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Mirage and Karnilla

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Mostly Karnilla's Sanctum

Karnilla appoints Mirage her champion against the Frost Giant King

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-Mirage's Room - X-Mansion-

Mirage Dreams:

The dreams are confusing, but they have a theme. Dani seems to run away from something or someone. That particular person (or thing) is more than she can handle. It's as if she is powerless to stop the threat, that it's all consuming, horrific, a challenge she cannot overcome.

The terrain is black, scorched and harsh. Much of the ground is broken and littered with debris as if there was a massive explosive fiery blast that immolated everything. The sky is dark purple and when she breaks a hill, she sees glowing yellow eyes low to the ground all around, snarling creatures with sharp yellow teeth and viscious claws. They are black furred and undestinguishable from any normal creature she knows. More akin to Asgardian feral threats.

She looks behind her and sees Hela standing atop another hill far off in the distance. Irrational fear washes over Dani and she turns to look at the creatures that approach. Behind the creatures is another female figure. One that she may recognize only from heresay or imagery. She recognizes the figure as Karnilla.

The feral creatures close upon Dani, leap, and she is overtaken.

Dani wakes.

Having a pounding heart and heavy breathing are not pleasant things to wake to, especially when caused by nightmares. While nightmares are nothing new to her, the fact that this one is not her usual demon bear inspired one, makes it all that more sinister for her. Sitting upright, she looks about in a near panicked state, as if checking to see if she were still in her bedroom at Xavier's.

Four panneled walls, lovely drapes, comfortable bed. Yes, Mirage is still at Xaviers - for now. Though she is not alone in the bed. Looking to the otherwise empty side, she will see the decaying form that once was a man. The shifting causes a stir of the odor and it wafts to her nostrils causing a churning in her stomach.

Normally such a site wouldn't have to much of an effect on Dani, besides the usual lip curl of distaste, but with her nightmare induced adrenaline pumping and the mental heebie-jeebies that go with it she lets out a scream. Then the smell hits her and with it the stomach churning. Throwing off her sheets she jumps from her bed and rushes to her bathroom before the contents of her stomach can make an appearance.

Once that is done, and she's able to return. She will discover there is no body in her bed - that it was just a delusion or nightmarish remnant. However, there is one solid piece of evidence that stands out. Where the decomposed body once lay, there is her axe - the one that Alex gave her - upon the axe are charged Asgardian runes that have an ice bluish glow to them. The runes are archaic, representing power, strength, and efficacy over the dead.

Dani stares at the ax now glowing on her bed. Her eyes automatically go to its former location, hanging from the weapon belt on her armor stand, which also displays a set of ornate ceromonial valkyrie armor. Apprehension fills her as realization of what this could mean sets in. Her service to Hela isn't finished. With a deep breath, to calm herself, she takes the ax in hand, mentally prepping for whatever comes of it.

When the axe handle is taken, Dani feels the shift in time/space. The shift isn't as pleasant as the music as something grabs her mid teleport and yanks her into another location. She finds herself standing before Karnilla, the Queen of Nornheim, and within her mystical chambers - that which are used for casting magicks. The room is large, filled with runes, bookshelves (books and artifacts/relics), scribes on the floor and candlelight. Karnilla is dressed in her mystical gowns and looks somewhat pleased that she has pulled Mirage from her true destination.

Karnilla intones, "Of the Valkor, welcome to my home. I, Karnilla, beseech you stand for truth and justice of light in the shadow which befalls my kingdom. Heed not the call of Hela, for she only craves the death of countless legions so as to feed her constant hunger. Hear my words for she is in league with Utgard-Loki, the Frost Giant King, who wishes to reclaim my throne and take me as his concubine.

She had always suspected she would be called back to Asgard, but Dani never thought it would be this soon and by Karnilla. As soon as she appears in Karnilla's sanctum, the full force of her valkyrie nature comes to the fore. Her flimsy pj's are replaced by the mystical uru armor common to the valkyrior, and winged helmet. Clutching the ax in hand she glances around the room, taking in its contents and escape paths, before focusing on the goddess before her. She stares at the woman, listening to her words, though obviously not quite beleiving them. "Jealous, now that Loki isn't giving you attention and is turning it elsewhere?" she resided in Asgard long enough to know that Karnilla and Loki allied frequently against the other gods.

"You have been away from Asgard far too long, young Valkyrie, my love and alliance lies with Balder. You teeter upon office of me with misplacing my name with that of Amora, the foul Enchantress. As Loki, the vile, is no Asgardian with which I seek comfort or acquisition. Yet, I will overlook such infractions as we've much to discuss. Come child, walk with me." - Karnilla will turn and take long, regal strides to depart the room, expecting Mirage to catch up on her own accord.

Dani arches brows at the socreress' staunch denial, but since she is in her sanctum and at her mercy, there is no argument about it. Slipping the ax into its place on her weapon belt, opposite her sword, she turns on her heel to follow in the footsteps of Karnilla "Fine, what are Hela and Loki up to this time? I would think after last time they both should know better.

Moving through the long high castle corridors (while passing guards now and again), Karnilla explains, "Utgard, the foul Frost Giant King, has pledged those which he has slain will be cursed to fall within the pits of the underworld, that they will die without honor and not rise to Valhalla. To fall upon their knees beneath the darkness that is Hela so she can further Loki's power and his challenge of the All-Father. "

A frown comes to Mirage's face. The idea of honorably slain warriors not being taken to Valhalla goes against her imposed nature and purpose as well as that of her valkyrie sisters "And what do you expect me to do against the Frost Giant King? I doubt it is in my power to slay him. If it were that easy on of your own would have do it already.

"Uthgard does not know that I am aware of his plan, nor of the spell with which Na'murik has been bestowed. A spell from Hela herself that causes the fallen warriors the tainted dishonor. All that is under the command of Na'murik weild his power.

"Yet, Na'murik wears talismans with which prevent me from effecting him or his charge. Proof against my magicks. Your axe; It has been specially enchanted to defeat the frost giant - Na'murik. It must be you that strikes him down. For your mantle of Valkyrie and the axe which you wield, will be enough to destroy the foul creature."

"I have had this ax for weeks." Dani's hand comes to rest on top of it as she speaks "Was it put in my path on purpose or is it just a conveninent weapon I own that will hold your enchantment?" she stops following the goddess for a moment as she waits for an answer.

"What may have been weeks to you, were mere hours to me. The will of your lover is easily swayed. All it took was the whispering within his ear to help him decide on such a gift - far better than flowers - would you not agree?" Notes Karnilla as she enters her throne room which is occupied by many, royal, regal, and serfs alike. It is time for her to hold court and address her subjects.

After few quick steps Dani catches up with Karnilla as she enter the large room. "I don't respond well to manipulation Karnilla. Especially manipulation such as this." as she follows the woman through the room, she ignores the opulence and the audience.

She turns quickly to face Mirage, challenged and with sharp eyes, "Manipulation would have been to turn your lover into a puppet and parade him around unaware of his station to do my bidding. I only helped him decide what you favor and allowed him to happen upon it."

Dani takes a step back when the goddess turns to her, but her voice is firm "Which I am sure will be next if I don't do as you ask." she gives no thought to the term being banded about, mostly cause she doesn't care what the goddess thinks of her relationship status, and probably because she isn't sure of it herself, "There will be no need. Tell me where to find Na'murik and I will deal with him.

She smiles. Karnilla seems to appreciate the spirit of the Valkyrie. "In time, young one. For now is not the time to strike. I will summon you when it is - pray you do not fall to the dark winds of Hela in the mean time. For she knows that we are aligned."

"I can hardly wait." there is thinnly veiled sarcasm in her tone, but there is no doubt that Karnilla has herself a champion. Dani gives the woman a nod, the closest thing to a bow that she will give at this point, and assuming the audience is over waits to be sent back.

Karnilla smiles, waves her hand and says something in the language of magicks and sends Mirage away, back to Midgard where she will find herself in her bed, once again. No body laying next to her.

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