Checking in With the Team

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Checking in With the Team

Xiu Lin Tseng, Dwayne Taylor

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08/19/12 11:00

Midtown Manhattan cafe

Xiu Lin checks in with Dwayne in public in civilian ID, since she can't go to Warriors Central right now.

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Xiu Lin Tseng arrives at the cafe a good fifteen minutes early, as it offers her a chance to get in line, grab herself a tea and a little yummy fruit muffin, and then take a seat outside. She seems not to mind the heat, but perhaps that has something to do with just appreciating being free, out in the sunlight instead of in jail. Even with the ankle bracelet strapped on, at least she is out. That alone gives her more hope that soon the entire problem will be resolved. But in the meantime, she can't exactly go to Warriors' Central without then revealing that location to the authorities, and her connection to it. That'd be a bad idea. So she sits. She sips. And she waits for a public meeting encounter with the man she knows better as Night Thrasher. But this time, it will be in his guise as Dwayne Taylor. This'll be rather different.

It's probably best that the Authorities not know the super secret location of Warrior's Central. So it is an astute idea to meet outside of the Warriors' base of operations. Dwayne Taylor's car pulled up to the cafe and he stepped out of it through the rear door. He closes the door and slaps the roof, lightly, a couple of times. This is apparently a signal for the driver to leave, as the car pulls away from the curb and re-enters traffic. Dwayne turns around and shoves his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He casually walks towards Xiu Lin's table when he spies her. He stops by one of the chairs and looks down at her, "Come here often?" He asks as a way of greeting her.

Xiu Lin glances up, and it takes her a bit to completely piece together that this man matches the face she has only seen on a computer screen in a dossier photo until now. As such, it takes her a second or two before she responds. "Uhm. No, not really. But I've been here once or twice. They have good tea. Hello, Mister Taylor."

"Dwayne." The Civilian guise of Night Thrasher corrects her with a pleasant-enough smile. He gestures towards the door to the cafe and says, "Tea, huh? I'll be back with my own cup." he steps away and is gone for a few minutes. When he exits, he's got a small tea pot, a cup and some other items. He sidles up next to Xiu Lin's table once more but does not sit or place his stuff down, yet. He asks, "May I sit?"

"Please do, Dwayne." Xiu Lin offers. Alright. He wants her to call him by his first name. It feels a tad strange, but she's not going to argue. Besides, she knows most people are a lot more easy-going about such things than she is. She sips her tea, and then finally breaks up her lovely nummy muffin, nibbling at pieces of it neatly. "How is your day?" she inquires, politely. Nothing to see, here. Just two citizens encountering one another at a cafe. Move along. No staring, no creepy stalkerazzi photos, please.

Dwayne goes about setting his stuff down on the table. He fills his teacup from the kettle, places the kettle down and then pulls out a chair from under the table. He slips into it, settles and reaches for his tea. He holds the cup for a moment and answers her question, "I am well enough. You? I understand you've recently acquired some new jewelry. How is that working out for you?" He blows on the contents of his cup, a puff of steam escaping over the ridge of the cup when his breath meets much warmer liquid.

Xiu Lin observes Dwayne's movements while she sips her own tea and nibbles on bites of her muffin. His question earns a quirk. "Well, it chafes, requires I am very careful about showes or baths, and tattletales my entire life to the bail bondsman. But given he has effectively loaned me half a million dollars for a mere downpayment of a few thousand, I cannot complain too much." OF course, coming up with those few thousand was not easy in the slightest. It has been a huge financial hardship, but nothing like what it would have cost to have to come up with half a million dollars on her own. "It also clashes with some of my favorite outfits." Yishi is benched until this is over.

Dwayne sips at his tea while Xiu Lin says her peace about the situation. When she concludes, he nods and grunts with a mouthful of tea. He swallows, wipes his mouth and says, "At least it doesn't light up and buzz, I hope?" He places the teacup down on the table and leans back in his chair. He eyeballs one of the other items he brought to the table. It's encased in a paper bag and hidden from view. He cuts his eyes to look back at Xiu Lin, "So, what do we need to do to clear you name? Some of my favorite friends just happen to be lawyers..."

Xiu Lin nods, acknowledging Dwayne's point. "Nope. It hasn't lit up or buzzed, so far." she agrees. And that's a good thing. Definitely no one wants that to happen. "Well, at this point I have done everything I can do to prove to them that I am not responsible for the deaths of those men. I am sure they will have more questions and want to insist on more sessions as they try to browbeat me into telling them about whomever else was there who might have been responsible. My friend, Annie," -- That would be Gogo, in case anyone is watching their scorecards at home -- "got me a lawyer, Sarah Wasserman. Sarah is doing her best to work on the district attorney's office to get them to drop the charges, since all of the wealth of forensic evidence shows quite clearly that I am not responsible, and that I showed up after they were killed, not before." And thusly, she quite possibly didn't see any sign whatsoever of the killer or killers.

Dwayne nods once or twice to Xiu Lin as she explains her situation. He raises a hand up and says, "In other words, you've got things covered. Good." He raises his hot beverage up to his mouth again and pauses just in front of his lips. The steam wafts upwards in corkscrews in front of his face, "So, since you're confident in your chances in beating these charges, has any real detective work been done to find the real culprits?"

"Not by me." Xiu Lin admits, sipping her own tea. "Given the fact that they're already after me for the murder of those men, I've kept my nose out of this case, for obvious reasons." She doesn't want to give them a chance to sidestep to charges of intfering with a police investigation. "Although, as I understand it, there are descriptions of those who may have been responsible, provided by the women I found there. Something about a masked crazy man with devastating handguns, and an amazing martial artist with an affinity for spiders." All true. But Xiu Lin has no intention of helping anyone track those two down, either. "The men killed were responsible for the enslavement of those women, their mistreatment, and multiple rapes. And there is another avenue of investigation ongoing, trying to track down whomever was behind the human trafficking operation." The diminutive young woman is sitting at an outdoor cafe, sipping her tea and nibbling on the remains of a fruit muffin, while talking with the handsome, very well dressed Mr. Taylor, who is sharing her table and having his own tea.

Dwayne puts the nearly emptied cup of tea back down on the table. He slides the cup a little further back from the edge and leans back in his chair once again. He sighs a bit, "Sounds like the boys in blue just decided to take the easy path and nab you rather than do all that legwork." He shrugs his shoulders and steeples his hands in front of him. Gears clearly turning in his mind. After a couple of moments of silence from Dwayne, he asks, "So, has your lawyer provided you a timeframe for when they think you'll be free of your unwanted jewelry?"

"Not yet." Xiu Lin answers, nodding to Dwayne. "She is convinced they are trying to 'sweat me' to get me to give up anything I may know about the actual perpetrators. Apparently they believe that I may know more than I am telling. Especially given my friendship with Annie." And the threat is not entirely an idle one. So long as she is facing charges, she is on suspension from her job with the NYPD, and she could lose that job entirely if she is convicted of anything at all.

"Odd." Dwayne says. The young man glances over to the paperbag and pulls it closer. He opens it and reaches inside. As he pulls out a scone of one kind or another he says, "Hopefully they're doing more than waiting for you to crack, especially now that you're out on bail." He shrugs his shoulder and cracks the scone in half. Crumbs cascade down from the broken scone to the folded paper bag. He breaks the scone up even further into more manageable, bitesized pieces. As he brings one of these pieces to his mouth he asks, "Is there anything you need me to do, look into or inquire about?"

Xiu Lin considers Dwayne's question for a bit, mulling it over. "I would very much like to follow up and find whomever was responsible for that operation. But naturally, I cannot do that just now." She smiles and shrugs her shoulders. "A nice donation to the Diana Kertzveil Foundation wouldn't be amiss, either. They do very good work." Hey! He's rich, or someting. It can't hurt to ask.

An arch of an eyebrow follows Xiu Lin's suggestion. The corner of his mouth moves upwards with a slight smile, "Do they do good work? I'll have to look into that, than. The Taylor Foundation has always been about doing good work." Dwayne finishes off the last of his scone and nods with a full mouth. After swallowing he assures her, "I'll see what I can do about arranging for a donation. It never hurts the Foundation's books by adding another charity to its rolls." He shrugs, "Anything else?" he balls up the paperbag and puts it into his empty tea cup. The vehicle that Dwayne arrived in rolls back up to the curb outside of the cafe.

Xiu Lin smiles. "They do very good work." That happens to be the aid foundation focused on assisting the victims of human trafficking, currently helping out the women who were freed from the sweat shop. "I think that'll do, really. Thank you, Dwayne. But if you think of something taht would be a good idea in dealing with this situation, I would welcome a call and some advice."

Dwayne turns his head to regard his ride. He raises a hand in a signal to the unseen driver. He turns back to look at Xiu Lin, "Ok. If I come up with something or think of something, I'll be in touch." He pushes his chair out and slides out of it. He tucks the chair back under the table and grabs his trash and dishes. He turns away, deposits them at a collection point and throws away the trash. He comes back to the table, "Good to see you. Let me know of the developements of the case. See you." He goes to his idling car.

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