Charitable Chances

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Opportunity Knocks

Cyclops, Manifold, and Franky and Arlane

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06/12/12 00:36

Mutant Town - New York

Cyclops meets David and helps him out in Mutant Town

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It is late in the evening and Scott Summers, the X-Man leader known to very few as Cyclops, is walking out of the Carlos Reyes Memorial Clinic. With the creation of Mutant Town, Cyclops has been meeting with businesses and making connections that may come in handy someday. He has also been volunteering what little time, he has to the clinic. Between duties with the X-Men and the Xavier Institute, it is rare, but he makes time for the clinic. Exiting after having volunteered on the children’s ward. Scott Summers, dressed in a black T-Shirt with a tribal design and black trousers makes his way into the street as he ponders what to do, head straight home or actually unwind around his kind.

David walks into the neighborhood, ragged, and looking rather beat down, and carrying a cardboard sign under his arm, which said 'FOOD'. Despite the reputation of the town, he still looks around warily, and avoids having his back to crowds. He doesn't stand out very much except for the fact that he looks half-starved and like he's been through hell. Finally, he takes a seat on the sidewalk, his back against a wall. He keeps his sign next to him, not displaying it, electing just to watch the crowd for a while.

Walking past other mutants, surprisingly not many out tonight, Scott is clearly a mutant as for today, he wears contact lenses that hold back his optic blasts, but also denote his eyes to be a bright almost glowing reddish hue. As he looks about, he notices his environment, a keen observer of the world around him. One has to be as an X-Man. So while he does see David, he sees other mutants and other vagrants. As such, he keeps walking crossing the street of the clinic and walking towards a bodega to get a late night snack.

David observes the stranger curiously. He's never seen anyone who's eyes glow like that before. He pushes himself off the wall, and tries to follow unobtrusively, but his stomach growls loudly, and David's face takes on an embarrassed expression.

Even if David’s stomach had not grumbled. Scott would have known he was being followed. Some would say he is the mutant Captain America. He would never say that himself though. But he continues strolling towards the bodega. A sigh crosses his face as he hears the grumbling and the pangs of hunger. Stopping short of the entrance at the bodega, Scott stops and turns to face David, giving the boy a once over and with a tilt of his head, “What do you want from the bodega? I know the owner and can get you some food.”
David winces, and flushes painfully. "Umm.. Some nachos and a horchata, I guess?" He replies, his tone a bit dubious. He looks rather taken aback at the sudden offer. Although the surprise and embarassment eventually fade into gratefulness.

Not a problem, with that Scott merely turns and heads into the bodega, giving no sign of being genuine or not. He appears to be in there for awhile as he waits for his order and David’s order, talks with some of the Mutant Town residents, and simply peruses the store. A whole ten minutes go by before he opens the door to the store and gestures to David to come into the store. The bodega has one small booth and already placed nachos and horchata.

David blinks, and walks into the store. He looks faintly embarassed, as he is clearly the worst dressed and most beat up present. Or that he's noticed, anyway. "Thanks," He mutters, as he walks past the red-eyed stranger. He takes a bite of one of the nachos and starts coughing, and quickly takes a drink of the horchata. "Ah! Spicy!"

Smirking again at David’s reaction, Scott looks over to the owner of the bodega. A literally flaming older man. His head looks like a lit
matchstick. Next to the owner is an ordinary looking human female. Scott looks at them and they look at David. It may appear suspicious to someone who is the overly apprehensive type. But the man and wife simply smile and wave. The man offers, “Hope you like it.” Scott then finally moves over to the booth and sits opposite David. “That’s Frankie and his wife, Arlane. As you can tell it’s pretty obvious Franky is a mutant. Arlane is his human wife.” He smiles and nods to them, “They were lucky to have found each other.”

David blinks, and nods, his face red, and not entirely from the nachos. "They're good. I wasn't expecting them to be that spicy though." He stares a bit at the flaming Franky. "That's..... Pretty cool," he says finally. There is a long moment of silence, in which he gingerly takes a bite of another chip, and manages to enjoy the flavor a bit more before washing it down with more horchata. "I'm a mutant too," he admits, somewhat reluctantly, though he has to wonder if anyone will actually be surprised by that particular revelation.

“Well, I figured. Not too many non-mutants will come here. But then you have amazing people like Arlane. She fell in love with Franky, despite the obvious mutation.” Nothing his own eyes, Scott points, “And so am I.” He grins, “What is your mutation? And why are you begging out here? What’s your story, if you don’t mind my asking.” Franky brings out a coffee for Scott which he nods his thanks.

David stands up, then blurs for a moment and suddenly there are two Davids standing there instead of one. They both look identical, and are identically dressed, and look slightly disoriented. "I can double," they say. One of them disappears, and the remaining one shakes his head. "Can't really do anything when I'm like that, though. It's overwhelming. Kinda like being cross-eyed, but with doubled, and with all your senses." He resumes his seat.

Nodding his head somewhat impressed, “I have a friend who can do that as well. Actually he can make a whole bunch of duplicates. I actually heard a rumor that he created a whole conga line of himself.” Scott smiles and shakes his head as he tries to dismiss that though. “You could probably create more with training and time.” Franky and Arlane begin to talk to each other as they caught David’s power display and Scott gives them a reassuring look, not that they needed it. “Well, I would show you what I could do, but I would probably rip the whole store apart. Pointing to the eyes, the contacts are keeping my powers in check for the moment.”

David nods. "Yeah. That.. would not be good. I tried doing more than two, once, but I passed out and woke up with a migraine. My head can't handle it. You see, when I'm like that, I'm aware of everything both of them are feeling. Like I said, it's overwhelming."

“I can imagine and empathize.” While Scott does not create duplicates, he has a tendency to overextend himself. “Well, I take it your family is not in the picture. Huh. Sorry, but when I see a kid with a food sign and look over your appearance, something tells me there is no family waiting for you at home. . .for whatever reason, which is totally your own private thing.”

David shakes his head. "No. I have a family." He nearly spits out the last word. "They didn't treat me very well /before/ they found out I was a mutant. I was forced to register.. Eventually I was outed at school and I decided to run away."

Offering a sympathetic nods, Scott finishes the coffee, “So you are homeless, just kinda making your way. . .” He looks to Franky and Scott gestures for him to join them. Scott pauses a moment and looks to David, “I didn’t even get your name. I’m Scott.” Franky stands at the edge of the booth. “I am Franky.” and he extends his hand out. Arlane watches with a smile at the counter.

"I, ah, I'm David," he says, taking the hand and shaking it. "I tried foster care for a while. They took care of me until I told them who I was, and they decided they were going to send me back to my parents. That's when I ran away again..."

“Well, I do not necessarily condone that, but at the same time, I can understand why. But I think Franky can help. . .in a little way.” Scott then looks to Franky who looks to David, “Well, we just got the store opened up. To be honest I did not think we would do as well as we have been doing. We could use someone to work here. Nothing big, just doing inventory, cleaning up, reshelving, helping in the back. It is a lot for just me and Arlane. After some time, if it works out then maybe you can move up to the register. Would you be interested in helping out? We, clearly are mutant friendly. And the area is all of our kind.” Scott smiles as Franky offers David a job.

David blinks. And now there's grin on his face. "Really?" And then it fades.. "But I don't have any way of getting a permit.." He says, a little morosely.

Scott almost laughs as does Franky who counters, “It would be off the books until you can establish yourself. Now you look like you are a kid still, so I would prefer you be in school. There are schools here that are mutant friendly. Or whatever you decide. No pressure. This is not me being all nice. I saw you use your powers. No of you can do more than one. But even if you never use your power. It’s something to start out. What do you say?”

David nods. "My power might help me do heavy lifting, but unless it's something that involves two people doing the same thing at the same time, my power won't be much use.. And it's better than where I'm at, yeah?"

Everyone smiles and Scott stands up, “Well, I better head home. But I am glad this worked out for you, David. I am sure I will see you again.” Scott extends a hand to Franky and waves to Arlane, “Well, I’ll let you all figure out the specifics. Have a good night.”

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