Changing of the Guard

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Changing of the Guard

USAgent, Spiral

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12/03/12 14:45

Thunderbolts base

USAgent begins filling Ares' shoes.

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-----==[ Command Center - Thunderbolts' HQ - Underground Manhattan ]==--------

This room has a modern look to it, the expensive equipment just adding to the overall look. The floor and walls are made of a gun metal grey material.
Sitting in the circular room is a large glass table with a holographic projector in the very center. At the four cardinal compass points is a glass flatpanel control point used to operate the holographic projector as well as the over monitors that cover two of the walls. There are roller chairs around the table allowing people to sit around it.
Two of the metallic walls are left bare, the third has a very large flat panel monitor on it, the other mulitple flat panel monitors allowing split screen shots.
There are three sliding pocket doors that lead to other parts of the base. If you get close enough they will open automatically.

Obvious Exits:
[AR] - Armory - Thunderbolts' HQ - Un [EL] - Elevator - Thunderbolts' HQ -
[PC] - Power Core - Thunderbolts' HQ

USAgent stands in front of the huge flat panel monitor, which displays an image of a harried-looking military type in what looks like a CSA armory somewhere. USAgent has his arms half-way crossed, one hand raised to his chin. "What do you mean, two weeks...?" he says, tone indicating he's not happy. "I told you--" suddenly he cuts off, glances to one side and then clears his throat. "I've got to go, Renolds. Any longer than one week and you'll still owe me that favor. Walker out." The screen goes back to the normal map-of-the-world and USAgent spins crisply in place, so that his back is to the screen and he can survey the rest of the room.

Spiral has been mostly gone for a while. Not totally gone, she was seen around the Thunderbolt base here and there. But definitely not here that much.
Until now. This last few days she's been here almost 24/7 for some reason, either in her room, or wandering around the base. Right now, she's settled in one of the comfier looking chairs in her, sprawled out like she owns the place. She glances over at USAgent when he looks over at her, and offers him a wide smirk.

USAgent returns the smirk with a challenging look of his own. "What? We're allowed personal calls. When the system's free. And for that matter, this is more about the team."

Spiral spreads two hands, while the rest remain comfortably in her lap. "I was not judging your use of your government's facilities. You're in charge of the place, I suppose." she says with a shrug. When it comes to the hypocrisy of command Mojo would be hard to beat. "I am just amused by the maps of the world on the screens. A grandness beyond what this organisation actually is.".
But then she shrugs again. "So what is it about the team?" she wonders, in a voice filled with infinite boredom.

USAgent looks over his shoulder at the map, then back. "Well...we may be a US team, but if our job takes us someplace else, anyplace else, that's where we go." He takes a few steps closer. "Nothing you need to worry about, yet." He stares for a while, and you can almost see something change behind his eyes. "I was requesting some new equipment," he continues, only his tone is somehow more...friendly? Not quite, but at least lest belligerent than before. "Only it's taking a lot longer than I expected. Might even have to go through...outside channels."

"I see." Spiral replies, still sounding bored. "I didn't think the others really used equipment much. Firebrand, I suppose. I didn't think Elektra's sai would be hard to replace.". Glancing around, she adds, "It seems quiet around here anyway lately. Are you the new boss then?" she wonders.
No doubt there has been some internal memos sent around, but busy Spiral has not had time, or inclination, to bother keeping up with current affairs around here. Not exactly a team player.

USAgent considers his words. "I'm qualified to lead the team in the field, and I can definately take over some of the administrative and organizational duties...but I guess that's not what you're asking." His gaze shifts to the flag set in one corner (must be a new addition to the decor...the timing of which coincides with USAgent's own transfer to the base). "A team like this doesn't have a boss, per se. We operate for the people of the USA, at the will of the people." His gaze shifts back to Spiral and he adds in a leading tone, "Which shouldn't be too much of a change for you, right Spiral?"

"At the will of the people? I thought this was a top secret organisation. Is that changed now as well?" Spiral wonders, half amused, half actually curious. Maybe she should go rub Psylocke's nose in that fact or something. "And of course it has a boss. Otherwise Firebrand wouldn't be here. I don't think he's here due to his sense of civic responsibility.".
She leaves why /she/ is here out...

USAgent glowers slightly at the mention of Firebrand. But when he responds it's as even and measured as before. "The will of the people is that their way of life be kept safe. And they've given their government a lot of leeway to see that that happens. But we're not here to talk politics, or semantics. The fact is, I can lead you. But we all answer to the US government. Remember that." He adjusts the straps on the shield he currently wears across his back. "Ares didn't."

Spiral just smirks. "Oh, office politics I was not aware of?" she asks lightly, before shrugging. "I'm still here, I quite like some of the other team members. Arachne and Elektra, at least, though for slightly different reasons.". Arachne because she thinks she can wind her up, and Elektra... well, Elektra reminds her a bit of Psylocke!

"Arachne? Huh, yeah we...go back." USAgent dissembles for what must be the first time in probably anyone here's memory. "And if Elektra's half as good as her rep makes out to be, I'm glad she's on this team and not out there." USAgent pauses, then turns his head slowly in the direction of Elektra's quarters. She IS in the base, isn't she...? He's been hearing reports that she seems to come and go as she pleases, and the cameras never seem to pick her up using the doors. Hmm. "Ah, anyway. I think we all compliment each other very well."

Spiral shrugs. "Perhaps, if you say so." she replies, not too fussed either way. "So long as you give me plenty of warning if you need me for anything. I'm not usually here in the base very often, myself.". She has noticed that she is not the only one; Arachne doesn't even have a room. But then, Arachne doesn't seem to like anybody else's company in here.

USAgent nods slowly. "So noted." He peers towards his own quarters, then turns back to the map. "Arachne's been looking for a list of possible actions for our next mission. But I might have something in mind for someone with your skill set as well."

"I see. Well, you should decide if you need me for sure, and then if so, send me a memo or something. And then I shall do my duty." Spiral tells him, the smirk returning again. "I am not really interested in what the others are doing, or what might be going on. I would like to know when you have something more concrete.".
She's too busy having fun in her own time, after all, to pay too much attention to this place!

USAgent takes a mental note. 'Spiral has too much free time' it probably says, or something similar. Then he turns back to his perusal of the map.

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