Catting Around

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Black Cat & Black Panther

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08/23/12 20:24

Black Panther's Dojo Gardens

The Cat looks for someone she should never find.

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-----==[ Dojo Gardens - SoHo ]==----------------------------------------------

A susprisinging contrast to the interior of the Dojo, a small gravel path leads through this lush garden. It passes a variety of small bushes, flowers, and trees. Each plants seem to be in a place that offers it the most sunlight and shade it requires. Nothing seems to be out of order in this garden, even if you cannot see the pattern. Next to the path is a small creek, the water deep and splashing over a small rocks to drown the outside noise of the city. Goldfish swim lazily in the water creek, which eventually leads to a pond in the center of the garden.

Next to the pond is a small lacquired wooden platform that is raised slightly above the ground. A small pile of place mats lies next to it. While the Dojo may be a place to strengthen the arts of war, this place offers sanctuary to those seeking solace from the outside world.


The roof of the dojo garden is open Japanese style with an open space surrounded by a square covered deck and individual areas/rooms beyond that. There is a clear view of the night sky above the garden.

In the middle of the garden is a statue of the Panther God and a place in front where the Black Panther is seated in meditation.

The night is warm and humid after a long hot New York day. The sky is slightly overcast yet ambient lighting offers illumination within the garden such that there are many darkened shadows, but the rocks, trees, plants can be made out as well as the Panther's steady figure.

Black Cat may have been tempted to try and scale the wall, but somehow she resisted the urge. Instead, she walks right through the front door, hands clasped behind her back and her stride long but slow and with plenty of hip between each step. When you treat life like a personal runway, you learn how to /work/ it. Black Panther probably knew the moment she entered the dojo so no subtlety is wasted, instead she stops just in front of him, craning her head back to study the panther statue. "Warm out."

She stands out, but what stands out from her is a slim manila folder tucked under one arm.

Upon entry, the Cat will note that the Panther's back is to her and several yards away (middle of garden). To stand between him and the statue causes his eyes to open and look up to her with narrowing eyes. "Quite. To what do I owe the pleasure, Black Cat?"

Black Cat kneels, draping an arm across her knee, a Cheshire grin on display. "What, maybe I just wanted to speak to a fellow cat lover." Oh, that seems pretty unlikely, and the picture she pulls out of a grim-faced man with close cropped hair scowling into the camera. She'll even offer it to him if he reaches for it. "Does the name John Aaron mean anything to you?"

There's only a glance to the photograph pulled from the folder, and it is brief. His eyes return to those of the now eye-level Cat. He himself is perched upon his knees and seated upon his heels. The black 'uniform' that he wears absorbs the light in such that few contours are noted. The full face mask of a panther motif shows no expression - other than his dark eyes which appear contemplative.

His response is simple, "It does. Why do you ask?"

"I've got an interest in meeting with him, but every lead I have to track him down seems like a dead end. Like the man doesn't exist, his home's insurance was unbillable and there was no forward mailing address." She snaps her long fingers, a sharp pop. "Poof, gone. Like a ghost but a handsome, well-built man like that isn't like any ghost I've ever seen." She leans back on her heels, "Then I noticed that he was on the Chrysler building with some capes and I started thinking... maybe the Avengers can help out little ole' me." The reflective lenses of her mask are pushed up, "So, can you?"

The Panther's mask strains against his smile and he stands. Offering his left hand, he will give her a means to rise with him if she so chooses.

"Believe me, Cat. Your association with John Aaron could be detrimental to your health. That which follows him is what nearly wiped out New York City two months ago."

Black Cat places her hand in the Panther's paw, gracefully uncoiling from her crouch. "That's a shame to hear, I was oh-so-hopeful that you could help me. I won't keep you Panther, I know you are busy with greater concerns than some silly girl and her research."

"Tell me, Cat...." he says as he maintains her hand and starts walking her toward the eastern deck of the garden. "Are you hero or villain now?"

Black Cat arches a pale brow as he doesn't release her hand, but other than mild surprise, she doesn't flinch away. She might even squeeze just the tiniest bit as they head back toward eastern deck. "Me, a villain? Come now, what ever did I do to deserve that title? I pick the one option you left out, c. world trotting fashionista with rich taste. What about you? Still a hero? Must be why you're so skinny."

Taking the three wooden steps onto the wooden deck that (like a porch) runs the interior circumference around the garden, he guides their movement with her hand in his. Once there, he turns to face her squarely. "My mother would say that I have yet to be fattened up by the love of my life. In her world, since I have not discovered such a person, then I will remain /skinny/ as you say. Regardless, if you are so inclined, take this..." the panther reaches into a hidden belt pocket with his free hand and withdraws a tiny circular clear plastic case which holds a small flat pea sized dot of an electronic device. "It is a means with which to communicate - not track. I am forming an organization to address the street-level crime in this city and if you are on the right side, then I would like you to align yourself with us."

Now both of Black Cat's eyebrows are visible over her mask, and she takes the small case with a great deal of trepidation. After all, she's made a life out of making powerful enemies and having a way to be tracked in her business around the city is a dangerous prospect. After a long moment, she looks back up. "I'll need to think about it, handsome. No promises here."

Offering a nod of acceptance, the Panther releases her hand and says, "Then I bid you a good evening, Black Cat." and will turn and slide open the wooden/paper door and pass through the threshold allowing her departure to be as free as her arrival.

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