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Black Crow and Topaz

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02/06/13 13:40

Central Park - New York

Black Crow catches Topaz up on all things Anasazi

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Wednesday afternoon, midweek for busy New Yorkers but for those the likes of Black Crow, there is never a mid-anything. As their jobs are perpetual and in some cases, eternal! A lone black crow soars overhead and seems to circle around the entirety of the park. This particular bird zooms faster than most and continues to soar and swoop in the vastness of Central Park as it watches, observes, and protects. But even mystical birds can get tired and so this particular bird, drops down and lands on a perch near the subway entrance. Its eyes dart about, searching and scanning.

Standing near that same subway entrance is Topaz, her bright, multi-colored duster making her stand out from the crowd emerging from the subway station below. She seems to be waiting for the stairs to clear before heading down into the underlevels of the city to make her way back to her part of town and the bar.

Upon spotting the empath in her amazing technicolor duster, the crow flies from where he is perched and placing himself on her shoulder perching there and cooing as it does so. The bird should be recognizable to her. It continues cooing and then peers off to the left.

The buffeting breeze of wings as the crow lands is probably about the only warning she got before feeling the claws peirce through her coat. With the usual crowds in the park she probably has her empathic abilities in tight. She stops mid step, turning her head to see the bird better with her peripheal vision "Hello Crow. I didn't expect to see you so soon. Should I be worried?" she moves back from the subway entrance so thier conversation won't be distrubed by pedistrians.

They will not be interrupted by pedestrians, but just to alleviate any undue or unfortunate interruptions, the crow stares directly into her eyes and only says in a whispered human voice, “No.” Suddenly a man emerges from the subway who bears a strong resemblance to the human form of Black Crow, dressed like a typical New Yorker, business suit. The man walks directly to Topaz, “This is an illusion I have created. I am on your shoulder in the bird form, but for purposes of this encounter, I will appear in this form.” He bows his head.

"Of course." Topaz says as her gaze goes from bird to suited up man. The tone is casual, as if things like this happened to her every day. "At least no more than I was before?" she questions, her lips quirking into a smile. Lately there has been a lot to worry her, with both the demonic and now godly realm wanting to make trouble "Then to what do I owe the visit?

The illusion of the well-dressed man responds, “I was securing the park. Central Park has been a target of the Anasazi and so, I protect it. You’re being here is just a pleasure. No updates, except that there is one target in particular of the Anasazi. A strange and peculiar man known as Deadpool. I have since tested him and he is prepared and may be of further use should the Anasazi not be halted by my supplication. I have also contacted the hero known as Phantasm who has warned the young neophytes in the New Warriors and I spoke persoannly with the Scarlet Witch who is using her Avengers connections and may join us at the Voodoo Lounge for a mystical consultation.”

Two of the three names hold little meaning for Topaz but at the third, Scarlet Witch, there is a smile of recognition "Yes, Wanda, she has been to the bar before. I haven't seen her there in awhile though. It would be nice to see her again." the smile fades slightly "Though it would be nicer under different circumstances." she makes a slight waving gesture and in this case it is just a mundane one, "These other two Deadpool and Phantasm, what is there part in this. They have no mystical connection?"

“They do not. Both were present during the attack by Hotamintanio. Here is in this park.” The illusory mystic gestures with his hand once again a battle from weeks earlier is played out for Topaz. The time changes from day to night. Hotamintanio stands over an unconscious Puma while Phantasm and Deadpool engage him in battle. Gogo is seen in the distance carrying off Hawkette and Sandman and Scarlet Witch are seen in the background ready to deal the final blow in this battle when Wanda fires off a hex sending the Native American good away from here. The battle illusion fades and the man remains, “Phantasm is a mutant with a spirit form. Deadpool is. . .” The man’s facial expression appears confused, “I am not sure what he is. He seems to have the ability to talk incessantly and foolishly. But he also has an amazing healing factor and is presumably immortal.”

Watching the replay silently recognizing the form of Deadpool as being in the same replay from when Libery Island was attacked "He was there for the Statue of Liberty incident as well. I can see why your gods would have a problem with him." her hands slip into her coat pockets "So they hit Liberty Island and the park, anywhere else?

“Yes, though this time not as overt and directed at one of their own.” With another gesture of his hand, Black Crow plays out another scene, the location is similar but not Central Park. This time the two mystics find themselves surrounded by an illusion recreating Gramercy Park, a lone Anasazi, Calumet, sits cross-legged on the ground smoking a peace pipe. With each exhale of smoke wondrous colors are created. He is approached by Ambrose and Phantasm. After engaging the two in conversation, Ambrose leaves. Calumet takes the opportunity to use the smoke he generates to create the potential future of what will happen should the Anasazi take vengeance on the white people. The illusion shows a post-apocalyptic setting with skyscrapers and any modernities destroyed and the streets lined with bodies. At which point arrows fly out from the illusion striking Calumet. Hotamintanio fired the arrows which cause Calumet to fade away. The illusion ends and the two are back in Central Park.

Topaz narrows her eyes, she is confused for a moment or two about how this encounter is different from the other two "It seems that your gods are at odds with each other as well. Some seeking to warn others to destroy. I have a feeling the former won't step in to help either side.

“Calumet may try to assist if he is not out of the game yet. Also Owayodata has stood against the Anasazi before. That was how I actually first met Dr. Strange.” He sighs as the illusion of the well-dressed Native American disappear and the crow on her shoulder begins to take flight. The bird offers, “We will be in communication soon.”

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