Child's Play or The Search for Colossus

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Magik, Wolfsbane and Gambit

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04/07/13 17:28


A 6 year old alternate of Magik seeks her big brother about the Mansion with the help of Wolfsbane, before they happen across Gambit

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"Piotr...?" comes a high pitched somewhat worried little voice from the hallway of the girls' dorm. A young girl with crystal blue eyes and golden blonde hair is taking small steps and looking fearfully at the many doors along the hallway. She's dressed in a pink over all and a yellow shirt, her hair tied into pigtails with red ribbons. "Piotr...," she repeats, before asking in Russian <<Where are you big brother? Why did you leave me here all alone? It's a scary place. I want to go home.>> While there's a striking resemblance to Illyana, she's a bit young, looking no more than 6 years old.

Coming out from the study room is Wolfsbane, having apparently been inspecting something in there for one reason or another. She's dressed casually as far as the school goes, meaning no costume right now and just a shirt and shorts instead, feet bare. "Nothing in there, a' least.." she murmurs, going on to herself, "Best I check th' lounge again, just in case.." However, her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of someone else, someone sounding young and, in fact, looking every bit the part when she spots the girl. "..och, are ye lost?" Now what?

Illyana looks stunned at Wolfsbane when she sees her coming out of the study and talking to her, squinting her eyes, before taking one sheepish step back, looking for somewhere to hide, and when failing looking back at Wolfsbane. "Vhere brother Illyana?" She finally finds the voice to ask, pointing at herself as if to help make it more clear she is looking for her brother.

Wolfsbane holds up a hand, claw-tipped as it is, and realizes that might be why the girl's too shy to get very close. "It's all right," she says as she goes into a crouch, all wolfen signs disappearing to leave her smooth-skinned for a moment as she says, "I'm Rahne. It's just muh powers here. See?" Back to the halfway form she goes, then she blinks a few times. "..Illyana? Ye're looking for Piotr? How'd ye get so young?"

Illyana's eyes open wide as Wolfsbane holds up her claw-tipped hand and takes a few scurrying steps backwards, her beathing intensifying. But once Rahne makes the wolfish features disappear, Illyana edges a bit closer, looking at her curiously, "you magic wolf? Or magic girl?" She asks cautiously, wondering how dangerous Wolfsbane might be. Then she hears 'powers' and 'Piotr' and she smiles brightly, jumping up and down in excitment, "you like big brother! Take to Piotr!" She holds up her arms for Wolfsbane to carry her, fully expecting Rahne to know where Piotr is at the moment.

"Mutant.." is Rahne's response, and she shows it by shifting fully the /other/ way this time, to a complete wolf. It's only for a moment, only to demonstrate, and she's back and crouching as she was within a couple more seconds. "Aye, like him. He should be around.." she thinks aloud, and the wolfen woman does hoist this child version of Illyana up to perch on a shoulder, holding her there. "This is so odd," she murmurs, as if a memory's been triggered as she starts to walk.

"My brother strong," Illyana points out just in case it wasn't obvious to anyone. Then again, she does happen to be in the one place where people would definitely know all about her brother. Hefted all the way up to perch on Rahne's shoulder, Illyana giggles and holds on to her head for support, one hand grabbing Rahne's hair inadvertantly. "Piotrrrr!" Illyana calls out, "I come see you, now haf chelp! Find you fast." She then looks aside at Rahne and asks, "vhat you name? Me is Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina."

"Careful with muh hair, there!" Wolfsbane exclaims, ducking her head just enough to miss having one of those pointed ears tugged as well, using the arm on the same side she's perched on to secure itself across the girl's lap. "Aye, he's big an' strong, an' he helps people who need it. Muh name's Rahne, or Wolfsbane if ye like." She continues toward the onwards, knowing Piotr's not likely to be found in the girls dorms.

"Sorry," Illyana says and eases her hold of Wolfsbane's hair, before she spots a pointy ear and giggles, "you haf funny ear! You fairy?" With Rahne reaching to secure her with a hand across her lap, Illyana finally lets go of Rahne's hair completely, not worried she might fall anymore. "Rain," Illyana repeats, giggling, "you Mama call you for be clean?" Illyana doesn't seem to quite recognize the place she's in at the moment, and so just lets Rahne carry her, "Rain, you know Piotr? Che like you? If che do, I like too."

Wolfsbane answers, "Nae. I guess it's just..partly between yuir normal ear an' a wolf's," and she smiles briefly in saying so. "Muh name's spelled different. It's R-A-H-N-E. I'm Scottish," comes the next explanation, her arm helping ensure the girl will be safe. "Well, I know he can shift tae tha' metal form o' his. We're th' same in what lets us do it."

"You talk funny," Illyana points out at Rahne's accent, listening intently as she's notified of how Rahne's name is spelled, which doesn't mean much to her as she doesn't know spelling in English at all. She only asks, "shotlandskiy?" When Rahne suggests she's Scottish. "Rain turn volf? Soft fur?" Illyana asks curiously, reaching to tweak Rahne's ear, as if to test if that'll make Rahne turn to a wolf.

Wolfsbane says, "It's muh accent. Ye have one too, ye know," the woman points out, adding, "From Scotland, aye. It's north o' England. Do ye know where England is?" The question of turning into a wolf and the grab at her ear results in her getting a hand up to cover and protect it, squinting for a moment. "Dinna pull!" she chides, if gently, adding, "Ye want me tae change again?"

Illyana pouts a little when Rahne points out rather correctly that she also has an accent, to which she just notes, "I sound more Englisher than you." As if that somehow settles a point or makes her better. Asked if she knows where Scotland is, Illyana points at a random direction, "there?" Giggling again as Rahne asks her not to pull on her ear, "name is Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina, not Dina!" She then reaches to wrap her arms around Rahne's neck as she tries to slide down without falling, "yes, but only turn nice pretty volf, not scary volf!"

"Fine, ye win," Wolfsbane answers, knowing enough to let a child have the victory when possible, agreeing with the direction indicated as well. "I think ye're pretty close." She opens her mouth to say something about the name part but figures it out a moment later. Seems the girl's new position is perfectly suited for a different form, so long as she doesn't get choked first! "Oof..hold on, then!" Like she already is, and in a blink the girl's atop the wolf's back instead.

Illyana seems quite pleased when Rahne admits she sounds more Englisher then her, as well as has a pretty good grip on where Scotland might be, "it because I smart, ask broder Piotr!" When Rahne all of a sudden changes, leaving Illyana mounted on her back, the girl lets out a jovial squeal, and moves her hands to wrap around the wolf's neck, rubbing her cheek against Rahne's fur, "soft!" She cries out, no longer scared now that she knows it's not a bad wolf but rather Rahne, who seemed very nice. "Chow you feel be volf? Is fun? Can I be volf too? You teach?"

The girl's lower to the ground but now she's a wolfrider! Eyes glance in the direction of Illyana as Wolfsbane is more or less hugged and nuzzled, a short sniff following, then a snort as they enter the gathering hall as she continues toward the more central area of the building. Seems she's unable to actually /answer/ like this.

Illyana doesn't seem to quite realize the wolf can't talk, and so reaches to rub Rahne on the head before knocking on it lightly, "chello? Rain? Volf girl? Vhy no talk? I ask qvestion..."

It may be another way that the wolf has to communicate, and she does so with a 'whuff' of some kind that cuts off when she gets rapped on the head, gentle or not. Her tail twitches in back of her as she pads along to the main foyer.

Illyana pulls on Rahne's fur a little as she answers in a very wolfish manner, not using any words, "Rain, vhy no talk? It rude! I tell Piotr!" She then remember why she had Rahne carry her in the first place and asks, "Rain find Piotr now?"

An odd sight, to be sure: Rahne in her wolf form, with a little girl who must be Illyana riding and clinging to her as she pads into the foyer at a walking pace. Ears flatten at the tugging of her fur, a grunt of sorts following as she stops and looks around, sniffing as if in search of a scent.

Stepping through the front doors of the school, Gambit looks slightly haggard. He wears the face of a man who's perhaps been out getting into mischief, and is just ready to find his way to bed. As soon as he sees a wolf with a blonde little girl riding on it's back through the expansive room, he can't help but to chuckle. His weary face brightened by an ever suave smile. "Oh, now dis," he says as he begins to approach the pair, "Dis looks like fun." He pats the wolf on the head, and does the same with the child. "Got room for 'notha on dere, petit demon," he jokes.

Illyana is leaning down low on Rahne's back, almost lying on top of her, eager to catch some kind of hint to her progress in locating Piotr, before Gambit happens on their paths. Hesitant, she looks at him quietly and timidly, not saying anything until he reaches to pat her on the head as he does the wolf, suggesting he's a nice man despite his red eyes, and so she waves at him in a sheepish gesture and says "Chello, name Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina. You name?" She asks, pointing down at Rahne and explaining "dis Rain, she turn volf, chelp find Piotr!"

Wolfsbane squints up at Gambit when he comes in, then again from the patting. Seconds later the young blonde-haired girl would feel her shifting again, a front leg and paw turning to an arm and hand in time to hold the girl against her back before letting her down to her feet carefully. "I dinna give rides tae just anyone," she informs the Cajun, raising a brow. Fortunately the clothes must be 'safe' as they show up again, shirt and shorts. "Like she said, we're looking for Piotr." Then she moves closer to whisper up at Remy, "I think she's an alternate version."

The Cajun can't hide his bemusement in the situation. Flipping the tails of his trench coat behind him, he exaggerates a gentlemanly bow crossing one arm across his midsection, extending the other to his side and bowing deeply at the waist. "Un plaisir de vous rencounter, Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina," he says as he bows to the little girl. "You may call me Remy." He smiles broadly to Rahne as he watches her shift forms. "You dun say, chere," he teases her with a chuckle. Clearly this must be an alternate version of Magik. "You 'ave a fine steed, an' assistant ici, ma princesse," he speaks to Illyana again, "And if you request it, I shall be more dan honored to 'elp you ladies on your quest to seek out the greatest knight dese 'alls 'ave ev'a known."

Illyana lets out a little shriek as Wolfsbane morphs again, only she's caught before she has any time to fall, and is set down quite safely. She takes a moment to relax, and reaches to embrace Wolfsbane. She seems quite pleased to hear Wolfsbane decline Gambit the chance for a ride, and in turn exclaims, "I'm special! Because I Piotr sister!" She looks most curiously at Gambit as he gives her that introduction with a flourish and points out, "frantsuzskiy!" She seems most pleased to hear her big brother described as a greatest knight, and smiles up at Remy, "Remy, you chelp us, we find Piotr and che take me chome!" She looks over at Rahne, and asks, "Rain, you know Remy?"

Wolfsbane's eyes narrow briefly on Remy as he talks of steeds and knights, leaving her to answer with nothing more than a snort. She isn't shouting at him or moving to slug him in the stomach, so she must have taken it the way it ought to be. "She was up in the girls dorms when I found her. I know Piotr was around th' other day, but I'm na sure if he's busy or na. We could see if he's working on a painting, maybe?" She looks between the two of them before nodding slowly to Illyana. "Aye, we know each other."

Gambit taps at his chin thoughtfully. "P'haps," he says aside to Rahne. "Dun s'ppose I've seen Colossus maself de last few days. You check de observatory, yet?" He gets down on his haunches, placing his hands on his knees to be at eye level with the little girl. "Why you in such a hurry ta get home, ma princesse," he asks the girl. "Dere's plenty o' fun ta be 'ad 'round 'ere."

"You feel churt?" Illyana asks Rahne curiously as she takes her 'aye' for a pained 'aie', "I make better," she offers and gives Rahne a gentle kiss, "Piotr says kiss makes better." She then looks up at Remy for affirmation, "I say rightly?" When Gambit gets down to a crouch to be at eye level with her, Illyana edges a bit closer to him, opening her eyes wider when he mentions fun. "Fun? I like fun. I chaf dolls but dey are chome, and Piotr vill take me." She nods her head as if to put it beyond doubt, but still looks curious enough as she waits for Remy to elaborate, "vhat you do chaf fun?"

"Hmm? Nae, I was saying aye..I mean, yes," Wolfsbane replies after a bout of initial confusion. "I was just checking for Piotr's scent, but I didna find it tae follow yet. We could just see if he answers his comms?" she suggests. It'd cut down on the search, that's for sure. The wolfen mutant stands off to one side as Illyana and Remy make further acquaintances.

"Mais oui," Gambits smiles to Illyana. "Kisses /always/ make e'ryt'in' betta," he reassures her. The request for him to elaborate on his offering of fun causes him to pause for a minute. What fun is there around this place for a six year old? No wonder she's bored. "We could always head out ta de gardens an play fetch wit' Rahne," he jokes with a mischievous smile shot to his fellow X-man. "Non," he continues. "What you need is the Dan--" he cuts himself off before he names the Danger Room. "Dere's a room downstairs dat can be anyplace you want it to be. Could be a princess' castle, could be magical forest, could be outer space, could be life sized dollie house, whatev'a yo little 'eart desires, ma princesse."

"Aie mean yes?" Illyana giggles at the thought, before pointing out, "Shotlandskiy is silly!" Illyana brightens tremendously at the offer of playing fetch with the wolf at the garden and she starts bouncing up and down, "yes! Yes! Yes! Let's play! Play vith volk!" But luckily for Rahne, Gambit saves her with a timely suggestions of an alternative. "I vant to be princess! Printsessa Rasputina!"

Wolfsbane rolls her eyes at Gambit, who might be lucky he /doesn't/ get decked in the shoulder at some of those suggestions. "Remy..." she warns, before the ideas shift to something else. "I've got an idea," she begins. "While ye help Illyana here figure oot a good game tae play, how about I go look for Piotr an' surprise him?" It might not be the best idea, but it /is/ one.

Gambit shoots Rahne a look that says, "Don't you dare leave me alone with the child." Hopefully Illyana doesn't pick up on it, but in case she does, he makes sure to try and soothe it over. "Dun be silly, Rahne. Like you said, we can always call Piotr on 'is comm. He can come meet us when is done wit' what I am shur is a tres important mission," he assures. "Sides, I'm just know our petit princesse here would love to 'ave her loupan ami to share in de adventures o' a princess."

"I can chaf pretty dress too?" Illyana asks curiously, getting more and more eager to take Gambit on his fantastic offer, listening in a bit to the exchange between him and Rahne as she asks, "Piotr is secret mission? Is che safink princess now?"

Wolfsbane offers Gambit a sweet little smile that seems as innocent as she can make it. "Maybe ye're right. I dinna mind helping oot for a while longer, for Illyana here." Turning back to her, she crouches and taps the side of her head as if in thought. "Remind me..what does he always call you? His little snowflake?"

Illyana looks amazed when Rahne knows the nickname that Piotr always calls her, her eyes growing wide and bright as she seems about ready to cry for joy. "Yes! Chow you know? Che only calls me dat! Because I'm pretty like snow flake! See?" She points at her face, turning it aside to let Rahne have a good look at her, waiting expectantly to hear that she is beautiful like her brother tells her.

"De prettiest dress a princess ev'a did wear," he grins to Illyana. At Rahne's agreement to continue to play along, he claps his hands together. "C'est magnifique," he exclaims. "Alors, let us take dis beautiful lil Snowflake to 'er palace, non?"

"I..think I must have heard it before, somewhere," Wolfsbane answers. Likely, it was during another time, definitely another version of Illyana. She grins at the expression from the girl, her reaction as well, and she offers to lift her up again for a repeat of that shoulder perch. "After ye?" she asks Gambit.

Illyana seems about sold on Gambit's idea as she extends her hand to him, "let go now!" She nods her head, eager to already be in that magical room, "if I princess, I can make order?" Illyana tests out just how good this game can be, "I vant candy." She looks a bit hesitant, and then adds, "before dinner!"

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