Capture of Rusty Collins

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Havok, Mirage, Rusty Collins, various Policemen

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Rusty Collins is cornered by police, Havok and Mirage step in to prevent casualties

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A report comes in regarding an anti-mutant rally just south of Mutant Town that turned from pseudo-peaceful picketing into a brawl. Police are currently giving chase (on foot) pursuing a villain identified as Firefist through the alleyways of the borough.

X-Factor's Ship informs the team and on hand are Havok and Mirage to address the issue. They leap into the skycar and travel the half mile to the south and take note of a skirmish between a cornered Firefist and 8 officers who have the drop on the mutant. It almost looks like a fireing squad situation since the alley is a dead end and Firefist has his back to the wall. Firefist's hands are aflame.

The Ship (via skycar) identifies the mutant as Rusty Collins. Once a member of the X-Terminators, the Fallen Angels, and the New Mutants. BFF of Skids.

Havok lowers the sky car behind the police and announces over the com, "This is Havok of X-Factor. Everyone relax, there doesn't need to be any injuries today."

The car touches down and the doors unlock.

As soon as the doors unlock Mirage is out of the vehicle, her concern for her former team mate overcoming some of her good sense. She doesn't go far though and she keeps her weapons sheathed. She keeps her attention on Rusty, positioning herself so they have clear line of sight with each other. Not addressing either the cops or Rusty she waits for the police to stand down.

Havok isn't far behind, he announces, "Officers, might I have a word?". The ranking officer turns and says, "With all due respect, Havok, you and your team are no longer commissioned by the government and this individual has racked up at least 3 assault charges as well as wanted for assault of an officer and the death of a woman and suspected association with the Mutant Liberation Front. While we appreciate your assistance in his apprehension, he's got to go to Rykers for arraignment and trial."

The other 7 officers still have their weapons drawn. Rusty stands at the ready, one foot forward, the other back, elbows bent and hands aflame. Ready to see how it goes down.

Mirage eases sideways, moving around the police, hoping thier attention stays on Havok so they won't notice her manuever. For her this is a no win situation, she can't fire on the police and she would rather not be responsible for sending her former friend and team mate to Rykers. Though she will if given no other option. If the police continue to ignore her she will continue to move until she is between the police and Rusty.

Seven of the eight officers on hand are looking at Rusty. They're clear to note Mirage's maneuvers and one announces, "Ma'am, you need to step back. You're interfering with police work."

Havok starts to say something in response to the ranking officer's statement when he notes Mirage's move. He realizes he's suddenly in an awkward situation where loyalties and team interfere with upholding the law. He also suspects that Dani is about to be shot.

Rusty mutters, "Mirage.", in greeting and says, "You shouldn't be here."

Havok states to the ranking officer as he pulls out something from his utility belt. It's a ID card, "We are commissioned by the tri state area with law enforcement powers regarding mutant affairs. I apologize for the situation and that word had not gotten out. But I would, with your permission, like to take Firefist into custody, have him contained within our tower, and let our legal system handle the rest.. ? Is that a reasonable request?"

Mirage eyes the policeman addressing her, she purposefully takes what the policeman says literally and takes a step back turning as she does so that she can keep an eye on both. She still has made no move to unleash a weapon. She gives Rusty an apologetic look as she reaches out mentally to him, though she isn't going to project anything yet. "Give yourself up Rusty. We helped Sally. We can do the same for you.

Rusty scoffs, "You helped Sally? Yeah, howso? Last I heard she's no longer at the school and hanging out with criminals." The flames do not diminish.

The ranking officer looks at the ID card and then back at the situation. He intones to Havok in a non-combative, but clear tone, "You can take him. But know this, it's going in my report and he better show up on a court docket soon. Do we understand one another?"

Havok nods and says, "I do, sir. Thank you."

The ranking officer says, "Gentlemen, let's leave this to X-Factor."

The officers are reticent, but they know when to stand down. They put away their weapons and start to break up.

"She is no longer at the school so I don't know who she is spending her time with. But at least it is of her own free will." with the police departing she turns fully to face her former team mate "Can the same be said of you?" one hand slips behind her back with which she grasps her bow, in case she needs to pull it quickly. She still keeps her mental fingers on him as well, but still holds her projection of anything.

As the police begin to depart, Rusty's flame diminishes fully and he rubs his face, "Listen, you don't know what it's like to be out there. You people got it easy. Living in Ship and not wondering whose gonna attack next. Plus, I got fed up with those bigots. So sick and tired of their ignorant asses."

Havok begins to walk up and doesn't say anything as Mirage seems to be in control.

An eyebrow arches upward, "Is that what you think? That we have it easy?" Mirage shakes her head "We are always wondering who will be attacking us when and where. The difference is that I have a team to watch my back, while I'm watching their's." she glances over as Havok approaches "Now are you going to trust me and come with us willing, or are you going to make this hard on all of us?

He raises his hands, bringing them together with palms up and says, "I'll go with you."

Havok has special handcuffs that have a glow about them when placed around Rusty's wrists. Likely neutralizing his power. Too bad Rogue doesn't have a pair, she should get her some.

Havok says, "Let's go back to the station." trying to make a police joke... but now really isn't the time.

Mirage releases the breath she was holding as her hand drops from her bow, "Thank you." she steps aside so he can be cuffed, just giving a shake of head at the station comment, "You will still have to go through the system." she says only after the cuffs are on and his powers are neutralized "Until your court you will be secured in Ship, which has got to be a lot safer then where ever you have been staying recently.

Rusty notes with a smirk, "Least until Stryfe comes for me."

Then Havok pushes Rusty along toward the skycar and subsequently the ship for containment.

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