Catching Up On School Stuff

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Jean Grey and Mirage

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X-Mansion - Jean Grey's Office

Jean and Dani have a short talk about school stuff

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-----==[ Jean's Office - Xavier Mansion ]==-----------------------------------

This is a generous sized office. The lower half of the walls are a deep mahogany wainscoting with the upper half decorated with a buttery colored textured wallpaper. Covering the floor is a plush carpet that matches the wallpaper.

Tasteful paintings hang in a cluster on the right wall and against the wall to the left is a leather sofa with another painting hung above.

In front of the office visitor is a couple of wingback chairs in rich earth tones that face a wooden desk on which sits a computer monitor and other desk things. Behind the desk is a leather chair and a hutch topped credenza decorated with plants, personal photos and books.


This morning, when Jean checked her e-mail she would have found a meeting confirmation from Dani, who in Scott's and her absence was appointed Dean of Students. The meeting is to update the head mistress on everything that has gone on since the school year started and be after the student's lunch hour.

At the appointed time there is a knock on the door, whether it is open or not. On the other side is the aforementioned Dani, wearing a professional looking crimson wrap dress and leggings tucked into black boots. On closer inspection though the leggings and boots is probably just the bottom half of her XF uniform.

Jean is actually sitting at her desk, going over some files on her computer. She glances up at the knock, and smiles, an absent-minded mental check confirming who it is as she raises her voice a bit, "Come in, Dani." She saves what she was working on, and stands up from behind her desk. She wears a forest green mock-turtleneck, with a matching skirt that flows very modestly to her ankles. "Or should I say, 'Dean Moonstar'?" A small grin, at that, as Jean... well, formality hasn't exactly been her strongest suit, especially with fellow X-folks.

Opening and closing the door behind her Dani quickly comes into the office. At one point she may had been more stiff and formal, but spending an extensive time on another plane with Asgardians will wear that down quite a bit, especially if you hang out with the Warrior's Three. "Please no, I have a hard enough time hearing that from the students." she waves her free hand back and forth in a no thanks gesture, the other holds a tablet, "Especially the upper classman. I'm only a few years older than most of them myself. How was Alaska?"

Jean smiles, a bit like a cat that finally caught that canary, coming around the desk, "Great. After everything with Ultron... well, Scott and I needed a bit of a break. Just to get a handle on some things." She hmms, "And I'm glad that you were able to keep things going, I do know I didn't give you a whole lot of notice before putting you on the spot, as it were."

"I can understand that. Scott didn't fare that well when Ultron's virus took over the Mansion after the sentinel attack." Dani of course refers to when Danger nearly killed him and it took a group of them to take care of the situation "It was a team effort. I couldn't have done it without Leyu. She has been a godsend in keeping everything together, and keeping me from going bald." of course she doesn't look like that is major risk of being hairless, it's still crazy long, though in one braid instead of the usual two. "There has been only one or two major changes here since you have been gone and an addition or two to the student body.

Jean nods, "Yes, I was actually looking at a possible recruit. Ruth told me about his situation, and I wanted to get some feedback from you before taking the next step. Armand, specifically. I believe he was expelled from Emma's little Academy." She says that dryly enough, though even with what she went through with the other woman, a flash of anger does touch her eyes. Just a little flash, but it's definitely there.

Dani looks thoughtful for a moment as she tries to recall where she has heard that name before "He was the long haired young man who called to report Ruth's abduction?" she is pretty sure she is correct so continues, "I saw him when Ray (Lazer) and I went to go get Ruth. We didn't speak. I wasn't sure how things were going to go down so I waved him off. I'm in the city quite often I can approach him if you are able to locate him.

Jean nods, "Yes, that's going to be the next step. Seeing if he'd be willing to come to the school, and if he could be trusted here." She smiles a little, "Best to find that out first hand. Also, I was told you had extended a tentative position to a Mister Ambrose Smith?" She looks curiously at Dani, "I don't intend to override any decisions, I just wanted you to know that if that was the case, I just wanted to interview him and meet him for myself."

"Yes." Dani answer with a nod "I realize that he is a normal human and that it is unprecedented to have a non-mutant teacher, but it was unprecedented when we took on the non-mutant students as part of the merger with the Avengers." she runs a finger along the screen of the tablet to 'wake' it up and proceeds to send the resume and pertinent information on Ambrose to Jean's e-mail "In your inbox. Ambrose does have a past and issues, but I think the same thing can be said with most of the staff around here. This is a good place for lost causes."

Jean nods, "Oh, I agree. However, I do want to make sure the students get the best teaching they can receive as well." She smiles a bit, "I don't anticipate a problem, Dani, I just wish to interview him myself as well. But in any case, I have an appointment with Ruth. I've been working with her to help fortify her mental shields so she doesn't get as much 'background noise' with her telepathy." Her smile grows a bit wry, "And since that's something I've been dealing with for a while... I figured I would be the best to teach her about that."

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