Caught in a Downward Skrull

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Downward Skrull

Super-Skrull (as Captain Skrull), Spiral

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10/14/12 16:10

Lower Manhattan

The Super-Skrull meets Spiral

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===========-----==[ Lower Manhattan - New York ]==---------------------------------------

When most people think of Downtown Manhattan, this is what they're thinking of. Skyscrapers block the sun, turning the streets into the familiar glass- and steel-walled canyons. The Financial District serves as a magnet for daytime traders and office workers; the buildings of Battery Park City are a twenty-to-forty-story sea of orange brick. Battery Park itself, named after the artillery sited there during the Revolutionary War, provides an expanse of green right down to the shoreline from which the Statue of Liberty can be seen.
Lower Manhattan is dense with landmarks and significant buildings; among them are Federal Hall, the fort and national monument Castle Clinton, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the ferries to the aforementioned Statue and Ellis Island.
Additionally this area is home to the financial district of New York City. <see +view>.

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Captain Skrull is perched on an overhang halfway up one of the tall skyscrapers around Manhattan with one foot planted on a raised lip at the very edge of the concrete slab. This lets him rest one forearm resting against his knee and lean over to peer down at the cars and people below.

It seems that villainous sorts like doing that sort of thing. As Spiral is up on the roof as well, on the next skyscraper over. She's not too fussed about falling, deeming that she can wave her hand before impact, so she's perched near the edge as well, leaning against an air vent and looking around in the bright, clear air, her six arms all splayed out, two of them holding onto the vent just in case.

Captain Skrull tilts his head back slightly and scans the sides of buildings, usually starting at the bottom and panning his gaze up. When his gaze runs across Spiral his eyes lock on her for a few moments before narrowing slightly. He completes his scan of surrounding buildings but does it hastily, and keeps glancing back her way to see if she's moving or doing anything. Then he seems to remember something and scans the skylines, probably for flying super-beings. Not seeing any, he takes a few steps back, then takes a running leap. Springing from 'his' building at the last second he sails across the space in an arcing leap, heading towards Spiral's rooftop!

Spiral is somewhat on the lookout for flying annoyances as well, so isn't /too/ surprised when Super-Skrull leaps over towards her. She does draw the sword at her waist though, and reaches two hands up into the air, drawing two more swords apparently out of nothingness, so she is suitably well armed by the time the Super Skrull lands on her building.
Though the sword holding hands are held casually, and a bit behind her body half out of sight, her free hands hanging loosely at her side. And she eyes ...him? warily. Skrulls, and super Skrulls, are not something Spiral is familiar with. "Who are you?".

Captain Skrull lands lightly near Spiral, then quickly takes a step back, just out of what he judges to be the reach of those swords. He also turns slightly, one arm raised slightly as if he's wearing a buckler, and not just a bracer on that wrist. "I am called Captain Skrull," he replies. "And you?"

"Captain Skrull? Is Skrull a nation?" Spiral asks, a little bemused, and thinking of Captain America. Geography is so confusing at the best of times. "I never heard of you, anyway. What do you want." she asks, fairly neutrally, as she looks over him with her glowing eyes. "I assume you are from somewhere a long way from here. Another dimension perhaps, one I have not danced through in memory yet. You can call me Spiral."

Captain Skrull looks surprised. "Spiral? Well met. Yes, Skrull is a nation of sorts. An Empire. And also the name of my people, the ones who built that empire. Yes, it is far from here," he nods at Spiral. "And very different." Now he turns to glance over the view of the city around them. "But I am no longer among them. I'm here now, with..." he pauses, shooting a quick glance at Spiral. "With them."

"Them?" Spiral asks, bemused. One free hand points downwards. "You mean the two armed folks?" she wonders. Though she does give Captain Skrull a slight frown, after all, he's got two arms as well. All the same, no doubt! "Though perhaps not, you do have funny looking skin." she tells him, quite directly. "I'm sure they won't like you for that, either.".

Captain Skrull shakes his head. "Not all the beings on this planet - or from this planet - look alike." He studies Spiral's arms. "Do you mean to say that you are disliked for your differences? But surely this makes you a greater fighter, and a more dangerous opponent. Don't they fear your swords?"

"I don't know. I suppose. Maybe." Spiral replies, a little put off by that response. Surprised. "I don't think it matters. People like arms the least, here... I should know. I've spoken to enough humans about it to know. Oh, the mutants think they are hard done by, how terrible it is to look silver, or have to wear stupid glasses your entire life. But even they are repulsed by extra arms. Of all the people I asked if they would like more arms, not one person said they would.". Guilty as charged! The haters.

Captain Skrull chuckles. "Fools. Too scared to change. Too weak to adapt." Then he sobers. "But the strong must /protect/ the weak, after all." There's something not quite sincere about his tone. Not such a big surprise there, probably. "But why ask people if they want extra arms?" He pauses briefly. "Give them extra arms, if you think they are needed."

"Oh, I could, I suppose..." Spiral says, eyes narrowing to slits, voice offhand. "But that wouldn't make any difference would it. They don't want the arms, is the point. They think extra arms makes you a freak, is the point. So they look at me, and are thinking about circuses, and cages.".
She sighs, and shakes her head. "If people /want/ something, then I help them get what they want.". Be careful what you wish for.

"Indeed? Then you must quite an expert on people, and what they do or don't want." Captain Skrull watches Spiral carefully as he talks, gauging her reaction most likely. "What /I/ to learn this myself. What people here are like, what they want. Especially the heroes." He waits and watches a few moments longer, then adds, "You have to know about the heroes of Earth before you can be one yourself. Wouldn't you say?"

"I am no expert on people, I'm an expert on arms." Spiral corrects. Maybe she's joking, but if so, the delivery is deadpan.
"And I suppose, regarding heroes." Spiral says, voice now sounding bored. "Who cares. You want to be one of them? I guess you just need to find one of their teams, and learn to follow orders, as that's mostly what it's about. Following laws and things." she says vaguely.
Apparently she decides that this guy isn't a threat, as she returns her main sword to her belt, and the other two vanish somehow. And she settles down atop the air vent again, near the edge of the skyscraper.

Captain Skrull cocks his head to the side. "Find a team to join, and follow their laws?" He echoes thoughtfully. "I see...well, I'm not sure I'm ready to join others yet. I still have much to learn. And I fear there is no one squad which will give me the exposure to this world and to other heroes that I seek." All this time he's been staring absently at Spiral's hands, the ones that held the swords which disappeared. "A useful power," he finally notes, gesturing at the hands.

"Perhaps, perhaps not. I found being in a team enlightening, apparently." Spiral says with a wide smile. "If you are happy to sit up here and watch while superheroes fly past, you're probably ready enough to join a team it seems to me.".
She scowls a little at the mention of disappearing swords, and shrugs. "That particular power has a high price indeed, for such tiny parlour tricks.". Arms, or magic, either one is a mixed blessing for Spiral.

"All power comes at a price," Captain Skrull murmurs, almost too softly to be heard. Then he goes on, louder. "And what team were you a part of?" He queries, and judging by expression and tone this isn't just casual question to keep a conversation going. He's asking to learn, and seems ready to study and to remember your answer...

"Freedom Force." Spiral replies, not too fussed about who knows and who doesn't. It's not like she wasn't public or anything, she was even registered. "They were a local government team, concerned with dealing with vigilantes and nonconformists." she explains with a nod. "An easy enough to understand motive. I learned a great deal with them, and also left a lot of records.".
"Why do you want to know?" she asks, eying him. "You want to join such a team yourself?".

"In truth, I hadn't even considered it until your suggestion," The Skrull answers. "Although I'm beginning to. But for now, it's as I said - I only want to learn about heroes. Freedom Force...I'm afraid I haven't heard of them. And with such a bold name, I'm certain I would remember. Who were the members of this group?"

Spiral has to rack her brains there. She thinks for a moment. "Umm. Mystique was the leader, there were a few more as well. Destiny, she died, such a shame. Blob, Avalanche, Pyro...". She trails off. "Nobody really important at the moment I think. Except for Mystique, I suppose. I've not heard anything about her since those days, but that's hardly surprising given her talent.".
"And you won't hear of them now, they were wound up a while ago, after a big battle where half of them died.". She shrugs.

Captain Skrull repeats the names softly to himself, then begins a series of questions about each one. What was their function? What powers did they use in battle? What was their approach to battle, their enthusiasm for it? Anything she tells him not related to fighting, he seems surprised at but then listens to that as well.

Spiral is quite happy to tell him all about her ex-companions, especially as a few of them are apparently dead, or missing. Who cares? About herself, well, she divulges very little about that. She likes her secrets after all.
Her account is really quite neutral and missing some juicy anecdotes, given she mostly learned about it by reading about it herself. A rather anodyne description. All the various inter team rivalries get missed out, therefore.

Captain Skrull nods eagerly, absorbing all of the information Spiral does impart. Then he tilts his head to one side, as if listening. Looking at Spiral wryly, he notes. "It appears I am needed...but I am certain our paths will cross again." Then he leaps back to 'his' rooftop, and then to the next one, and soon out of sight altogether.

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