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Astraea, Blindfold, Sandman, Tanya, and Vaughn

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07/08/12 20:00

Central Park - New York

Astraea, Blindfold, Sandman, Tanya, and Vaughn are all in Central Park at the same time and chat.

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(OOC Note: The scene started before I arrived. The log is from when Sandman arrives to when he leaves.)

Blindfold tilts her head curiously "And the horses don't mind the cars and all the noise?" sniffing at the sweet smell of Khan's breath "Hmm he smells sweet" gently brushing stroking her fingers along the soft velvety nose before running her hand slowly along the horse's muzzle to his cheek as she started to get an idea of what Khan looked like "Hello Khan...you're a good boy, I won't hurt you" and turned her head toward the woman "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, I'm Ruth"

"They get used to it. And yes... that's his alfalfa. Kind of like candy to them." remarks Takisha with a smile, watching that as the horse interacted with the woman. He snorted again and nudged the hand, accepting the petting. Takisha smiles, lifting a hand, though uncertain if she should offer it fully or not "I'm Tanya. A pleasure, Ruth! That's a nice name."

A sandy pit near the entrance of the zoo begins to stir. Sand flies out and up into the sky and begins to take a shape, that of a humanoid. Slowly the sand form begins to turn to flesh. Anyone who is up to date on news or current events will realize it is Sandman of the Avengers. Finally dropping to the ground, the Avenger looks about, surveying the area until his eyes rest on Tanya.

Blindfold chuckles at the nudge from the horse and paused to fumble in the air for the hand to shake warmly "It's nice to meet you Tanya" but grimaces as the sand flies up into the air and starts to brush herself off

As the sand rustles and spurts up in a way that sand is not supposed to do, khan snorts and lifts his head, eyes wide as he twists to look past the blinders in that direction. Tanya shook the hand firmly with her white satin glove, and then lifts a hand as well, grasping the reins as her eyes glance over - first irritated at whoever would spook her horse. Then she pauses, going as still as the anima ldid as she realized he was looking /right at her/ "Uhm... A pleasure to meet you too." she finally adds, continuign the conversation, distractedly.

Fully human, Sandman recognizes Tanya as the Spaniard he met at the hotel when he was with Mike and his long-haired mutant friend. Completely human and in his typical costume, which is just a green and black striped long-sleeve shirt and brown trousers. Sandman walks towards the Tanya and blinks a moment at the girl with the bandage covering her eyes. Turning back to Tanya, “Tanya, right? Is this your horse?”

Blindfold pauses to turn her head toward tanya "Thank you, yes, I'm going to guees there is something not normal with the sand?" then turns at the sound of a male voice but remains quiet.

"It turned into a man." remarks Tanya in response to Blindfold. She straightens a bit, and lifts a hand to her top hat, to doff it to him with a smile "I recognise you somewhat. Yes, I am Tanya, and this is indeed my horse, Khan. " The horse was not as polite seeming, watching Sandman down the length of his nose with flattened ears, though he didnt move.

“Not normal. . .I guess that bandage isn’t a fashion statement, and you are really blind. I am Sandman, you know of the Avengers.” Sandman states that with a bit of bravado. Looking at Tanya, “You’re not helping my celebrity status.” He jokes, “But yeah we met before.” He then bows making a grandiose gesture of it.

Going a bit pink over her cheeks, Tanya smiles and returns the hat "Yes, I remember now. There are many Avengers though, in my defense, and they are ont as well known in Spain." she explains with a faint laugh "You have a better memory than I of who you meet, SAndman. This nice lady is Ruth."

Blindfold looks puzzled that sand would turn into a man and turns toward said man "Ohh, yes, thank you, I've heard of you and the avengers on the news" nodding in agreement with Tanya's introduction "It's nice to meet you Sandman"

Bowing again, Sandman stops and stares at Blindfold and waves and then sticks his tongue out, “Yep, really blind. . .goodness, Ruth. Kinda dangerous to be out and about by yourself at night. . .where are your parents?” He smiles to Tanya, “Showing her your horse and stuff, Tanya?”

Tanya nods "Yes. She didnt know there were horses in Central Park. " explains TAnya. Khan was still eyeing the man-of-sand suspiciously, flicking his tail a few times "And it is good to see you again as well. What brings you out this way?"

Blindfold grins "Thank you, yes, I am completely blind. I'm still learning new york city. I'm sorry, I apologize my aunt raised me but I get around pretty well. Yes, thank you, I haven't met a horse before and the scent was unfamiliar" everyone knew what a horse looked like but how do you describe a horse to someone who can't see?

Blinking again at Blindfold and unsure of how to respond to what she has said and is not even sure what she said, “Oh, you speak oddly, kid. That’s good. You stand out, but to be honest, I got no idea what you said. . .a horse looks like a horse. Long nose, snout type thing, hair, four legs, hooves, a tail.” Sandman hmmmmns, “Tanya is it ok if she touches your horse?”

Tanya blinks and looks at Sandman in puzzlement, then blinks and notes "She already has met his nose and stuff. he's too agitated to have the rest of him touched." she explains "And well, Sandman... Ahh... how do you tell someone who does not know what a horse looks like, what a horse looks like? It is like trying to explain what blue tastes like."

Blindfold shifts awkwardly with an embrassed blush to her cheeks "Yes, thank you.." but smiles as Tanya understands the disconnect between the seeing world and the blind world. They were standing round a shaggy horse harnessed to a elegant carriage somewhere between steampunk and 'goth' in style. She reached up a hand to softly rest on the horse's cheek and gently slowly scritch with her finger tips "It's alright, he won't hurt you"

“Oh that’s easy.” Sandman states in response to Tanya’s question and then he scratches his chin. Granules of sand rub off as he ponders, “So what does blue taste like?” He shrugs, “I guess that is kinda like saying someone can ‘see’ sound. I guess not, huh.” He smiles sheepishly and embarrassedly, “My bad, Ruth. I guess you can tell by feeling it.”

Tanya nods at Sandman "See? It is like that. " she explains, the horses ' head twitching, then lowering for the attention, starting to relax a little. At Blindfolds' words, she snickers "You would think so, but a childs' balloon will have him prancing about like a foal who'd never seen snow before."

'As if someone can see by sound', now isn't that the universe's twisted sense of humor, because at the particular moment in time, Vaughn happens to be cutting through the park. He is dressed in obvious party clothes, well dance party, tight jeans, an even tighter striped tee shirt, and a thin faded green hoodie. His hands are thrust into the front pockets of his hoodie, and the wires to headphones can be seen snaking up from under it.

Blindfold smiles at Sandman with a nod "Yes, thank you, it's alright, happens now and then." chuckling at the horse's response
"Just a big attention glutton aren't you?" then turns her head to Ruth "Well I can understand that, yes thank you, I haven't seen snow either" cuz after all she was blind. Then her ears picked up the sound of Vaughn and she waved a hand in his direction.

“So, Tanya, you bee good? Have you seen Mikey or the long-haired kid around? I haven’t seen them since. Been busy saving the multiverse and stuff.” Sandman brags a bit when he spots Blindfold waving at some kid whose clothes are way too tight. Shaking his head, Sandman sighs and returns his attention to his fellow present adult.

Chuff, Chuff, Chuff. Someone is out doing something rather unusual. A young woman, well younger than some maybe, out by herself, in central park, after dark, jogging by herself. Yes, Elene is all alone and practically begging someone to mug her. But in this town, she could be trolling for folks like Spider-Man, or the Punisher, or maybe she just doesn't really care about it all.
Anyhow, the park lighting catches her now and then in that dark blue tanktop. Of course, the NYPD logo might give -some- estimate as to her state of mind. But it might just be that she's crazy. So her legs carry her towards the gathering, earbuds playing music into her ears with her eyes half-lidded in focus.

"Yes of course. But the foals act as though it were a cobra about to bite them." explains Tanya. Seeing the wave, her eyes trail that way before her own white gloved hand waves also to Vaughn. And then, back to Sandman, shaking her head "I have not seen either. Well, I thought I saw Armand at that concert the other week, but it was hard to tell. Oh? How did that go? " sh e asks of the last.

Vaughn pauses as he sees Ruth and Tanya talking to a rather unsavory looking fellow. He alters his course, and almost comically looks Sandman up and down. The kid is probably about as big around as the man's bicep. He looks to the two girls, well girl and woman, "Everything alright, here?"

Blindfold smiles as Vaughn joins the group "Nice meet you again Vaughn. This is Sandman of the avengers, Khan and Tanya" chuckling at tanya's description of foals and their first snow. Hearing someone huffing and puffing as they jog toward the group, that's where her head turns, blindfold and all.

Sandman isn't sure what Tanya is referring to when she asks how something went. He simply shrugs and then catches the look from Vaughn. He hmphs at the scrawny kid. "Yeah, kid. Everything is alright. I'm here, if anything happens." He smiles as Blindfold announces who he is, "Good to meet ya, kid. Vaughn, is it?"

Tanya peers at Sandman curiously, then continues "The Multiverse. Saving it. All that? " she seemed somewhat amused, then her eyes widen "Vaughn! It is good to see you again! how is the knee?"

Vaughn seems to visibly relax and the silent 'oh thank god I'm not going to get myself killed' is written across his face. "Yeah, Vaughn.. that's me..." He blinks over at Tanya and shrugs. "Oh, not nearly as banged up as my pride."

With her eyes half-lidded in focus, Elene almost doesn't notice the folks standing around... in the dark... at the park. That is, until she almost runs right into the crowd of them. She skitters to a stop and opens her eyes fully. As she does so, her earbuds literally crackle as they burn out, not something easy to notice unless someone has oddball senses to pick such a thing out.
The lighting in the park flickers a bit and she focuses her will internally, trying not to blow out even -more- city lights. After all, she can't afford to keep replacing them. Anyhow, she stops and reaches up to pull the now dead earbuds from her ears and she inclines her head, "Sorry, didn't notice you guys he... hey, you're Sandman, aren't you?" she asks the obvious question of the Avenger.

Looking to Tanya, “Yeah, multiverse. You know how we got a universe. Uni is like 1, well, multiverse is like more than 1. I don’t understand, but there is a bunch of different universes and stuff. Kinda crazy. But yeah, we aren’t just Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” Sandman smiles widely. And when Elene appears. Sandman almost poses like hero, “That’s right. Sandman at your service.”

"Uhm..." remarks Tanya uncertainly at that, and looks towards Blindfold "I think I need to work on my english more." She admits sheepishly. Then, as Elene almost runs into them, Khan spooks, and with a loud, alarmed nicker, jerks back a few steps away, the cart rolling behind him now. TAnya moves with him, to avoid being drug away as quickly, words that sound half spanish and half hose are uttered to soothe him.

Blindfold turns back in sandman's direction "Did the long haired kid you're wondering about have color changing hair by chance? And Mike?" backpedaling a split second before Khan spooks so she isn't knocked over "Watch out!"

With the group now forming and everyone getting to know everyone else, Sandman sighs loudly when his Avengers id starts beeping. Quickly glancing at it, “Dammit. . .sorry folks, but gotta take a trip off-planet. Avengers stuff and whatnot.” His body shifts from human to sand and then he leaps up into the air, starts spinning and soon a small controlled sandstorm spins above and away heading towards Avengers Mansion. Sandman leaves before answering Blindfold’s question.

Vaughn steps back as the situation seems alright. As the horse starts spook, he reaches and grabs Ruth, pulling her safely back as well. "Careful there, Ruth." Even though he might be upset with her, he still doesn't want to see her hurt.

"Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to almost run folks down. I was rather... focused on my run. Sorry." mutters Elene with a shake of her head. Then as the Avenger turns to depart, she shakes her head, "Only in New York..." she mutters, one hand coming up to brush sweat off of her forehead. At her hip is a phone encased in one -hell- of an otterbox. It took some doing to get something that well insulated. Also... it's not one of those touch screen smartphones. She'd fry that in minutes.

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