Catching Up

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Cloak, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Woman

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Upper East Side - New York

Cloak, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Woman catch up on a day off.

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Afternoon, almost evening in New York City and Cloak hover at the edge of a building overlooking the Upper East Side. With his partner, Dagger in school. He has taken to using his day time to attend to crime-fighting during the day. Out on patrol, he actually finds himself bored, not wanting a fight, but the hunger within craving some sort of action.

Hercules for once isn't in his usual outfit. He's instead dressed in a simple navy blue, short-
sleeved shirt and blue jeans. He also seems to be by his standards at least the picture of sobriety.
He spots Cloak in the sky his attention turning to the man as he raises one of his hands to shield
the sun from his eyes.

Wanda is currently walking down the sidewalk, a few shopping bags held by her as she apparently has
decided to vent some frustration in the most direct way possible. That is, a few new outfits, as she
walks alongside Jessica Drew, giving her a wry expression as their conversation has apparently been
going for a few blocks now, "Well, believe me, I sympathize... I mean, look at what that lunatic
clone of mine did to the world. It isn't easy, that's for sure, even when they know it isn't really
you doing these things."

Walking alongside Wanda, Jess wears a pair of snug-fitted jeans, a white top and low-heeled boots
that put her right around six feet tall. Jess has her own shopping bag, less of one though and she
offers a smile in return to the witch, "Yes, it's easy to fix it when you think about it for a
second. And then it slips away after that, and it feels like it's just..there, everytime you run
into someone, you know? It's really driving me crazy. But, not much to do about it, is there?
Besides find things to hit really hard." She chuckles quietly, looking around the street as she asks,
"Aside from that, anything interesting happen in your life lately?"

Easily spotting the three Avengers, Cloak ponders a thought. He has been pondering possibly joining the team considering how he has helped them through Civil War, House of M, and the Skrull Invasion. His eyes seem to glimmer as he stares at all of three of them, looking at their ‘soul lights.’ He knows that it was not this Wanda that caused of House of M or this Jessica that caused the Skrull Invasion. Once his eyes register them as beings of goodness. He simply vanishes from the roof and suddenly a black hole of darkforce appears behind Hercules. First a cloak appears and then the wearer, Tyrone Johnson hovering above the Olympian and in clear sight of the heroes present.

Hercules spins as soon as the black hole appears. His attention focuses on Tyrone. He offers a nod
to the man. "Cloak. You are well I hope?" He speaks in his usual deep voice. He hasn't yet spotted
Wanda and Jess yet.

Wanda chuckles a bit at Jess, "Well, let me tell you, apprenticing under Doctor Strange was...
definitely interesting. I learned a lot from him though, and I feel like I have a better feel for
the magic I possess." She smiles, "I guess I should thank the clone for not keeping me reliant on my
mutant hex powers, since I don't have them anymore." She then looks over at Hercules and Tyrone,
raising a free hand to wave to them.

"Must be a bit of an adjustment, losing your powers and having to focus more on the others," Jess
remarks as they walk, adding, "I'm rather..well-acquainted with losing powers. They've come back
each time so far, though. Took a little while to get the hang of flying, though, let me tell you.
It's fun, pretty handy." Her eyes go to the appearance of the hovering Cloak and Hercules. Jess
likewise lifts a hand to wave and calls, "Good afternoon, you two. Not about to ruin an afternoon of
shopping with bad news, are you?"

“Aye, Avengers.” Cloak tilts his head which almost disappears within his hood. “Nothing to report. With Dagger in school, I have to say I find myself. . .bored?” He almost smiles or what he would consider a smile. “How are all of you? Day off for the Avengers?”

Hercules laughs as he looks at Cloak. "Hah! I have found that bars a good response to boredom." He
shrugs a lazy shoulder. "Though I would think that it's only a matter of time until we see action
again." Hercules looks at Jessica. "Though I hope for your sake not until after your shopping."

Wanda gives Hercules a wry look, then says, "No more shopping?" A beat, then she quirks a faint
smile, "Considering all the events we've had the past couple of years, a little break is welcome for
me. Though I feel I've let too much rust gather while in the Sanctum Santorum. But, I needed the
break while sorting things out."

"Cloak, Hercules," Jessica greets. Her actual personal experience with them might be a little
limited, but she knows most faces. She laughs a bit at Cloak's question, "Yes, seems to be a day off
for us. Wanda and I thought the day out spending money might be good for us." An amused smile is
drawn by Herc's suggestion, "Bars work a lot of the time, it's true." Looking back to the cloaked
man, she queries, "Back in school? College? Good for her. Have you considered it?"

Giving Wanda a blank stare, unlike the other two heroes he was really there when it happened. Too soon you think. However, he smiles and answers Jessica, “I am finishing up my GED. I never actually graduated high school.” He sighs, “Maybe after I get the GED, I can take classes. Does being an Avenger pay for tuition or is it more of a reimbursement thing? And. . .do you think the Avengers could use a new member? I know Luke feels I make good transportation, but maybe make it official.” His smile goes wider.

Hercules laughs as he looks at Jess. "I find that if drinking isn't helping it's generally the
company." There's a pause as Hercules considers that, his tone becoming a touch harder. "Or you need
to hit something." He shrugs a shoulder. "I have never seen the appeal of shopping."

Wanda grimaces a little at Cloak's look, then nods, "Yes, probably. And I'm pretty sure the Avengers
could use someone of your skills, Cloak. Though really..." She pauses, and looks at Jessica, then
Herc, "Normally Steve would coordinate these things, but I haven't heard much from him since he took
over SHIELD." A wry look, at that, "To be honest, a lot of the Avengers have avoided me a bit... I
think my clone spooked too many of them. For good reason." I mean, it's not HER fault that the clone

"I.. Don't know about that, Cloak. But it's good that you're looking into stuff. I mean, if Tony or
somebody isn't willing to pay for members to go to school, I'm sure we can find somebody to do it,"
Jess answers the man with a smile, then hmm's, "I'll ask around and maybe direct somebody your way
for a discussion, if you're willing? I'm, uh.. Probably not who they want chatting with potential
members." She flashes a brief grin at Hercules, "Drinks don't help much with bad company." Hearing
Wanda, Jess looks back to her and bumps a hip against the brunette, "Don't worry about it. I think
we worry what they're thinking more than they actually think anything." Oh, how easily she says that.
Doing? A lot harder.

“Give them time, Wanda. And Thanks, Jess.” And with that Cloak notes the time. “Ah, Dagger should be getting out of class. . .I’m her ride, so to speak.” Cloak winks, “I’ll be in touch.” With that, his cloak opens and blackness surrounds him. And just like that, he is gone.

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