Chaperone and Punishment

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Chaperone and Punishment

Shadowcat, Lyra, Seth, Mercury, Phantasm, Vaughn, Richenda Gray, Wanda, Thimble

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Mutant Town

A lot of people run into each other at the diner and several students run the risk of being grounded

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-----==[ Mutant Diner - Mutant Town ]==---------------------------------------

The Mutant Diner is a refirb of a former establishment called Mel's which was an expansion from the original Mel's in the Bronx. It still has most of the original fixtures with some minor updates or recoverings.

From it's vinyl booths that stick to your thighs if there's no layer of cloth between it and your skin, the laminate topped tables and chrome finishing it's as if the 50's never quite died here. Even the waitresses look like throwbacks (or maybe it's their mutation gone horribly wrong), some even look like they might have even been here when it first opened. The cook in the back can be seen through the opening, slapping together your meal, and sock hop music plays over hidden speakers. You may not want to eat here when you walk in, but if you take the gamble and sit down, it's the best greasy spoon you'll ever have sat in, and makes some of the finest simple, no frills coffee this side of the Hudson.


It was evening on a brisk autmun day just after dinner and Kitty had noticed Seth getting restless on campus. Well teenager did get fidgety at times. So she'd offered to take him out into the city for his free time. And the Kitty was seated at a booth with Seth as they were just looking over the menus. "I think you might be getting some interesting classmates soon but it's too early to tell. Dani and I are keeping an eye on some prospects"

Lyra comes into the diner. She might have went someplace else, but at least here in Mutant tower she doesn't stand out as much, though there is still a bit of standing out as she is almost six and a half feet in height and green. She runs her hand through her hair and reaches into her pocket pulling out some loose bills. She has a confused look on her face.

Evening. A time of rest. And for some, a time of moving around. One such figure would be that of a purplish black raven that has taken up a perch outside of the mutant diner. He doesn't go in, but instead looks through the window intently. Such a curious bird indeed. But what draws the avian's attention? Is it Shadowcat, the large female hulk, or the guy with glowy eyes? Oddly enough, his glance doesn't move over to them just yet and instead is set upon an elder man in an old style suit and bowler hat seated at the counter. Ok, granted, it's a ridiculously old style of attire but still... GREEN WOMAN.

Kitty blinks at the red haired she-hulk and says softly half to herself.."Well...wasn't expecting to see her so soon" then looks to Seth "Feel like some company?" noticing the purple balck raven outside the window she nods to it in recognition. Everyone knew phantasm. There was a snakeheaded waitress making the rounds and a redhaired she-hulk was looked confused at a handfull of crumpled bills "Lyra wasn't it? Can I maybe help you with something?" obviously referring to the money in the green girl's hand

Aaaaah, le great coffee goodness that comes after coffee. It heals just about anything, though not really the bad news he received earlier in the day, hence his fidgeting up until he got out of the Mansion. "New classmates?", Seth asks, half-curious. "Well... The more, the merrier." Yeah, he's pissed, so that's about as much enthusiasm as you'll get from Seth for the evening.

Everyone knows Phantasm? Oh he- As a familiar face turns their head to nod to him, the raven's beak forms a slight frown before he vanishes from view. -Oop-.

The man in the bowler hat doesn't eat much and instead works on a cup of coffee while seated at the counter. Reaching into his jacket, he pulls out a pocket watch to peruse the time before turning his attention back to the coffee.

Lyra cocks her head to the side a bit and looks over towards Kitty, she takes a moment to try and place her and then heads over, "Just trying to figure out what I have and what I can get." she has roughly fifteen dollars in assorted bills.

Sure it's odd for her to get to mutant town, espechially in the evening and even more to get to a cafee. she is exoected home for dinner in about one and a half hour, and if she is late she even might face dire consequences. However the young chineese woman - well, late teen - decided to make a stop at the Diner to have a snack on her way back. In contradiction to the Xaviers she does have to go to school 5 days a week plus extra courses at saturdays. The short female - she misses 15/16th of an inch for full five feet - was just arriving at the door, opening it...

That was Thimble

The nameless man in the bowler hat sips his drink quietly, checking his watch once more. After he finishes looking, he tugs a napkin out of the dispenser and lays it down flat on the counter to the right of him and starts straightening it.

Seth sighs, "My stupid life outside the school, that's what's up..." He was going to say more, but his eyes are now falling on the green Amazon-built girl. He looks at Kitty inquisitively, "A friend?"

Lyra nods and shakes her head, "I wouldn't offer to get me anything I want." she says softly, "I haven't really had a good meal in some time." she says and shrugs, "So 15..." she thinks, "I think I can get a few things with that." she says and then dips her head to the young man at the table too, "I am Lyra." she offers.

Sure, noone looks at a young girl of chinese origin close to the time kids have to be off the streets here in mutant town, right? it was totally sane for Thimble to be here at this time, of course... Or actually not, but did it matter to someone? As she closed in to the bar, she searched her pocket for a bill and dime "a coffee please." she almost silently ordered, hoping the order was heared at all.

As per his agreement with Scott, Vaughn is in town catching a bit of a shift at the Golden Dragon restaurant, or rather, he was. He decided to stop in to the diner before heading back to Salem Center. The teenager steps inside the diner, heralded by the little bell chime as the door opens and then closes yet again. Seeing a few familiar faces at a table, he offers a bit of a wave, in the event that someone sees it. Not really one to just assume, he moves to one of the nearby tables.

"A potential" is Kitty's reply to Seth's inquiry "What wrong with your life outside school?" she asks Seth before looking up as yet another person entered. Could the chinese girl be mutant? No way to tell she looked pretty normal but if there was one lesson Kitty had learned since her younger days with the xmen it was that appearances were nothing to judge by. Looking to Lyra, Kitty smiles "Well then my offer is still open, if you haven't had a decent meal in a while it's time you get one. Come, have a seat. Seth, this is lyra, sort of a cousin to She-Hulk" kitty seemed confused about that statement though still. Then as the door chimed Kitty looked up and gestured to vaughn that he was welcome to join as well.

As Thimble comes close to the counter, the man in the bowler hat moves his hand from the napkin. A frown forms upon his features as he taps the side of his coffee mug. He doesn't even so much as give the girl a nod of greeting. Instead, he looks to his pocket watch once more.

Seth looks at Kitty, then to Lyra, then back to Kitty. "There's a Hulk family now...?" Yes, he too is confused about it. But he's not going to be rude and not say anything to the new, green girl. "Hey there, pleased to meet you. I'm Seth." And a hand is extended in a greet to Lyra. As for the question Kitty asked, about his life outside school, it goes ignored just for now.

Mercury went to the library, but now decides to stop at the Diner to grab somehting to eat, and, upon entering, the metallic girl finds quite the crowd there, and the only two she immediately recognize are Shadowcat and Seth. For a moment, her eyes look at the green gal among the ground, and she blinks again, before deciding to approach the group. "Hey. Hi guys." she says, smiling a bit.

Lyra does flush for a second. She reaches and is apparently careful as she shakes Seth's hand, "Its a long story." she says softly, "Are you sure?" she asks Kitty and then nods as she flags a waitress and orders fried chicken, a roast beef sandwich, a pastrami on rye, all with mashed potatoes or fries." she looks up as someone else comes over and dips her head.

Well, Kitty did wave him over, so Vaughn moves over to their table. He offers a polite smile to Lyra, the one person at the table that he hasn't met, or at least doesn't remember meeting, but really could you not remember meeting a green skinned hulk-ling girl? He gives a 'what's up' chin lift to Seth and Mercury. He looks over at Shadowcat, then nodding towards Lyra, "New recruit to the Scooby gang?"

The man in the Bowler Hat tucks away his watch and pulls out some cash for the coffee, setting it aside for the waitress. He brushes up against the napkin on the counter, once more before he gets up and leaves. Upon his back being turned, the napkin moves a little, a slip of paper sliding out from under it and disappearing off of the counter.

Kitty chuckles as yet another familiar face wanders in and waves Mercury over "Yes, I'm sure Lyra and I'd love to hear the story" then shrugs to seth "All I knew about was Hulk and She-Hulk" then looking around at the gathered company "Looks like we'll need to scoot over a table. Mercury, what were you doing out and about without a chaperone?" her tone having a touch of curiousity in it, the chaperone rule was a little over the top with the threat of ultron gone but...rules were rules. then Kitty nods to Vaughn "A possibility, it's something we're looking into. Hulk and She-Hulk I've been told are avengers" implying there was some discussing that would have to be done, least the implication was there for the students present. There was quite the gathering at her table and the snake like reptilian waitress scooted over a table nearby to abutt theirs and places a couple chairs with it. Kitty then goes around the table introducing Lyra to everyone, even if Seth is being a grumpy puss this evening.

The door opens at the mention of Avengers, coincidentally enough, and Wanda walks in, looking around with a curious expression. Far from a regular here, the woman glances around, giving a brief smile and nod to Shadowcat as there's someone she at least knows in passing.

Mercury was about to open her lips to say something for Kitty, when she pauses for a moment, "Well... I just figured, with Ultron gone... everyone at the school were either busy or absent, a quick trip to the library in Mutant Town wouldn't hurt." she shrugs gently, before bringing a hand behind her head to rub her neck, "... Am I in trouble?" she asks, before she looks at the arriving Wanda, and she blinks, thinking the Avengers wouldn't show up at normal diners in Mutant Town.

Lyra nods and shrugs a bit, "Still a long story, and I think they are Avengers, or at least the guy I talked to today alluded to it. I might just have to try to head to the mansion I heard about and see if I can look them up." the large green girl shrugs a bit and starts to eat as some of her food arrives.

Vaughn smiles, "Well, either way.. it's nice to meet you. I'd say that we don't bite.. but that's not necessarily true." He chuckles slightly as he says it. When the waitress delivers Lyra's food, he orders a cheeseburger and fries. He goes into his usual mode of listening to the conversation more than adding to it.

A phone rings, and Seth looks at it. "Sorry, it's mine", he says as he picks it up. Once he finds out the name, he sighs. And he presses the ignore button just about immediately. Only then, he greets Mercury and Vaughn. Then, he looks at his phone again, waiting for another call to arrive anytime soon. And again, he returns his attention to the ensueing conversation.

Soon after the man in the bowler hat leaves, another man, younger, skinnier, with short blonde hair, walks in. Glancing around, he frowns a little before heading over to the counter where the napkin rests. He sits, hand resting on the napkin as he looks to the waitress.

Kitty looked sympathetically to mercury and patted one of the chairs "I know it's inconvenient and a bit over the top. If it were my call I'd say the rule was taken down with the threat of ultron over but Dani still needs to talk to Scott and until then the rule remains is what I've been told" then looks to Lyra "Well Mirage told me they were avengers but I'm sure Mirage will be in touch herself in short order. I could be wrong but I think Phantasm is an Avenger as well. Either way, here's my card, call me if you need anything" slipping a business card over to lyra. Then she spots Wanda "Wanda, nice to see you!" it had been a while and Kitty was always glad to meet new faces and old "Now the only thing I can say for advice about this place for any of you? Is stick to the soda or coffee" and the reason for the advice is soon made clear as the reptilian waitress spits into a customer's glass refilling their water. "I'd still love to hear the story of how you're related to the Hulks though Lyra" yup...kitty's curiousity had sunk in again and there was no letting go.

While she hasn't yet taken a verbal beating for breaking rules, Mercury didn't get an answer about if she's in trouble or not for violating the chaperone rule. Still, she remains quiet about it. Kitty is busy with a friend. Instead, then, Mercury decides to at least try to know new people while she's around, and she looks at Lyra, "Hi." she says, smiling, "I'm Cessily. I'm sure you hear this a lot, but... are you related to the Hulk? Sorry, it's just because of your build and your color..." she rubs behind her head a bit as she smiles a bit.

Lyra nods her head, "We were sort of just talking about that." she looks at Kitty and then the others and then in a sort of quiet voice, "He doesn't know but, The Hulk is my father." she says softly and then bussies herself in eating.

Vaughn listens to the conversations throughout the diner. At the remark of the chaperone rule being over the top, the expression in his eyes belies his very much he thinks that particular rule is a crock, but he doesn't actually say so. He just gives a slight smirk and nod in agreement. He cocks his head as Lyra talks about the Hulk. And he thought his father had a temper problem. "So that why you here? Well, not here here, but here in the city."

Gliggling at the look in vaughn's eyes Kitty nods "Ok so the rule is crimping your style, I know but all of the faculty are willing to take you all out whenever you want, just ask" and that meant oc and npc as well "I remember when I was in school, it's not easy being a kid and yet having to act so grown up alot of the time. People weren't born with different modes we can just switch to whenver we want, it's down right frustrating I know but Dani just doesn't want to over ride Scott on something, y'know...united front and all?" patting mercury's back a bit, didn't take an empath to know the girl was upset and you didn't have to be a mother to realize it either "Don't worry Cessily, I don't dani will be too hard on you, probably the same as I've heard Ruth got, two weeks grounding but you can shorten it with labor around the school" then looks to Seth, wow something major was troubling the kid but he obviously wasn't in the mood to talk about it around people! Then looking curiously to Lyra "Can I ask where you came from if the Hulk is your father and doesn't even know?" even to Kitty that sounded odd, Hulk wasn't exactly known for sleeping around to her knowledge.

Wanda smiles over at Shadowcat, "Hello Kitty, it's been a while hasn't it?" She glances over at Lyra, curiosity etched on her own features, and at Lyra's revelation, she blinks in surprise, "Really? I had no idea that he... oh, Avengers. The Hulk was a founding member, but right now I believe he's inactive. There were... incidents." You know, destroying small towns, that sort of thing. "Jennifer is a reservist, but not on active duty, but then again I just returned to active duty, so." She then waves, "Wanda Maximoff, or the Scarlet Witch in the news. Mind if I join all of you?"

Lyra nods, and looks at Wanda, "THe name sounds familiar." she says and dips her head to Wanda and then has finished off all the food she ordered already. She looks at each of the others. She looks at Vaughn, "Its I guess why I am on this world in this dimension." she shakes her head. And looks at Kitty, "My mother came to this dimension, then returned home with a sample of his DNA, she said she got it from a kiss. Our genetech's spliced her dna and his and I was the result. Only person really on my world that had two parents. Again long story." she shakes her head and sighs a little. It doesn't really bother her, but she does feel it might bother some. "Feels weird sitting at the same table as males."(that's it since her last pose

As the blonde waits for the reptilian waitress to be free, he idly fingers the edge of the napkin, sliding it along the countertop. When it moves completely from where it was, the man frowns, lifting the napkin up completely. He starts glancing around, seeming a bit confused. The slip of paper that slid off the counter earlier shifts, placing it face down at the base of the stool before it becomes still.

Vaughn looks at Seth, then cranes his head to look at himself, "Um.. is there a problem with sitting with... "males"?" He smirks, "I didn't realize that I smelled or somethin'." His eyes move past the gathering to the blond at the counter. His attention is then grabbed by the Scarlet Witch.. "Um... if you want to... you're more than welcome I guess... "

And again, his phone rings, but this time it's a message warning. He grabs his phone, and reads. Visibly, he's upset, so much so he's wrapping his hands tightly around the phone, and squeezing. Fortunately, he's not Hulk-related, or that Blackberry of his would be tech crumbs. He's tapping his fingers on the table, looking at the message. He looks at Kitty, noticing her visibly concerned look.

He smiles, and it looks like all of a sudden everything is alright with him. It's a bit of an 'uh-oh' moment building up. "Say, Ms. Pryde, does the school have a replacement plan in case of damage to or loss of a student's cellphone?" He proceeds to disconnect it and pull out the memory card it has.

He's got a bit of attention span, though, enough to recognize Lyra's talk about males. "Wait... what about us males?"

Kitty chuckles and wraps an arm around mercury "Well weigh it with potential risks to you guys? Punishments are harsh cuz the stakes are high and risks are even higher. We'd be in hot water if anything happened to one of you and word got out. Each one of the faculty took a sworn oath to keep you all safe. I know you're not kids but you're not adfults yet either and faculty are responsible for each one of you. Sides two weeks goes by pretty quick, you'll see and if you do work around campus it's not even two weeks" then she smiles to Wanda "Please join us. It's been a long time since I've seen you" and nods to Lyra "Well that does explain some things, you'll find on this world" yes Kitty knows about other worlds and other dimensions "Men and women are fairly equal. Wanda here I'm sure has stood beside Hulk in a fight or two. Things are a bit different here then back home, it may take some adjusting" When vaughn orders his burger She puts in for a soda before smiling understandingly to Seth "Yes we do, if you want I can give you my old phone" since y'know julian gave the drool worthy one. Relax seth I doubt Lyra meant any offense by it. I'm going to take a wild guess and say she might be from a dimension and world where women reign and men might serve but not stand equal to women" kitty had been to such worlds" then turns back to lyra "Our world is also entirely populated, sections of it being different nations ruled by different people, usually men" why there weren't more women in politics and ruling nations even Kitty couldn't figure out, they were just as qualified but history had set a precedence.

Mercury rubs the back of her head as Kitty embraces, "But... isn't being at school just as dangerous as being around town?" she asks, trying to rationalize a bit, before she looks around, "I guess I have no other choice than to endure the punishment." she sighs softly, shaking her head a bit. She then looks at Lyra, "Artificial insemination? That's... weird. But cool."

Wanda smiles a bit at Lyra, "Well, former evil mutant, long-time and current Avenger, so there is that." She glances over at the others at the table and nods a bit, "I haven't seen many of you before, but I've heard good things." She hmms a little, then orders a coffee from the waitress when she passes by.

It takes a few minutes before the blonde finally looks down to his feet, finding the slip of paper. Grumbling, he steps off of the stool and reaches down to grab at the paper. Eyeing the text, he slides it into his pocket and glances around for the waitress again.

"Deal!", Seth says as he wraps his hands around his phone, clenching tightly and he begins to squeeze. The cover cracks some, but nothing fixable at the nearby store. What follows next just isn't so fixable, as his hand glows with an energy aura, and the phone is vizibly desintegrated with a quick and table-level audible *KZAP!* sound. To make sure there's no mess, he drops whatever remains there were in the ashtray that's at the table for convenience. But there's no trace of dust at all. "Ms. Pryde, I think I lost my phone, what forms do I neet to fill out to get a replacement?" He seems happy, like a weight had just been lifted off his shoulders. Nope, not making a scene at all. "And I'm not upset about this 'male' shtick, I got enough on my plate as it is. I'm just curious as to what that's all about."

Kitty smiles patting Mercury's shoulder "Think of all the villains around and ones with a personal beef against certain key people and ask yourself that again, knowing everything you do" then just laughs softly at Seth "This time? no forms, I'll simply give you old phone and we'll be fine. Next time though you'll have some forms to fill out"

Wanda smiles at Kitty, "I can attest to that. When I was 'retired', I think I had some villain or another trying to start something every other week." She shakes her head, a bit amused at the memory as she takes her coffee when it arrives, adding some cream before taking a sip.

Vaughn looks over at Kitty, "Oh you mean like a psychotic computer program? Oh wait, that was on school grounds... you mean like giant killer robots... Nope.. that was on grounds too..." He flashes a wide smile, indicating that he's playing the devil's advocate just to do it. Of course, if he wasn't allowed to come into town to keep his part time job he'd be going absolutely stir crazy too.

Mercury um's and rubs behind her head again, "Yeah, but... it's not good to live a sheltered life, as well..." she sighs, "I guess I'll just nave to endure it." she says, leaning onto the table a bit, shaking her head softly and remaining in silence, a few things coursing through her mind as she now lets Kitty and Wanda talk. She had the same idea as Vaughn's, to mention the Sentinel attack, but she preferred to remain quiet about it, unlike Vaughn.

With the waitress being otherwise occupied and having not ordered anything yet, the blonde man gets off of his stool and heads out of the diner. Huh. Some people are just impatient it seems.

Seth looks at Vaughn and Mercury as they talk about the issue of the punishment, then returns his attention back to Kitty, "Or when that gang that had robbed a jewelry store tried to actually kidnap me, Vaughn and Ruth, who were waiting inside Dr. McCoy's car while he wad gone to get a package for like, five minutes..." He looks at Vaughn, "Remember that one? Good times, eh?" He lifts a hand for a high-five.

Kitty gives vaughn a look and a nudge under the table, least she was aiming for him anyway. They /were/ in public after all "Oh gosh Vaughn! I'm sure that /never/ happened on school grounds." then nods to wanda "Yup, some people just can't let things go huh?" before nodding to Seth "Yes, something like that, but imagine if it had been super villains rather then normal street thugs?" things could be much much worse

Vaughn meets Seth's hand for the high-five, but then jumps as he gets the nudge from Kitty. He cocks his head, "You really think I'd say something if I thought anyone outside this table would be able to hear anything? Besides, the only person who might is the guy who is picking up whatever the last guy left for him before he walked out." Of course, he keeps the sound curved so that it remains only at the table. He looks over at Kitty, "Give me a little bit of credit."

Mercury shakes her head softly, "It's okay, guys. discussing about it here won't change a thing, really." she says, shrugging gently, "All it's left for me to do is to plead my case to Ms Moonstar and see if I can get some leniency from the jury." she chuckles softly at that, smiling a bit, before looking at the counter, "I'll be right back, I'll go get something to drink." she says, before standing up and heading ot the counter.

Wanda gives Kitty a wry expression, "I hate to say it, but I think they have you on that one." She grins and looks between the different kids, or not-so-much kids, "You just have to figure out where the balance is. We don't just spout cliches because it's fun, you know." A bit of a shrug there, as she sips her coffee, sighing in satisfaction.

"Considering WHAT type of diner you're in, you'd probably consider the possibility that others not at the table can hear what you're saying." A voice offers up to Vaughn, the speaker unseen, but seemingly positioned at the end of the table.

Kitty smirks at Wanda "Alright, so they do, just be careful what you say and where ok? The world is not a safe place for anyone least of all us" then that disembodied voice has her looking all around for the source, looking quite on gaurd liek a mother cat ready to protect her kittens

Seth shrugs, "It would still have been under Dr. McCoy's watch, during a period when you were trying to protect us. Not blaming, just saying the argument of superpowers is kinda moot. What I would expect, though, is that if anything happened to us, the teachers would get down to business and return the favor in kind and spades. I most certainly would." He makes a nyxing gesture, then hears that voice. His heart grows cold, and his senses are trying to pinpoint the sound.

Mercury returns with a can of pepsi, in time to hear Wanda's words, "Technically, preventing us from leaving the school without a chaperone... can kinda be compared to a normal family not letting their kids leave their homes in fear they could get mugged, or kidnapped. Or worse." she shrugs as she takes her seat again.

As mama cat looks around for the source of the sound, a little bird shaped bit of shadow appears on the back of a chair giving a nod towards the X-Factor member before starting to fade back to nothing.

Vaughn jumps at the voice suddenly just appearing at the end of the table. He looks over at Kitty, "Okay, point... " He sighs, "Well, anyway... I gotta get back.. I still have homework to finish up."

Kitty spares agrin for Mercury least one of them was seeing the reasoning for such a rule. Then she relaxes nodding to the shadow in return before it disappears "Just as Wanda here has abilities that make her useful as avenger, and I think Phantasm as well, though don't quote me on that... there are also other people with powers to counter theirs. No one is ever at the top for long, there's always someone out there to outclass you" that was another lesson Kitty had learned the hard way...harpoon was among those few who could counter her abilities.

"Maybe this is how news get leaked out... A little bird heard and now tells", Seth replies, worried. He doesn't know much about Phantasm, if anything at all. He looks at Kitty, wondering what the next course of action should be.

Mercury looks at Kitty as the girl grins at Mercury, and she has to smile a bit ruefully, "I didn't mean it in a good way." she says, her hand again going behind her head for a moment, "Being kept hidden like that would only make us even more the social outcasts we already are. If we live in fear of what might happen... we won't live at all. We'll barely 'subsist'." she shakes her head.

"I'm not an Avenger." Phantasm corrects. The chair pulls back and shakes as if a full size person has plopped themselves down on it, "I just occasionally help out. And yeah, Everyone's got their weaknesses."

Vaughn eyes the chair with a great deal of suspicion. He shakes his head, "I'll catch ya later." He smiles, "Nice seeing you again, Miss Maximoff." He pulls out his wallet to drop a couple bills on his table to cover his burger and drink.

Covering new country seems to be a hobby with Richenda Gray. She hasn't been to Mutant Town much, and considering the unfriendly looks she was getting until she underhanded a power-seed firecracker just to demonstrate she was a mutant, there might be good reasons for that. Her mutant-ness isn't /obvious/.

But a growling stomach pulled her in the direction of the Mutant Diner, and she's darkening the doorway right now, pausing away from the counter to look over the menu. And, less obviously, the staff and customers. Through the window, some of the faces had looked familiar...

Kitty nods to vaughn "Go to Frank's and have someone pick you up ok?" then eyes the chair with a smirk and nods "Sorry, thanks for the clarification. I just assumed since I always saw you with them working together when trouble hit" then smiles at Seth "You can relax Seth. No little birdie will be telling secrets..this time" Looking up she waves to richenda "Come join us Chenda!" giving mercury a little grin

Mercury tilts her head slightly at Kitty's grin, and she was about to ask what it means when Kitty looks away to invite Richenda to join them. Naturally, the metallic girl turns her head toward the diner's windows and, sure enough, there it is, the atomizer girl. Mercury smiles at her friend and waves, "Come in." she says, "We're discussing merits of punishments." she chuckles.

Wanda glances over at Richenda and smiles to the girl, giving her a friendly wave, "Yes, come and join us. The coffee is actually quite good." She takes a sip from her cup, and gives the table a wry grin, "I think Carol might disapprove of my using the Quinjet to shuttle you all back."

As Richenda comes in, the seat that Phantasm supposedly took slides out, turning towards Chenda in offering to the incoming student. "Sometimes, you just get pulled into situations where you work with other people to get stuff done." He pauses, "Glowy eyes should know how that goes."

Kitty chuckles to Wanda "And deny them a last thril ride?" before turning to invisible voice "glowy eyes? dare I ask?"

Yup, they're familiar! Chenda grins at the mention of the conversation topic. "Merits to punishment? There /are/ any?" she replies wryly, moving over to the table and leaning down to hug Kitty and Cess, then Wanda. She still really doesn't know Seth well enough for that, and Phantasm... well, not for obvious reasons! She would if she could, especially since he's offering her a chair. "Thanks, Phantasm. Wow, will this table hold all of us? Or should I take off my jacket before I squeeze in?"

Mercury chuckles, "Well, I just got into detention, just so you know." she says as she hugs back her friend. The next part she whispers in Richenda's during the hug, "And, unless you have a chaperone around, you'll be joining me." After the hug is broken, Cessily reaches for her pepsi can and takes a sip, "Don't worry about it, plenty of room for us, Chenda." she says with a smile.

Seth takes a deep breath, and relaxes. "Sorry. My personal issues are leaking into the ongoing conversation." He looks at Richenda, and offers her a nod in greet. "Punishments suck majorly, especially when they're wrongly applied." He tells his example. "Just weeks after I joined the school, I went along with Mr. Summers and a few other students to the children's hospital here in Mutant Town. I was helping out taking care of the youngest ones, when a bunch of nurses storm out of of one of the rooms screaming. One of the kids, looking like a demon, was spitting fireballs and flying around in a tantrum because he didn't like the soup. I stepped in, almost got burned to contain the kid, and when the tantrum stopped, I even get the scold for it from Mr. Summers, thinking the situation could've been handled better." He shakes his head. "Never setting my foot on that place ever again."

"I'm not taking any of the room." Phantasm declares matter of factly, "You c-" Silence.

Kitty smiles and gives Chenda a warm hug "Which brings me to you Chenda. I don't like being the bad guy, it's easier to leave that to Dani, most times I feel more like your peers then any grown up teacher. Since Cessily was wandering around without a chaperone..I know I's a bit much of a rule but Dani is upholding it until she can speak with Scott about retreating the rule so until then...Anyway what I was trying to say was since Cessily was wandering about without a chaperone, you're likely getting grounded for the same since a chaperone would've come in with you and made sure you met me and I realized you were now in my care. But I'll leave both punishments up to Miss Moonstar, just know it'll probably two weeks for the offense and that can be lessened with labor arouns campus. Least that's what I heard the starting rate is" then goes wide eyed at phanties voice, was he about to use the c word towards the kids?!

Mercury blinks at Phantasm. Or, rather, where the guy is supposed to be, considering where his voice come from. "Um.... ok?" she asks, as if waiting for the guy to finish his sentence. When nothing happens, she just blinks, "Ok... what just happened?" she asks, tilting her head, "Phantasm?" she thinks about looking around, but looking around for an invisible guy would feel just too silly.

"I'm with Seth on this one," Chenda replies, nodding to Seth, and blinking at Cess's whispered words. "Um, why would I..." And then Kitty joins in! "Wait a second here. I'm eightteen. Why would I need a chaperone?"

And then the Phantasm vanishes. Chenda sighs. "I hate it when that happens. I haven't seen him in forever."

Wanda smiles wryly at Richenda, "It's because they are concerned about you, you know. As am I, for that matter. Though, if you do wish to visit the city, I wouldn't object to being a chaperone if you give me a bit of advance warning." She gives Kitty a grin, "If you don't mind letting the students run around with the likes of me, anyway."

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