Cementing The Union

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Cementing The Union

Wolfsbane and Hrimhari (emitted by Gambit)

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Marin Headlands, near San Francisco

Watching Utopia being built, Wolfsbane is again surprised by Hrimhari in a new form. Then, they discuss and solidify their future.

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The Marin Headlands: a place north of San Francisco that holds history as part of the site of various military defense bunkers that date back to before World War I. Many were reinforced for World War II before the gun batteries themselves were decommissioned during the Cold War. Missile sites, no longer used, were built afterward. Now it all serves as part of the history of the area and landscape people explore on a daily basis, much of it unknown to the random person. There's even the Point Bonita Lighthouse that's infrequently open for tours.

Though it's made an interesting diversion, Wolfsbane ventured out this way for another reason - to get a different look at the progress being made on converting Asteroid M into a new place to be called Utopia. From here, as the sun sets and the shadows grow longer, the resurfaced island can be seen from what seems like the edge of the world. It doesn't hurt that the area itself is filled with rolling hills, grasses and shrubbery, and a variety of trees. It's good to wander, which she's chosen to do as a wolf. There's more than enough land to do that without running the risk of coming across any people.

A tall man with stark white hair and chiseled features walks along a dirt trail across the rolling hills of the park. He wears a worn pair of blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a black wool coat to shield his skin from the chilly September air. He scans the area, taking in the beauty of nature. Truly a sight to be seen. As he walks, he sniffs tentatively at the air. If anyone were to see him do this, it would look like he was enjoying the smell of the ocean blowing across the hills. In point of fact though, he works to suss out a very particular scent. It's one that he knows very well, even in this awkward new form.

The wind swirls enough that it's hard to avoid a scent being picked up, but at the moment it's blowing steadily in the direction of the man from the area Wolfsbane roams. She's got her muzzle to the ground as she trots along, a curious sight here since wolves are just not seen there at all. So many interesting scents, though! Her body language gives this away: ears perked, tail in enough of a lifted position to indicate confidence in her situation. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

Catching the scent of the out of place wolf, the tall man leaves the well worn path and steps out onto the soft grass. He reaches down between steps, and removes his socks and shoes. The grass curls between his bare toes, putting a smile on his face. He still is not fully adjusted to this form, but he must admit that he derives some pleasure from it. His posture shows no signs of fear or concern. He walks with the gait of a man with purpose and dignity. He knows his scent is different than usual, and that even if the lone wolf does pick up his scent it will not be recognized, even if it may be familiar.

Scents shift after a few minutes, this leading to the first time Wolfsbane becomes aware of the fact there's someone closer to her, someone who's had the advantage of being downwind from her until the directional change. "Rrrr?" she seems to question, sitting back on her haunches as she looks sharply toward the man. The first reaction leads to her moving back a few paces, but something feels odd and she stays put.

At the audible growl, the man smiles. He neither slows his pace nor changes his trajectory. Instead, he stays on course towards her. "It is surely a beautiful day," he says happily as he approaches. "A day the gods have made for feeling the soft grass under your paws, for tasting the salt in the air, and for being one with the world. Wouldn't you agree little wolf?"

The words have the effect of confusing the wolf, not because she can't understand them but because of the casual attitude in which they're spoken, the stance of the white-haired man added in. Wolfsbane paces, keeping out of reach, hesitant to give away what she actually is just yet. Now, her body language gives away intended aggression, a threat.

He chuckles lightly and crouches down to her level. Reaching out an upturned hand to her in as non-threatening a manner as is possible he continues, "I had heard that you and your fellow X-Men were building a new castle here on the ocean." He doesn't flinch, or give off even the slightest sign of fear from her increased aggression. "I had to see you my Princess."

It just isn't right for a human to be so bold in front of a wolf. It's not normal! Wolfsbane continues to pace in agitation, though something compels her to linger as opposed to bolting off. Good thing, that. As before, it's the words that draw the sharpest reaction. This time it's a sudden shift to her midform, looking even /more/ surprised than she was back on the East Coast. "H-Hrimhari?!? What's /this?/ Since when could ye become human?" She's flabbergasted, and as an afterthought she turns human as well. Costume stays - it'd shown up as if due to magic when she shifted - and she looks much the same as that first time in Asgard. She's just older, more well-formed, and her hair's grown out.

Hrimhari looks down at his human form bemusedly and holds his hands out away from his sides. "Do you find it appealing, my Princess," he asks not waiting for a response. "It would seem to be a part of my return. There is strong and strange magic within what Thor has done." A loving smile crosses his lips, but his eyes never leave Rahne. She has grown indeed since first he met her. When last they met, she never moved past her midform. To see her now in her human form, he is somewhat surprised that find that he is as attracted to her as ever. "You, my Princess, are as beautiful as ever."

Rahne makes it to her feet as he asks what she thinks of the look prior to going on to explain it. "Ye're..more handsome than I could ha' imagined," she answers with a flush of color to cheeks and ears. "An' I never imagined ye like this, truthfully. It's unexpected, just like.." She gestures as if to say she can't put it to words. "Th' whole Asgard thing." Then comes a deeper blush at his admiration of her own smooth-skinned appearance. "Och..."

He moves closer to her now, reaching out to caress her blushing cheek. "Would you prefer my normal visage?" he asks.

"I'll let ye choose for noo," Rahne replies, briefly focusing on the sensation of bare skin of his fingers against bare skin of her own cheek. The underlying suggestion is that she'd be more used to him the usual way soon enough, but perhaps not right away. "Ye have a way o' surprising me when I least expect it, ye know."

Hrimhari takes Rahne's hand in his own, bringing it up to his lips for the kiss of a gentleman. "Then let this be a day full of surprises, mysteries, and wonders," he says. He does choose to stay in human form for the time being. It is still quite new to him, and as such an interesting perspective for him. Rahne's reaction to it also helps, of course.

Rahne smiles at this, beginning to walk with him. "It's already been a day o' wonders. Have ye seen th' old sites around here? An' th' terrain reminds me a wee bit o' home in ways. In Scotland, I mean." She glances down to note his feet and hers, both bare. "By th' way, most people dinna go around barefoot like us. Ye'll stand oot if ye walk doon th' street without a' least a pair o' sandals," she explains, adding as she threads her arm through his, "I have an excuse when I'm going around in muh midform, but I left muh shoes back in th' car." She drove!

"I must question why all humans do not walk about with their feet bare," Hrimhari muses. "To feel the earth between your toes is surely one of the greatest experiences." He laces his fingers within hers of the looped arm. "Nor do I understand how walking about without shoes is questionable, but to see you otherwise would not raise question."

The observations bring a pause from the young woman, rubbing her ear - rounded at the moment compared to the other way - in thought. "It's..I guess it'd be seen as taboo an' unsanitary," Rahne tells him. "But also na as safe. Their feet are softer an' th' ground might be hot, they could step on broken glass or other things. It's difficult tae explain." Unaware as she'd be about Asgardian customs, it's the same with him and people here.

Hrimhari scrunches his nose at the somewhat foreign concept to someone who has only spent a minimal time masquerading as a human. "I suppose this would be true," he muses. With her arm wrapped with his, he walks aimlessly. It doesn't matter where they are going for him. What is far more important is that they are together. "Midgard is certainly an interesting place," he says.

"Ye probably feel as much wonder here as I did in yuir place, yuir woods," Rahne confesses, and for her part she shifts to her midform again if for no other reason than because it /does/ make it more comfortable to walk. The terrain isn't exactly like a lawn. They're also far enough from normal roads and trails that the lessening light improves their chances of not being spotted. "One thing I do have tae tell ye is here, people dinna sniff each other in greeting." She's grinning.

Hrimhari smiles broadly and leans into her neck sniffing and taking in her scent. "They do not know what pleasures they forfeit," he says as he also shifts to the admittedly more comfortable midform.. "Are you happy here, my Princess?" he asks. "My forest has returned, though it is not final. There are days where I run free through my lands. Others it is still the trees and stones of Midgard. The offer still is valid. Come with me. Take your rightful place by my side, as I know you desire."

Wolfsbane squints at him, playfully reaching to push his nose away, or perhaps snout by the time it's done. "Hrimhari!" she laughs, shaking her head. Her costume remains, a contrast to the old days where her midform was on full display, as it were, and she nods. "I..am. Happy, aye. Happier noo tha' ye're here." Then she squints, asking, "What do ye mean? Sometimes it's yuir forest, but others it's na? I'm confused." A demure smile shows as he extends the invitation. "Tell me, did ye ever..have someone o' yuir own there? Do ye have a ceremony for it o' any kind?"

"As I said, strange magic," Hrimhari responds. "Our two worlds are currently sharing the same plane. There are occasions where one occupies the plane while the other simply does not. I cannot admit that I fully understand it myself." His ears perk at the question of another. "You mean to ask, in the thousands of years I have lived, have I ever taken a lifemate?" He lets the question hang for a brief moment before responding. "No, I have not. Never did I find one worthy to be my Princess, nor to vow my eternal allegiance to. To choose a mate is matter of utmost importance. As for ceremony, when my Princess vows herself to me, there will be a week of singing to the heavens, declaring our love for one another. The forest itself shall join in on the celebration."

"I never did like magic much," Wolfsbane confesses in a murmur, shaking her head. It's the rest that's got her attention, squinting at the sun as it drops below the horizon. "Ye're tha' old an' have never..?" she asks, sounding like that's hard to believe. "Wow..with all th' others ye must have had th' chance for, why did I stand oot so quickly?" It's just something that begs asking, a smile following the talk of singing and celebrating. If only his forest wasn't otherwise empty. "Tha' sounds like something from a fairy tale."

His answer is simple and succinct. "Do not look for logic in love, for you will find none," he says. "When first I saw you, I simply knew you to be the one. There was no question to it. I can no easier put meaning to it, than I can stop the sun from rising each day."

Wolfsbane gives thought to this, then it seems she accepts his words to be true. "I couldna explain it if someone asked me tae, but when I saw ye there was a part o' me tha' couldna look away," she says. In fact, she's unable to do so now, watching him more than the landscape they walk, trusting him and her own feet to keep her from stumbling.

Hrimhari stops walking. As the sun sets over the horizon, it bathes the pair in a warm orange glow. He says nothing, but pulls Rahne to him wrapping his arms around her. He draws her body into his and kisses her passionately.

"Och," is as much as Wolfsbane can get out before they're embracing, feeling herself growing weak in the knees. Thankfully he's there to help her stay on her feet as she leans into him. Once it passes she lifts herself up on her toes to whisper next to an ear, "If ye remember, I liked it when ye did this." She lowers slightly to give the faintest of nips at the side of his neck, a playful look in her expression as she adds, "But I forgot what it felt like." A hand slides down his arm to take his, leading the way further into the hills and ridges.

Hrimhari returns a playful smile to his chosen one. "I do indeed," he says. "Perhaps your memory should be refreshed". Without question, he lets her lead them into the hills. The sun sets on the pair of lovers as they set off into the night. Tonight the area will be filled with a sound not heard for a long time, the lovesong of two wolves calling out to each other in the cool night air.

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