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Dining Hall - Xavier's Mansion

This just in: Jean is Engaged!

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-----==[ Dining Hall - Xavier Mansion ]==-------------------------------------
The dining hall of the Xavier Mansion is quite large. Extending most of the width of the main structure, it occupies the eastern aspect of the mansion and has the ability to serve 150 without issue. The tables all have the ability to fold up and chairs are moveable. Thus giving the ability to clear the room if need be. Especially when waxing or cleaning.
The room itself is akin to being a fish bowl. The eastern ceiling and northeast, east, and southeast walls are curved paned glass allowing for a semicircular design. Beyond the glass to the east is the patio area (which offers more seating for those who wish to eat outside) and views to the courts and pool. Also visible to the northeast and southwest are the dormitories which one can easily access from here by crossing the patio.
To the north is the kitchen and to the south is a video game room much like the old video game arcades. There are also access points to the male and female public restrooms.
Sunday morning, while it is not all that early, it's still to early for the typical teenager to be out of bed. Because of the unpredicatably of when the students will be partaking of breakfast the hours on the weekends for the meal are extended. While usually it is over no later than 8:30 on the weekends it is extended until 10:30.

The dining hall is relatively empty, there are a few early risers, eating breakfast and goofing off, but not in such a way that would cause them to get in trouble.

Several tables away sits Dani, sipping a cup of coffee and focusing on whatever it is scrolling across her Stark tablet.

Some parts of your life stick with you for years. It's only been just over a year since Chenda's carnival days, but she still can't sleep late, except on Sundays (and that involves trying to get back to sleep). Today she apparently failed to do so. Her hair damp and carelessly brushed, her skin still gleaming from a wake-up shower, she steps into the dining hall in her usual jeans and longsleeved-tee-under-tee, stifling a yawn.

At least the line is fast. With a nod of thanks to the cook, whose efforts she genuinely appreciates, she steps out onto the cafeteria floor and frowns blearily. The usual people, her few and loyal friends, are missing this early. She honestly has no idea where to sit without them.

There is a clearing of Dani's throat when the group over there get a little too rambunctious. Just a subtle reminder that she is there and somewhat paying attention. The group immediatly settles, and Dani starts to go back to her reading but spies the yawning Chenda "Morning Chenda." she greets. Knowing Dani she has probably already been up for hours, and done more constructive in those few hours than some people do all day.

The noise gets Chenda's attention first, and she winces and looks away. /Nobody/ should demonstrate anything like that with a pancake and sausage links, especially not this early in the morning when people are eating. Ugh.
The throat-clearing gets her attention next, and she looks up in time to be greeted. "Oh... Morning, Miss Moonstar," she replies, since this is Official Territory and there are witnesses. She moves over to the table. "Mind if I join you? I promise I'll be quiet," she adds, noting the Stark tablet.

Gesturing to the empty spot across from her "Feel free." Dani 'snoozes' the tablet and sets it aside "If you don't think it will ruin your reputation being seen with the Dean." its mostly a joke, but there is some seriousness to it. She isn't so old that she doesn't remember how the social strata and schools work. Though back when she was a student there were only a handful of others in class with her.

"Thanks. And let 'em think what they want," Chenda adds, smiling sardonically. "I'm already The Very Dumb Girl Who Can't Keep Her Pants Up Or Get Onto A Team. Can't get much lower than that."

She slips into the offered chair. "Working on weekends too, Dani?" Now that she's talking in conversational volume, she's free to speak like a friend, not a mere student.

Dani grins knowingly, "Well hopefully soon we will be able to fix those issues." she sips her coffee "And I wouldn't call you dumb, just," she ponders a moment to think of the right word "unpolished." she supplies with a nod as if is the perfect word, "A diamond in the rough.

"I hope I polish well," Chenda muses, with the air of someone who doesn't have much hope of it. Many years and more disappointments have made sure of that. "But thanks for the vote of confidence."

She takes a sip of juice, hiding another yawn with her glass. "Is it true what I'm hearing? Someone was talking about openings in a group that's being revived, but I haven't heard a name yet." Is that faint hope in those dark eyes?

"We're all rough around the ages at your age Chenda." Dani points to herself "Hell, I still have a few rough spots myself that still need a good buffing." her smile widens a bit at the speculation and hope "I have no clue what you are talking about." she comments trying to hide her smile and deadpan the comment.

Sunday morning comin' down. The cafeteria is lightly populated, mostly by faculty on this weekend morning, but a few students are there, too. At one table sits Danielle Moonstar, with Chenda Gray seated across from her.

"Yeah... but you're /you/, Dani," Chenda reminds the highly-accomplished heroine. "On you, rough spots are just quirks. On me, they're all anyone sees, especially in the gradeboo..." Beat. Sigh. "I'm sorry, I'll cut out the self-pity. I've heard that's part of adjusting to things you can't change."

She frowns thoughtfully at her friend, hearing the denial and seeing her face not agree with it. "Your lips say 'dunno', but your tells say 'doonno'. Which do I believe?"

Blindfold smiles as she comes in tapping her cane and grabs a tray to start getting breakfast "Good morning richenda, miss moonstar, be right there, yes thank you" getting some eggs, sausage and French toast and a piece of fruit before tapping her way over

"Now yes, but it took years to get that way, not to mention a few near scrapes with death and being a powerful near deity." its doubtful that the students would know what Dani truly is, besides mutant, though they probably all know about the winged steed, just not the story behind it...except maybe Ruth. A shrug is the only thing Chenda gets to her question. When Ruth taps her way in her she is just on the verge of asking the young girl to join them, but since Ruth predicted the question she just gives the usual greeting "Good morning Ruth.

Chenda's eyes widen, but she doesn't really get to ask about the 'powerful near deity' part, because someone calls out to them both. Still, it's Ruth. She smiles and lifts a hand to wave. "Morning, Ruth. Have a chair," she says, nudging one out with her foot.

Blindfold smiles as she puts her tray down so she can give richenda the customary hug before taking a seat and folding het cane up "Miss Moonstar is..somewhat of a valkyrie?, yes thank you" apparently Ruth still had some learning to do about asgaurd and the myths "As well as being part native american, yes please"

Dani nods at what Ruth has said, mostly from habit "Yes, though own this plane, Midgard as the asgardian's call it, my valkyrie abilities are limited." Chenda can see but Ruth may pick it up from her tone that she may be a bit insulted at being called part native american "I'm full blooded Cheyenne. No halfs or parts about it.

Chenda reaches over, clasping Dani's hand soothingly... she hopes. "I'm the one that's half-anything, Ruth," she reminds the other girl with a gentle smile. "I guess that'd explain the winged horse I saw that time, and what you did in New York during that outbreak. Way to help my inferiority complex," she adds, just to tease the Cheyenne demigoddess.

Blindfold flushes with her social misstep "My apologies, please forgive me miss Moonstar, I...didn't mean to misspeak and cause insult, I didn't realize and erred on the wrong side I'm sorry" her tone that off anyone who got the air knocked out of their sails and was mentally kicking themself. "I'm sorry May I ask if you don't mind richenda what you mean by half?"

"No worries Ruth, I've been called worse than a half-breed and will be again I am sure." Dani's tone will reflect that she is okay with it, as long as it doesn't happen again. She sips her coffee, glancing down into the near empty cup, but doesn't get up to refill it just yet. She doesn't say anything more, just listens to Chenda's answer with curiousty.

"Half Spanish Gypsy," Chenda replies. "And like Dani, I've been called worse than a half-breed and expect it at any time." She squeezes Dani's hand, as if cementing a common bond, and smiles at Ruth. "What's got you up this early on Sunday?"

Blindfold puts a hand on chenda's add she leans over to hug dani "I'm sorry yes, people can be quite mean" but had to grin at chenda at the question "I don't sleep well, no thank you"

Dani doesn't answer the question, figuring it wasn't for her. She is up everyday at around 5:00 whether she wants to or not, that's just how her body works. Unless she is injured or something, but that's different. "Tell me Ruth, what do you think if this newest student, Clarice?"

"How well I know that feeling," the gypsy girl replies wryly. And then Dani speaks up. We have a new student? I must've missed seeing her," Chenda says,

"How well I know that feeling," the gypsy girl replies wryly. And then Dani speaks up. "Wait, ee have a new student? I must've missed seeing her," Chenda says, looking curiously between Ruth and Dani. Her hand lingers on Dani's a moment longer before she begins to draw it away.

Blindfold grins with a nod to richenda about the sleeping before giving dani a gentle a squeeze "Clarice? I like her a lot, her heart is in the right place, she's not add aloof and walled off as thimble. She seems to have some control off her ability but blames herself for allot that's happened and much wasn't her fault, but she wants to help others and her ethics seem to be aligned well too yes thank you. She has a deep sense of responsibility and wish to help others that are worse off then het and doesn't want to take the way way out of things, but she fears her ability to transport, yes please"

"I haven't met the girl, but I was informed of her arrival and have had a hand in her paperwork and setting her schedule." Dani glances at Chenda "I'll let you off the hook this time. I know how hard it was to reach out to Janie and be her guide." her attention focuses on Ruth than "So Ruth, I am assigning you to be Clarice's guide and mentor. Show her the ropes. From my understanding she stands out a bit, like Callie and Maris." aka Dryad and Aquatica, both girls having skin that is not a natural skin color, pinkish and aqua respectively.

"Reaching out wasn't hard. She just never took my hand," Chenda replies, blushing a little. She would've offered it unofficially if that jerk Shatterstar hadn't put her on the spot. "So how does Clarice stand out?"

Blindfold smiles brightly at this idea from dani, evidently looking forward to it "Yes miss Moonstar, thank you very much" then smiles at richenda "She has pink skin and elf like ears so she didn't get along well in school, yes thank you"

It breakfast time on a Sunday morning and the dining hall is slowly starting to get full of those wishing their morning meal. With most the occupants being still in the process of waking, it's quiet yet. Ruth, Chenda and Dani sit together at a table conversing "I'll make sure your teachers know so they will excuse you from class a bit earlier in case you have to go elsewhere to find her." she drains the rest of the coffee and gets up to get a refill.

"I can see how that might happen," Chenda muses, looking down at her hands. "That kind of standing out would be a ticket to trouble." She got it, and her own complexion isn't anywhere near that unusual, to say nothing of her ears. "What does she do?"
She stifles a giggle at Dani's mention of classes. "Wow. Lucky you, Ruth. They never did that for me!"

Jean strolls in at that, glancing around as she smiles at Dani, her tone a bit light, "Undermining my authority?" She then laughs a bit, obviously joking, and she glances over at the table where Richenda and Ruth sit, "Good morning... and just so you know, Scott, Logan, and the 'boys' have laid claim to the entertainment room from five onward today. The perils of life in the modern age." Her eyes dance a bit with amusement, as it is the Superbowl later, and even mutant boys will be boys.

Blink makes her way into the Dining Hall timidly. She does her best to gather her courage despite the stares from the other students. She feels a bit better when she realizes that the new attention is simply due to her being the 'new kid' instead of it being attributed to her looks. She's washed her clothes and kept her baseball cap in her room. Green hoodie and jeans still the trademark of the waif-ish young woman who has finally seen the inside of a shower. She nervously pulls a loose strand of clean magenta hair behind her ears and her pupiless green eyes go wide as she sees the menu.

Blindfold nods with a smile toward dani "thank you yes, it's appreciated miss Moonstar" then blushes unwittingly with a smirk at richenda "well clarice doesn't know yet that I'm the resident trouble magnet, yes please." giggling add Jean joins them "ravens versus the giants, yes thank you. Seems someone has some news to share, yes congratulations miss grey"

Doctoring up her coffee with a bit of cream and sugar "Old habits die hard, Jean." Dani has always bucked authority, why should adulthoot change that "Have they now. I may have to crash their little party then. The Broncos might not be playing, but the only time I've missed out on watching the game is when I was in other planes of existance. They don't get ESPN in Asgard.

"Yup. It's /that/ Sunday," Chenda quips, with a smile for the Headmistress. "Oh well, just have to use the game room om the dorm while they're watching their silly..."
And then Dani speaks up, and Chenda blushes and clams up. Oops!
In the process of looking away from Dani, her eyes fall on someone else coming in. Someone rather distinctive. "Hey, Ruth? Is that your new charge?" she asks, nodding in the direction of the pink elf-girl.

Jean glances over towards Blink, and smiles warmly, "Hello Clarice, did you care for some breakfast?" She then looks back towards Dani, "Oh, don't get me wrong, they haven't declared it a 'boys only' zone, but if you go in there, you have to expect to deal with football. I'm pretty sure you'd be okay in there, Dani." Her lips curve into a bit wider of a smile as she catches what Ruth says, "Well, I guess you saw my asking him, then?" The ring on her left hand gleams a bit, at that.

Blindfold turns her head toward the doors and waves blink to come over "Yes thank you. If you want Classic you're welcome to join us, please yes" telling the girl she had been the subject of conversation though gets omitted add it might put the new kid on edge. nodding to Jean "like Fairy tale in reverse, congratulations yes you're very welcome"

Blink can't decide on what she wants, so she loads up a plate with bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, pancakes, and a large Belgian waffle to boot. Her eyes are crossed as she tries to focus the balance of her plate with making her way to a free table. She hears someone mention her name and looks up, spying Jean and the rest of the girls. "Oh!" she exclaims as she makes her way over. "I was going to pass but, well, everything smelled so good and I just couldn't decide on a single thing, thank you Miss Grey." She turns to Blindfold and Richenda. "G'morning Ruth, Chenda.. Oh! I have your scarf in my room. I was going to wash it with my clothes but I thought it might be dry clean, so as soon as I can I'll send it out." She nods and smiles timidly to Dani. "Good morning, Miss."

A look of approval is given to Jean in regards to the engagement, though preliminary plans for a bachelorette party has already started to take shape in the back of Dani's mind. At the arrival of Clarice an intense look is given the girl, as if sizing her up which is softened by a smile "Welcome to the school. I hope you are settling in well. I'm Danielle Moonstar, or Miss. Moonstar to some, Dani to others.

And then, once the pink girl gets closer, it clicks. "You! Hi!" Chenda says, looking up and smiling at Clarice. "I'll help you. I'm glad you decided to come," she adds, real relief in her voice. She's lived on those streets and knows how dangerous they can be.

The talk about fairy tales gets her attention. "Fairy tale in reverse? What do you..?" Then the light glints off the stone on Jean's ring, the clue lands, and Chenda jumps up to hug Jean tight, squeeing like a schoolgirl!

Jean has enough warning to set her cocoa down before Richenda hugs her tight, causing the Headmistress to 'oof!' and grin, "Yes, I did, he said yes... we're thinking this summer." She hugs Richenda back, and laughs a little, "I have to admit, I was thinking of this for a while, ever since I had a good talk with Bill. Ah, Beta Ray Bill that is."

Blink nods to Dani. "I'm settling in well, I think. Oh! I still need to suss out my classes and schedules and books and..." She realizes she's rambling as she places her plate on the table. She's legitimately excited to be in a school setting, she's not even thinking of the extracurriculars yet. "Thank you, Miss Moonstar." She listens to the girls and watches the attention that Jean is getting. A wide smile reaches her lips. "Congratulations are in order then. That's awesome." She says, before she takes a fork and starts diving into her food. She looks up.. "ooh! A summer wedding. Beautiful." Cue Galactus invasion, or some other calamity to come and interupt the proceedings.

Blindfold would probably hug Jean but is too busy blushing from the ideas dani is cooking up. coughing softly she pulls a chair out for Clarice "If you want I can show you around, I'm sort of teamed up with you for a bit too help get you settled in if that's alright with you, yes thank you" giving the pink elf a hug. with cheeks still red, who needs porn when you get people's thoughts like these?, she twisty in her chair to offer Jean a hug with arms held out in the air. "Will Lockheed be the ring bearer?"

"Come by my office tomorrow morning. I'll have your schedule ready by then. Ruth you too, you can escort Clarice to her first class." Dani sips her coffee to cover a chuckle at the blush covering the blind precogs face, there maybe thoughts of Madripoor in her plans too, Las Vegas being passe "Have you gotten in touch with Charles to see if he will be back by then? I doubt he will want to miss it.

Chenda hugs Jean for several long seconds. "Oh Jean, I'm so happy for you... it really will be a summer wedding? So cool!" And her mind is so full of happy-happy-joy-joy thoughts (need a distraction, Blindfold?) that she hugs Ruth and Clarice on the way back to her seat. And one for Dani, too, another long one.

Jean Grey takes her mug of coffee and walks to the table, hugging Ruth tight as she sits down, "Thanks, everyone. It's... something I think was long overdue." She sips at her coffee, "It was a bit spontaneous, but we'll see how it goes. There's a lot of work that needs doing for this, and the school."

It's a day for hugs for the pink elf-lette. She 'oomphs' at the attention and giggles with a smile. She nods to Dani. "Oh, I certainly will, thank you." She then turns to Ruth and nods. "That'll be great. I haven't been to school in oh so long and..." She takes a dramatic look around. "Have you seen the campus? It's absolutely massive!" Clarice smiles before diving back into her food. After a short while, she finishes her plate and pushes it forward. With a breath, she adds. "I need to stop that.. Before long I'll be too big to fit through my portals.."

Blindfold softly touched her cheeks with a hand as thoughts of madripoor make her cheeks deepen in color...ahh distraction! thank goodness! giggling as she gets a hug from chenda and Jean "yes thank you miss Moonstar. Will you be having flower girls miss grey, if you don't my asking please?" then chuckles to blink "with our extra curricular you work it alkyl of and then some, we'll get you a map don't worry yes thank you"

It's been awhile since Dani has been on the receiving end of this many hugs. She forgot what it's like being around girls, teen ones at that. She takes it in stride, wondering if she is going to have to deal with allegations of favoritism from other students later. "Will you be having the wedding here on the grounds. You may want to warn the gardener, Mr. Betto so he can make arrangements for plantings that will match your color scheme.

"Let me know if you need help with decorating? Or setting up sound hardware?" Her show biz days might be over, but Chenda still knows how to set up a wedding. Or a bachelorette party. It's amazing how many circus weddings there still are!

The gypsy girl picks up her tray. "Wonderful to see you again, Clarice. Ruth, Dani, Miss Grey, I'll be around. Laundry to do." And she steps away to take her tray up, humming something impossibly cheerful and annoyingly catchy, a spring in her very quick step.

Jean smiles, "No circuses... I think this is going to be crazy enough as it is." She laughs very softly, looking at Dani thoughtfully for a moment, but doesn't expand on what she's thinking, except to say, "I will, I've already had a few words with him about the matter. And I'm going to try to reach Charles on the comms, so that he could be back at least for this.

Blink picks up her refuse as well. "I should get moving too. Not sure what I'll do just yet." She giggles. "Maybe I'll wash my hair again. I forgot how good that felt." She looks to Ruth as she stands. "If you're free later, could you show me around? I'm not a big fan of getting lost around here." She smiles to Jean and Dani, glad to leave the grown-ups to do their talking. "Congratulations again."

Blindfold smiles to richenda and waves add her good friend leaves then giggles at Jean "It's wedding and a big one, circus is unavoidable I'll afraid, yes please" then smiles brightly toward blink with a nod "Absolutely, we even have a pool, yes thank you. I'll make you a blanket too but it may take a few weeks, sorry yes"

"She has a point Jean, the larger the wedding the bigger the chaos. You might be better of eloping in Las Vegas." she would still throw the bacholrette party though, there is no escaping that night of girlish debauchery.

Jean laughs, "Eloping in Vegas... considering the sheer number of invitations I'm going to be sending out? You have a decided point. Though with what you have in mind for bachelorette parties, Dani, you're making a strong push for maid of honor." She grins a bit, sipping her coffee, "And Clarice, we definitely have places for you to work off some of that breakfast here."

Blink nods with a smile to Jean. "I count on it." She turns to Ruth and nods as well.. "A.. pool... Amazing. I'll catch you later." She says, and bounds off.

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