Capturing Spike

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Capturing Spike

Havok, Nightcrawler & Mirage

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X-Mansion --> Croft Building, Manhattan

X-Factor gets a mission to capture Spike

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[ Ready Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]

Wearing his uniform, Havok is found in the Ready Room going over the next mission briefing on the big screen. Next to the words is a photograph of a young male (mid 20s) with bony spikes on his forehead, shoulders, elbows, knees, and fists. The words that describe him give brief details about his affiliations - Acolytes, MLF, and HYSTERIA. It states he's wanted for questioning regarding 12 incidents of mutant terrorism in Chicago, Detroit, and Cincinnati. Presently, he's held up in a run-down tenant building of Mutant Town and X-Factor is charged with bringing him into headquarters.

Its not long before Nightcrawler arrives in a cloud of purple, brimstone haze. "This is our present mission," he ponders coming in to look at the information Havok is going over on the big screen. Crouching low to the ground and supporting himself on one hand and two feet, he rubs his chin. With a flicker of his tail, he shakes his head a moment. "I can't speak much of the target, but if you're worried about publicity, we can't charge in there full force. The media will be all over that, inversly to the recent shadow invasion .... 'Mutants vs Mutants - they don't even like each other, news at 6' ..."

All suited up and ready to go, that's Dani. She strides into the room, waving a hand around as the walks through the smokey results of Kurt's 'porting. "Are those spikes projectile?" she asks after a quick glance at the picture on the screen. Nodding at Kurt's observation, "Maybe we should take him out from a distance then send in Cooper's team to extract him.

Havok scrolls down to find the part about known abilities. "Yeah." He states circling the information with his pointer, "Projectable in all directions. Laced with poison tips." He then turns and addresses the others, "We're going to do it by the book. Two of us at his front door, one at the window." Alex pulls up a schematic of the tenant building and then the room in question. Showing an interior hallway that offers access to the main door, then one of three windows has access to a fire escape. "He's on the 7th floor. " We announce our presence at the door stating we need to bring him in for questioning, flash our badges, and then take him down. Dani, you have your stun gun, right?"

Nodding as he listens, "We'll at least port to the building from a distance right?" Nightcrawler asking both in general if they're game for that at least. "Down the fire escape on the backside for Mirage, we gain rooftop access with a simple popping of the lock." He just makes sure they're all on the same game plan considering as much as they lack good publicity, they don't need bad publicity - COPS 2012 mutant style.

An eyebrow arches toward Alex "In a manner of speaking, yes." Dani replies in noncommital fashion. "Mutant town could be dicey, we probably won't be welcome there. The residents tend to protect their neighbors. We'll have to be careful not to provoke them. How are we getting there with the van and Blackbird out of commission?

Havok misses Gateway. But he says nothing about it and doesn't overtly complain about the dizziness he suffers from Kurt's teleportation. "As Kurt says, 'teleport'. But only after we take my jeep most of the way; cause I ain't going through 30 teleports to get to the city. Put on some street clothing over your costumes, we're gonna need to blend in as much as possible."

"More like 60 to get to the city, 75 with passengers," throws out Kurt, but who's counting anyways. The larger number to prevent fatigue even. "Street clothes, a ride in the Jeep. Sounds like a plan, we'll keep your jeep out of harms way, we've ruined enough vehicles lately." Then he smiles, "Meet at the hanger in 10?" Wondering how much time for street clothes Alex is going to give them, but ready for some normal stuff versus end of the world stuff perhaps.

"I call shotgun." Dani calls out grinning at Kurt. She then turns to head to her room to change into more appropiate clothing and figure out how she is going to conceal all her weapons. At least with her uniform she can wear them all openly.

Later, the team finds themselves riding in Alex's 4door red jeep wrangler down toward the city. In route, he spies a Sonic and says, "Drinks?"

Presently, Alex wears sneakers, jeans and a dark on dark striped dress shirt. His uniform is seen as a black undershirt beneath it.

Snapping his fingers, Kurt curses his luck over missing out on shotgun. Then again, its a jeep, backseat isn't so bad if its a classic. When they're under way, he throws out, "Breakfast burritos ... I didn't realize I was hungry until you brought it up." His street clothes includes a hoodie and jeans - not quite summer wear but incognito for him requires more cover up. He's not using the Stark image inducer for the now, its been closeted considering he's working on public image as a member of X-Factor.

"I could go for a cherry limeade." Dani has kicked back in the front seat, window down moccasioned feet crossed out the window. "And maybe some tots too." it seems she went full on casual, ditching the uniform completely in favor of denim shorts and a sleeveless blouse. She seems sans weapons but she did toss a pack in the backseat so perhaps they are in there.

Pulling into Sonic, Alex will park in one of the stalls and look over the menu. It seems that breakfast burritos are the way for him to go as well. Having received what Dani desires, he pushes the RED button. A moment later, the lady comes across loud enough to be heard half a block away. Alex flinches, recovers, and then places the order. She gives him the total and he pays via X-Factor credit card. He notes, "Mission expenses." He then puts the card back into his wallet.

"I love mission expenses," says Kurt, as the order is placed and he waits for the lady to bring it all out. "We still need to get that mission to Hawaii, where we have to stay in the expensive suits and pose as wealthy business people out for a good time. I'm ready for that mission." Then he seems idle in the back seat for the moment. Picking at some of the interior plastic at his side - not tearing it up, but more like running a nail around it idly as if in a ponderance.

Glancing back at Kurt Dani gives a chuckle "Yeah it's all great until you wind up chained to a wall in a compound full of ninja." she's only been on the team a few months and she already has been chain up, and blown up with probably lots more of that to come "Barring the several I know personally, I don't like ninja.

"You people are always talking business?" Alex says with a smile trying to hide his own urges to engage in business 24/7. "Really though, we could probably come up with a good idea for a Hawaii or some exotic, non dinosaur or Arcade ridden mission. If we were to capture a hostile mutant on our time, then ship him or her to that location and then tell Val that we have to go capture?" and he trails off letting them fill in the details.

"Sounds like you're not a fan of ninja's Dani, what about fuzzy blue ninja pirates?" Its just a curious thought, Kurt focus on food as it begins to arrive at the jeep. "I think you're onto something Alex. There's nothing morally questionable about shipping off known felons to ideal locations so that we can chase them there. I endorse your logic, its win-win for us." He takes a bite of his food, happily munching away at it. "Is this Spike dangerous enough, maybe we need to find he's escaped to Tahiti?"

"I have no issue with piates. None of those have tried to kill me yet." Dani takes her food and drink upon arrival of the roller skating waitress (that's whay they do at Sonic's in the north east) "Tahiti is nice." Dani nods as she takes a drink "Though Fiji I think would be better.

Alex passes around the food and seats the drinks into holders between himself and Dani (passing Kurt his). The top is off, and the jeep gains some sunlight from above as a group of clouds pass by. Really the only way to ride in a jeep. He starts to eat, but before he takes a bite, "Fiji, now that's a place I'd like to hang out on the beach and let native girls fan and serve me drinks."

"Wait, so Fiji - you want that, but if it was the Mediterannean, then its a no go, girls cannot fan you there," chides Kurt watching the clouds a moment, as shadows sporadically come over the jeep. "I think he'd even give you loincloth clad boys for fanning too Dani, even though his mind is on the one track only." He takes a big bite of his burrito.

Dani eats several of her tots as Alex and Kurt reply "I don't think they would be able to keep up. No beach laying for me. Snorkling and parasailing," she turns to look back at Kurt "and definantly surfing." she recalls Kurt talking about wanting to surf, and Fiji has some great surfing spots. "Unless that doesn't interest you." her tone switchs to one of faux boredom as she turns from him.

Swallowing, then drinking, Alex finally gets around to saying, "Damn, I've not surfed since Heather was hangin with us.". Just a random reflective comment regarding their spaceward member.

"I've never surfed, yet," intones Kurt, "And Dani knows full well I want too. She's luring me into stupidity, and its working. Surf contest in Fuji!" For group benefit he explains, "My old bet with Heather was, I practice one day, then we have a surf contest, her amatuer surf skills versus my dexterity with limited practice. Never got to play that one out."

Smiling in triumph that she accomplished exactly what she was going for, "Followed by a one night stay at the luxurious Island Emergency Room." she takes a drink of her limeade then uses it to gestures out the window "Shouldn't we being hitting the road again?"

"Dude, Heather was a pro.. as in professional circuit. She was setting you up." Alex says with a smile while wadding up his left over foil paper. He tosses it into the trash bag just behind his seat and starts the Jeep.

Close to commenting on pro status, Kurt stops his mouth when Alex makes his own amends. "You know, I've watched that Laird Hamilton character a time or two, I still have a secret weapon." His tail twitches in the rear view mirror. "And you know, sometimes the Emergency Room is our only way to get a little vacation. So, a vacation on vacation, I wouldn't complain." A grin on his face, "But its decided, you two amateur surfers, name a date, I'll stick to my one day of familiarizing myself with a surfboard and we'll call it a contest."

Resuming her lounging, feet out the window position, Dani leisurly sips her drink as she reaches over to fiddle with radio/cd/mp3, whichever the case may. As the passenger it is her perogative to find some decent road trip music. Our at least what she considers decent road trip music which would be, hmmm, country. "It's kind of hard to pick a date when we don't know when and if we are ever going to get to Fiji.

Pulling out onto the road, Alex starts the drive southward down the 684 toward Manhattan. He states, "It's hard to justify actual vacation time when for most of the team, 90 percent of our time is spent poolside, taking on personal ventures, teaching classes, or running a BDSM club."

"Nah," says Kurt, tail waving all the 90 percent other time away with the wave of a tail, "I mean, if I knew I would go on real vacation, that other time could easily be misplaced. My main concern is the role on the team, everything else is just time filler to be honest." He finishes up his burrito, so as to avoid hitting bumps and loosing anything to under the seats, no telling what Alex even has down there.

Dani turns a narrowed eyed gaze (not quite a glare but close) "I fail to see how teaching hormone raging teenagers qualifies as a vacation." a brow arcs upward at him "If it were I'm sure you would be doing it.

"Babysitting." Alex states with a slight grin. "I mean come on. How hard is it to sit a kid in front of a cerebro terminal that does all the actual teaching?"

Kurt stays out of this one, waiting for some arm slapping between the two people in the front seat. He sucks at his drink until his straw finds air and he pushes it down further through the ice.

Shaking her head at Alex "It's not all cereboro terminals, none at all in my class. Not only is the curriculum to new, I refused it when offered. That's no way to teach or to learn." she gives him a smile that is all challenge "Though if it is so easy, then when the new semester starts you are free to take over my classroom for a week. Oh wait, that's right, you are afraid of teenagers...nevermind.

"Hang on a moment, Dani. Are you saying you didn't learn anything when you were a New Mutant? I'm so telling the Professor when he gets back." Alex chides and laughs.

"If he gets back, he's on permanent vacation," says Kurt, "Take the challenge Alex, one class for a week, you can't get into that much trouble. We won't tell Scott." Or he won't at least, Mirage might let that out if she's not going to be 'teaching' for a week. "They could learn dude-speak and volleyball from you," a pause, a grin, "Well, at least dude-speak that is."

"Nothing they wanted me to and everything they didn't." Dani replies to the most likely rhetorcal question. She glances back at Kurt, "I have a few in class that could teach Alex a thing or two about dude speak and one that could teach all of us about surfing.

"Dude..." Alex says with a grin before giving pause to think on the subject. "Well, at least ... Oh dude. I have the sweetest idea ever. Hawaii, volcano. Yall realize I have a PhD, right? I mean can we say field trip -slash- vacation to study the geophysics of an active volcano."

"Once you say field trip, it implies some giant robot alien will attack during the trip. Lets stick to vacation, you can make field work out of it if you like," opins Nightcrawler, finishing his drink and stashing it in a holder in the back of the vehicle. He crumples his food containers and stuffs them inside the cup.

Apparently Dani doesn't care for the song that just came on since she quickly changes it "I've had my fill of robots for my lifetime, thanks. No more please." she glances at the clock on the dashboard "You may want to step on it. Especially if you want to beat the traffic on the George Washington Bridge.

"If a giant robot alien were to attack - say Terminus - and we defeat him, we can get paid too. Working vacation." Alex states with a grin, wanting action. Then he looks at the time and then increases speed.


Assembled on the roof of the Croft Apt Building, the three heroes have a plan. Alex and Dani will go knock on the front door. Alex believes that Dani uses her taser to stun. He is not aware of the 'stun' aspects of her arrows. He was too out of it to realize she was shooting energy and not wood. Plus, he asked her earlier if she had her stun gun. Either way, he intends to stun the mutant first, ask questions later.

While on the fire escape (cause he's dexterious and can port), Kurt will await attempted escape and or entry. Alex brought his own stun gun and will hand it off to Kurt for use if the mutant comes his way.

Dani listens to the plan as Alex lays it out, while she goes through her pack. Out comes her collapsible bow, one that has seen a lot more action lately, as it was the one she had with her initially when she Manhattan seige started. With it she has several two section arrows which she screws together and insert into a small quiver she has strapped to her leg. Other than that she has no other visible weapons, not even the aforementioned stun gun "I thought I was going to be on the fire escape?" she shrugs though "I'm good with either though.

Stun gun he can do, Nightcrawler has his at the ready, sneaking to the fire escape and blending with the shadows there. He'll stand quietly outside and wait until he hears noise or need of assistance. Giving them enough moments to get in and start doing what they need to do.

In position, there's a tap on the com to indicate to Kurt that they're making their move. Then Alex knocks on the door. He announces, "Gary Walsh. This is Alex Summers of X-Factor. We'd like to talk with you."

Kurt, if he's peeping into the window, can see the guy sitting on a ratty couch playing a PSP. He sharply turns toward the door and looks somewhat paranoid. He jumps up and that's when his 'spikes' become more prevalent. They seem to have the glint of some liquid to their tips.

In front of the door Dani rocks from balls of her feet to heels and back as they wait for any response. Her hands behind her back concelling the bow that she hopes she doesn't have to use. She lets Alex do the talking, though she probably should have to begin with, as females are automatically less threatening the males...under most circumstances.

Quietly into the comm, Kurt relies the information, "He looks scarred withless, he could bolt at any second, spikes out and I think the poison is ready." Alex can take that as he likes, Kurt does his best to stick out of sight in the shadows, readying his Stun Gun, safety off.

Alex hears, and announces, "Gary, we're not here to hurt you. We just want to talk..."

Gary moves to the kitchen area, grabs a bag and yells, "I'll be right there!" The bag is likely filled with something decently heavy as Kurt will detect the 'heft' to it. Gary then moves toward the fire escape window.

He spots Kurt. Freezes.

"He's trapped. We need to take him down before he attacks." Dani whispers to Alex as she reaches out to test to door to see if Gary has locked it. "Kurt," she says into the com "What's the layout of the apartment. Is it a straight shot from door to window where you are?

"Its a straight code get in there now, he's spotted me," says Kurt into comsys. Even as he's trailing off, there is a distinct bamf. Nightcrawler ports himself into the room, taking to the ceiling and levelling the stun gun down. "No sudden moves, anything comes my way and I return fire." Hopefully seeing that he is capable of teleporting might be enough of a deterrent to the kid shooting poison spikes at him, hopefully.

The door is locked. Alex takes a step back and says, "I'll kick it open, you take him down."

At the same time Kurt bamf's in and announces his intentions to Gary, Alex is kicking in the door.

Gary is still frozen. He hasn't a clue what to do. His spikes do NOT launch outward, he looks like a deer in the headlights.

Dani moves just enough so that Alex has room to kick the door down "Move." she says..or more like orders Alex as her compact bow comes up and she pulls back the string, sans conventional arrow. Instead a bright flaming arrow manifests, please don't look directly into the flamy arrow kinda bright. She holds it a second as she perfects her aim and then lets if fly at the spiky Gary.

Dropping down and to the side, Alex gives Dani a clear shot.

Gary turns, sees the door being kicked open and then the arrow is launched straight into him. He shutters, shakes and drops like a sack of potatoes.

Seeing the man drop, Kurt comes off the ceiling. "As much as I'd like to say how easy this was." He's silent a moment, moving closer to the man, "I also suggest we move before other residents show up to see what the noise is and decides to put us on youtube tonight."

Quickly stepping into the room as she hands the bow on the quiver strapped to her leg Dani eyes the fallen mutant "I'm glad it works as well on people as it does on demons." she rubs her temple "Hopefully one of these days I can do that without the head pain." though that could be just a result of all the recent use of a new ability. "Who's got the cuffs?"

Seeing Gary drop, Alex is wide eyed. "DANI!?" he states abruptly, "You just kil..." then he realizes that there's no arrow sticking out of Gary's chest. He looks back to her, her bow and then asks, "What the heck was that? Hold that thought. Kurt's right, let's get outta here. Who wants to carry the prickly pear?" he pulls cuffs out of his back pocket.


The Trio wrapped the handcuffed, unconscious, spiked mutant in a heavy blanket and carted him to the roof where a X-Factor Operations flying van descended to make the pickup. Val was not on hand, but she sent her regards via the two agents who took Gary into custody.

Soon thereafter, the trio found themselves in Alex's jeep making their way back to Salem Center, Westchester County, New York.

Alex says, "Ok Lucy, 'splain yourself. What the heck was the glowy arrow stuff?"

Grabbing her drink from the cup holder she gives it a shake to check its contents. Finding it still has liquid in it she takes a sip, letting Alex stew a few moments before answering his question "It's the exact same psychic arrows that I was shooting at all those demons we fought recently, Captain Oblivious.

Oblivious, "You were shooting psychic arrows at demons?" is asked in a queryful tone as he glances over.

"Yes, it was much for effective on the creatures than my standard arrows. Not quite sure why." Dani shrugs "But I wasn't going to argue with the results." she decides not to chide him on how he should be paying more attention especially in that particular battle since there was a lot going on. "I suppose you want to know how and why.

"Nah, I don't need to know details. It's totally cool. I was totally out of it the other day and not even seeing your arrows totally reinforces that statement. But anyway, sweet. You've got a secondary mutation and it kicks ass." Alex is actually pleased with the information and likes the idea of non-lethal on his team - considering his own lethality.

Dani hmmms "A secondary mutation, I never thought of it like that." she takes the lid of her drink and looks into it, "The Fallen People shaman just said he would help me enhance the power I already had. Could be he or his god(s) unlocked something else."

"Wait, shaman? Are we talking like you got another power from a deity like your Asgardian stuff? Damn, I want in on that boat... then again maybe not. Cause then I'll have to do what they tell me." Alex weighs the options. Realizing that free power isn't really free.

Dani shrugs "No, I didn't get headaches for days after using those abilities." she searches her cup of what is not just ice for the cherries "After the rescue the shaman took me to the spirit realm and taught me how to manifest them. So call it what you will, I am no longer limited to physical arrows."

Leaving it at that. He figures she's being sarcastic about the headaches so he doesn't want to try to search for solutions since he's a geologist, not a medical doctor. None the less, he drives homeward.

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