Catch That Boat

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Night Thrasher, Ultragirl

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09/03/12 16:00

Brighton Beach, NYC

Suzy is at a photoshoot on the beach when a high speed chase on the waves passes by!

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Ultragirl is on the beach near Little Odessa on Labor Day, the schools in New York City having given the students the day off from classes. However, she's not really at the beach just to relax and have fun, as so many others are doing ... she's there to work. She's doing a photo shoot for UnderArmour on her day off of school, changing into different 'summer style' sporting apparel made by her sponsoring company, on the beach.

At the moment, she's wearing a bikini-style outfit, with the UnderArmour logo clearly embroidered on each of the two pieces of the outfit. The top looks a lot like just a typical 'sports bra', while the bottom looks like bicycle shorts. Needless to say, the outfit shows of her athletic and muscled form, including six-pack abs... and nicely shows off what of a feminine figure she's already grown into.

Barefoot, the teen heroine/spokes-model is playing a game of beach volleyball with a group of other very athletic-looking people. It's not a real game, however -- there's cameramen around, and some guy (the director of the shoot, probably) keeps stopping the action and telling those involved in the 'game' what to set up for the next series of shots. It's also clear that Ultragirl's using her ability to fly to help set up some of those shots.

There's also a bit of a crowd around the shoot, watching what's taking place. Ultragirl, for her part, is doing her job... but she keeps glancing over to where other 'kids' her age are... playing in the surf and such. Anyone with half a brain can tell she's not terribly happy at having to /work/ when she could be having fun, instead.

It has been a nice Labor Day for most people. Most folks are enjoying the time off of school and work, many of them are spending it at the shore for the unofficial end to summer. Aside from the people gathered around to gawk at the photo shoot, other people are laying upon the beach, swimming close to shore or sunbathing. One person, a child of no more than eight, points out to the water and calls out to, presumably, his guardians, "Hey, look!"

What's the kid pointing at? There's a speedboat in a deeper section of the water, careening at high speeds. The boat cuts through the water like a knife. It's a deep black with shiny plastic pieces. There is a jet ski, black as well, racing behind it. One can not see anyone on the boat, as the sleek vehicle appears to have a canopy or roof over the steering and acceleration controls. On the jet ski though? A man dressed in black armor and a red sash, Night Thrasher. Odd beachwear.

It doesn't take long before the child's words have gotten more and more people to look out over the water. Some parents pull their children in out of the water, while other people actually step closer to the waterline, as if to get a better view of what's going on. When the photo shoot's crowd turns away, it can't help but get the attention of those involved in the shoot, and the director calls a halt to the action to let his people see what there is to see, also.

Ultragirl, for her part, floats up into the air and up over everyone else's head to get a better look... then, she frowns. Flitting back down to the shoot's director, she says to him, "There's superhero business happening, sir. If you want pictures of me in action, tell your crew to get out the high-zoom lenses...", then darts back up into the air and out over the water, to where she saw a familiar figure giving chase to the speedboat.

On closer inspection of the speedboat, it looks like some kind of custom modified boat. The sleek siding of the boat is more akin to armor. The gleaming, shiny parts are damage resistant plastics. Some parts of the outer hull appear to be panels as they aren't solid sheets of hull siding. Attached to the back of the boat is a small wench as well as a turreted gun of some kind. Someone exits the covered pilot area and sits at the turret gun.

Night Thrasher puts more gas into the jet ski, which looks custom as well, and speeds up. The New Warrior is gaining ground on the speedboat that he is apparently chasing.

Ultragirl, dressed for beach volleyball instead of in her usual 'safety orange' costume, flies up alongside Night Thrasher on his jet ski. "I'll take out the gun!", she calls out to him, then puts on the speed, trying to pull ahead and get between him and the speedboat's gun as she makes her way towards the boat to try and do what she just said she'd do.

The guy sitting at the control chair of the turreted weapon obviously gets the weapon working, as he spins and angles upwards. The barrel of the weapon is directed towards the approaching Ultragirl. Meanwhile, on the jet ski, Thrasher notes Ultragirl's presence. When it registers with him what she says and what he assumes she's going to try to do, he calls out, "Woah! Hold on! They're packing firepo-" His words are probably cut off with the loud thudding noise of the turreted gun. The weapon fires one round every half-second. These shells are spat towards Ultragirl just as the speedboat cuts to the side.

Ultragirl, flies right /at/ the boat... even slightly angles up... then a bit more-so when it becomes obvious she's the target for the gunner. The big weapon opens up, and the girl brings her arms up in front of her face.


Bullets slam into the flying girl... and ricochet off her arms and body, most of them back down into the water, harmlessly, thanks to the lucky angle of fire and her position. By the same token, they still seem to deliver their impact to her, even if they're not seeming to actually /hurt/ her. Her forward progress towards the boat is slowed, and she ends up twisted around a little when one bullet ricochets off her shoulder, tearing a gash in the fabric of what she's wearing -- and sending her a little off-course.

Night Thrasher grits his teeth as the boat's gunner opens up on Ultragirl. When the boat twists and turns, Thrasher passes through the speedboat's wake. He hops up into the air, lands and twists the vehicle around to face the armored speedboat. He shakes his head, "Stupid." He berates himself and starts off towards the boat again. The gunner doesn't miss a beat with the boat's turn. The turret twists and continues to spray at Ultragirl. He calls out as he fires, "This ain't hurting this one flying woman!" A voice comes from under the canopy, "There's a flying woman now? Bring out the heavy guns, than! Take her and that guy in the armor out!"

Still weathering the hail of bullets, Ultragirl starts flying /into/ the barrage, continuing to make her way towards the speedboat as bullets keep ricocheting off of her. When the boat turns, so does she, and she dives down right up to the muzzle of the big automatic weapon, grabbing it in both hands... and twisting the barrel, rendering the weapon useless.

Then, she lets go and falls back as she loses her concentration on keeping up her speed to keep up with the watercraft as she says, "Ow! Ow! Ow!", and waves her hands around in the air. It doesn't look like she got /hurt/, but it looks like she /did/ feel how hot the barrel of the weapon had become in the short time it was firing at her in full-auto mode.

The gun of the speedboat is rendered inoperable when the barrels are forcibly altered the way it was. There's even a couple of minor explosions as rounds go off as they try to fire and meet bent metal in the barrels. The guy at the controls of the gun hops off the controls and dives under the canopied area of the boat. There's sounds of shouting inside as the gunner and who ever is piloting the thing argue. The boat twists again, but this time Thrasher doesn't hit the wake. He cuts the vehicle and turns sharply to come up alongside the speedboat. He reaches out for the boat, grabbing a hold with one hand while on the jet ski.

Ultragirl recovers her wits and darts off through the air, back towards the speedboat, aiming to land on it behind the machine gun... and reach a hand out to help Thrasher aboard. "What's going on, anyway?", she finally asks of him. There seems no doubt in her mind that these are 'the bad guys', being as they have a machine gun on their boat and shot at her without any real provocation, but she's certainly curious about what's happening, and why.

Night Thrasher is reluctant to accept the helpful hand, but he does so. He braces himself on the deck of the speedboat and glances over to the inoperable machine gun. He grits his teeth, "Stolen weapons. High tech stuff. Stole 'em from a research facility funded by the Taylor Foundation." He reaches towards his backpack assembly and pulls off a pair of escrima. He raises his arm up and touches a button on the forearm of his gauntlet. The Jet ski pilots itself away from the boat. The boat takes a quick, sudden turn which tosses Thrasher back towards the side. He grabs a hold of the edge of the boat to keep from being flung overboard.

Ultragirl keeps her feet spread wide, arms extended, to avoid being tossed about as the boat turns. "So... uhm... now what do we do?", she wonders aloud to Night Thrasher.

Thrasher, while holding his escrima still, reaches into a belt pouch. He pulls out a few small objects. He keeps them held in his hand while he also holds onto one of the escrima. He looks to Ultragirl, "Really would like to stop these people. The weapons they have are dangerous and-" Thrasher is interrupted by a blast of energy discharge. He leans back and turns his head towards where the gunner had ran into the canopied area. This guy has re-emerged with a large futuristic looking rifle held in his arms. He calls out, "They're on board. Try to fling 'em off!" The boat starts swerving erratically.

Ultragirl darts towards the guy, reaching to grab the ray-gun with both hands... apparently, she intends to do the same 'twist, bend, and break' thing she did with the machine gun. She doesn't take to flight, though, as if realizing that doing so'd make it a bit harder for her to get to the guy, with having to not only move to him, but also keep up with the speedboat and its movements at the same time.

The man with the rifle ducks and rolls along the deck of the boat to avoid getting grabbed by Ultragirl. He cries out, "No! She's fast and strong, shake her off this boat!" The boat continues to rock back and forth as the pilot of the boat makes jerking motions with the steering column. Night Thrasher doesn't just stand there by the edge of the boat, he's on the move. Small spikes jut out of his armored boots forming makeshift cleats for grip. He leaves puncture holes on the deck of the speedboat as he makes his way towards the canopied area. The items he pulled out of his belt and hurled into the enclosed area. A thick, dark fog forms within seconds. There's a hacking and coughing coming from inside. The boat stops jerking.

Ultragirl, wobbles back and forth, somehow not losing her footing - although the boat's movements keep her from getting to the blaster-wielding gunman as quickly as she'd hoped to do. Then Thrasher takes care of business, and the boat stops moving. Grinning, she looks at the gunman and puts her hands on her hips. "He uses knockout gas", she says to the man. "I use a knockout fist", she adds, holding up one hand, balled into a fist. "You wanna give up, or do I hafta /use/ it on ya?", she goes on, pausing... to actually let him choose.

Night Thrasher had dipped into the canopied area of the speedboat to deal with the person behind the wheel of the boat. A breath mask drops over his mouth to keep the gas from affecting him. He pauses though when he overhears what Ultragirl says to the fellow with the gun. He twists around and shouts out, "No! Don't hesitate!" However as soon as that last word is out of his mouth, the gunman takes the opportunity afforded to him. Another blast of energy lances out of the rifle-like weapon. He's firing at her torso and shouts, "I'll take you both down!"

Ultragirl sees the guy about to shoot... and realizes that Night Thrasher's somewhere /behind/ her. She doesn't move, instead bracing to take the blast as best she can, bring her arms up in front of herself.

The energy blast hits the girl squarely in the arms and chest and splatters all around in front of her. When it dissipates, she's still standing there.

A moment passes, and the teen heroine lowers her arms, putting her hands back on her hips. "Okay... do you /really/ still wanna do this the HARD way?", she asks. Lifting a hand, with one finger extended, she says, "I'm gonna ask you ONE more time to give up, mister, before I *clock* you...!"

There is a thud and a thunk coming from inside the canopied control area of the boat followed by silence. A moment later, the engine of the ship revs down to an idle. Thrasher's voice comes out of the cloud of smoke, "Don't hesitate! Ask questions later!" A trio of small, dice-sized objects fly out of the cloud towards the gunman. They stick to the man's shirt. There is a hiss and two jets of gas erupt from each of the three objects. One of those jets is directed into the man's nose and eyes. The gunman drops the gun and raises his hands to his face, "AAAAGH." He shouts in pain. Thrasher emerges from the fog inside the pilot's area.

Ultragirl steps forward, kicks the gun aside and out easy reach of the gunman. "Hey... I had this, okay? He couldn't even hurt me, and he was probably about to give up without me having to hit him and maybe hurt him", she says to Thrasher. Reaching to the man's shirt with one hand, and his arm with the other, she tears the article of clothing completely away from him and tosses it aside, so that he's no longer getting sprayed in the face with... whatever-it-is. Holding the disarmed gunman by an arm, she says to him, forcefully, "Now... Give. Up.", and even cocks up her other hand, in a fist, to make it clear she /will/ clobber him if he doesn't surrender.

Thrasher slips a plastic ziptie out of a compartment in his gauntlet. He stomps up towards the man he pepper sprayed and looks at Ultragirl, "I know what I am doing. You do not." He forcefully grabs the man's arm, pulls it behind him and drags the other arm near to it. He ties the hands together with the ziptie. He looks to her, "He had his chance to give up before he started shooting his gun. He chose the hard way a while ago." The escrima look like they've been put back on his backpack, a small splotch of blood has splattered on one end. He looks towards the clearing fog by the steering column of the boat. He says to Ultragirl, "You need to learn to stop relying on your durability. One day someone's going to shoot you with something you can't handle. Didn't you take a missile to the face the last time I saw you?"

Ultragirl manhandles the coughing gunman's arms around, helping Thrasher get him bound. "Yeah, and it bounced offa me, too, and didn't even hurt me", she says in reply. "And I can bend steel with my bare hands, and lift things heavier than a LOT of even super-powered people can lift. ... and you're pretty right that I don't know all about the heroing biz, 'cause I'm new to it", she goes on, stepping away to put her hands on her hips, before turning back to face the more experienced hero. "... but I do know that I'm /way/ stronger than even I've figured out yet, and if I hit a normal person /too/ hard by accident, I could *kill* him... that's why, when I'm up against a normal guy, like him...", she adds, with a gesture to the now-captured gunman, "...I try and give 'em every chance to surrender on their own before I resort to hitting them."

Night Thrasher grits his teeth, "That just sounds like inexperience. You can't afford to give these people second, third and seventh chances to give up. One day one of these thugs will pull out some nuclear powered ray gun that can overcome even your durability. You need training." He heads towards the pilots console, "Training on how and when to take a hit as well as how to strike someone with the confidence that you know you won't knock this guy's head off his shoulders." He reaches the steering column and the engine revs up.

"Hey, when he can't even /hurt/ me, and I could /kill/ him with one punch, I /hafta/ take it as easy as I can on him.... would you rather I just cut loose, took someone's head clean off with one punch, next time? I don't have that kinda training, okay? I don't know how hard I can hit someone without maybe killing 'em, or at least hurting them really bad, okay? I'm *new* to all this crap, including being a 'warrior born', like that lady said, yesterday, when I helped the Avengers kick that giant back to where he came from!" She's all but yelling, now, with her hands no longer on her hips, but balled up in fists and held down at her sides. "I /know/ I can hit some things, some people, and that they won't just splatter. I *don't* know if I can hit a normal person without /killing/ them!", she says, finally actually yelling it.

Then, she just sits down, just sort of falling to the floor where she stands. "I almost saw my parents die because a giant robot tried to squish 'em. I kinda realized, the other day, that I'm strong enough to just squish people, too. I don't wanna squish someone's mom or dad, even on accident", she says in a much quieter voice.

The boat starts to move as Thrasher gives the engines some juice. He gets it going and turns around with one hand on the steering column. He looks back to Suzy, "Ultragirl; I'm sorry. I have trained all my life. Sometimes it is difficult for me to understand others are not like me." He turns briefly to look through the windshield to make sure he's not going to run into anything. He calls out as he 'watches the road' in front of him, "And you're a solo act, so it's difficult to train and determine your limits. Not everyone can be Spider-Man right?"

"Yeah... and I'm not. Just... don't assume. You made a real ass outta both you and me, there", Suzy says as she gets to her feet, trying to make light of it. "Look, just tell me where you want this boat. I betcha I can carry it there", she adds.

Thrasher raises a hand and waves it back and forth, "Nah, I made an ass of myself long ago." He turns to look over his shoulder at her, "And I'll pilot the boat; I don't need you to show off your strength." He looks back towards the windshield and cuts the steering column to turn the ship. When the turn is complete he asks, "Are you just going to keep plugging away at trying to learn your limits and doing this whole Superhero thing? Because, I have facilities available that could help you train better."

"Well... it'd be really nice to learn my limits and figure out how to use what I've got so that I don't hafta be so worried about holding back all the time", Suzy says. Then she looks back over towards the beach. "... and I gotta get back. I was in the middle of a photo shoot when I saw this happening out here. The director'll be pissed if I ditch the rest of it."

Thrasher raises his hand again, this time waving it back and forth. He says as he pilots the ship, "Than you had better get odd to that shoot, huh? I'm sure you're going to need some new underwear to model, what you've got on is probably hanging on by a thread." He pauses and adds, "UnderArmour is something, huh?" Another pause, "See you around, Ultragirl."

Ultragirl looks down at herself... and realizes that, while it's still whole enough for modesty's sake, her current outfit's definitely seen better days than this one, when she had bullets bouncing off her and even an energy blast, too. "Well... they have other outfits I can change into, I guess...", she says, with a grin, though she does blush a little bit. Lifting off into the air, she waves and flies off back to the beach and her photo shoot.

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