shelved books, Dani grabs one seemingly at random and flips it over in her hands, studying the cover and scanning the two paragraph blurb in the book jacket. It is quickly returned to its spot and she moves on to the next aisle. It's hard to miss a large cyborg, even in a large room that houses the library and her quest for a book is momentarily forgotten. She was made aware, from both students and staff that he was ocassionally at the school. "Something I can help you find?" she asks as she moves from the shelves toward him.

The alien's head shifts to the side to regard the young mutant, the white not-quite-metal feathers of his helm catching the light. It is clear he doesn't immediately recognize...his heavy brows moving down a bit because something about her seems very familiar indeed.

Politely, he replies, "I am uncertain where exactly to begin. But if you will pardon me, I am so certain that - ah!" and his expression brightens, inasmuch as his fearsome visage allows for, and there is a tiny bit of laughter in his voice as he speaks, "The 'Mutants New'-" using the Asgardian parlance, "And I believe I recognize you from the drawings I was shown. The 'Moonstar', yes? Hela's own valkyrie."

"Yes, that would be me, formerly of the New Mutants and Hela's chosen." Dani gives a slight nod of her head as she replies "Around here though I am commonly referred to as Dani or Mirage, depending on the circumstances." she offers a hand in greeting as is the human custom "Nice to meet you..." while she may have heard his name from this or that person it seems she would prefer that he tell her how she should address him.

"Bill." is the simple reply, with an added, "And do not feel the need to refrain from any amusement at that." He extends a large, four-fingered hand to her, "I will admit, I had heard you might be about, and I have long wanted to make your acquaintance...for obvious reasons."

There may be some momentary confusion as she puzzles out why the name would be a source of amusement but she does grin at the fact that at least he is good natured about whatever it is as she poltely shakes his hand, "I'm sorry that it couldn't have happened sooner. Between duties to school and team and then the dealings with the Avengers to bring students here, well most of the time I'm not sure if I am coming or going.

"I can well imagine." Bill replies, "I myself have found myself with an uncharacteristic surfeit of unstructured time. I thought to check up on matters here. With Ms. Marvel's notion of integrating the Avengers and X-Men's educational efforts, I wish to contribute more." He pauses, then regards you more fully, "I had met some of your ilk since matters on New Korbin compelled me to leave for a time-" and there is some measure of pain in his voice as he relates that fact, "--and I have taken an interest in the injustice you labour under. It gladdens me that I may help address it more directly and more constructively...but I am a soldier by trade, and must needs learn more."

As Dani listens she nods where appropiate "Any contributions to the school would be appreciated." she replies after a thoughtful moment "You have traveled from a distant galaxy, have been to a different plane of existance even. You could easily start your teachings there and expand." she gestures around the room "You can find much resource material here. And I am always looking for people to come talk to my class, which coincidentally enough is an Intro to Non-Earth Cultures."

"Truly?" Bill seems to perk up a bit at that, for that's something he -is- well-versed in, "My training encompassed a great deal of information on other cultures at our level of development, then my experiences in the adjacent pocket-dimensions that encompass the 'Nine Realms' is indeed fortunate we came 'cross each other, it seems." He does seem genuinely enthusiastic about this notion, "Truth be told, Dani, while I have found my calling in battle, a part of me looks back 'pon Asgard's reconstruction period with fondness. I would revisit such feelings of creation." Of course, the young mutant might also surmise it was the company of a certain ebon-haired goddess that colours said memories.

"My own people...they build a new world, and I - I feel I get in the way for various reasons."

A smile comes to her face at the sudden enthusiasm "You are several up on me than. While I am pretty familiar with Asgard and Limbo as well as have access to Shi'ar and Kree information." Dani absently ticks them off on her fingers "I feel I would be missing a lot of important details if I tried to teach other cultures to the students. I will speak to Scott about giving the class over to you. It sounds like you are much more qualified, and it will allow me to focus on my other duties to the school." a nod of understanding is given "Fondness, yes that is one way to put it. I felt that way on ocassion myself with my own kind and with others." her brows furrow in a curious expression "Are you able to travel between Earth and Asgard?

Bill looks down to the golden warhammer ever by his side, "Indeed. I am welcome there still. I admit, I thought long on the notion of taking up there, but decided that much as I love the Golden Realm, this place would be more...constructive a use of my time."

Dani makes a contemplative hmming noise as she mentally notes that for future reference "I came to the same conclusion myself earlier this year. "So," she continues with what might be considered a knowing grin "was there something I could help you find, or do you think you might have found it?

Bill makes a soft sound, thoughtful, "Perhaps I have. Although to be honest, I am more comfortable teaching soldiers than students. Perhaps there is something that can aid me in that?"

"The only thing that will help you with that is experience." she leans forward slightly "Honestly, I've only been teaching for a few months myself, so I'm not terribly comfortable with it myself." Dani looks around the library "There may be books about teaching and stuff here." she shrugs then gestures to the computers "Certainly a lot of sources online. I wouldn't worry about it to much though. The classes are small and most of the students are there because they want to be and are willing to learn.

Classes are over for the day so students have gone off to do things more fun than studying in the library. Now the only two in the room besides the librarian returning books to shelves is Bill and Dani standing near the fiction section conversing with each other.

"The only thing that will help you with that is experience." she leans forward slightly "Honestly, I've only been teaching for a few months myself, so I'm not terribly comfortable with it myself." Dani looks around the library "There may be books about teaching and stuff here." she shrugs then gestures to the computers "Certainly a lot of sources online. I wouldn't worry about it to much though. The classes are small and most of the students are there because they want to be and are willing to learn.

The massive alien is quiet for a moment, then says, "There was another reason I have long wished to meet you, Dani." his tone is not grave, but serious to some extent, "You are, I believe, the only other being I know of who might understand what it be what we are." he adds, "Oh, Masterson and Ktorr were fine compatriots, and of great worth, but...there is an element they are lacking, is there not?" he speaks, of course, of the deep -integration- with Asgardian culture, and that strange wyrd one can get caught up in.

Speaking of... nothing to do with this conversation at all, the door opens and Ariel steps through. What's on the other side of the door isn't the hallway, though. Instead, it seems to be a shopping district on the Kree homeworld. A rather high end one, at that. "See you later!" Ariel calls out as she closes the door, grinning happily as she holds what seems to be a pair of Kree special forces ski boots. "Suckers."

Dani nods in agreement, she doesn't know the two personally but knows of them through the usual channels "We are two of a kind, chosen by Odin himself. Just that gives it more gravity." she is wont to continue but the opening of the door and arrival of Ariel distracts her, "You aren't looking to set off the alarms again are you?

"Aren't I in the system now?" Ariel asks as she kicks the door behind her. "Besides, winter's coming up and I wanted to go skiing. Kree have the best ski boots in the galaxy for people with ten toes." She pauses. "Oooh. Beta Ray Bill. Nice. I was on New Korbon last... month? Or was it three months ago. Fun place. Except the people are all work work work alllll the time."

The alien warrior turns at the sudden intrusion, and his large hand moves, for a moment, towards the terrible weapon at his waist. But - seeing that Dani showed no signs of alarm, the motion drifts off. At being addressed, and at hearing news from his people's new world, he replies, dryly, "Yes, rebuilding our civilization will engender that attitude for a time." But when he continues, it is with a measure of his usual gallantry, "I do not believe we have been introduced...?"

"Yes, I cleared it with Bishop myself shortly after our first meeting." Dani then looks from Ariel to Bill and makes the introductions "Bill, this is Ariel, she is the newest addition to the school. Her initial arrival set off the alarms. Bishop was not amused.

"Bishop needs to chillax." Ariel says with a shrug. She drops the boots by the library door. "Nice to meet you. Always fun to meet someone else from offworld." Ariel pulls her sunglasses off, revealing those odd eyes - a starburst center surrounded by an atomic spiral. "Though, I'm not nearly as famous as the mighty Thorse."

Bill seems a bit...nonplussed by the unusual greeting, one heavy brow arching, "Excuse me?" He shakes his head slightly, "And from whence do you hail?" Ever polite, this one.

It takes a bit of will power on Dani's part /not/ to facepalm at Ariel's comment of fame. She is unclear on the answer herself as that wasn't necessarily covered during their initial meeting and Bobby's reports were at best incomplete on the subject.

"Coconut Grove." Ariel says brightly. She glances around and then grabs her boots once again. "I'm going to go try these one. Maybe get some skiis to go with them. Probably have to hit the shops over in Switzerland. Best skiis anywhere, I'm told."

Beta Ray Bill searches his memory, "I am afraid I do not know the place." he admits, "Truth, it is a large galaxy." he does add, "Snow...I had ne'er seen such in person 'till my time in Asgard. I am still unsure what I think of it after all this time, to be honest."

"At least snow and winter in general is milder here then in Asgard." Dani glances at the boots "It's been awhile since I've been skiing." then the signal rings that calls the students to the evening meal "Well that is my call. I have dining hall duty this evening. Hopefully there won't be another food fight like yesterday." a smile is given to Bill, "It was great to meet you. I'll track down Scott about that class. You should be hearing from one of us soon." she then heads out before the students cause to much trouble as dinner is served.

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